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[SaneVax: If the point of HPV vaccination is to prevent cancer, then the efficacy of HPV vaccines will not be evident for decades. Since HPV infections almost always resolve without disease – why is there such a push for HPV vaccination programs? Read this article to learn a common-sense approach to cervical cancer prevention supported by peer-reviewed and published scientific documentation.]

DNA Sequencing HPV Testing and Pap Smears Necessary for Optimum Patient Care, Noted Pathologist Reports in Oncology Journal, Cancers

MILFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sin Hang Lee, M.D., a Milford (Conn.) Hospital pathologist and lead author of “From Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Detection to Cervical Cancer Prevention in Clinical Practice,” a medical-scientific paper published last week in Cancers, a quarterly oncology journal, said that to properly validate HPV test results and to ensure optimum patient care every HPV-positive report should also include a DNA sequence.

“To avoid false negatives, common in standard HPV testing, and unnecessary, harmful cervical biopsies, only analytically sensitive and specific HPV DNA tests should be used for patient management to reliably distinguish between persistent and transient HPV infections. The results, as physicians know, dictate different courses of appropriate treatment,” said Lee.

Using an extremely sensitive heminested PCR and a highly reliable DNA sequencing-based HPV genotyping for routine assays, the authors reported in the paper,

“a true negative HPV PCR invariably indicates the absence of precancerous cells in the cytology samples. However, 80.5% of single positive HPV-16 tests and 97.3% of single positive HPV-18 tests were associated with a negative or a largely self-reversible Pap cytology.”

The Milford Hospital team analyzed these samples of patients from a population consisting of 93.6% non-Hispanic white Americans who were under the care of board-certified gynecologists in private solo practice.

“It is common knowledge among practicing gynecologists and pathologists that most of the 4-quadrant cervical biopsies on the women referred to colposcopy because of HPV-16 and HPV-18 positives show a normal histology or reactive changes to inflammation only.

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Lee, S.H.; Vigliotti, J.S.; Vigliotti, V.S.; Jones, W. From Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Detection to Cervical Cancer Prevention in Clinical Practice.Cancers 2014, 6, 2072-2099.

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