Cervical Cancer – HPV (human papillomavirus) Vaccination: How Safe Is It?

By Sherrel Halliday, Nairn, Inverness, Scotland


Deborah – August 2010

My perfectly healthy, academically bright, fun loving, sporty, active 13 year old daughter, Deborah, who enjoyed doing typical teenage things had the HPV vaccination, Cervarix, the 1st dose in September and the 2nd dose in November 2010.  She did not follow up with the 3rd vaccine.  Why?

Like every parent I wanted to protect my daughter from Cervical Cancer.  I read the leaflet, looked up the NHS website and spoke to the school nurse and her superior.  It’s safe.  But was it?

Now 1 year on I look back at my daughter’s life of pain, suffering, misery, doctor, A&E, hospital, rheumatologist, podiatrist, physiotherapist and hydrotherapy appointments.  The sleepless nights, the worry and my guilt!  Because, yes, I do feel guilty, that I did not do more research before I agreed to let my very precious daughter have the HPV vaccine. 

More than 1 year of our lives wasted.   I am questioning the safety of this vaccine.  How safe is it?  Every parent should question the validity of this vaccine and its safety record.

Sherrel & Deborah October 2011

One by one her activities stopped:  Judo, Roller Bowl, Cycling, Badminton, Basketball, Guitar, Piano and PE, to name but a few.  Stiffer and stiffer she got.  Unable to rake leaves in the garden or hoover the sitting room floor or open a bottle of water! Unable to go walks on the beach or in the woods with our two dogs.  Her enjoyment of life RUINED, taken from her.

Panicked by the realisation that I thought she had some type of paralysis, I had started taking her swimming every day before going to school.  A girl who was once agile, and had been able to swim 64 lengths reduced to 2 lengths using a float.  Day by day we attended the swimming pool building up the lengths.  Until one day out of the blue, at school, she collapsed.  She’d abdominal pain.  Rushed by ambulance to hospital she underwent an emergency operation for the removal of her appendix.  She had acute suppurative transmural appendicitis with peritonitis.  This was followed by 2 infections.  She missed 10 weeks of school.  Whether the appendix was associated with this I do not know for sure but I do wonder as it nags at the back of my mind. 

Despite the removal of the appendix, she was becoming sicker.

She walked with aid of a walking stick and could hardly put one foot in front of the other.  We got special insoles for her shoes to absorb the shock, similar to what the Police wear.  We bought a memory foam bed to help comfort the aching joints. She had to wear dark glasses because of light sensitivity.  This is so NOT COOL for a little girl of 14.

Then we watched a video by Grace Filby about mineral water. It seemed at first unbelievable that perhaps a simple mineral water could help.  But I was desperate for a remedy.  

Why mineral water?  Well it is rich in silica and silica is antidote to aluminium poisoning.  Aluminium being a neurotoxin contained within the HPV Vaccine.  I had to try it. 28 weeks ago my daughter started drinking 1.5 ltrs of a specific mineral water each day. 

28 weeks ago we were in the depths of despair.  But gradually we saw improvements.  After 3 weeks of just little things like small movements, I could feel hope coming back into my life. I started researching foods that contained silica.  It was in everyday things like potatoes, cabbage, onions, cucumbers, porridge, cereal, strawberries.  The improvement continued.  I worked hard – mineral water, foods, exercises, swimming, tiny walks, kept her motivated when things were bad, and she was determined to keep up with her school work.

Now she’s back in school with all teachers recently reporting how well she had done after missing 10 weeks of school.  She’s not fully recovered.  She can’t do PE.  But she can play the piano again and she swims a lot.  But we are not out of the woods yet.  We still have a lot of problems, obstacles to overcome like the fatigue, but I have faith.  We take each day as it comes.

So parents – after reading our story would you call this long list of illnesses a co-incidence?

Or would you question it as possibly a very severe adverse reaction to the HPV? 

Please think very carefully, think twice, research from independent sources and ensure that when you make this huge decision, that it is the right one for your child. 

In the meantime I’m trying to create awareness of the devastating impact that a vaccine can have when it goes wrong. I’ve written to various MSP’s with my concerns and asked them very serious questions. I would urge parents with any concerns to do the same.  I have also written to the First Minister, Mr Alex Salmond who has kindly replied and indicated that I shall receive shortly a reply from the Minister for Public Health, Mr Michael Matheson.

I have to say a special thank you to Dr P Coulter from Lodgehill Clinc in Nairn.  This GP has given us an outstanding service and has supported as consistently throughout this ordeal and done every test in the book to find a solution to her current unexplained symptoms.  His support is greatly appreciated.

If parents are looking for support, contact Freda Birrell via email at info@sanevax.org.  She too has been of tremendous help – just when I thought it was only me – she put me in touch with other parents with this unfortunate and horrible life changing experience.

If you would like more information on the mineral water that was so helpful for us, visit Grace Filby’s website at www.relax-well.co.uk.

Follow me on Facebook as I try to unravel this mess and as I try to get to the real Truth About Cervarix from Government Officials. 

Note:  Sherrel has written a poem to express some of her thoughts about Cervarix.  Please read it here.

French article highlighting the above information here.


  1. Mindanoiha says:

    Blessings to poor Deborah and her family. It is enormously encouraging that she is getting better.

    The question in the title about safety of the HPV vaccine is certainly relevant. It is shocking that neither manufacturers nor other promoters including doctors know much about vaccines, neither about safety nor many other issues.

    Here is a list of important and unanswered questions regarding Gardasil HPV vaccine. Merck the manufacturer spend billions on marketing and yet have minimal knowledge about it..

    Who wants to buy a car from a pushy salesman who knows nothing about cars?


  2. Godofredo Arauzo says:

    La eficacia científica de esta vacuna recién se determinará los años 2025-2030 porque las investigaciones se han iniciado la década del 2000. Desde su inicio hasta la aparición del Carcinoma del cuello uterino (CCU), demora en promedio 25 a 30 años.
    El PVH definitivamente no origina el (CCU); en la aparición de esta patología intervienen múltiples factores de riesgo, entre ellos se sospecha que puede ser el PVH; sí está comprobado que el acto sexual es el que genera esta enfermedad:
    Mix en 130,000 monjas no halló ningún CCU. http://www.portalesmedicos.com/publicaciones/articles/1832/1/Epidemiologia-del-carcinoma-del-cuello-uterino.html
    Para aceptar que un virus a bacteria es el que origina una enfermedad tiene que cumplir indefectiblemente los 5 principios del Postulado de Koch: . http://www.xatakaciencia.com/salud/los-postulados-de-koch
    1- El agente debe estar presente en cada caso de la enfermedad y ausente en los sanos.
    2- El agente no debe aparecer en otras enfermedades.
    3- El agente ha de ser aislado en un cultivo puro a partir de las lesiones de la enfermedad.
    4- El agente ha de provocar la enfermedad en un animal susceptible de ser inoculado.
    5- El agente ha de ser aislado de nuevo en las lesiones de los animales en experimentación.
    1. Principio: no se ha encontrado el PVH físico en ningún carcinoma del cuello uterino (CCU), se ha encontrado su ADN por inmunología, que puede interpretarse como que el virus está presente o que es un residuo inmunológico. y su detección por inmunología no se ha conseguido en todos los CCU sino hasta el 90% de CCU: No cumple este primer principio;
    2. Principio: El agente aparece también en las verrugas no aparece solamente en los CCU: Tampoco cumple este principio;
    3. Principio: No se ha aislado cultivando a partir de un CCU: No cumple este principio
    4. Principio: Al inocular el PVH a un animal de laboratorio, produce la enfermedad. Cómo no se ha aislado del CCU, no se ha inoculado a un animal de laboratorio. Incumple este principio y
    5. Como no se inoculó porque no se halló en un CCU, no reproduce el CCU. Incumplió también este principio.
    En consecuencia, el PVH no cumple ningún principio del postulado de Koch. al no cumplir este postulado que es aceptado como dogma en el mundo, científicamente se puede asegurar que no es el agente causante del CCU.
    Hasta Marzo de este año han muerto 95 niñas; hasta el 2009 se habían producido 20,000 reacciones adversas y más de mil daños invalidantes irreversibles.
    La VAERS informa: que han producido 376 Papanicolaou anormales; 108 verrugas anogenitales, 224 infecciones con el PVH, 41 cánceres del cuello uterino, 21,634 efectos adversos y 95 muertes, después de la vacunación.
    La VAERS asegura que se dan a conocer solamente del 1 al 10% de los efectos adversos y muertes por esta aciaga vacuna, en consecuencia se han producido 216,340 efectos adversos y 950 muertes solamente en USA y a todas los daños enumerados agregarles un cero.
    http://www.noticiero.enkoria.com/2011/diez-menores-que-sufrieron-reaccion-adversa-a-la-vacuna-vph-d http://www.noticiero.enkoria.com/2011/diez-menores-que-sufrieron-reaccion-adversa-a-la-vacuna-vph-d http://www.noticiero.enkoria.com/2011/diez-menores-que-sufrieron-reaccion-adversa-a-la-vacuna-vph-d
    La Dra. Harper, la que contribuyó a la elaboración de la vacuna por Merck, refiere que la vacuna no fue investigada en menores de 15 años y la vacuna dada a menores de 11 años es un gran experimento público. http://offtheradar.co.nz/vaccines/53-researcher-diane-harper-blasts-gardasil-hpv-marketing.html
    La vacuna fue aprobada para dar a niñas no contaminadas con el PVH; el Dr.Howenstinc publica que si se vacuna a mujeres contaminadas con el PVH, tienen la posibilidad de adquirir el CCU en un 44.6% http://www.newswithviews.com/Howenstine/james170.htm.
    La Sane vax ha descubierta la contaminación de la vacuna gardasil con el DNA del PVH y ha elevado su preocupación a la presidenta de la FDA Margaret Hamburg http://www.mecfsforums.com/index.php?topic=9331.0
    Para introducir la vacuna están utilizando el marketing del miedo: http://mujeresenaccion.over-blog.es/article-vph-la-vacuna-del-marketing-del-miedo-67210961.ht http://mujeresenaccion.over-blog.es/article-vph-la-vacuna-del-marketing-del-miedo-67210961.ht
    El PVH vive en los animales domésticos y silvestres; nos contaminamos desde que nacemos; se halla en las perillas de las puertas, en las toallas, en las uñas, en los fomites, en los guantes y espéculos de los ginecólogos. Se duda que el acto sexual sea el único medio de contaminación http://spa.myhealthygood.com/cancer-cervical-vacuna-contra-el-vph/investigadores-descubren-el-v
    Sí vive en nuestra piel, nuestro sistema inmunológico produce inmunidad celular y humoral adquirida o sea que nuestro organismo está siendo vacunado EN FORMA NATURAL por los PVH que viven en nuestra piel y por inferencia podemos asegurar que también viven en las mucosas..
    http://www.conganat.org/seap/bibliografia/HPVToday/HPVToday007SEAP.pdf Esta vacuna es transgénica; las vacunas que se conocen, son de virus originales, SE DESCONOCE los daños que producirá y está preparada para prevenir la infección por los PVHs 16 y 18 http://www.larevistaintegral.com/4874/vacuna-papilomavirus-%C2%BFes-peligrosa.html/comment-page-1#comment-11649.
    Los PVHs no se distribuyen en el mundo de manera uniforme. Se ha comprobado que en el Canadá el PVH 18 sólo llega al 3%; es más frecuente el PVH 31; en mi patria Perú no hay estudios que hayan determinado que tipos de PVH predomina; Esta vacuna contiene 225 mcg. de aluminio, sospechoso de producir el Alzheimer y el Polisorbatol 80 que es un anticonceptivo potente y en los animales de experimentación produce esterilidad; es carcinogénico y mutagénico; contiene además el borato de sodio considerado veneno; no usado en las preparaciones medicinales. http://www.telefonica.net/web2/paramahamsa/vacunaninosalerta.html http://detenganlavacuna.wordpress.com/2010/11/09/gardasil-cervarix/
    Por las razones expuesta desde el Perú, profundo, Huancayo, considero que esta vacuna es un Fraude?, Robo?, Estafa?, Burla?.
    No está comprobada científicamente por el momento; su eficacia se comprobará recién los años del 2025-2030.
    Dr. Godofredo Arauzo
    E mail: godo.ara@gmail.com

  3. Dorothy Forbes says:

    I know a great deal of time has elapsed since you~Deborah, became so ill with the Cervarix/Gardasill vaccination. I hope & pray that you are recovering, or have made a full recovery would be even more wonderful..God Bless ….
    Dears Sherrel & Deborah, Thank you for sharing your story about the horrors of the Cervarix/Gardasil vaccinations; now currently on the go again for ‘young men’ as well as the ‘young women.’ I have been studying this Gardasil/Cervarix farce for a few years now and sent all the information to my daughter Eleanor to educate my two grand-daughters, who were aged at the time 16 yrs & 8yo. Now 19 & 11. My eldest grand-daughter got into all the sites available to her on the internet, and educated her young sister.about the dangers of Gardasil & Cervarix. The real dangers of the Gardasil/Cervarix vaccine programme is the parental permission being granted to ‘Pharma.’ & health authorities without as much of a ‘What Are The Side Effects of Gardasil/Cervarix.’ There are no side effects~ they are ‘Direct Effects.’ Whats more they are all bad & they are always denied. The best treatment for the ravages of Gardasil/Cervarix vaccines is DETOXING (Chelation Thearpy, it’s when they remove the highly toxic chemicals from your blood stream,) so that all of the bodies systems can get back to normal. Do not go to your local Dr. for this treatment as many GP’s frown at this, and roll their eyes in disbelief. Go to your nearest Naturopath or ‘Google~Chelation Therapy.’ Some patients say ‘It’s like a miracle.’ But always ask questions, what happens? How long? How will I feel? Etc; Etc; Make a list, be inquisitive. Be Safe! You’ll be feeling better after the first appointment. Cheers To You & Yours……& Good Luck.
    P.S. I am 74 years old today/28th Feb, and I do not take medications of any kind~ I also hate to hear of anyone being harmed by toxic meds.

  4. Phyllis Georgic says:

    Homeopathy is popular in your country.. Find one and use them to heal your child. I became a homeopath almost 30 years ago because of my vaccine damaged child. I found a way through homeopathy to cure him, He is not healthy and well and his daughters are not vaccinated and were born at home and home schooled. I would suggest that you find a homeopath and learn it for yourself as i did and keep yourself healthy and away from the jags or the jabs as you call them altogether. Be healthy TODAY and stop such madness.

    • Phyllis Georgic says:

      Sorry.. do to typing I place the word “not” where it should be “NOW”.. My son is NOW healthy and well and so are his unvaccinated daughters.


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