Gardasil: A parent’s worst nightmare

By Andrea Jimenez, Waipahu, Hawaii

Gardasil, from normal to nightmare with two injections.

Gardasil, from normal to nightmare after two injections.

This is Tyler, my youngest daughter and an amazing young woman of God. During one of her regular medical check-ups, the doctor recommended that she be given the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. I trusted that the doctor was giving me complete and accurate information – this is what I was taught to do – trust the doctor. Because of this trust, Tyler’s life has become a nightmare.

Tyler is now a competitive gymnast who cannot do gymnastics. She is a teenager who cannot go hang out with her friends, a student who cannot go to classes and a sister who cannot help her siblings with homework. She is a daughter who cannot sit and eat dinner with her family.

Tyler was given the first of a 3 shot series on April 15, 2012. Immediately after the injection she fainted and was out for about 45 seconds. Within days she began having severe daily headaches and insomnia ensued from there. Over the summer she was hospitalized several times to help with pain, nausea, vomiting, and lack of sleep. At this point, the doctors diagnosed her with migraines.

She missed the entire last quarter of her freshman year but was an excellent student who had maintained good enough grades to pass her classes. She had to quit gymnastics because of the pain.

Not realizing the cause of her symptoms, we took her to have the second shot on August 14, 2012. She then began having severe neck and back pain that on occasion radiated into her arms and legs (diagnosed as fibromyalgia for lack of any other explanation), insomnia, persistent nausea, dizziness, chronic fatigue and migraines in addition to the chronic daily headache.

Not knowing what caused this onset of ‘fibromyalgia’ we took her to the doctor frequently and hospitalized her when necessary. We were completely baffled by the rapid decline in her health.

She missed her entire sophomore year of school but had a tutor come into our home – she barely passed most of her courses and ended up having to drop some classes due to inability to keep up.

It was purely by the grace of God that we determined she had an adverse reaction to the vaccine which caused so many health issues.

She has now been officially medically diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic daily headache with frequent migraine & dysmenorrhea. These are all conditions she never had to deal with prior to the HPV vaccine. The doctors refuse to admit any possible connection.

We have tried everything presented to us, with little or no improvement. The doctors continue to try to treat the diagnosis of fibromyalgia but the symptoms are not responding to the treatments. They continue to give her pills that simply cause more health issues. It seems crazy to continue with the pills but we do.

The medical community says she will have to live with the pain for the rest of her life. They recommend that we seek alternative treatments to help ease the discomfort – which is very costly and not covered by insurance.

We have even attended a pain clinic in Cleveland to teach her how to “live with the pain.” A lifetime of pain is not what any parent envisions for their child. This is not what our faith says her destiny should be!

Our entire family’s life has been completely turned upside down since Tyler’s Gardasil injections. In addition to her trials, I lost my job during one of her many hospitalizations. I continue to be unemployed due to her frequent flare ups and doctor’s appointments. My husband works very hard to provide for us, but it’s not the same as it was when we had two incomes!

Tyler wants to get her driver’s license, get her GED, hang out with her friends, go to college…she just wants to be normal again! Our daily prayer is that she will soon have her life back and we will have our daughter back!

If you are a parent, you understand how hard it is to see your child suffer. It has been 2 years since I last saw my baby be herself. I would do whatever it takes to help my child feel better, but at this point, we are out of options!


  1. glenda smith says:

    Dear Andrea, I am so very sorry for what you and Tyler and your entire family is going through due to this needless vaccine that ruins lives!! Our daughter and family too are suffering, 3 years come the 14th of April. It has been so hard. She suffers so many of the same symptoms as your daughter, and too was doing gymnastics at one time, but also basketball and volleyball and such hopes of making the high school basketball team the following fall entering a new world of high school, only to make it 6 weeks and have to leave. She only gets 2 credits at a time and is now in grade 11, but will not be able to graduate with her friends and peers. She too went to a pain clinic. How old is Tyler? Our Angela will be 17 this June. She has lost 3 years of a normal teenage life. We do every thing we can to give her as much of a normal life as possible, and like you, it IS my full time job! As well, like you, it has only been our FAITH that has gotten us/her through, but it hasn’t been easy! I truly wish our girls could meet! Our daughter is part of a ‘girls only’ FB support page and girls from around the world help support each other. It may be something worthwhile for Tyler. Our daughter would be very happy to be in touch with Tyler! Prayers to you all! Keeping our eyes up, and knowing God has a purpose! glenda

  2. Dear Andrea, I saw this post through another site. I saw what you wrote about being willing to do anything to get your daughter’s life back. Well I am going to share with you which is about us allowing God’s love to enter us and heal us, but we have to be willing to be emotional and feel. Many talks and videos on that site to help you and your family further if you choose to. I know that it is God’s way and truth and how challenging it is to let go of my errors that I was taught to be loving. I also share with you and go to the runners world article and read as it shows the diaphragm activation that will help all of you to belly breathe and open up to feeling and healing. Also being able to squat as a rest posture helps the body to relax and function better.

  3. Many of the autism recovery docs and homeopaths will know what to do. Also, check into naturpaths. Some of the autism recovery docs are MDs, and will accept insurance. You can also go to the autism recovery forums and they will talk about treatments. Almost all treatments don’t require prescriptions because they don’t do well on prescriptions. Their liver, digestion, etc. don’t work correctly so they can’t metabolize toxins nor clear medications correctly. But, gentle herbs work for them. Also, many foods are healing. They usually require vitamin supplementation. We, who have recovered our children, got on this internet, and studied our butts off to figure it out. But, in the end, most of us get our kids recovered enough to not be distinguishable from peers. With Guardasil. You can start with the actual science on how it affects the liver and immune system, and then Google what assists with that. The best thing to do is seek out people who have relieved or reversed symptoms and ask them what they did.

  4. drtbark says:

    I am one to the MD’s who works with chronically injured. please read my blog to understand why things like SCENAR and Homeopathy work in reversing illness. Vaccine injured patients are like other chronically ill patients in that they have a significant dysautonomic piece which prevents them from healing. I see patients from all over and after just 1 to 3 treatments, they are better. I had 6 adults injured from flu vaccine just in the past 4 months. all are better, one is on her way. I really encourage you to get your daughter to either a great classically trained homeopath or a master scenar practitioner. I do both and am in CHicago.
    my blog is

  5. Dear Andrea,
    When I read your article, my heart broke for you and your daughter. My daughter lucy had almost the identical reactions as your daughter and that was four years ago. Fortunately, Lucy reacted so badly to the first shot that I made the connection and she didn’t receive any more. I can tell you that my daughter is now a freshman and has been out of school more than in over the past four years. She suffers from chronic migraine, severe pain in her joints, severe dizziness, naursea and chronic imsomnia. She has many other things going on and she has seen so many doctors and been in hospital so many times and there is not one doctor that agreed it was vaccine related until we met her cardiologist. lucy started suffering with panic attacks and having heart pains. her heart was fine and her cardiologist said that she had seen this before and believed that the vaccine had caused an autonomic dysfunction of her central nervous system and was causing a disorder called POTS. she suggested increasing salt in to Lucy’s diet and to try to see a holistic doctor. we actually ended up talking to a friend and they suggested an acupuncture doctor. that was the turn around for lucy. she started seeing a holistic doctor and we completely changed her diet to the as someone who was suffering from celiac disease. we also started seeing an acupuncturist. After the first few visits with the acupuncture doctor lucy started getting some relief on her symptoms. over the next few months everything improved. she is still suffering intermittently but please try the diet and think about acupuncture for your daughter. it really really helped lucy. the ingredients of the vaccine can stay in their system for years and the detox starts to help. I wish you and your family all the best, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  6. Sophiasmom says:

    You are all describing the symptoms of intracranial hypertension. it can be triggered by medications among other things. the chronic insomnia is likely from sleep disordered breathing, which can make intracranial pressure go up and which can be triggered by stressful events. your daughters may need sleep studies and spinal taps to further elucidate what is going on. don’t get caught in the trap of “chronic daily headache” or “migraine”. people with intracranial hypertension have more chronic issues including POTS, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, neck and back pain, just like what you are describing.

  7. Hi Andrea,

    I highly recommend the GAPS Nutritional Protocol developed by neurologist/nutritionist Dr. Natasha Campbell Mcbride in the UK. You can watch many of her lectures online and her book GAPS is available on Praying for full recovery for your family.

    Annie Dru

  8. Karla Ford says:

    What makes it especially sad is that she likely wasn’t sexually active and wasn’t planning to be, so the vaccine wasn’t needed.

  9. Carol Lopez says:

    Same exact thing happened to my daughter!

  10. Hi, I’m very sorry for you all, my daughter has been suffering since 10th May, 2010. We still haven’t found anything that helps & had adverse reactions for common tablets. She is still on 17 years old & after nearly 6 years I don’t know what to do still. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Still in hope Sue

  11. Christine Murray says:

    I remember sitting in horror as my granddaughter was given five different vaccines at once when she was 12 and one of those was this. She was sick for days afterwards and ever since, she has had difficulty in school to the point in her senior year she had to do homestudy and barely passed. Her doctors have labelled her with fibromyalgia and she takes many medications, sees a psychiatrist, goes to a pain clinic, and has been unable to follow through with college classes and cannot work. She is now 21. She applied for Social Security disability and was denied. Where do we go from here?


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