Cervarix: Will my life ever be normal again?

By Saskia from Devon, UK

Cervarix changed my life.

Cervarix changed my life.

Cervarix changed my life: now I would never be able to manage the sort of day I took in my stride as a thirteen year old. I can’t even remember what a day with energy feels like.

Before receiving the HPV vaccine at 14, I was an active, mostly healthy child. As we lived some distance away from my school, I had fairly long days: I would leave the house at 7.30 am and return at 5.30 pm, but always came back with lots of energy. I enjoyed walking, swimming, horseback riding etc. after school. No matter how long my day was, I certainly never experienced the complete exhaustion I felt after the Cervarix vaccine.

The difference in energy was particularly noticeable because it happened immediately. The day I got the first HPV vaccination Cervarix, on the 28th September 2009, I came home feeling sick and incredibly tired and had to go straight to bed. The next day at school was a struggle because I felt nauseous and so low on energy, and once again I ‘crashed’ when I got home and had to go straight to sleep.

This happened every day for a week or so. My mum rang up the local health service to talk to them, but they said this wasn’t a possible side effect of the vaccine and there was no way of registering any side effects.

Eventually mum managed to get through to a central line where she could register the nausea and fatigue I was experiencing. They also told her it wasn’t a known side effect of Cervarix and claimed there was no connection.

The same symptoms happened after the other two injections of Cervarix (on 13th November 2009 and 24th April 2010) but each time it got worse. After the second vaccination I experienced the same sickness and exhaustion but it lasted for a fortnight.

After the third vaccination I honestly don’t think life was ever really ‘normal’ again. The fatigue became more and more constant. I struggled with low energy levels at school, would fall asleep at lunchtime and on the way home and often had to go to bed as soon as I got back.

The constant exhaustion became very limiting. I had to stop swimming which I had done at a competitive level and greatly enjoyed. I also had to turn down a World Challenge Trip to Kenya despite having started fundraising because I realized I simply would not have the energy to walk each day. My fatigue now is sometimes completely debilitating and I spend much of my time in bed. I have become used to having to turn opportunities down because of it.

Not long after the third injection, the chest pain started. The first time it happened I was in a class at school and suddenly got a crushing pressure and pain on my left side. I felt faint and dizzy and was in so much pain I could barely talk.

I ended up going to a local A&E where they did an ECG and found that I had a very fast and slightly abnormal heart-rate accompanying the pain and so I was transferred by ambulance to Torbay Hospital. The pain eventually subsided and further ECGs came back normal and so I was discharged.

This was the start of an incredibly scary and difficult journey to getting diagnosed. I have experienced debilitating, severe and intermittent chest pain ever since. It has taken years and lots of time and energy to get a diagnosis.

The sickness and nausea is also something which started with the vaccine and has never really gone away. I spend most of the day feeling very queasy, sometimes to the point that I cannot eat anything. Despite trying many different anti-nausea medicines, I have yet to find one that works. I also started getting dizzy and fainting, particularly on standing or exertion, which has been very unpleasant and scary. Recently, my fainting has become significantly worse and now happens almost daily which is frightening and dangerous, and has led to several concussions.

Along with the horrible, debilitating symptoms of fatigue, nausea, chest pain, dizziness, fainting and gastrointestinal issues which are all linked, has come the struggle to get a diagnosis and adequate medical support.

I have been in and out of doctors’ appointments and hospitals since I was thirteen. There have been countless blood tests, ECGs and scans. Both my parents and I have had to spend so much time and energy researching and pushing for some help.

Despite the severity of my symptoms, they were initially dismissed as anxiety, then food intolerances, and later, because nothing was structurally wrong with my heart, the medical support became virtually non-existent and I was even told it was all in my head. One example of this treatment is when I went to a GP to ask for something to help with my frequent vomiting and was instead given the name of a book about ‘psychosomatic illness’. I can’t begin to describe how painful that is.

It was 4 years after my symptoms had started that I was finally put on a week-long heart monitor. This monitor picked up severe spikes in my heart rate. It showed times when my heart rate was quickly accelerating from 70 bpm to 180 bpm. These ‘spikes’ coincided with when I was experiencing chest pain or fainting. I was given a probable diagnosis of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) which has since been confirmed by a specialist in Derriford Hospital following further testing.

I am now nineteen years old and despite finally being on various medication to help manage my symptoms, I am severely limited by my ill-health. I have no energy and often had to miss lectures, supervisions, social events and various opportunities because I am either too fatigued, too faint, or in too much pain to participate. Recently my ill-health has forced me into the incredibly difficult decision to drop out of my second year at Cambridge University, because studying has become impossible. 

I have gone from enjoying exercise and loving long walks on the moors to sometimes fainting after a short flight of stairs, being reliant on taxis, and having to spend much of my time in bed.

I have gone from being a normal teenager to a disabled one, and it seems to have all been triggered by the vaccine.

Since the Cervarix injections and since developing POTS I have lost count of how many times I have been in hospital, experienced severe chest pain, fainted, missed important opportunities, and been sick.

In fact, I have actually forgotten what having a healthy day feels like as I am never symptom-free anymore.

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  1. Glenda Smith says:

    Dear Saskia, I am so so truly sorry for what you have gone through and what you are still struggling to live with!! Your story is so VERY familiar to our daughter’s Angela (injured at 13 as well, coming up on 4 yrs injured and will be 18 soonl)!!! Your are so strong and courageous to share your story with others so they can know the dangers of these vaccines!! We know ALL the pain, from physical, to the POTS, to the emotional pain imposed by medical doctors, that you talk about!! You are SO not alone! Please read this article that was just recently brought to our attention; http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/new-autoimmunity-syndrome-linked-aluminum-vaccines It sure sounds like our daughter, and you! We emailed the specialist who identified the condition (from Isreal) to ask to put our daughter on the world registry and they replied! …the dr also said we should try this ‘supplement’ (and from a MEDICAL specialist too!) Bodybio. Here is the link to it too. http://www.bodybio.com/storeproduct356.aspx and it has a link to the medical explanation of it. We have only just ordered it, so waiting for it to arrive. We can keep you and others too posted on how it goes. I believe there is a treatment that we will find and help ALL the injured girls find a way back!! I will continue to pray until we do!! I am so sorry things have gone on so long for you, as they have for us, – but I can see that you are a VERY strong young woman and WON’T give up! ((hugs!!)) and prayers to you!!! Glenda (Ontario, Canada) (our daughter’s story is here too under Canada, Angela Smith).

    • To all of you, please go to Hermosillo, Mexico and get MMS product that worked fantastic for me, will working for everybody on earth !

      • Nin Horrox says:

        Wow, what a great idea. I’ve read that it cures Malaria within 24 – 48 hours and any virus, including Ebola! BW, Nin

    • Nin Horrox says:

      Hi Angela, so sorry to read about your problems too. Please read my reply to Saskia, in case it’s of help to you too (hopefully). Best wishes, Nin

  2. ACurtis says:


    My heart goes out to you and the pain you’ve gone through. I wanted to offer a couple recommendations.

    First, get yourself tested (through an independent lab) for heavy metal toxicity; then when you find out what you are toxic in, do chelating, either using compounded drugs or naturally, using food and herbs and teas, etc.

    Second, have a genetic test taken (like 23 and Me; I know you can get this test done in Australia; not sure about Europe) that will show you any genetic liver issues/SNPs, either with the Phase 1 or Phase 2 Pathways of the liver. The liver is THE detoxifying organ in the body and has a very big job to do. If you have any genetic issues in either Phase 1 or Phase 2, your body is going to have severe issues with getting rid of all of the junk and toxins that are in vaccines. You might even discover that your body has genetic issues with Phase 1–CYP/P450 cytochromes, meaning that even all of the pharma drugs you are taking might be toxic to your body (if your body is unable to detoxify that particular medicine and all of its adjuvants).

    Third, look into homeopathy. Many homeopathy doctors here in the USA are having great results with curing young children who are experiencing side effects from having their childhood immunizations.

    Now that you have discovered you have had a vaccine injury, I would encourage you to NEVER have another vaccine. Nothing.

    I know someone in Australia who works specifically with individuals who have severe drug reactions to pharma drugs based on Phase 1 genetic liver mutations. If you’d like more info, please contact me.

    I wish you all the best in your journey.

  3. Nin Horrox says:

    Hello Saskia, I am so terribly sorry about what you have been through and how your life as you knew it has come to a grinding stop. Such a shame that you were persuaded to have all three shots. I am not a Doctor but in my opinion the physical trauma of the vaccination has obviously triggered what is known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and it’s appalling that you have not been referred to an ME specialist (such as Dr Sarah Myhill (www.drmyhill.co.uk) who would clearly have diagnosed your symptoms as part of the multiplicity of ones under this ‘umbrella’ term. However, having been let down by the NHS myself, it’s not surprising how mainstream medicine in this country just can’t join all the dots. It’s so obvious to myself what you’re suffering from now. Many sufferers of CFS/ME have their illness triggered by a physical trauma such as vaccines. The first trigger for myself (I’ve suffered from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 30 years) was Glandular Fever. Because I was only 30 yrs old at that time, I gradually recovered to 90% fitness, but unfortunately when 50yrs old, I had a succession of Flu jabs in 2008 – 10 which three years later triggered an Auto-immune disease and also CFS and Fibromyalgia. I wanted to say to you that there is hope for recovery for you. In 2006 I was recommended a book by my Chiropractor called “What your Doctor won’t tell you about Fibromyalgia” by Dr Paul St Amand. I read the book and it completely made sense of this debilitating disease. The symptoms, the causes and the treatment. What you have is not ‘all in the head’ but recognised by the WHO and classified as such. Dr St Amand recommends a treatment of non toxic tablets ( I used to get them on the NHS, but now buy them over the net) which completely address the physiological cause of your energy (mitochondrial) dysfunction. I was bedbound in 2005 before I started this protocol (treatment) and couldn’t stand for more than a few seconds, had cognitive problems, IBS, nausea etc and was in severe pain with Fibromyalgia. After a few years of gradually improving each year, I am no longer in pain and can currently walk a mile most days. Each year my energy increases. I do hope that you’ll buy Dr St Amand’s book to learn about his treatment. he’s an eminent Endocrinologist in America and used to suffer from chronic fatigue & muscle pain. They call CFS/ME by the name of Fibromyalgia in the States, so don’t think it won’t work for you. Good luck and I hope you attain your dream of going back to Cambridge one day! I’m sure you will, if you read the book and try the tablets. It’s worked for myself and thousands of others worldwide. There’s a support forum in the UK as well as America. The website is http://www.fibromyalgiatreatment.com . Best wishes, Nin

  4. Nin Horrox says:

    Sorry Saskia. I got the dates incorrect regarding my Flu jabs. I had them from 1998 – 2000, not 2008 -2010. I became ill three years later with Auto immune disease which triggered the ME again and soon after the Fibromyalgia. All the best, Nin

  5. Saskia,

    I’m so sorry to know another energetic beautiful young girl was made to suffer this badly by this fraud.
    HPV is not even the cause of cervical cancer. It could be an element, but it could be just there only because cancerous
    environment is comfy for them, as some FDA scientists wondered, I read some years ago. When 99.85% of those
    who get infected with cancerous HPV GET RID OF IT without any treatment or medicine, you can’t call that the “cause”.

    Anyhow, whatever symptoms you and so many other victims of this evil fraud have, the cause is the poisons in the vaccine
    along with what you each have already accumulated in your body. What you basically need to do is to DETOX and NOT
    to get more poison/s from modern medicine/pharmaceutical INDUSTRIES.

    Please read

    How can I detox my son/daughter from this vaccine? – HEAVY METAL TOXINS

    and start with glutathione cream.
    Seems you’ve been taking some medication, therefore you could get some withdrawal symptoms but
    it’s not a good idea to keep taking poison/s to try to suppress the symptoms without touching the cause.
    Someone above mentioned chelation, yes that aluminium in Cervarix is definitely messing up your brain
    and making you suffer, but you’d need real expert on the issue. Not the conventional modern medicine’s
    doctors but somewhat alternative or integrative medicine’s professionals.

    I don’t know what to say to ease your mind or encourage you, but I am sure you can recover though
    it might take some time… Please detox and get better. I pray for you.

  6. geotrouvetout67 says:

    Sounds like the vaccine damaged your mitochondria which are the powerhouse of your cells. Hope you recover from it, if not you may also have problems getting pregnant and overall have other health issues down the road. There are good reasons why Japan banned the vaccine. Also it is an unnecessary vaccine as HPV is 100% curable before it reaches cancer stage, that vaccine is a fraud and from what I read it has the highest amount of aluminum of all vaccines, and we all know (or should know) aluminum is highly toxic when ingested or injected.

    • > There are good reasons why Japan banned the vaccine

      I wish they BANNED it.
      No, they didn’t. Of course not, those criminals are working together.
      They just halted their ‘recommendation’ temporarily and they’re waiting for their opportunity
      to re-install their ‘recommendation’. i.e. there are people who get that poisonous jab while as we speak…

  7. So sorry you went through this!! But there are options to cleanse your system.
    1. Calcium bentonite clay baths and drink 1 tsp with 8oz of water every other day
    2. Chlorella, Spiriluna and fish oil… the fish oil purges toxins and the chlorella picks it up and takes it out
    3. Infrared Sauna.. Infrared penetrates deep into the skin, bringing toxins out through sweat
    4. Drink plenty of 9.5 Ph water and purchase some organic liver detox tea which will help you flush
    5. Vitamic C and a glutathione.supplement…glutathione is used to revamp your immune system and heal your body.

    You can do this!!!


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