CIDRAP Report on Flu Vaccines: Take a closer look

[SaneVax: Upon close examination of 12,000 documents dating back to 1936, CIDRAP (Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy) declared that seasonal flu vaccines have been ‘over-promoted’ and a ‘waste of taxpayer money.’ Is this a plea to stop vaccine fraud, or simply a blatant effort to flush more money down the proverbial pharmaceutical toilet? Medical consumers need to know.]

Scientists: Flu Vaccine is Over-hyped & Governments Lie About It

By Heidi Stevenson, GaiaHealth

It looks like a plan to stop the flu vaccine fraud, but a closer look shows that they’re pushing for ever more money to be tossed down the Big Pharma rat hole to develop yet more vaccines. Claim of no conflict of interest is blatantly false.

Taxpayer funded flu vaccines?

Every year now, we’re bombarded with messages in pharmacies, drug stores, doctors’ offices, even supermarkets to get a flu vaccination. In some places, the pressure is overwhelming, with people forced to choose between their job or vaccination and others being told by the doctors that they must be vaccinated or get fired by the doctor. Those of us in the alternative medicine world have been warning people that there’s little value in these injections, but we’re called quacks.

Now, though, a group of scientists seem to be echoing us. They’re saying that the flu vaccine is “overpromoted” and “wasting taxpayers’ money”. In “The Compelling Need for Game-Changing Influenza Vaccines”1,2, produced by the Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy (CIDRAP) of the University of Minnesota, these scientists who support vaccination in general worry that not telling the truth about influenza vaccines is undermining the public’s trust in mass immunizations.

In one anomaly, the Director of CIDRAP, Michael Osterholm, who wrote the report’s introduction, says, “I still recommend its use as the best we have.” He agrees with the report. His logic is that, though the flu vaccines are not effective, since they’re the best we have, we should all go ahead and have a vaccination that doesn’t really work because … well, there’s nothing better out there.

And that logic should give you a clue as to what the CIDRAP report is really about.

This is not a push to look at vaccines more realistically. This is nothing more than a push for yet more money to be tossed down the rat hole of influenza vaccine development! They want development of flu vaccines to be a national priority. They want ever more money handed over to Big Pharma to toss into that rat hole. They want evermore public resources poured down that Big Pharma hole. They are pushing for more and more public financing of Big Pharma corporations. (quote from article)

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