AAVP: Outraged by Mexican Girl’s Death After HPV Vaccine

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                                                                                    Valencia, 28th December 2015

Last 21st December Ximena M, from Mexico, died when she was only 14 years old after two years of suffering that started when she received two shots of the HPV vaccine. It was at that moment when her ordeal began. The Spanish Association of Affected people for the HPV vaccine wants to express our most sincere sympathy to all her family and friends.

Gone - NOT forgotten!

Gone – NOT forgotten!

Her death outrages us for several reasons. First, because Ximena has suffered adverse reactions that are listed in the EMA and VAERS databases, yet died with a diagnosis of unspecific myositis (inflammation and degeneration of muscle tissue) and autoimmune disease. Second, because we know that the Secretary of Health of Mexico was aware of this case, as was the European Medicines Agency. The AAVP sent to the EMA last October 19th a database of over 300 cases of young affected people in Spain, Colombia, France and Mexico who have suffered adverse reactions after receiving the HPV vaccine. Third, because Ximena´s mother sent her daughter´s information to be investigated, as well as many other mothers have done, being registered as “case 6” in the Mexican database, but it is obvious that it has been for nothing.

The AAVP has been working for many years collecting information from young affected people concerned for their cases to be investigated; in recent months we have sent all this information to the EMA. Nevertheless, the only response we have received is that the risk-benefit balance remains favorable. What is clear is that the risk exists and that we will not able to know if the balance is favorable or not until the moment that the AR´s are recognized, which paradoxically are already registered in the leaflets of the vaccine and the EMA database.

Ximena’s case is not an isolated case; other families are living this same ordeal, terrified thinking that their daughter may be the next victim. But it seems this does not interest health and political authorities at all. Governments in many countries-including Spain-are emphatically denying that the vaccine is causing the symptoms these young people suffer, declaring that everything is due to psychogenic illness, which from our point of view and some experts is completely unsustainable.

Unfortunately, another girl has died and we wonder how many more girls will have to do the same. How many more will have to suffer serious adverse reactions before  Health Authorities recognize what is happening and investigate with scientific rigor why these effects happen. We believe her death could have been avoided if health authorities had acted with due diligence and caution.

Therefore, AAVP requests health authorities, political representatives and medical practitioners act responsibly, empathize with the affected families and research so that there are no more victims.

Asociación de Afectadas por la Vacuna del  Papiloma. AAVP

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    There are identified 234 types of human papillomavirus (HPV); they do not ofende; they are divided in low and high risk; the high risk factor HPV are suspicious to originate the uterine cervical carcinoma (UCC); the low risk the mayority, produce benigns lesions; to day exist world collective psicosis about the HPV by the full advertising to the manufacturer to introduce the vaccine against the HPV in the market.
    There are not researchers; stadistic, epidemiologc, citologic, histologic, colposcopic and clinic to demostrate that this vaccine prevent the pollution with HPV nor the HPV produce the cervical cancer
    HPV infection not only is adquired for the coitus; we are contaminated since after born, are widespread in the world; they life in the environment and blood for reduced time; they are ubiquitous; by immunology are determined that have the affinity by our skin and the mucous membrane of the genital, upper respiratory and digestive tracts; anus, of the mouth, gum, lips, in the amniotic fluid, ruber glove, biopsy forceps, specula, underwear, towels, on the floor, the toilet seat, gyms, lockers rooms of swimming in general in the fomites;: are considered as commensals; the domestic and wild animals too are contaminated.
    In average have the viruses 3% to 93% of the men; between 23-26 years of women have the more high frequency and 40% of children have this virus and the 10% of women without sex have the HPV; the pregnants of the first quarter 40%, of the third quarter 60% and in the postpartum 17% have the HPV. Not all person in the world are contaminated;.in average 10% of persons that are leving in development countries and 15% in underdevelpment are polluted with this viruses; they lack to the cellular structure; they have not the proper metabolism; they request a cell to life, is the parasitic of the cell; they are considered the basic structure of life.The frequency and types of the HPV vary according to the region, geography, age, cultural, social, economic and religious factors; the HPV do not distribuited to iqual in the world; in USA: the more frequecy is PVH 16 , Africa HPV 45 , Central and South America PVH 39-59, Canada HPV 31, Spain HPVs 6-16-51- 53: The HPV is increased in the second time of the menstrual cycles and in women who use hormonal anticonception and decrease in the first time of the cycles and do not use hormonal anticonception; the proportion of the HPV too is diferent over the world: Africa Subsahariana 24%, east of Europe 21.4% , Latin America 16.1%, Thailand 8%, New Mexico both sexo 9%, white no hispanic 13.7% , hispanic 9.7% and natives 6.6% , Argentina 16.6% , South Corea 10.4% and so on; a metanalysis in women with normal PAP 11.7%.The HPV life in the cervix of the uterine without produced disturbance: are latent, subclinical in minority case as warts, condylomata flat or inverted ; The HPV are capricious, ubiquitous and enigmatics, appears and disappears from the body of the person, the highest incidence are in women aged 20 to 26 years disappear with the age, may persist throughout life without causing any disturbance, in 80% of women who have HPV in your cervix disappear before the twelve months, by action of the immune system.
    There are not any investigation that scienrtifically proof that the HPV cause the uterine cervical carcinoma (UCC) it is only suspicious. In the development of the UCC are implicate others cofactors being the first and foremost the sexual act; the coitus is the factor scientifically demostrated that produce the UCC; Mix in 130, 000 nuns do not found not any UCC, followed by fasctor suspísous: tobacco, alcohol, HPV, herpes simplex virus 2, age of first intercourse, number of partners, cofactor man, economic factors, more frequent in women of low economic status , multiparity, circumcision, immune system disorders, hormonal contraception, environment and others.
    In 1974 zur Hausen hypothesized that HPV was the agent that cause the UCC and other researchers reported the same idea, but HPV does not fulfill the five Koch’s postulates, which is accepted as dogma in the scientific medical to be considered as the cause of cervical cancer; the HPV in UCC are found by immunological methods in only 90%, that can consider as that the HPV is present or is a immunology residue; the HPV natural or native do not found.in UCC
    The presence of HPV is not sufficient for the development the UCC, require the company of several exogenous and endogenous cofactors.
    Our understanding of the relationship of HPV with the cofactors are still poor and the role of cofactors in the development of cervical malignancy are nebulous. Scientifically can ensures that HPV does not cause cervical carcinoma and HPV vaccine does not prevent less prevents cervical carcinoma, must have further research on the HPV and other cofactors.
    Dr. Godfrey Arauzo
    Huancayo PERU
    E mail: godo.ara @ gmail.com

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