Gardasil Changed Our Definition of Normal

By Francine Pugliese, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Nina is the youngest of my three children. I had no idea a trip to the pediatrician’s office for a checkup and one simple injection could change our lives so drastically. For the last seven years, our daughter has fought to regain some semblance of her normal life.

7 years of post-Gardasil nightmare

My 7 years of post-Gardasil nightmare

Spending long hours at the gym watching her play basketball and dreaming of sports scholarships have all been traded in for one simple wish, a pain free day for Nina. I continued to pray that, despite her daily illness, her childhood friends would still find Nina to be that funny, animated girl that could make anyone laugh.

Our story began in late May of 2007. I took Nina to the pediatrician for her 12-year-old checkup. During the visit the doctor recommended that I have her receive the first dose of Gardasil. I immediately told him that I was not well informed about this new vaccine. He reassured me that it was fine and better to get it while she was young. I trusted my doctor.

As we left the office, a strange feeling come over me. I started to question my decision to allow the doctor to administer a vaccine that was new to the industry. My daughter was 12 years old. What was the rush to protect her against a sexually transmitted disease?  Maybe it was mother’s intuition, but I suddenly felt sick to my stomach.

Early Signs of Illness Post Gardasil

Less than a month later, early in July, Nina started complaining of her hair falling out. As a mother of three, I often play down any medical concerns my children have until I see a true problem. Nina is a beautiful Italian with long thick brown hair. I put her to ease by telling her that with her amount of hair it is common to see more of it in the shower or on the bathroom floor.

Over the next few weeks Nina started to complain of flu like symptoms. She would wake up very fatigued and nauseous. The symptoms were intermittent, but becoming more regular as the weeks passed.

I did start to notice an abundance of her hair on the bathroom floor. I was becoming concerned.

By August, her complaints were more severe, so I took her to the local Med Express. They told me she was very dehydrated and administered IV fluids. Nina felt great afterwards. I was relieved.

Unfortunately, the next morning the symptoms returned with a vengeance. She missed the first week of the new school year.

The following week I started driving her to school because she was too sick to get on the bus. The school was only five minutes away but by the time we got there she was already too sick to get out of the car.

At first I thought maybe she was having some type of anxiety about starting seventh grade, but that did not make sense to me. Nina had always been a very active child who was constantly laughing and playing with friends. Her relentless love of basketball kept her on the go most of the time. She played on three different teams. School had never been a problem for Nina.

A Mother’s Intuition

She tried to muddle her way through the first semester of school, but was losing the battle. She was becoming ill at all times of the day. She would sleep on the bathroom floor hoping not to vomit one more time.

I made repeated visits to the pediatrician’s office pleading with them to help our child. Questions were running through my head constantly. Why did she become so ill so suddenly? What could have possibly happened? What had she been exposed to that could have caused her mysterious symptoms?

Then I remembered my mother’s intuition moment and realized our world began to change after the Gardasil vaccine.

Her pediatrician was in agreement, we would not proceed with the second dose of the vaccine due to Nina’s illness.

Searching for Help

The next year was filled with illness, doctor’s appointments, diagnostic tests, multiple medications, multiple diagnoses, and many, many disappointments. We were told she was suffering from, Vestibular hypo function, Meniere’s disease, tonsillitis, and last but not least, a mental illness.

My husband and I were baffled. No matter what medicine the doctors prescribed for our daughter, her illness continued to invade her body turning our world upside down.

We finally caved in and took her to see a psychologist. The psychologist commended Nina for dealing with this confusing illness in such an adult manner. She reassured us that Nina seemed well adjusted and saw no reason for any type of treatment.

How could our healthy child who played basketball 24/7 and aspired to play basketball in college dwindle down to a chronically sick child who was now on homebound study without a social life?  Most of her friends had drifted away. Her illness seemed invisible to them. There were no visible signs, such as bruises, broken bones, or blood spouting from an artery.

After nearly two years, we decided the traditional medical community was not helping. Perhaps a naturopathic route could. We were told it was coming form an adrenal problem and were given vitamins, detoxifying footbaths, and massage therapy know as Reiki. All were complementary, but did not give her any long-term relief.

Time marched on. In April of 2009, we stumbled across the television show Mystery Diagnosis. This particular episode described Nina’s symptoms in remarkable detail. It was the first time I had ever heard the word Dysautonomia.

I immediately went to the internet to research this illness and people who could diagnose and treat it just in case that was what my daughter suffered from.

I found no specialists in the Pittsburgh area, so called every specialist within the United States. I then faxed all of Nina’s medical information to their offices. We took the first available appointment from the first specialist to return our call.

Finally a Diagnosis: Dysautonomia

Dr. Hassan Abdallah at The Children’s Heart Institute in Reston, Virginia finally diagnosed Nina with Dysautonomia.  As sad as it may sound, we were delighted to finally have a name for her illness. The pieces of the puzzle were starting to come together.

Dr. Abdallah started her on blood pressure medication, followed by a vasoconstrictor medicine, followed by a medicine used for people with Attention Deficit Disorder. These medicines all help push more blood to the heart and brain, thus making her illness less violent.

Typically, people with Dysautonomia do not perform well in the morning.  It takes hours for their bodies to function and begin their day.  Even though we had a diagnosis for Nina, we still could not get her back to functioning like a teenager.

We continued our battle by getting a second and third opinion from the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Medical Center.  It was at Case Western that a doctor finally admitted that they had seen an increase in Dysautonomia since the Gardasil vaccine was introduced.

In addition to her prescribed medications, Nina takes melatonin to sleep at night. She constantly has issues with low Vitamin D, which requires a prescription dose of the vitamin periodically. She takes an anti-nausea medicine as needed. She has recently been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), insulin resistance, and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). She also takes multiple vitamins and natural supplements daily to promote a homeostasis in her body. Her medication routine starts at 7am, continues every three hours, for a total of four prescription medications (14 pills daily), and seven natural supplements (11 pills daily)…

She combats all this by pushing herself to exercise with a trainer who specializes in strength and heart rate monitoring.

Last December, Nina had a procedure performed by Dr. Michael Arata called Transvascular Autonomic Modulation. It is much like angioplasty, but investigates the veins instead of arteries.

It is believed that by looking for venous compression and inflating a balloon at the superior portion of the jugular vein, one will reset the autonomic nervous system. It has proven successful, but turning back the clock of a chronic illness takes time and a lot of life style changes. Nina is still a work in progress.

Seven Years of Post Gardasil Nightmare

Nina was on the homebound program for high school. She never got to play on her high school basketball team. She never got to attend any proms.

Regardless of the adversity she faces, she managed to graduate with a 4.0 GPA and now attends the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg as a full time student.

She struggles through each and every day with the perseverance of a soldier. Her strength, integrity, and relentless desire to live her dreams inspire everyone who has the pleasure of knowing her.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that most people with Dysautonomia will out-grow it. The doctors agree that Nina’s case is severe and it may be much longer before she gets relief from most symptoms.

Questions I have about Gardasil

I have researched Gardasil for a long time and still have these questions:

  • Why was Gardasil developed when 90% of all HPV infections clear on their own, without symptoms?
  • Why would the FDA place a vaccine on their fast track program (which means it only requires six months of research) if this vaccine was being administered to little girls?
  • Why was fast-track approval granted when an already safe and proven effective means of controlling cervical cancer is available in the United States?
  • Why do government health officials constantly ignore the facts posted on websites such as SaneVax Inc.?
  • Do medical professionals truly believe all of the girls with new medical conditions after Gardasil are just complainers and really don’t want to have a normal life?

Lessons We Learned From Gardasil

Gardasil taught our family some valuable lessons.

First, never think your doctor knows everything. They are human. They work for you. If you have questions, never stop asking until you are satisfied. Always trust your gut feelings or mother’s intuition.

Never judge a person with an invisible illness. Everybody carries some type of a burden in his or her life.

We are better people because of this illness. We no longer take life for granted. Lastly and most important, we trust God has a plan and we will continue the battle until his will be done.

Read this article in Italian here.


  1. I am very sorry for what Nina’s been through for so many years.
    Yet, let me ask you a question. First shot was in MAY07, and you wrote

    “After nearly two years, we decided the traditional medical community was not helping…”

    OK, you paid for modern medicine for 2 years and how long did you
    try the other methods? Below that, you wrote,

    “In April of 2009, we stumbled across the television show…”

    that leads to this ‘diagnosis’ Dysautonomia in order for them to hide what has really
    been happening around the world for so many decades.

    Therefore, you didn’t try the alternative much longer than a month.
    Why is that?

    It takes only a few seconds for them to poison us, yet it takes a lot longer to detox.
    You spend almost 2 years for the criminals’ ‘cure’ which will never cure the problems,
    but you try the other means which must have been the original way to deal with our
    health problems for only such a short time.

    One HPVV victim in Japan says she’d try one method at least for
    three months to tell if it is good or what. i.e. there’s no quick cure.

    Also, do you know what the genuinely correct name for your daughter’s symptoms?
    It’s “HPVV poisoning”.

    You were on the right track after wasting 2 years with those who are trained to
    swindle us. I know it sounds so crazy but you’ve got to check facts and think.

    I’m not sure about the methods you were taking, but at least you were on the correct path
    to detox various poisons they put into her body. But for some reason, you decided to
    go back to those who are doing their best to hide their industries’ crimes.

    Think about this.
    Over the years, we started to hear various never-heard-before health problems
    and see huge increase of various problems such as autism, developmental disorder,
    learning difficulties, and the list goes on including child cancer and child leukemia.
    That’s what they did. Selling us poison, create those new problems while they were
    simply caused by the toxins they sold to us, and welcome us back to sell more poisons.

    As my father who was a doctor of the modern medicine said to me repeatedly,
    medicines are poisons. You’ve been buying more poisons for her
    ONLY to suppress the symptoms but never to deal with the cause
    therefore, they can’t cure her, can they?

    I say it again here,
    Your girl was poisoned therefore you’ve got to detox her.

    It’s really sad to see SO MANY victims around the globe going back
    to the criminals’ side. Why keep trusting them? I just don’t get it.

    The more you bought poisons, the longer it’d take for her to heal
    cause you’ve got more to detox. Please read

    Stop fraudulent HPV vaccines!!

    How can I detox poisons from Human Papiloma Virus Vaccines? – Hidden crime of Heavy Metal Toxins

    Please read the articles on heavy metal toxins linked from the second page above
    so that you can finally understand why they keep promoting immunization/vaccination.
    BTW, my articles about GOVisCO = Governments are Companies will answer to
    some of your questions.

    Please detox her.

    • Aus, thank you for your concern. Sometimes I get confused as to if people are actually trying to help or criticize our treatment for our daughter. This is a short story, not a novel. It would pages long if I explained every detail along the way. I am a medical professional and I am very aware of the dangers of medications. But making a blank statement as “all medications are poison” is too general for me. The time lines may not portray our actual times spent with different avenues, but I assure you, we do believe in detoxing and natural supplements. We went to many chiropractors, naturopaths and physicians. We made an educated decision on what to try, how long and how much. Nina now eats an all organic, gluten free, and low sugar diet. She does yoga, strength training, and relaxation techniques. Her original medications have been reduced now that we are working with a functional medical doctor. They try to restore the natural balance in the body with as little medications as possible. But having said that, I cannot take her meds away that give her the ability to function day to day. We are hoping that in the near future all medications will be out of her system. But, the healing process is slow and her blood pressure and heart rate would be too sporadic and thus be unproductive. I am sorry I mislead you to think that we only tried the naturopathic route for a month. It has been ongoing since 2007. I hope that clarifies things fore. Have a blessed day.

      • Thank you very much for your reply, Francine! ;o)

        I know I sounded a bit too harsh but I really want people to realize the danger of not checking ingredients and additives of anything, not only of medicines but foods etc cause ultimately, I believe various poisons we eat, drink, inhale through chemtrails or our skin sucking from shower / bath, cosmetics etc are the main cause of health issues.

        Though I never mean to insult or criticize you since you say you are a medical professional, assuming a doctor or nurse rather than a natural / alternative practitioner, I also would like people to realize that we tend to forget medical / pharmaceutical industries are there to make money (so are alternatives though), and many professionals are unfortunately bought by evil doers in order to keep selling such poison like HPVV. That is a fact though there are many who are genuinely concerned about their patients, but to some extent, what they do is what they were taught. Therefore, their good intention does not guarantee what they do is correct or not. We are way too trusting.

        Another reason why I dismiss the major part of modern medicine nowadays which I trusted all my life till I woke up after some damage some years ago, is because I read this JP doctor’s book titled, “Your illness will be gone if you stop taking your medicine.” It made sense to me along with the questions my father kept telling me repeatedly about modern medicine.

        As I must have written in my blog article, symptoms are signs of our body fighting back. Yet, modern medicine only tries to suppress them by giving poison to the patient. They never or hardly ever touch or deal with the cause of problems but only try to suppress the symptoms which many were taught to think they are bad things. That’s understandable cause usually symptoms are unpleasant. Yet, as that doctor wrote, they are the signs of our body / immune system fighting back. And if you suppress them, your body would think, “Oh, we’ve gotta fight back further more” and you actualy get messed up! Therefore, just suppressing symptoms doesn’t really solve the problem.

        Yes, we need a balance here because the symptoms these girls (there must be boys as well) are suffering from are simply horrific. But even then, I really wish them and their parents like you to be aware of the dark side of medication. Otherwise, you’d be making the same ‘mistake’ as getting them HPVV shots.

        BTW, Anti-cancer medicine/treatment is a very good example when I say about medicines are poisons. Many still believe they’d have to get that but it can kill not only cancer cells but healthy cells as well, and create more cancer, though they call it “cancer came back.” And there again, I cured one granny’s cancer which ‘came back’ with apricot kernels! She’s living laughing though the doctor back then told her that she’d die in several months, and that was early last year. Thus, real answers are either hidden or banned so that they can make money while making us sicker.

        Anyhow, I am really glad that you are aware and trying to eliminate mediation and are detoxing her. As I wrote in JP last year, one victim made a dramatic improvement by getting Myer’s cocktails (IV) and going to soak in enzyme bath twice a week, in about three months along with glutathione cream, Yaeyama chlorella. I told her (mother) to take zeolite to eliminate aluminium as well though you need to be careful of relapse = as you detox, you might get some symptoms. But you’ve got to go beyond that in order to finally heal.

        Guess there’s no ‘one cure for everybody’ but we’ve gotta try everything possible.
        And it’s really frustrating that it takes much longer to detox than getting poisoned.
        But as long as you are heading the right direction, I’m sure Nina will get better soon.

        Thank you again, and I’m praying for both of you.

      • Jess Oliver says:

        She needs to have these toxic poisons removed from her body.. It is a slow process, but definitely works!
        You may be utilizing these things but here are some remedies I have seen work on vaccine injured people. I myself am a strong anti-vaxxer, especially when I hear about the terrible things vaccines do to people.
        Here is a short list of things:
        Calcium bentonite clay baths and drinks (1tsp in 10oz of water every two days).
        Epsom salt baths every three days – 2 cups to a full bath.
        pH 10 water all day everyday with 1/4 tsp of Himalayan sea salt added to 8oz of water.
        Norwegian Fish oil – 2 pills everyday along with the max dosage of Chlorella and Spiriluna at the SAME time. Ensure all supplements are ORGANIC.
        Glutathione supplements (prescribed for patients who have undergone severe trauma such as chemo etc)
        Activated Charcoal – 1 day per week
        Vitamin C – 100% 2x per day, 5000IU of Vitamin D, Zinc supplementation
        Fresh coconut water – preferably pink in color as this is a sign of extra antioxidants (Get this at Sprouts!)
        A good probiotic – You can get them in gummy form, liquid or pill.. Make sure it is refrigerated as these are the top of the line – Get them at a health food store.
        If she can handle it – Infared Sauna, Salt therapy treatments, Sodium bentonite clay soaks (found usually at spas, but you can buy on Amazon as well. Do not ingest the sodium bentonite clay.
        Liquid Iron supplements
        Cictus Incanus tea (highest in antioxidants and trace minerals.. you can buy on
        Braggs apple cider vinegar drinks (At Sprouts) 1x per day
        Please contact a naturopathic doctor!! My aunt is a naturopathic doctor, which is how I have learned about these treatments.. and please introduce each treatment slowly so you can see how she will react. Let her rest as well. Avoid parabens, and unnecessary chemicals including laundry soap.. Her immune system cannot fight off these chemicals and the chemicals ravaging her body at the same time. Also a Himalayan Sea Salt lamp in her room beside her bed will be very beneficial as well.
        If you have any questions please contact me at
        I wish you well!!!

  2. First, I want to say THANK YOU for posting this. Second, I will pray for Nina. Her struggles and perseverance are amazing. I had my 16 yo daughter to the Dr. the other day for her 11th grade physical, and they offered this vaccine. Because she needed so many others and doesn’t handle needles well, I opted NOT to have this vaccine. And now, after reading your story, I’m very glad I made that decision. Please know that we are behind you 100%. Prayers for Nina that she does fully recover. I’m sorry she has to suffer thru all of this. I know how hard it is and how bad it hurts to see your child go thru something like this and be at a loss as to how to help. Praise to you mom for never giving up in trying to find what was wrong with your baby! May God bless you both as you!

    • Francine Reginella Pugliese says:

      I’m sorry, I just saw your post now as I do not check the comments very often. I can absolutely say the treatment helped her greatly. She is in her 3rd year of college full time. She still struggles daily, but we ahave reduced the medications and have increased the supplements. The cardiologist said her autonomic nervous system is now working and she has had definite improvement. He will not acknowledge the procedure as he does not believe in it. I can tell you that I am a medical professional and the doctor that performed the procedure is an interventional radiologist in California. I researched his procedure, documented studies, and his background with the interventional radiologists that I work with. They were in 100% agreement that the procedure was definitely worth a try and the risks were very very minimal. The doctor that performed it, Dr. Michale Arata, is absolutely the most wonderful intelligent caring doctor I have ever come across. He is a medical doctor, but with a naturalistic approach. He has continued to treat Nina since the procedure and has not charged or wanted us to return for a visit. We live on the other side of the U.S. If you would like more info just email me at

  3. Yvonne Armstrong says:

    Hello Francine,

    Thank you for sharing and so sorry you are part of our Gardasil family now. If only we could all turn back the clocks.

    Feel free to message me at if you wish to chat more.

    I wanted to share a bit of info, my daughter was also very low in vitamin D along with calcium and iron . The aluminum which is in the vaccine blocks the body’s ability to absorb D, which is essential for absorbing calcium . I know I’m probably telling you stuff you know since you are a medical professional , but what helped my daughter was chelation . It rid her body of a lot of the aluminum, and in turn her all over pain in every joint and her vitamin levels started to increase. Might be something to investigate at your end. We are always learning now thanks to gardasil and it helps to share. Best wishes from Canada , Yvonne

    • Yes, chelation Yvonne. But I wonder why EDTA?
      Cause EDTA is known to get rid of … mainly lead and cadmium AFAIK.
      Still, it helped your daughter heal, therefore I’m really glad for you. ;o)
      Also, I heard one victim in JP did chelation and successfully got well.
      I think she took DMSA. I would get DMPS as well cause I felt that was really powerful.

      > and in turn her all over pain in every joint and…

      I assume you meant that her pain decreased, right?

  4. The autonomic system is controed by the anterior hypothalamus
    It is electrical in nature although acetylcholine is required for good parasympathetic tone
    You can not get a cure just by detoxing.
    You must address the system electrically
    While I trained at NYU, one of only two centers for dysautomia
    I find the pharmaceutical approach very second rate to correcting the electrical nature of the system

    Please read my blog entries on dysautomia

    Toni Bark MD MHEM LEEDAP

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind words and suggestions. I am going to look into all the suggestions. Pittsburgh has not really adopted holistic approaches to healing, so it makes it difficult to find naturopaths. Some of the suggestions are new and it will take me awhile to get comfortable with all this information. Thanks again and god bless.

  6. Why it is so important to do your homework before any vaccines.

  7. Angela Dunn says:

    Hi. You sound like a wonderfully strong and compassionate momma. Check out and
    Low dose naltrexone is safe and inexpensive. It helps many issues, especially fatigue and pain. Hope this is just one more tool for your toolbox on the way to a full recovery for Nina.

    • Angela, thanks for the kind words. Nina has actually been on LDN for a year now. When we went to California last December for her TVAM treatment, our doctor there prescribed it. I definitely think it helps. Everyone has been so kind with suggestions. I feel so blessed. Thanks again.

  8. Travis Baugh says:

    There IS a doctor in the Pittsburgh area that can help your daughter. His name is Dr Martin Gallagher in Irwin Pa. He has The Medical Wellness Associates

  9. Another Pittsburgh Mom says:

    Francine, I’m glad you’re getting some help, and that your daughter is on a gluten-free etc diet.

    I just wanted to suggest that you look at one more possible player: fluoride. My oldest child had a reaction to the Vanish ™ Varnish paint-on fluoride treatment they are now giving to children, and the symptoms were eerily similar to the ones you describe. We’ve always refused the Gardasil vaccine, so we know it wasn’t that for our child, but in Nina’s case, maybe there is more than one cause (Gardasil AND fluoride). We’ve heard of other children having neurological reactions to the new fluoride treatment (it’s different from the one they used to give), but suspect nobody ever reports it, because the only place one can report it to is to the manufacturer, who will never admit a problem.

  10. Debbie Kane says:

    Greetings Francine,
    Divine appointment again in reading your heartbreaking story regarding Nina. I too have been poisoned by modern medicine. I survived a near fatal blood cancer (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) during 2010 and even though I’ve been in remission for over 3 years, I am still VERY ill and disabled due to chemotherapy damage. As I tell people… “Chemo. The gift (NOT!) that keeps giving year after year.” Every few months I am diagnosed with a new debilitating disorder. My diagnoses are so many, so challenging that I have been refused by over 15 different doctors for treatment because of my history. They all say that I am too complicated for them to take on. How sad is THAT? I live in chronic pain and spend most days with extreme nausea. I vomited everything including water 4 times a day for 3 years after chemo. After a year of tests with a gastroenterologist, my husband and I finally figured out (on our own) that I was allergic to Zofran… the anti nausea / anti vomiting prescription they started me on during chemotherapy treatments. Because I never stopped being sick… this poison was prescribed (and taken) for years. The day I stopped taking it, is the day I stopped the “hair-trigger” vomiting episodes. The extreme nausea and food issues continue. It took years before I could tolerate my beloved organic veggies (raw salads, or cooked), and meats. Being 100% Italian, I was blessed to be able to eat over cooked pastas… just not with red sauce. Had to be cheesy or cream sauces… tons of carb intake was all I could tolerate. I too am a “work in progress”. I subscribe to everything holistic and had that mind set for years prior to chemo. Why did I take chemo, if my gut and caretaker experience knew better? Fear. What if I was wrong. What if I died sooner because of not being able to afford to treat myself “fully” by doing it all holistically? What about trial and error with holistic approaches? I should mention that the 6 months prior to being diagnosed with cancer, was spent regaining my eyesight as I had gone totally blind for a while due to Closed Angle Glaucoma! The initial diagnosis came in time… the initial surgery was successful… but the “after” surgery eye drops (Combigan) caused me to go blind within hours post surgery. Again, it was my husband and I who figured out I was having a reaction to the eye drops when the confused eye doctor was at a loss weeks later. I was vomiting, had migraines and had a weekly visit to the ER for two whole months. We owned our own business at the time and had not yet been able to afford medical insurance… therefore we spent tens of thousands of dollars… our entire life savings… saving my eyes. When the nightmare finally ended in December, 2009, it took only 3 weeks to learn I had cancer. The nightmare began its “encore”, lol! I am a girl of faith. My faith is what allowed me to survive after dying twice in 2010. I knew I would survive the cancer and for good reason. I have a job to do. It is to survive it all and live to share what I’ve learned. My education however is not over yet. Obviously. As a matter of fact, recent scans on September 29, 2014, show a strong possibility that the lymphoma has returned. We are dealing with Medicaid Insurance red tape at the moment. They are being difficult and not willing (yet) to let me see my oncologist at MD Anderson due to “network changes” with that provider. Regardless of the outcome, this time I will NOT be treating any illness with chemotherapy. I know I won’t survive it a 2nd time. I know my healing is going to be through whole food, ORGANIC and clean nutrition. Plus holistic supplementation. I’m learning about therapies that utilize Iodine, Peroxide, Oxygen, Apricot Kernels and Cannabis Oil, to name just a few. (Cannabis is the most nutritionally potent “vegetable” on our planet. So sad that this plant has been given such a bad rap. Eating it raw in salads and juicing it.. it becomes 700 times more powerful for healing… without the euphoria. Cooking with it or smoking it, is how it gets people high. Thankfully 21 States have now realized it’s value by legalizing it. Sadly, not in my State of Texas yet. So, I won’t know if it will help me unless we move). I recently found a website called DeliciouslyOrganic.Net. That site and many other sites are giving me hope for my future. I’ve shared a lot here because my passion and determination to overcome is high at present. I am keeping notes of this difficult journey, along with all of the trial and error decisions along the way. I will be sharing my success as soon as my success is truly beneficial to me… in other words, when there is no doubt that I am healing and on the road to full recovery. I believe. I am thankful. I CHOOSE TO SURVIVE. Thank you again for sharing your story. It inspired me. It reminded me of what I already know. It motivated me and fueled me with a renewed sense of determination towards answers. God Bless you and yours. Peace, Love and Light. <3

  11. I stumbled across this blog after posting on twitter my musing on how hard my daughter’s drs push this vac and how I get an attitude & brochures pushed on me when I refuse. Plus a ‘well, consider it for next time, ok?” This is the very heartbreak I want to avoid, and my heart broke reading this. My daughter became ill at age 10 with post infectious IBS, which was difficult, but we got through it. Hard part was that she was absolutely fine one minute then screaming in pain the next – for months. In the absence of a diagnosis the drs tried to tell me it was all in her head. WTF? In the end psychiatrists cleared that misdiagnosis but holy hell, why do they have to put that label on a perfectly well child that is all of a sudden unwell when they are unable to come up with a diagnosis? Modern medicine was almost no help at all. I’m so sorry for your pain and your daughter’s loss of normalcy. I have no other words that might comfort you but know that another mom is thinking of you & your little girl. Hugs.

  12. Asya Flynn says:

    Hi Francine,
    I too got very sick after the Gardasil vaccine and spent two years in and out of the hospital. I had multiple surgeries, spinal taps, tests, and at one point I was in the hospital for six weeks straight. I never got an official unified diagnosis, I just had many separate ones that were diagnosed. However, all of it happened soon after the shot. I didn’t start getting better until just recently, when I started taking something called Thrive. It is a gluten free supplement that provides all the nutrients your body needs. Once I started it I began feeling much better, and was even able to lower the doses and stop some of my medications. The nutrients help stabilize and detox your body, as well as energize you. You can learn more about it at I will be praying for your daughter…I completely understand her pain. It’s a horrible situation to be in. I too, missed many proms and sporting events. Hoping this helps as much as it helped me!

  13. Laura Bishop says:

    I am truly sorry that your daughter and family had to go through such an ordeal. I don’t have any children, but I can only imagine how, as a Mother, it was for you. I went through a health issue-not related to a vaccine-that was also a nightmare and saw how it affected my own Mom. I sincerely hope things continue to improve for her. What helped me, and I tried a lot of “cures”, was nutrional supplements-every day. I think that will help the best for your daughter. We will pray for y’all-

  14. Hello Francine,

    I stumbled across your story while searching for information on TVAM. I don’t usually comment on these sites, but I was so struck by the similarities in your daughter’s story as compared with what we have been through, and I so appreciate your sharing! In our daughter’s case, though, it was not the Gardisil vaccine, but Lyme Disease which sent her into a chronically ill state. She became sick at age 11, and it took 6 years of slogging through the world of mainstream medicine, with multiple misdiagnosis and useless treatments before we found out it was Lyme. (Yes, our story would also fill a book, as you well know!) We have been following a completely alternative treatment path for the past 3 years now, and have finally seen some improvement. (Our daughter is now 20).

    I just learned about TVAM and am intrigued by the claims that it can help those with chronic Lyme, so I am glad to find someone who has actually tried it with some success. I am also in Pennsylvania, and I’m wondering if the clinic in CA is the only place that is doing this procedure. Do you know of any on the East Coast?

    I also would like to tell you of a discovery we have made this past year in our daughter’s treatment which has mad a HUGE difference, and may also help in your daughter’s case. We found out that our daughter has a genetic difference that has made her more susceptible to chronic illness and has contributed to her inability to respond well to treatment. It’s called the MTHFR genetic defect; it is not rare, and it is implicated in MANY chronic disease states. The good news is that it’s treatable with supplements, and our daughter has made great improvements since beginning treatment this past May. She sees a Functional Medicine Doctor who understands this condition and how to treat it. You can find out more information by going to This site is the best place to begin researching.

    We, too, have been trusting God for guidance as we’ve walked this journey these past 9 years, and we are constantly amazed at how He brings Doctors, treatments, and other fellow sufferers to our attention all along the way that are a help and encouragement!

    God bless you and your family,

  15. Francine, thank you so much for sharing your daughter’s story with everyone. Having a Gardasil-injured daughter myself, I know just what you’re going through. My daughter’s story is here on the SaneVax site too – Tawni is her name. We live in New Zealand and it has been a nightmare for the last five years, working through mainstream medicine. We are slowly clawing back some semblance of normality through cranial osteopathy treatments (at least weekly), IV vitamin C (weekly when we can afford it), a host of supplements, high content silica water, a purely organic diet that is both sugar and dairy free, etc. She is in her final year of school and is having to do her last few months through correspondence as she just wasn’t able to attend school regularly – and she’s had to put any thoughts of university on hold for now!

    It has been hard work getting any sort of diagnosis here in New Zealand – doctors won’t even consider that the vaccine could in any way be related to the issues she is facing. And we’re not the only ones – we have a growing list of girls in our part of the world, and in Australia. It has been so frustrating, not to mention expensive, having to find practitioners who will listen!

    Even though we filed an adverse event report, and they accepted our case and gave us a case number, they too deny a full causal link. So, I have now taken steps to try and get some publicity here in NZ for the harm this vaccine does. I am petitioning our Ministry of Health and Prime Minister ( and have also set up a website to share information in this part of the world (

    I feel your pain, and hers, and can only wish you both well as you fight to regain normality. Sending you both much love and hugs!


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