Carolina from Seville


Age when she was vaccinated: 14 years old.

City, community and postal code:Seville, Andalusia 41230, Spain

Diagnosis:  She is still without diagnosis.

Incapacitated When she has seizures, she stays in bed two or three days without being able to walk.

Symptoms: A strong pain in her neck, seizures of different periods of length, right side without sensitivity or mobility after crisis.

Visits to Emergency Doors:  more than 50 times.

Hospitals where she has been treated:  UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL VIRGIN MACARENA

Hospitalizations: 1st from 26th November to 3rd December (2008). 2nd from 30January to 11th February (2009), 3rd from 23 March to 27th March (2009), 4th from 27th March to 30th March (2009).

Dates of vaccination: 13th November 2008.

Vaccinated with Cervarix: Batch AHPVA015CM .

Duration of the disease from 20th November 2008 to present day.

Not recovered

Her life was a happy life before vaccination, like any other 14-year-old teenager, with a lot of hope for the future. She had never before been ill, she rarely had a cold, she loved sport and she loved doing sport with her friends. She is a very kind and polite girl. She is also very helpful. She is a well-known girl in our town. But from the 20th November her life changed completely, and with the start of the seizures this has caused great anxiety for our daughter and for all the family. She has had so many visits to hospital, has had to stay in bed without being able to go out walking every day or have fun with her friends and attend the many festivities which take place in our town.  She has not been able to lead her life as she used to, is unable to do many things and perhaps the most hurtful thing is that they do not want to recognise that she is a victim of this vaccine and up to the present day the doctors cannot identify what is wrong with her. In short, this vaccine has changed the life of all our family and we feel so helpless.


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