Gardasil changed our dreams to nightmares

By Tracy Andrews Wolf

Gardasil, cervical cancer protection?

Gardasil, cervical cancer protection?

Six years have passed since Alexis received three shots of Gardasil. Six years of suffering for no good reason. Now, I live in constant fear of what might happen during my daughter’s next seizure.

I wake up around 5am every morning in a panic. My heart is racing and I desperately try to stop my mind from thinking the worst, never knowing what to expect. Some nights she knocks on my door every hour because she is having so many seizures that she is totally confused. Some days when she gets undressed for her bath she has dark bruises, with no knowledge of how they got there. Sometimes she has knots on her head and doesn’t remember hitting her head. If she doesn’t have her mouth piece in while having a seizure, then blood pours out of her mouth because of grinding her teeth and they get chipped and loose. Every morning I awake in fear, wondering if Alexis is still with us.

Alexis and her younger sister used to be so close, I asked Kimber to write down her feelings about what has happened to her sister. This is what she wrote:

“Being nine or ten years old and watching your older sister slowly dissolve and someone completely different taking her place is simply wrong. It is pretty much the exact same thing as watching a hit man kill her before your eyes. It is – just knowing the fact that you will never see your sister again. The only difference is, through my experience, it was slower, I didn’t understand what was happening, and I didn’t know I was never going to see the real her, or should I say old her, ever again.

Where is my best friend?

Where is my best friend?

Today, six years later, I am used to it; her seizures, her way of life, just everything about her. It’s like I never knew her, like I’ve only heard about her. All I remember about her was a little bit of her personality. She was my only sister, my only sibling, my best friend. My sister lost all her friends. I held onto mine, but they never fully understood what I’ve been going through. So my friends do not come around here. I am actually embarrassed to have them come over because of how my sister acts. You never know what will happen and so many people just do not understand.

I miss her dearly. Whenever I see a couple sisters hugging or just hangin’ like a couple regular siblings, I get sad and think of all this. It’s not like I can’t hang out with my sister, it’s just not the same. She is what my mom calls, “a toddler, a little old lady, and a teenager combined.”

If my sister was “destined” to be injured, then I would have rather it had been not mental, but maybe a bad scar or a small part of one of her limbs amputated. Just something – anything besides what she has now. Now she is a shell of the sister I once had.”

Alexis heard me asking her sister to “write a story” so Alexis decided to write a story for me. This is her version:

“Once upon a time there was a girl named Alexis Raley Wolf. She has been sick for 6 years, way too long, right?! Also she has not slept, function, behaved in 6 flippin years. Way too long right my wonderful peeps. So what the hell are we going to do, huh? I hope there is a flipping cure really, really soon, you know what I mean??? Also I love that it isn’t so bad as 6 years ago, you know my wonderful peeps that I love so ever much….the end, Love Alexis Raley Wolf.

Dear Lord of my life, please, please, please, please, please, please make me better. I beg of you. That is all I really flipping want SO PLEASE for the love of God! Love Alexis.”

Along with her “story” she also drew a circle with “Gardasil” in the center and a bunch of lines through it. I have a large sack full of letters/stories that Alexis has written down on paper just like this over the years. They are always the same.

Our life before Gardasil:

Allow me take you back to 2007, when I was pressured into making the decision that changed our lives forever.

In 2007 Alexis was a very shy 7th grader. She worked so hard at school that she achieved honor roll status.  She had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes the year before, but took the diagnosis very well, choosing to use it as an opportunity help educate her classmates. She did many school projects on diabetes which not only helped her learn more, but also showed her classmates what it was like to live with diabetes. We were all so proud of her.

Alexis in Germany

Alexis in Germany

Her grandfather wanted to reward her hard work by having her come spend 4 weeks with him in Germany during that summer off from school. I was a little apprehensive but she was in control of her health and knew how to give herself the appropriate amount of insulin when needed.

We visited her Endocrinologist and she gave us the “thumbs up” to go on the trip. Next we saw her pediatrician to get her “thumbs up.” During that visit, they recommended the Gardasil series. They said due to Alexis having diabetes it was very, very important to get her vaccinated for EVERYTHING that came up because of her weakened immune system. I agreed.

I wanted to protect my daughter, doesn’t everyone? She was given the first shot and we were told to come back after Alexis returned from Germany.

Alexis had a great time in Germany and returned home 4 weeks later. When she returned I started noticing strange things about her behaviour. She never experienced “jet lag” and actually slept very little. When she found out our dog had passed away while she was gone she tried very hard to cry. She had never had to TRY to cry before….usually she could cry very easily. We went back to the Dr and she got the 2nd shot in the series. That is when things really started to get crazy.

Alexis’ personality changed so much. At first, I thought she was just coming out of her “shy shell” since she had just travelled to Germany.

Gardasil begins to take control:

The day after her 2nd shot, her heart started pounding so hard and fast we thought it was going to jump out of her chest.

We went back to the doctor and they sent us to a cardiologist. Alexis had to wear a heart monitor for 24 hrs. Her heart rate was fast but they didn’t think it was an issue.

Then Alexis started throwing up A LOT and for no reason. Then she would say that things looked scary and sounded scary. Back to the doctor we went. The gastroenterologist told me to give her Zantak and come back in a month.

Where did my life go?

Where did my life go?

She started 8th grade but was unable to sit still and always felt like throwing up. The teachers started putting a trash can near her desk. Teachers were calling me and telling me that she was disturbing the whole class and I needed to do more. I was taking her to doctor’s appointments all the time it seemed and no one could figure out what was going on.

Alexis started seeing and hearing things that were not there. She would get very mean and violent with me. Yelling at me and telling me that she wanted a new family. She screamed at me to take her to an orphanage so someone would adopt her and take her away. I was so scared. Heart-broken does not begin to describe what I felt.

I got zero help from her father (my husband). He would only yell at me and tell me what to tell the doctors. I felt like I was losing my mind.

About that time, Alexis started running out of the house and knocking door to door telling everyone that she hated her family and wanted a new one. Obviously people called the police and we had to explain all of this to them when it didn’t even make sense to me.

The holidays came and went…it was the worst Halloween and Christmas ever.

A third Injection of Gardasil – the final straw for Alexis:

Then in January of 2008, I took Alexis back to the doctor and she got the 3rd shot in the series. I asked if Gardasil could have anything to do with all her crazy symptoms. I was told “No, but if she didn’t finish the series then it could cause more problems.” So Alexis got the 3rd shot.

For the first time in her’ life Alexis was telling me she hated me and didn’t want to be part of my family. It hurt so bad, it seemed I was crying all the time. I would cry and she would just look at me with such hate and then as if a switch was flipped on she would look at me and say “don’t cry mommy.”

The vomiting and hallucinations kept getting worse. We had seen so many doctors at this point I was finding it hard to keep up. No one ever gave us any answers.

Within 2 weeks of the 3rd shot Alexis was hospitalized. The doctor was concerned about her diabetes and weight loss. They ran tests and told me “There is nothing medically wrong with your daughter.” I told them they were wrong.

Since they thought Alexis was just acting out and being a teenager they sent her to a children’s behavioural hospital. What a horrible place! They treated Alexis like an animal. I visited every day. She was there for 5 days, and on the 4th day they called me to tell me that she was eating her vomit out of the bucket they gave her to throw up in!!!!!

The next morning they called and told me that she was stable and I needed to come get her. She was far from stable! That day I called and begged her doctor to help – to do something! She was able to get her into another children’s hospital.

When we arrived, the staff told us, “I can see that her issues are not behavioural but we will try to get her to sleep over the weekend.” They gave her high amounts of Trazadone to help her sleep and it never worked.

The following Monday when the doctor came in, I told her everything that was going on. She said it sounded like Alexis was having seizures!!!

Test, after test, after test.

Test, after test, after test.

She ordered an EEG done and there it was!!!! Alexis was having tons of seizures in the frontal lobe of her brain. The next 6 months consisted of tests, tests, and more tests. Alexis remained in the hospital from March to July. All tests done (over and over) came back normal except for the EEG’s.

Finally, after her 2nd spinal tap, they determined that Alexis ‘must have been exposed to a virus’ that had caused encephalitis, TBI (traumatic brain injury), brain damage and a seizure disorder. She underwent IV therapy, Plasmapheresis, surgery for a port to be put in her chest for the plasmapheresis, and then surgery for the port to be removed. She spent her 15th birthday hooked to a machine.

There were times when I went to visit my daughter and she was strapped to the bed because of something she had done to a nurse or sitter. Alexis had to have someone with her at all times. She would try to take and eat food from trash cans. She would scream foul language, try to punch or kick people, spit on people, flash people, throw things…….my sweet, shy child had become someone I didn’t recognize. Do you have any idea how hard it is to visit your child in the hospital, go to their room and find them 4 point restrained to their bed???

She begged to come home and then would beg the nurse to take her home. She would tell me that I wasn’t her mother anymore because she found a better mom (usually a janitor or a sitter or someone who didn’t know how to respond to her).

When UNM Hospital didn’t know what else to do with her they made arrangements for Alexis to go to Austin Texas to their neuro rehab. She was only able to stay for 2 months because our insurance would not pay anymore. I was told to contact Social Security and medicaid. I was told to get her signed up on this waiver and that waiver and things I had never even heard of before…..what did all of that mean?

Here we are 6 years later, what happened to my child????

Alexis will be turning 20 in June of 2013. Mentally she is at a 3rd grade level. She cannot be left alone because of her violent seizures. She has been on anti-seizure meds this whole time, many different kinds and nothing seems to work.

In 2010 she got a VNS implant in her chest. It is a device similar to a pacemaker. It is implanted under the skin in the chest area between her right breast and her shoulder and a lead is attached to her vagus nerve and sends off continuous impulses in hopes of stopping the seizures. It really doesn’t seem to work either. She gets it adjusted (strength of impulses) every month but have yet to see any big changes in seizure activity.

This is what Alexis thinks of Gardasil.

This is what Alexis thinks of Gardasil.

Alexis has to wear adult diapers because she cannot always control her bladder or bowels when she has a seizure. She has upwards of a hundred or more seizures a day, some very big and violent; some where she is stuck in a long stare with lots of facial twitching. She has lost one tooth due to a violent seizure and now has to wear a mouth guard at all times. Several other teeth are chipped because of seizures. We have to keep all food locked up at all times. If things were not locked up especially at night she could eat herself into a diabetic coma. When a seizure has finished she thinks that she is starving, even if she had just finished eating a meal. All of her friends left her far behind. No one wants a friend that has seizures, throws up and has to wear diapers….at least not any of the friends she used to have.

Alexis had big plans of going to college and becoming a special needs elementary school teacher. Sadly that will never happen.

She and I had to go before a judge in court to grant me guardianship since she is now over 18 and cannot make any adult decisions for herself.

Here are some other things that Alexis will never get to do, thanks to Gardasil:

  • graduate from high school with her class
  • get married and have a family of her own
  • get her driver’s licence
  • go to prom or homecoming
  • go on a real date
  • have a job
  • take a shower without someone else being in the room
  • hang out at the mall with friends
  • move out and get her own place
  • wear normal panties……and the list goes on and on…

Gardasil changed everything! Our perfectly normal lives have been forever transformed into a living nightmare.

Please, learn from our story. Do not let your child become “One More Girl” like Alexis because of Gardasil.


  1. Get that poor baby a chance and get her to a wholistic center to detox the day lights out of her and try to rebuild her body before the meds completely destroy whats left of her. Discusting and heart breaking.

  2. Jaymi-Leigh says:

    Please Google Chelation

  3. Michele says:

    It sounds like your daughter picked up a virus either traveling to Germany or while there; it’s not uncommon to have viral encephalitis that progresses and causes permanent brain damage. I think the parent are really reaching blaming this on Gardasil. Arboviruses that cause encephalitis are primarily found in three virus families: Togaviridae, Bunyaviridae, and Flaviviridae. The onset of symptoms ranges, but my guess would be is she picked it up while in Germany (a mosquito bite?) , as most of them take about 10 days to manifest symptoms. To blame her illness on Gardasil is a huge reach. She was the victim of poor circumstance, and when you travel over-seas, exposing yourself to viral and bacterial pathogens is part of the risk you take.

    • candice says:

      Michelle while your thought above sounds very probable, based on her symptoms being to eerily similar to thousands of other gardasil girls I don’t think the mom is wrong in the least to blame Gardasil! It is Gardasil! Trust us! Because of Gardasil she could be more susceptible to contract these other illnesses that you believe she has. And to say that them blaming Gardasil on her illness is a “huge reaction” is just wrong and insensitive. You live in a families shoes affected by Gardasil and attempt to say that again. I don’t think you’d have the heart to say it a second time.

      • belinda moran says:

        Well said!!!!! Mom to vaccine injured son. It’s not just the Gardasil vaccine- it’s ALL vaccines causing these horrific, catastrophic and devastating injuries!

      • Skeptic says:

        Tracy, Also a ketogenic diet may help with the seizures. It is also good for her Type 1 but you have to closely watch her glucose levels.
        God bless! No should suffer like this.

    • Michele: maybe research this a little before you dismiss what this family has gone through due to Gardasil. There are now hundreds of cases very similar to this. You are really reaching to blame this on some virus when the evidence is clearly in front of this poor family and many others. Gardasil was fast-tracked into approval and never underwent long term safety studies. Think a little before throwing this back in their faces.

    • tracy wolf says:

      Gosh Michelle…I was making all the Dr’s look into anything like that…Honestly, I had watched the shows on Animal Planet talking about parasites. Believe me I was making the Drs check for all of that and everything else! we were desperate. I was told that if she had picked up any kind of parasite in Germany then the tests would have shown!!! She was in the hospital (not anywhere but the hospital) for 6 months SOLID…tests were done over and over and everyone was left scratching their heads. ZERO parasites from Germany!

  4. Cindy Bevington says:

    As a journalist I was one of the first news persons to report on this vaccine. In fact, it was my story that broke the headline with one of the vaccine’s researchers calling the mandating of this vaccine “A Big Public Health Experiment.” That was 2007. Fast-forward to this Monday, when I was telling my family physician about the adverse events that had occurred with this vaccine. He was VERY interested. He listened. He asked questions, and when the nurse knocked on the door and reminded him that he was late for his next appointment because was busy talking to me about the HPV vaccine, before he left he asked would I please, please round up some of the VAERS reports and drop them by his office. He wants to see them because — get this — he had NEVER heard, or been told by any other professional that there were any adverse events! I was shocked, but thrilled because he was listening, and he was interested, interested enough to want to know more. So I’ve been trying to think how I could add something to the information I plan to give him. And now I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to print out this story, and a few others that I’ve come upon, and include them with a stack of VAERS. I know this doctor well enough that I know he’ll look at this, and share it with his colleagues. Maybe one doctor at a time we can get the warnings out.

    • Glenda Smith says:

      Thank-you, Cindy! …what you are doing is what SO many of us can’t! People will listen to you given your profession, and we need more like you! Bless you for what you are doing!…and let’s not have Alexis’s suffering be in vain!

  5. Sandy Lunoe says:

    Blessings to Alexis and to her mother Tracy. Please spread this sad story widely to sites reached by doctors, nurses, vaccine clinics, parents, teenagers, teachers, medical faculties, health authorities, politicians, journalists, newspapers, everywhere.

  6. Ginette Gervais says:

    This upsets me so much that the pharmaceutical companies are never held accountable and continue to give this to innocent girls . I was also a victim of A Birth Control injection gone wrong and was hospitalized after my 2 nd shot. All i can suggest would Maybe Chelation could be an option or detoxifying the liver or the Gerson Therapy which can be done at home ?

  7. Linda Martin-Seng says:

    Have you trie a homeopathic doctor who can help draw out the toxins? They are quite good at that. sometimes changing diet to avoid GMO foods, and gluten and sugar can have a positive effect as well. often there are heavy metals in your gut that once removed, and replaced with probiotics, helps a person heal. good luck!

  8. Tim Kelly says:

    Please look at MMS and Jim Humble… his website has lots of information. Recently it has been used for reversing vaccine autism. It clears the body of all lodged pathogens. I believe it would help Alexis. I wish Alexis Well again… Tim x

  9. candice says:

    This website has a list of drs that can help. I think its under the resources tab. I can personally vogue for Dr. Mark Flannery.

  10. Glenda Smith says:

    Tracy, you and Alexis are SO courageous for sharing her story and your pain! Thank-you for doing this, and letting the world know what you/Alexis have been and continue to go through ‘needlessly’! The world needs to hear our stories, and Alexis’s sure does count! I know we have touched base through FB, but over and over, I am SO sorry for everything Alexis has gone through!…my heart really aches reading her story!! I don’t know that there is anything out there that you haven’t tried. We are now looking at magnesium malate for the aluminum adjuvant, and testing for possible bacteria our daughter could have had before Gardasil that was made worse/chaotic after (both of these on the advice of a U.S. researcher through Sanevax). I will definitely let you and others know how this goes and if we make any headway. Praying a special prayer for you and Alexis right now! ….and keeping her in prayer! Alexis, you are braver then you will ever know!….but God ‘does’ know and holds a special place for you – that’s a promise!!

  11. This is such a sad and tragic story! I can only imagine that if this were my child I would desperately seek answers and probably want someone or something to blame. The thing is, I am unclear on what makes this awful situation a Gardasil-related event. I do not dispute that this family has suffered and been through more than anyone should have to experience, but at least from the content of this article, I don’t see the connection. Given the link between autoimmune disorders and type I diabetes, it seems more likely that an autoimmune issue is to blame. As a virology researcher, I am especially concerned about vaccination. It is so important to public health. People who willfully lied about vaccines causing autism (I am not saying that the Gardasil is the same) have caused so much distrust, I worry about anything else similar happening. I hope that this young women finds some answers and that she recovers one day. I also hope that stories like this don’t deter other women from getting protection against cancer.

  12. Empower yourself with some more information and have your daughter evaluated to have the toxins cleared. IV VIT C, Chelation, Hyperbaric treatments etc. I use Kinesiology, GAPS Diet/Gerson, Bio Kinetics and organic whole food nutritional support and homeopathy to evaluate and help reverse vaccine injured children and ……adults. More than Half of us walking around have our own vaccine issues. The clients I see have issues compounded by tattoos, poor diets, immune challenges, reliance on pharmaceuticals, drug use or even too much computer/TV (increases Radiation exposure). Take your daughter to Dr. Yurkovsky ( in White Plains, NY or Dr. Siegal in Ohio and have them help Alexis get these toxins out. Don’t let Gardisil force you into victim hood. Fight back and get her to her optimum level and start with nutrition ( that’s the best medicine). You may be surprised.

  13. tracy wolf says:

    here is another interesting bit of information. When I looked up the lot numbers of the injections, according to the VAERS reporting system there were 16 other injuries associated with the 1st gardasil injection Alexis received. There are 127 injuries reported with the 2nd injection Alexis received and 105 other injuries reported for the 3rd and final injection Alexis received. All from different parts of the country.

  14. Jessica says:

    Prayers are going up for your daughter to have relief from this nightmare and for you to find continuous strength and faith.
    My daughter is also a guardasil victim… No child should ever have to go thru what these kids are going thru

  15. Tracy,

    I’m terribly sorry for you, Alexis and your family.
    First of all, I understand you followed what doctors told you to do and having got the medication but,

    > She has been on anti-seizure meds this whole time, many different kinds and nothing seems to work.

    I believe those ‘anti-seizure meds’ most likely contain “benzodiazepine(benzo for short)” which is a HORRIBLE THING you can ever imagine. I strongly suggest to you to look for a doctor/expert who knows how to stop taking those meds safely(don’t do it yourself cause it could be fatal) and bit by bit, detox her. Benzo has got horrible withdrawal symptoms, but as you say, it doesn’t work as they tell you. I’d say this is a crime on top of the crime of selling this toxic vaccine.

    I wrote how to detox etc on this page.
    Don’t try doing it in a hurry. Don’t give her any zeolite soon cause that would make aluminium in her cells but her condition is not – doesn’t seem good enough to get it out. You’ve gotta make her entire body strength, function etc better first to use powerful chelating agent.
    Hope this might give you some idea…

    And I can clearly see why you said “Alexis will never get to do…” but please try to be positive.
    I know it’s not easy but it’s up to you, if you could continue to really save her out of this or not.

  16. Tracy,

    I’m terribly sorry for you, Alexis and your family.
    First of all, I understand you followed what doctors told you to do and having got the medication but,

    > She has been on anti-seizure meds this whole time, many different kinds and nothing seems to work.

    I believe those ‘anti-seizure meds’ most likely contain “benzodiazepine(benzo for short)” which is a HORRIBLE THING you can ever imagine. I strongly suggest to you to look for a doctor/expert who knows how to stop taking those meds safely(don’t do it yourself cause it could be fatal) and bit by bit, detox her. Benzo has got horrible withdrawal symptoms, but as you say, it doesn’t work as they tell you. I’d say this is a crime on top of the crime of selling this toxic vaccine.

    I wrote how to detox etc on this page.
    Don’t try doing it in a hurry. Don’t give her any zeolite soon cause that would make aluminium in her cells move but her condition is not – doesn’t seem good enough to get it out. You’ve gotta make her entire body strength, function etc better first to use powerful chelating agent.
    Hope this might give you some idea…

    And I can clearly see why you said “Alexis will never get to do…” but please try to be positive.
    I know it’s not easy but it’s up to you, if you could continue to really save her out of this or not.

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