Buyer Beware: HPV vaccine deceptions abound

[SaneVax: The right to informed consent dictates you know the risks of any medical intervention prior to granting your consent to administration. Unfortunately, when it comes to vaccines this principle is ignored. Are medical authorities afraid that if you are informed about the potential risks of vaccines, you will refuse to take them? Why are medical consumers left on their own when attempting to determine whether the risks outweigh the benefits when vaccines are involved?]

30 stunning facts they don’t want you to know about Gardasil and HPV vaccines

By Willow Tohi

When will sanity prevail?

(NaturalNews) Guarantees. Insurance. Promises. Concerns over safety, security, and health make most people apprehensive about the future on some level. Guarding against future unknowns has become a big part of the American economy. You can get a warranty on almost anything with a battery, take out insurance on many more things than your grandparents would have dreamed of, and the medical industry is working around the clock to develop new drugs and vaccines to ‘protect’ us from whatever trending epidemic is in the news.

One fairly recent, major medical controversy that seemed, strangely, to have no trending epidemic, is the HPV vaccine for cervical cancer. The blatant profit-mongering behind the development of the premiere vaccine, Gardasil, was transparent enough that it served to further inflame the ongoing vaccination controversies to a point that the media could no longer fail to report on it.

The politics and profits involved in the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the media industry become more obvious and prevalent every day. Before taking any pharmaceutical product, you should take ownership of your own health. Conduct your own research on the ingredients and side-effects.

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