The dramatic change Gardasil made in my daughter’s life

By Dollie Duckworth, Puyallup Washington

Alisa and Gardasil

Alisa and Gardasil

Alisa is my daughter. Though she is not little anymore, she will always be my princess. Alisa grew up healthy, active, and happy. She enjoyed trying new things and being around others. She loved photography, fishing, bike riding, boating, hiking, martial arts, music (especially her violin), and animals. In high school she enjoyed her photography in which she won awards. She was a tattoo assistant for a Washington State award winning tattoo artist and was learning the trade. She was on the swim team and loved swimming.

Being a concerned mother I was fearful for her getting cervical cancer. We were being bombarded with commercials and ads for this vaccine for girls to be one less. When they offered the vaccine to my daughter I said sure. They never went over side effects or problems, so I figured it was a safe one. That day is when our nightmare began.

August 14, 2007, the first vaccine shot (lot # 0384U) – Alisa went home with her injection site itchy, swollen, red, and sore. She was not feeling well, like flu. I sent her to bed and she was home sick for a couple days. The doctor’s office said that was normal. I did notice she was complaining about sore joints and muscles in the months to follow and she was napping more with headaches. I just blamed it on growing pains.

November 14, 2007, second vaccine shot (lot # 0927U) – Alisa was not thrilled about having the shot again. She was so scared she was going to feel crummy again. Sure enough the injection site was itchy, sore, red, and this time the area swelled up a large area. She went home and went to bed. She was out of school again down with flu like symptoms for days. Slowly she came out of her slump but was so sore throughout her body. Sore muscles and joints, complained of headaches. She was exhausted all the time. It was difficult for her to muster the strength to do things. She took to her computer and was playing games online with friends.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you….February 14, 2008 (lot# 12APR10). This time she was flat terrified and cried all the way to the doctors begging me not to make her get the vaccine. This breaks my heart because I remember this day too vividly. I kept telling her it was the last shot and we don’t want to make the other two shots go without the final one. I kept telling her it was for the best. We left the office and she was throwing up, shaking, feverish, and the usual symptoms of sore muscles and joints, a pounding headache, exhaustion. She was down for over a week recouping from the shot.

After the 3 shots I put the series out of my mind. The only time that I remember the shots was EVERY visit to the hospitals and doctor’s offices, when they would ask if Alisa had all her vaccines. EVERY time I answered I said, “Yes she has even had the Gardasil series.” Not one doctor put this together. The cause to her illnesses were put together by good friends of the family.

Many of you may wonder why I continued taking her in for the vaccine series.  I called the doctor’s office about her reactions each time, and they said it was completely normal to have those “minor” reactions: swelling, itching, light headed, and dizzy. After all it is a shot!!!!

They also said at the doctor’s office, NO ONE has ever had the flu like symptoms from the vaccine, so she must have a touch of the flu. When the third dose came around they stressed to us that the other two shots of the vaccine would have been useless without the third. I trusted our family doctor of 15 years. He had never steered us wrong and always took care of us – treated us honestly and fair. I grew up with my grandfather being a doctor and most of my aunts being RN’s, I worked in the medical community. I trusted them….It never dawned on me they could be wrong.

Alisa continued on with her life but lost some of her spunkiness. She no longer had tons of energy. She slept a bunch, stopped her swim team, and spent more time in her room on the computer. She said her body hurt and didn’t feel like doing anything.

There are so many doctor’s appointments and hospital visits in this time frame. I have requested all her records from the hospitals, clinics, and her primary care provider (he has discharged her from his office).

October 2009, another visit to the emergency department with eye problems. She was having bloody discharge and pressure behind her right eye. Alisa was having problems with slurred speech, headache and facial droop. They accounted it to pink eye and we begin treatment. They recommend we contact a neurologist and see the doctor.

After seeing the neurologist finally we were sent home with the idea of further testing later. Later that night the neurologist called recommending we take her back to the hospital for further testing. October 2009, off to the hospital again. By this time, Alisa was admitted into children’s hospital with the following symptoms: Bell’s palsy, migraine, right sided weakness, blurry vision, tinnitus, balance problems, numbness right side, unable to walk, problems swallowing, fatigue, joint pain, difficulty in opening mouth. They were testing for stroke and other unknown causes to this problem. She endured CAT scans, MRI’s, Lumbar punches. Over the next week she continued to get worse. Of course the psychiatric doctors were sent in to ensure she wasn’t an abuse victim. We didn’t know yet then she was abused by the pharmaceutical company. She was discharged without a cause to the problem.

This was Alisa’s senior year in high school, though the first semester she was in the hospital and a tutor came in a few times a week to drop off and pick up homework. The doctors released her to return to school but the noises, medications, and lights caused her headaches to pound and she was struggling with anxiety issues. With only one semester until graduation she dropped out of school. It was too much to handle. (She tested and passed her GED in Dec. 2011).

Over the following years Alisa has had this happen 2 more times. Right side paralysis, wheelchair, learn to walk with a walker again, and now she gets so exhausted she uses the wheelchair to save her energy.

Her side effects seem to increase in intensity and keep adding in numbers. So far she struggles with the following issues: leaky gut syndrome, pins and needles in extremities, dizziness, bleeding gums, toothaches/teeth changes, brain fog, sensitivity to chemicals, chest pains, constipation, dehydration,  enlarged liver, sound sensitivity w/anxiety, extreme pain in the tailbone area, fainting, fever and blisters, fibromyalgia, Guillain-Barre syndrome, autistic-like symptoms, hand/leg weakness, back pain, hot/cold intolerance, trouble sleeping, itching, joint pain,  knee pain, light sensitivity, blindness, depression, personality changes, anxiety/panic attacks, loss of bladder control, bladder issues, muscle aches and spasms, muscle tension, tumor, paleness, chronic fatigue syndrome, paralysis, pneumonia, severe nerve pain, shortness of breath, slurred speech, smell sensitivity, diarrhea, sore throat, stomach pain, swelling/edema, tremors hand and/or leg, random twitching of extremities, bloating, uterine spasms, hair loss, urinary tract infections (UTI), kidney issues, vision loss (temporary/permanent), vision  problems, dyslexia, hallucinations, vomiting blood, stomach ache, nausea, rashes, appetite loss, weight loss (130 lbs.’).

Alisa is unable to do anything without supervision. Showering requires a shower chair. She has to be checked on constantly since her seizures come without notice. She becomes so disoriented after some of the seizures, she wanders off.

Alisa was once firm in her beliefs about anti-smoking and drug use, but has now become a medical marijuana patient. This is the only thing that takes an edge off the pain. She is never pain free but the MMJ makes it more tolerable. Unfortunately this pain relief isn’t covered by medical insurance so the $1200.00 a month pain control comes out of the pocket book.

This vaccine has dramatically changed our family’s life.  Alisa fights for her life every day. It is even more difficult to not be able to help her or find a cure for her symptoms. It is heartbreaking to watch your child suffer in horrible pain and not be able to help. I feel guilty because my child is suffering because of a choice I made. A choice I thought was to help her and instead has disabled her. I wish someone would have told me.

Please help spread the word about this vaccine. Tell everyone you know about the dangers of the vaccine. Educate before you vaccinate. This vaccine is harming thousands of girls, and now boys. The vaccine needs to be taken off the market. The numbers of children affected is rising every day.

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  1. I hope someone has checked this girl for adrenal tumors.

  2. Stephanie says:

    You should look up Sanoviv Medical Institute. May be able to help her..

  3. I knew I didn’t feel comfortable giving my 5 daughters that awful vaccine. Some things are better left alone. I am so sorry to hear what has happened to this young lady. I hope more parents investigate the possible outcomes before subjecting their daughters to this drug.

  4. We have our 19 year old daughter at Sponaugle Wellness Clinic in Florida with a similar complex array of symptoms, not from Gardisill, but Lyme disease and here they diagnosed some other issues, primarily a high level of mold (and genetic impairment causing it to build up over time) which has effectively shut down the immune system, and even previous vaccines and medications have contributed to a severe toxic load. Apparently about a quarter of the population has similar genetic disorders which sustainability to remove toxins like mold, diseases, and vaccines. I pray for guidance and healing for your daughter.

  5. Please look up Dr. Garth Nicholson on utube. It may help. SO upsetting.

  6. Dr. Laura Mooney says:

    Have you taken her to a craniosacral or pediatric specialist chiropractor? Sounds like she needs one.

    • Dr. Laura,

      With all due respect, my amazing wife is a Chiropractor and would never suggest a Chiropractor in this poor teen’s situation. Craniosacral work or adjustments will not bring a “cure” to this girl’s life. By your brief statement, without any other explanation from you, the only thing that can be interpreted is that you believe a cure can come through Chiropractic work.

  7. This is heartbreaking. Blessings to Alisa and her family and sincere prayers for her recovery.

    Let us all be even more active and aggressive in spreading Alisa’s and the many sad stories about HPV vaccine dangers. Let us give links to relevant info including to

    In addition to those who are considering getting the vaccines, their parents and carers, let us also continue spreading info widely to doctors, pediatricians, hospitals, vaccine clinics, nurses, health authorities, school leaders and teachers, politicians, media, relatives and friends.
    Let us post even more articles and info on internet especially on provax sites.

    We do not have enormous sums of money behind us like the vaccine promoters but we can communicate and we can use creativity.

    We can print even more flyers, business cards and stickers with info and spread them everywhere, on notice boards, at clubs, in envelopes with our Christmas cards, in envelopes of all letters we send including official ones, in shops, libraries, at public transport, toilets and telephones.
    Imagination’s the limit!

    Let us write and on our paper money.

    I have a special hobby. When I see PC’s exhibited in shops I quietly fix the screen savers so that and float slowly across the screens. It often takes quite a long time before the staff notice the message and during that time lots of customers have hopefully read the screens.

  8. I hope they’ve tested this child for Lyme Disease. Many of these symptoms are caused by Lyme. I am anti-vax, but also have Lyme and a child with Lyme and as I read those symptoms, I am curious if there’s Lyme in her system and the vaccine has exacerbated these symptoms (Lyme and Vaxes DO NOT mix) So hypothetically she could be reacting this negatively from the vaccines because there was Lyme present and you had no idea.
    A way to help with the pain management and help the body not be overly burdened is to remove gluten, soy, dairy, sugar, and caffeine from her diet permanently. It’s a hard diet to adjust to, but she’ll be feeling a lot better, like A LOT better.
    If there’s no Lyme present, then this is one of the biggest horror stories I’ve read.

  9. Julie Leatherbarrow says:

    This is not a case of Lyme disease as all of the reactions started right after the vaccines. Don’t confuse this mother with facts about other diseases when she knows what steps led up to her daughter’s illness. For some reason, people feel more comfortable looking to anything other than the vaccine as the reason for a reaction. You know how your children are before vaccinations, and after.

  10. Alisa Duckworth says:

    I wanted to thank everyone for your support.
    There are a few girls that have a certain type of Lyme Disease after the vaccines, Bartonella. It’s pretty interesting read, and most girls who were tested for it came back positive. It could be possible I have Lyme Disease, and have been told this from many doctors including scientists. I have found a natural doctor and do IV vitamin/mineral therapy every Monday. I will not go back and see a normal doctor, because I believe heavily not in Natural/Alternative Medicine. I feel better and my seizures are beginning to lessen. I appreciate EVERYONE’S support greatly.
    If anyone has any questions and would like to contact me my email is

    Thanks! 🙂
    Alisa Duckworth

    • Alisa Duckworth says:

      Sorry correction I DO BELIEVE HEAVILY IN*** natural medicine!!!

    • Thank you for this story. I am a mother of a 17 year old girl and 10 year old boy. Every time we go to the doctors they try to push the Gardasil shots on my kids. I REFUSE! The doctors question me and my response is: there are no long term studies n the side effects risks are too high!!! I know I have made the right decision.
      As I was reading your story , I stopped midway and thought you may have the neurological manifestations of lyme disease. The symptoms you described were exactly what I had seventeen years ago after the birth of my daughter. I have chronic lyme disease and suffer everyday because of a misdiagnosis . Discuss oregano oil capsules with your naturalist. Perhaps it was a combination of both Gardasil & lyme . Can you send me the link to the Bartonella story. I am very curious about this. My heart goes out to you. Sending out prayers for you! Thank you for getting this story out!

  11. JoAnne Parker says:

    yet another childs life ruined by the govt and its greedy drug pushing minions

  12. Mary Walters says:

    This is so old school, but the best defense against cervical cancer is to wait to engage in sex until you find your future mate, and to have one sex partner throughout your life. Gardasil is not a panacea. It’s an unproven vaccine of limited value if it is ever determined that it actually works.

  13. This article was posted on my facebook site and then I hit and came to the article. I am so sorry that your daughter, your entire family has had to go through all that you have. It is terribly disturbing that this would happen. So many think your daughter has lyime disease but its strange that she started getting ill everytime she went for her next shot. How many weeks went by before she would feel better then due again for the next shot? I have two granddaughters one is 27 and the other is 22 and I am for sure neither one has been given those shots.
    Dolly I so appreciate that you gave your information to be posted as hopefully all that see it with think twice before doing this to their daughters. It most likely has been very difficult for you to live with this and to see all that your precious daughter has had to deal with. You both are very brave and courageous women.

    Alisa may there be a cure for you and the many other young girls that have gone through this horrible health issue. So awful my dear I am just shocked that this Vaccine has not been taken off the market by the FDA, but they don’t really care they allow many things that should be taken off market, eg: Aspertaime, sweet and low, it is bad bad for the brain. I just pray that the Lord would cause a breakthrough and bring a complete recovery to your body. Call upon the Name of the Lord, believe on Him, he does not give us more then what we are able to handle.

    I am a strong believer in the NaturalPathic medicine, at least they are not prescribing poison to our bodies. God Bless you Dolly and Alisa.
    Oh I would go to a Natural doctor in a minute but most Insurance’s wont pay. Its expensive but you gotta do what you need to do.I sure don’t blame you for not trusting the other Medical physicians. Blessings Love Gayle

    • Dollie Duckworth says:

      Alisa is a patient at Bastyr in Seattle, Washington. ( She is seeing results from weekly IV therapy. Insurance doesn’t pay and our financial situation is destroyed but our daughter is worth so much more that a number score. Thank you so much for your thoughts.

  14. I am sorry you have gone through this. When Gardasil first came on the market I called the research team. I was shocked when I was told there was little research done on how reproduction was affected and that they did not have any data on subjects who had made it past 43 (the average age of cervical cancer onset). I was also shocked with the problems in TX and CA that the shot is still given.

  15. Has she been checked for RA or Still’s Disease??? The symptoms are very similar to either of these two autoimmune diseases.

  16. Bonjour, je souhaite beaucoup de courage au parent en espérant que leurs enfant retrouvera sa santé .Je voudrai remercier cette maman, qui a publier l article est dénoncer les risques de c vaccin.Grâce a cette maman, a son experience, elle nous donnez la chance de préservé les nôtres.En tout cas pour ma part le message sera passé merci a vous et courage a votre fille je souhaite a vous et votre famille plein de bonheur .En espèrent trouver un remède efficace pour elle 🙂

  17. Ohh I’m so perturbed by this story. I’have heard so many stories like this that i can’t resist to say you and to supply(excuse my English, i’m living in Québec in Canada) to keep hope hope hope!!!. I know verry well that pharmaceuticals are real business. Have you already read Dr Ray Strand?
    I Recommend you to try the cellular nutrition but not anyone and anywhere. I’m gonna show a way and you don’t have to losse more for Alisa. I’m sure that your daugther will find again her basis body’s fonctions because you have to nutrience by the interior by a hi quality and a hi formulation of nutriments. I’ll recommand because a heard so many people who were devoted tu die by theirs generatives diseases.
    I Let the compani who has already change millons of live by the cellular nutrition. Please go see and read about this company: Usana Health Sciences. Read about Dr Wentz a imicrobiologist ant specialist in cellular nutrition. Liste to him and believe that it exists a path for the recovery to Alisa.I share this way to you by my hearth and if you are convinced by this approch. I’ll will be gratefull if you contact me to show you how get those products and also HOW you could go on with your life, with alisa’s life to help your daugther. Really I’m convinced by this approch and it shoulb be a succcess if we walk together to share to other people sick. We have firts to save your daugther. Please contact me my name is Anne-Lise Preusser. If you want you can reach me by email because i’m living near the Vermont in South Canada, If you need some détails with the recommanted list for any pathologies by the Dr Ray Strand (a specialist in medecin nutrition)…let me know. I hope to be allowed to walk on the same way with you to give you support to your daugther too. Have a nice day. PS This is my personnal website from Usana : Those products are really great and thera are made by pharmaceutical protocol but there are NOT medicin, thera are Hi Nutrition to protect your daugthers’cells and to make them LIVE again! Trust me I know you don’t know me but I hop you will trythis way for HER. Thank you to read me. Anne-Lise

    • Dollie Duckworth says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write the comment. Yes I have read Dr. Wentz and Dr. Ray Strand. We are going to Bastyr in Seattle Washington and getting help there. Thank you so much.

  18. Maria Teresa Saavedra says:

    I had a lot of this symptoms!! a horrible migraine that started right away after the vaccine and lasted 5 weeks, I never had a headache before, I couldnt speak for seconds, extreme dizziness, I had to use a wheel chair for weeks, fainting, tingling and numbing in face, head, extremities, vomiting, diarrhea, panic attacks. I felt I was going to die! all this happened after my second shot, 3 months and a half ago. The symptoms went away after 4-5 weeks, I still get sensations and tingling in my face once in a while. I tried to detox aluminium from my body with tons of Fiji water, cilantro, cucumber skin. And I used Rivotril drops for the panic attacks, recommended by my neurologist. Once I started with it I felt better and went back to normal.

  19. You can look into doing a detox, maybe even testing for lead, and mercury levels. Such as The Clean Program, Or Gerson Therapy.

    • Dollie Duckworth says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write the comment. Alisa is having to build back up her system before we can do major detoxing. She was in such poor condition when we finally found help that we are still concerned for her failing organs. We are shooting for next year to have her well enough to finish cleansing her system. We are going to Bastyr in Seattle Washington and getting help there. Thank you so much.

    There is a cure: CEASE Therapy. I used it with my child after he had an adverse reaction to a vaccine.
    Please research the work of Dr. Tinus Smits. I send you courage and strength. The only ones who benefit from vaccines are Big Pharma!


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