Gardasil: I am not a coincidence

As of November 2013 there were 31,741 reported adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine. The position of the Pharmaceutical companies which make the vaccine, as well as the Department of Health and Human Services which holds patents and profits on the vaccine, is that they are all a coincidence. .

Call your Congressman and tell them you want an investigation into the HPV vaccine and the damage it is causing to young men and women.


Original video here.


  1. Heartfelt blessings to the many thousands of dear ones and to their families who are suffering deeply because of these unnecessary and dangerous vaccines.
    May the precious ones who have suffered in pain and who have died because of these vaccines Rest In Peace.
    May their sorrowful stories reach out to millions across the world to warn about the dangers of these vaccines so that they may be spared from suffering and death.


  1. […] So where does all this leave Ms. Kirby? Well she continues to care for her disabled daughter who requires round-the-clock vigilance. She continues to advocate for more informed consent awareness with regard to Gardasil.  She continues to seek justice for her daughter. But, truth be told, this case has taken its toll on Ms. Kirby: She needs a break; she needs help with Aoife; and she needs support and someone to tell her it’s going to be okay. That’s the human side to this tragedy, and it’s playing out in families all over the world as healthy young girls are being struck down and their injuries dismissed as psychosomatic and nothing to do with the vaccine they just received – one huge, big ol’ coincidence. […]

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