Colombia: Will HPV vaccinations be suspended?

Translation by Mario Lamos

New hope for HPV vaccine survivors in Colombia?

New hope for HPV vaccine survivors in Colombia?

Breaking News: The Attorney General’s Office appealed to the Constitutional Court asking for enforcement of a previous ruling issued by the High Court of Cali, requiring the Ministry of Health to suspend the HPV vaccination program in Colombia.

The watchdog said the Constitutional Court must rule on the matter because the side effects of the vaccine are significantly detrimental to the health of patients receiving it. He specifically referred to the court case of a minor in Cali and the complaint filed by the mother of the girl who had health side effects after the application of the vaccine.

The Attorney General’s Office explained that a medical analysis should be conducted to determine whether or not the HPV vaccine represents a danger to the health of the women who receive it, stating that until this is completed, the court should suspend the application of the vaccine in girls with a history of autoimmune diseases.

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According to Attorney Mónica León Del Rio:

The Attorney General’s request for suspension on the precautionary principle supports a previous request I submitted as president of the Association REBUILDING HOPE, on behalf of 559 HPV vaccine-injured girls, that the vaccine be suspended on the basis of the precautionary principle.

It is important to note this process brings together the 559 victims of the Association REBUILDING HOPE I currently represent where cinétificas have delivered all evidence including data provided by SaneVax.

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