After Gardasil: I simply want my healthy daughter back

By Anja Brix Larsen, Ringsted, Denmark



Prior to Natasja being vaccinated with Gardasil, she led a very active and healthy lifestyle.  Now please see what has happened to her since the Gardasil vaccine was injected into her body.

My daughter Natasja had the three shots of Gardasil in May, August and December of 2011.

After her second shot she started having severe headaches, tunnel vision and short term loss of her peripheral vision.   I went to the doctor as I was concerned.  Natasja developed a sore throat after her third vaccination. She could not eat and was in a lot of pain throughout her body.  My daughter was very ill for 14 days.

Natasja’s pains did not diminish throughout 2012 and the level of her pain increased.  This continued and there did not appear to be any respite. As we continued into the early part of 2013 her health deteriorated. The pain was constant and she had sensory disturbances on the right side of her face and down her right arm along with blurred vision and severe headaches.    Natasja was hospitalized and after a lumbar puncture was diagnosed with a neurological disorder and Borrelia, otherwise known as Lyme disease.

That was the very first diagnosis we had received.  The situation did not improve throughout 2013. Things just became more frustrating as her symptoms seemed to increase all the time.  Her headaches became more painful, she was nauseous, vomiting a lot of the time, having heart palpitations and finding it very difficult to concentrate.  There was hardly a part of Natasja’s body that was not painful. 

We were of course attending the doctor or being admitted again into hospital.  She was also starting to get some physiotherapy.  Her second diagnosis in March of 2013 was severe pain and benign intracranial increased pressure.

Joint Swelling

Joint Swelling

The year did not get any better. Natasja’s pains became more severe. Her knee joints would swell up (see picture) and at times she could hardly manage to get upstairs.  Her stomach cramps increased and she was having serious diarrhoea.  During this time we were consulting a Rheumatologist and also a hormone specialist who was concerned about Natasja’s size and height.

In August 2013, Natasja was hospitalized again as she was still having serious headaches and continued to be nauseous.  This time she was diagnosed with Cephalalgia which is described as a pain in her head caused by dilation of cerebral arteries or muscle contractions or a reaction to drugs.

The headaches and feeling sick continued and was truly disrupting her life.  She was still losing feeling in her left leg but as always the doctor had no idea why this was happening.  This doctor wanted to try and keep a watchful eye on how she was progressing and I did mention to him about the HPV vaccine.  Natasja was put on to another drug, amitriptyline 10 mg which was to be increased until she was on seven tablets a day. 

She was still going to school, or trying to, but it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to do so.  The school was very good in that they provided a bed for her to have a rest if she needed to.  Eventually they allowed our daughter to go for a few hours per day and to attend in classes that would not be too difficult for her.

Then in October 2013, Natasja had to be admitted again to Frederiksberg Hospital and this time she was diagnosed as having POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). This condition is an abnormality of the functioning of the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system.  Some of the medications she is on do not appear to be helping and they will be reviewing these and making changes as and when they think it is right to do so. 

Natasja has lost of a lot of weight and her body is bloated as if there is a lot of fluid retention.  Her legs are particularly vulnerable to this swelling.

Things do not improve as we go into 2014.  To allow our daughter to sleep we had to call the emergency medical service who gave her a morphine tablet.  In January, she was re-admitted to hospital, yet again. 

This is a list of the symptoms she has experienced since being vaccinated. 

Unexplained Rash

Unexplained Rash

List of Symptoms:

  • Severe headache, high pressure in her head;
  • Visual disturbances;
  • Dizziness and confusion, difficulty concentrating;
  • Sleeplessness;
  • Unexplained rashes;
  • Cannot cope with questions;   difficulty in making decisions;
  • Sweating and freezing at the same time;   cold fingers and legs; trembling hands;
  • Chest pains and palpitations; feeling pressure in her chest; heartburn;
  • Nauseous almost all of the time; frequent v omitting;
  • Muscular, stomach, leg pains;
  • Bloated body and swollen legs, difficulty in walking;
  • Tension and pain in neck and back;
  • Swollen tonsils, swollen lymph nodes;
  • Mouth ulcers, dry mouth;
  • Fatigue, feeling faint;
  • High pulse; heart throbbing.

A link is also provided here to the diary I kept of all the events which have taken place since Natasja was vaccinated way back in 2011:   Read the diary of symptoms and medical visits kept by Anja, mother of Natasja

Update since Natasja was released from hospital

Natasja is now home. They could not find the reason for her symptoms. They have only tried psychiatric treatment and she’s been promised a ski trip with the hospital on the 5th April 2014 to France so she can mix socially with others and try physical exercise.

She has her ups and downs, with pain worst in her knees, stomach and head. She has started home schooling run by the school. She also started handicap riding but had so much pain after two days that she had to stay in bed for a further two days afterwards. She has had a conversation with a psychiatrist at the hospital and they think it would be good for her to continue with this so we shall see what comes out of it. They say that the reason for her headaches and pain is psychiatric.

Gardasil: I want my daughter back.

Gardasil: I want my healthy daughter back.

I feel that the medicine she gets for her POTS has started to work well, she is not so often dizzy any more, just a little sometimes when everything goes black and she has to immediately lie down on the floor.

How can someone who once was so healthy suddenly develop all these illnesses and symptoms?  My greatest wish is that someone out there would help my daughter to recover, to be free of pain and to become the once healthy, happy and very active young woman she once was.

All I want is for my daughter to recover and become her old self again. That surely is not too much to ask.

Read French translation here.


  1. The sad expression in beautiful young Natasja’s eyes epitomizes the pain of so many who have been injured by these dangerous vaccines.
    Despite her sorrow, her mother Anja has painstakingly noted a diary which describes Natasja’s suffering, so that many others may be made aware of the dangers of the vaccines.
    Anja’s words are heartrending. She describes a myriad of symptoms, many of which we also see in the cases of other young girls who are injured by the scandalous vaccines.

    In many cases we know that doctors, when they cannot find a reason for the symptoms, guess that the problems are psychiatrically based. It is possible that a minute number may be, but most probably none at all of the symptoms are due to psychiatric reasons.

    The vaccines have been introduced on the market by deceitful means, including manipulated clinical trials, twisting of so called safety statistics and widespread corruption. When the manufacturer has a culture of widespread corruption and criminality there is no reason whatsoever why we should trust their products.

    There is gross under- reporting of adverse events. We must not listen to the vaccine promoters when they try to convince that the vaccines are safe by presenting their biased statistics. We must listen to the voice of Natasja and the thousands of others who are suffering because of these vaccines.
    Sincere blessings for Natasja’s recovery. Her story deserves to be widely spread.

  2. HealingNaturally says:

    Hello, my name is Kathy and I am in the USA. I have read your story about your daughter’s condition. I have read many other similar stories as well, vaccinations causing devastating symptoms, even unto death. I believe there are 2 things that can help your daughter, as it has helped many here suffering from lyme, lupus and MS and much more. Please go to: to learn more. Remember first you need to detoxify the system from all toxins, and at the same time be taking something to pick up the immune system. Both of these are explained at the website. Any questions please click on the contact in the site. Good Luck and God Bless

  3. krobinson says:

    Anja and Natasja,

    Even though my family lives in the US, your story is still so familiar to me that it could be in many respects, my own daughter’s story. Like Natasja, our daughter suffers from Lyme disease and was also diagnosed with Dysautonomia (Dysautonomia is a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system and POTS is a type of dysautonomia). Our daughter suffers many of the same symptoms and was also put on many of the same medications you mentioned by her doctors….. all to avail. Lyme Disease is known to cause Dysautonomia but in my opinion, the cause is the Gardasil vaccine. In my daughter’s case, Gardasil injured the immune system and allowed latent infections/viruses (including Lyme, Bartonella and other tick-borne diseases that were inactive pre-vaccine) to activate and run rampant. Pre-vaccine, our daughter was very healthy too because her immune sytem was fuctioning properly and keeping everything in check as a properly functioning immune system is designed to do. Post-vaccine, the end result for our daughter was a steady decline in health leading to chronic illness and daily suffering with extreme pain – our daugther also is not able to attend school. Within days of the vaccine, our daugthers gut also became very sensitive and as time passed, her gut symptoms only intensified. At its worst, every time she ate or drank anything she was stopped after a few bites or sips by abdominal pain and nausea. She would have to wait a half hour or so for the pain/nausea to subside and then she resumed trying to eat/drink only to be stopped by pain/nausea again and again. Recently, our daughter started taking 3 mg. Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) at bed time. LDN can modulate the immune system, calm the gut, reduce pain/inflammation and slow the progression of many auto-immune diseases. If you have not heard of it, please research LDN — the doseage is very low (3 to 4.5 mg). This drug is also used to help those with drug addiction but the dosage is much, much higher. Also I want to mention that because our girls are very sensitive, you must start LDN low and slow – we did .5 mg for 2 weeks, increased it by .5 mg each week until she reached 3 mg per day. LDN can be used in conjuction with supplements and most other medications. For the first time in 3.5 years, our daughter’s gut is improving, she has started to sleep again, she has enjoyed glimpses of “better” days when her pain levels have decreased enough to allow her to be comfortable and happy and she started to be able to do school work again with her home tutor. Our daughter is taking 3 mg LDN along with a number of supplements to support her body and improve her immune function. Before starting LDN, we agressively pursued the treatment of her tick-borne diseases with the best Lyme doctors but she has never been able to make much progress. We believe the Gardasil vaccine injury has held our daughter back from being able to recover. There is only so much antibiotics and herbal anti-microbials can do … utimately the immune system (and other body systems) have to work properly in order for health to be restored. Although if is still to early to tell if LDN is the turning point in our daughter’ journey, it has made the most improvement we’ve ever seen since September 2010 (when our daughter was administered the Gardasil vaccine and her health decline began) so we have hope. I wish you both well and hope that your daughter finds relief very soon. Take care!

    • glenda smith says:

      Thank-you krobinson for sharing so much useful info! Our daughter is on LDN too, but still working her way up b/c of bad dreams. I wasn’t sure all that it did, but you explained a lot for me! Our daughter tested negative for Lyme’s but are there different tests, better or worse? We want to take her to see a neurologist but researcher in the US says neurologist aren’t very good. Did you see a neurologist at all? Thank-you so much!

  4. Hello Anja,
    I just want to try to help Natasja, if it is possible.
    I work with human magnetism.
    Please, just give me her birthday.
    Later, if possible, just tell me, if there is something new.
    (sorry for my English)

  5. This sounds familiar as I was poisoned by a flouroquinolone known as Cipro or Avelox, Levequin two years ago which took a large part of my life away and still have ADR’s. Please go on FB and read side effects related to Cipro. I am so sorry for all of you experiencing these terrible ADR’s. I have a 16 yr old daughter and had decided even before reading your stories to not have her vaccinated.

    All the Best:)
    Lisa Myshall Brady

  6. PeteGolden says:

    It may be worth noting that one of the major onsets for POTS is Lyme disease. Your healthy and active daughter likely did contract Lyme from a tick outdoors, and then it triggered the POTS. Especially considering this is occurring two years post vaccine.

  7. glenda smith says:

    I am so terribly sorry for your daughter’s suffering for no reason! As well, our daughter suffers now 3 years. All we can do is try and try to get some health back to her. I hope you are getting lots of support, and we will pray for you and Natasja! We pray for ALL the girls injured so needlessly! Know you are thought of and cared about!

  8. Please visit
    This might help you guys… even cancer can be treated if u are going to submit yourself wholeheartedly… bless you all….

  9. First of all – BIG BIG BIG red flag that she is seeing a psych person and you have already been told by them they believe it is all in her head. They are notorious for doing this and then starting them on drugs and then more drugs or higher and higher doses to be “treating” psych problems the child does not have. The condition the psych people claim the child has is called Somatoform. There are more and more cases coming out in media here in the U.S. of children taken from their parents for this (and other conditions) and locked on psych wards, and of handicapped adults too getting the same treatment. Justina Pelletier is just one example and is in the media right now as her parents have been fighting to get her back for a year and a half now while the psych and DHS keep her locked up and heavily ‘medicated” for psych conditions she does not have. She has mitochondrial disease. It is not “in her head” but is a real physical condition. My 14 year old daughter had a rare form of cancer and was taken from me by a resident in psychiatry at Mayo right out of the childrens cancer ward when there for chemo. This resident insisted daughter had psych condition she did not have and to put her on psych drugs on top of her cancer drugs and morphine. She was locked up there and this psych res. harassed me to sign consent to give my daughter 2 psych drugs which I refused and insisted on consult with medical team, which I was denied by the psych ward. They kept her from her doctors and life saving stem cell transplant and died 2 1/2 months later. Please, please, not allow anyone to even speak to your precious daughter who says her condition is all in her head or that she has some psych condition you know she does not have. I would keep her far from any psych person if I were you. You can read about the Pelletier case that is still ongoing and has also been on shows such as the Dr. Phil show. Fox news Connecticut investigative reporter Beau Berman has been following this story from the beginning. There is also a twitter #free justina and a facebook page free justina from boston childrens.

    Thank you for sharing your important story with HPV vaccine. My daughter’s pediatrician had warned me about it a few years ago and said do not allow anyone to give it to her. It is absolutely heartbreaking about your beautiful daughter. The more I have researched healing naturally and what the body needs to heal itself I am a firm believer that our diet and environment (air and water and soil pollutants) is what is causing so much havoc, disease, and death to us in today’s world. Add to that big multi billionaire pharmaceutical companies’ out of control poisons they have been issuing to everything under the sun needs a drug to correct or cure, and it is a disaster of phenomenal proportion. is just one of the many who are informing the public of their own journey back to health by building up the immune system and giving the body what it needs to fight diseases and conditions and to heal itself, as it was meant to do and made to do in the first place. Please look into adding this type of regimen for your daughter. God Bless.

  10. Hello Anja,
    My name is Wayne. I am a natural therapist in Australia.

    I felt moved to reply after reading your closing sentences: “My greatest wish is that someone out there would help my daughter to recover, to be free of pain and to become the once healthy, happy and very active young woman she once was”. “All I want is for my daughter to recover and become her old self again. That surely is not too much to ask”.

    No it is not too much to ask. I don’t know what advice you have taken up since you have posted Natasja’s story. I feel deeply for you and Natasja, and would love to offer help and maybe be the “someone out there”, but only if you feel right to receive what I may offer. I use kinesiology/energy testing to determine what natural medicines or therapies a person needs to empower their body to heal, restore, harmonise and strengthen itself. I can incorporate any natural medicines in the testing that you have access to in your location.

    This approach takes trust and may involve a leap of faith but I have found that when the body is given what it is ‘asking’ for through the testing, the response is always positive and effective (sometimes it has even been miraculous). This is the amazing capacity that each body has to heal itself in conjunction with the healing properties found within nature. I don’t believe that any medical drug or procedure will ever offer healing and health for your daughter as these will always suppress her body’s own healing ability and add extra toxic burden to her body which has already been damaged and intoxicated from the vaccines.

    Can you access Sanum and Heel natural remedies? These are two German based companies. I have already pre-tested which ones would hopefully benefit Natasja if you are interested. If you wish to follow through, I would be delighted to help, but only if it is what you want to try. My email address is

    The Lord bless you in your search for healing and wholeness.

  11. Dear “Guest”,
    We wish to express our genuine concern and sadness at what has happened to your daughter. This is a tragedy that should never have happened. Our hearts go out to you.

    HPV vaccine damaged girls are also being told their illnesses are either psychosomatic or coincidental. We are trying to protect these girls as best we can. Thank you for taking the time to write this comment. Despite your deep sorrow you are using your time to inform and to help others.

    We are so saddened at your loss and hope that justice will be seen to be done one day, and soon. God bless you.

    If you wish to make contact with us you can at and ask for Freda.

  12. I’m so sorry for your daughter’s deteriorating health. These shots are killing our children. Please look at this website and see how these doctors have helped young men and women who have been affected by the Gardasil shots and who suffer from POTS,

    good luck

  13. I am sorry for your family’s suffering.
    If she tested positive for borrelia in the lumbar puncture did they test her for coinfections that are commonly transmitted with lyme,
    Anaplasma babesia erlichiosis rocky mountain spotted fever tularemia bartonella. Viral panels?
    Vaccine damage and borreliosis complex are such challenges.
    Best wishes to you both for her recovery.


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