Contaminated Gardasil Vaccine May Be Infectious – Potentially Causing Millions More to Become Sick via Blood Transference – Merck Doctor Admits Contaminant Does Not Belong in the Vaccine




Press Release

November 11, 2011
By Leslie Carol Botha, Vice-President Public Relations

Gardasil Contaminated with HPV rDNA

In September of this year, SANE Vax Inc. broke the news that 100% of the Gardasil vials tested proved to be contaminated with a recombinant HPV DNA attached to aluminum.  The nonprofit organization contracted with a private lab to run the tests at request of informed physician and medical consumers concerned about HPV vaccine safety and efficacy.  The laboratory informed SANE Vax Inc. that one hundred percent of the thirteen (13) samples of Gardasil™ taken from lots  #1437Z, #1511Z, #0553AA, #NL35360, #NP23400, #NN33070, #NL01490, #NM25110, #NL39620, #NK16180, #NK00140, #NM08120 and #NL13560, currently being  marketed in the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, and Poland were found to be positive for HPV rDNA.

In the past month global government health agencies went from demanding that vaccine contamination be investigated – to accepting a universal statement possibly written by Merck – that the agencies were well aware that the ‘presence of DNA fragments was to be expected and did not pose a safety risk. 1.  And life went on as usual.

On October 25, 2011, an advisory panel to the CDC, who actually receives a ‘kick-back’ on Gardasil sales recommended that the vaccine be administered to boys ages 9 to 26 – creating a whole new market for sales and profits.  The recommendation, which falls short of a mandate, means Merck’s Gardasil vaccine could be added to vaccination schedules in pediatricians’ offices across the country.2

Meanwhile – a well-known doctor from Peru, concerned about the safety and efficacy of Gardasil, was scheduled to debate a doctor from Merck at a conference.  Just prior to the scheduled debate, the conference moderator told the audience that the doctor from Merck was in a hurry so he could not stay for the debate regarding the vaccine and instead he would be the first one to address the conferees.

When it was the doctor from Peru’s turn to speak she shared the data and research regarding the contamination of Gardasil with HPV rDNA attached to the aluminum adjuvant. The conference attendees were shocked.

The doctor then accompanied her gynecologist husband to a party for medical professionals and to her great surprise the doctor from Merck was at the gathering.  He of course, was embarrassed to be exposed. When approached by the doctor from Peru he told her that the findings on Gardasil contamination were indeed correct – and the fragments of HPV rDNA did not belong in the vaccine.  And then the ‘good doctor’ tried not to talk to her again that evening.  Perhaps this admission of guilt is the reason he could not or would not debate the vaccination contamination issue?

The Gardasil vaccine controversy reads like a well-scripted science fiction novel since medical professionals and researchers have not yet developed a test to conduct studies on the short-term or long term medical effects of a run-way genetically engineered virus bound to aluminum being injected into the body.

 SANE Vax Inc. Concerns

  • Does the aluminum adjuvant become the carrier for HPV DNA causing said DNA to remain in the blood and/or organs for an extended length of time?
  • Since viral DNA cannot replicate by itself (it needs a host cell) what happens if genetically engineered viral DNA enters a human host cell?
  • How will this now ‘genetically-engineered cell’ replicate?  Will it mutate the host cell leading towards cancer?
  • How will genetically engineered cells affect the reproductive health of future generations?
  • How does the immune system react to the detection of a combination viral DNA and human DNA in what was once a ‘normal’ cell? Will the immune system fight the now genetically engineered human cell?

Can Gardasil Contaminants be Transmitted to Others?

Back in the U.S. Lauren a Gardasil injured teenager – (now adversely affected as long as the purported vaccine’s efficacy – 5 years), was volunteering at a blood drive which left her mother Rosemary, Vice-President of Victim Support wondering ‘If the Gardasil victims are affected by the residue that is in the vaccine, what will it do if they give blood?  Could the recipients of the blood from donors who have had the vaccine be affected by the recombinant HPV DNA?  Can it be transferred via a blood transfusion?’

Rosemary went on to express her concerns to the SANE Vax group that most people who are receiving transfusions are already traumatized and immune-compromised from vehicular or other accidents, surgeries, or poor health conditions.  What will this recombinant HPV DNA virus do to these people?

Gardasil Science Fiction Scenario Unfolds

Let’s add to the unfolding science-fiction scenario. Now that Merck and the government health agencies are aware of the contamination in Gardasil and the ‘good’ doctor’s public admission that the contamination does not belong in the vaccine, what will the pharmaceutical giant do?  What happens if Merck quietly ‘recalls’ contaminated vials of Gardasil and replaces their stockpiles with non-contaminated vials?

How will this affect the millions of adolescents who may have already received the contaminated vaccine? By the time HPV rDNA test protocols are developed – there may no longer be contaminated lots available for study.

Millions could be left wondering what will happen to them as the genetically engineered viral DNA possibly infects more and more host cells in the body. Will they fall victim to a multitude of autoimmune disorders caused by the marauding viral contaminants eroding their immune system? Will their bodies become riddled with ‘cancerous’ cells?   How will the presence of rDNA affect their fertility or the health of future generations?

At this point, no one knows the answers to these questions – and the innocent have truly become human medical experiments.

Take the case of Alexis Wolfe, a teenage girl who became ‘mentally retarded’ post Gardasil vaccination– who is now back in the emergency room, dehydrated – weighing in at 104 pounds and unable to sleep for days. It has been four years since this young girl was vaccinated. Are the genetically engineered viral particles slowly invading every other cell in her body?

Perhaps in the interest of public health and safety vials of the contaminated vaccine should be bought by parents with injured children,  researchers and medical professionals so it is possible to develop tests and study the mechanisms of action of viral contaminants attached to aluminum. The purchase of a vial of Gardasil may well indeed hold the only hope for the victims of a vaccine experiment gone bad.


1. FDA Information on Gardasil – Presence of DNA Fragments Expected, No Safety Risk

2. Gardasil controversy: CDC recommends young boys receive HPV vaccine,


  1. Every single time a new question comes up about HPV vaccines, it breaks my heart. What a nightmare for the parents of adverse reaction victims from around the world. One can only imagine what they are being put through every single day.

    All HPV vaccines potential risks should have been identified, quantified and disclosed prior to approval by so-called “health authorities” around the globe before allowing such a huge virtually unsupervised public health experiment to proceed.

    The time has come for two things – first and foremost – justice for the victims of adverse reactions; second – holding those who did not investigate properly prior to unleashing HPV vaccines on an unsuspecting public accountable for their betrayal of public trust.

    HPV vaccines should be immediately withdrawn from the market pending the outcome of a thorough investigation. Parents who trusted their health authorities deserve more than being put into a ‘poke and hope’ situation while the medical community waits for 20+ years to see if HPV vaccinations make an impact on cervical cancer.

    • My daughter got the whole series of shots and we regret it everyday. She got her first Aug 2010, she is only 13 and is on medicine for her stomach ( 2) , high Bp, low vitamin D, provera just to have a period. She hurts all over,constantly pops like she’s 60 and now is in PT at a children’s hospital,cause all her muscles from the top of her neck to her akeles heel are knotted up. She get terrible headaches and neck pain and aches all over. Don’t get this shot, I feel guilty for allowing mine to get it. I let her make the finale decision , and she wanted to get it cause we had some female problems with endometrois and we thought it was safe cause the doctor insisted it was. If anyone has any answers please let me know. We live in Ky (US) Everytime I mention about the shots to any of her Doctors they look at me like I’m crazy,and say No its not the Gardasil. Please Help

  2. How do you possibly grant justice for someone whose life has been destroyed and forever changed? I don’t know how one would do that.

    • Karen – you are right – there can never be true justice for them, because the clock cannot be turned back. However, it would be a step in the right direction to acknowledge their injuries, determine the causes, make sure they have funds to handle the consequences and most important – make sure this type of travesty is never allowed to happen again.

  3. Lynn Garcia says:

    It is absolutely a crime to have promote this vaccination. To all our young women from 12-27 yrs of age. How dare they play with our childrens lives. Mothers who believed the Drs and were told that it would prevent cervical cancer, now have more worry instead of less.they should be proscecuted for this moneymaking scam.

    • Lynn,
      We totally agree with you. Leaving parents in a situation where they have to constantly fear for their children’s future is nothing less than a crime against humanity. Every single one of the people responsible for this travesty should be held accountable for their actions and/or lack thereof. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for this blatant betrayal of the public trust.

  4. I wouldn’t drink a glass of liquid that someone gave to me, without knowing what was in the liquid. Does it make good sense to roll up our sleeves and allow someone to inject directly into our bloodstream a product that contains god knows what?

    Time to say no.

  5. “Doctors put drugs of which they know little, into bodies of which they know less, for diseases of which they know nothing at all” Voltaire. This i have found to be true.

  6. They want to use this on young boys now. The sickness never seems to end. Merck is practically in my back yard. Well, it has a branch nearby. I would love to see them routed out or run out on an old fashioned rail.

  7. There has been criticism regarding the questions which have been posed concerning the possible transmission of Gardasil contaminants to others. The criticism is based on the logic that girls who are suffering from injuries after Gardasil may worry more, be ostracized and perhaps suffer even more.

    Similar questions are regularly raised in connection with sufferers of many infectious diseases.

    It is naturally very sad indeed if girls who are injured by Gardasil suffer even more due to these questions being asked. However, the consequences of injecting this vaccine must be known – for the sake of the injured girls, for the sake of others who are considering taking this vaccine and for the sake of communities as a whole.

    Questions must be asked and they must be answered. Until all the questions are satisfactorily answered they must be repeated. Louder and louder.

  8. mass murder ?

  9. I was made to feel like I didnt care about my daughters well being because I refused to vaccinate them with this drug. I felt it wasnt out long enough to see the effects on those vaccinated already. Also what effect would it have on their reproductive health? On their offspring? Birth defects? We have no cervical cancer in our family and my girls have taken pledges of purity til marrige. Not worth the risks involved. Really glad I said NO.

  10. It is about time that we acknowledge all those who have had their lives / potential ruined because of vaccinations, enough is enough. It is about time the criminals are held accountable for their greed,misinformation and fearspreading £££££££.

  11. Excellent article which poses extremely relevant questions. These may well be added to the list of 27 unanswered questions regarding Gardasil:

    Approval for Gardasil should at least have included satisfactory information regarding all these questions. They have not been answered. Gardasil should not have been approved and should immediately be withdrawn from the market.

  12. Mary Mohanan says:

    Sarah, start by sending them a copy of the articles. Then hope they read them. Remember that Dr’s are busy and ONLY know as much about drugs as what the drug companies teach them. That begins in medical school….pharmas teach them all about what is “good” for what. Then still don’t expect much from allopathic dr’s. Seek out an osteopath or naturopathic dr. There is support out there. There are ways to remove aluminum from our bodies. And that’s where you should start. Many naturopathic drs start out as MDs and change to naturopaths because they become disillusioned with the whole system. Check out . Dr Mercola has a lot of health information and you can blog with him and he will answer questions. Use the internet to find a naturopath that is close by you. God bless you and your daughter. Now look down the road 1 year from now and know that she will be better then. I will pray for you that you find the help you need and that she has a speedy recovery. Also go on NVIC and be sure to report the effects of gardasil on her. Let go of your guilt — let the pharmas carry it. !!


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    Contaminated Gardasil Vaccine May Be Infectious – Potentially Causing Millions More to Become Sick via Blood Transference – Merck Doctor Admits Contaminant Does Not Belong in the Vaccine – SaneVax, Inc.

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