Anna from Avila


Town, City, Postal Code:   05004 Avila. Spain.

Previous medical history: Complex comicial crisis (Epilepsy)

Vaccinated in June 2008

On 14th November 2008, Ana was admitted to hospital for dizziness, nausea, blurred eyesight, feeling of syncope without losing consciousness and having great difficulty in using her legs.  The medical tests that came back were all normal. She had episodes of being unable to connect with the doctors and reply to any of their questions and then could not remember any of this later.  On 15th November 2008, she had an episode of parasthesia on right side of her face and this was followed by Ana having a migraine. On 16th November, she received word from the neurologist that the neurological test was normal.

Diagnosis:  The doctor explained to Ana that the symptoms she was experiencing did not have any connection with her existing medical problems and that he was finding it difficult to try and establish why she was feeling so ill as all the tests he had carried out so far all came back negative.  After this Ana was moved to another Hospital in Madrid, where after being subjected to more medical tests they did not find anything wrong and for that reason they advised her to go to see a psychiatrist.

After one month, Ana was discharged from hospital without a clear diagnosis. She went to a private neurologist, and was given CMP forte (rebuilder of myeline) but nobody gave her a diagnosis. Some spoke of a possible Guillain-Barre disorder, others considered she might have polyneuropathy (immune-mediated inflammatory disorder of the peripheral nervous system) but nothing was conclusive.

After being discharged from hospital she started rehabilitation, at first she could not move her legs at all but little by little she recovered mobility and strength. Ana was in rehabilitation until September 2009. In one year she spent most of her time in a wheelchair then she used crutches. By August when she was practically recovered, she still had balance problems and walked very slowly. During this period of time she felt her body was very funny (strange sensations). She had no menstrual cycle for more than four months and was experiencing vaginal infections and swelling of gums and hypersensitivity (when somebody touched her legs they hurt her very much) on her legs. She eventually recovered sensitivity and mobility to her arms and legs, the worst part was recovering sensitivity to her feet.  She also had breathing infections, infectious mononucleosis, a lot of colds, urticarias, and blurred eyesight which seemed to occur mainly in the afternoons.

On 18th October 2009, she was admitted again to hospital as she was experiencing loss of sensitivity on the left side of her face and then to the right side of her face. She could stand up but walking was difficult. The investigations which were carried out by the doctors were all normal, no neurological problem was discovered. .She again was encouraged to see a psychiatrist.

After suffering her relapse, she has turned back to rehabilitation and has all these symptoms: cramps affecting her legs and hands, vertigo, hallucinations and not able to taste or smell things. Her left leg has recovered and this happened before her right one.

On 18th October 2009 she had another relapse and she could not walk for 15 days, on 26th December Ana had another one and again on the 9th January 2010.

She has been admitted in hospital 5 times.

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