The Center for Personal Rights

Center-for-Personal-Rights-logoThe Center for Personal Rights is a leading non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to the protection of vaccination choice as an important human, civil and individual right.  Policies that promulgate compulsory vaccination in the absence of a legitimate public health emergency are unethical and misguided.

They are committed to expanding the scholarship, understanding and awareness of the societal need for vaccination choice through grassroots outreach, social cause-driven networking, and institutional engagement.

To unveil CPR and clearly articulate their platform issues, CPR organized and launched the inaugural American Rally for Personal Rights on May 26, 2010 in Grant Park, downtown Chicago.  The two-hour line-up featured powerful professional and personal testimony from twenty speakers.

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  1. We desperately need groups like this, because Pharma are using their tentacles in a bid to force every child to be vaccinated, taking away the parental choice.

    Why are they so desperate to do this given that the majority still get vaccinated? There’s not enough money in getting the extra 5% to 10% vaccinated for that to be the reason for the push. The reality is that Pharma want the controls removed from the study, these healthy unvaccinated children running around with low rates of Asthma, no Regressive Autism, no Peanut Allergies, no Eczema, no Epilepsy etc, it’s clear why these children are a thorn in the side of Pharma.

    All of us who want to keep our children vaccine-free are going to have a battle on our hands in the coming years, in some cases educated parents will be forced to move country to protect their children from these jabs. Those who know the true danger of vaccines will be willing to do that.

  2. ” Self determination of the body is an essential prerequisite of freedom in any society” (~ Joel Lord)

  3. Rebecca L. Kaemmer says:

    I would like you to look at two journal articles on a subject related to vaccines, that I don’t think you are aware of, which is the previously overlooked, universally introduced environmental factor of fetal and retroviral contaminants in childhood vaccines. One journal article is
    published in the Journal of Immunotoxicology, 2011 titled ‘Theoretical aspects of autism: Causes-A review’ by Dr. Helen V. Ratajczak. This article gives a complete overview of all the potential triggers for autism and why there are more boys diagnosed with autism than girls. The other journal article is published in the Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, July, 2014 by Dr. Theresa A. Deisher, President of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Deisher’s study is the first laboratory and ecological study conducted to date that has examined the question of a relationship between vaccines manufactured using human fetal cell lines ( identified as human diploid cells on package inserts for vaccines) and autism. This overlooked potential trigger for the worldwide autism disorder epidemic demands further investigation to determine the safety of vaccines currently developed by pharmaceutical companies, i.e, MERCK, using cell lines from aborted fetuses. Currently MERCK has a monopoly on the manufacturing of the MMR-II vaccine which many refer to as the ‘autism vaccine.’ MERCK is currently being sued in federal court by two former scientists who worked at MERCK for fraud. All the above information can be referenced by doing an internet search. The Catholic Church has issued guidelines for parents in the use of vaccines manufactured using aborted fetal cell lines and encourages all parents to seek ethical vaccines. If there are no alternative vaccines to the ones produced using aborted fetal cell lines, then parents should exercise their right of conscientious objection on moral grounds and put pressure on pharmaceutical companies to manufacture ethical vaccines. We must be like soldiers fighting for the lives of our children and demand accountability from pharmaceutical companies like MERCK who care more about profits than protecting the lives of our children.

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