I am a Gardasil Survivor

By Jenny Keats, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

I survived Gardasil

I survived Gardasil

I struggled for years to finally reach the point where I thought my life was as close to perfect as it was going to get. That was before Gardasil. Now, everything is different.

I was just beginning to really live my life to the fullest. I started taking the courses I would need to attend college to become a Veterinary Technician. I only have two mathematics courses left to take. I loved hiking, animals, canoeing and outdoor activities. I have a dog who just turned five who I loved to take on long hikes in the conservation areas and woods. I would spend time with my best friends and, my older sister. I loved going shopping, cooking, gardening, and going out to the mall or library–anywhere to get out and about. I started dating my best male friend of nearly twelve years in May of 2013.

I was supposed to start college this year, September 2014. I was supposed to do so much this year. Gardasil took all of that away from me.

The first time I was offered Gardasil, my family physician of 29 years had just done a physical and tests to make sure I had no STIs or STDs. Everything came back clean. Then, she recommended the Gardasil vaccine. I didn’t think it was important. I was not seeing anyone, had no intention of seeing anyone until after college. I declined.

When I started dating my current boyfriend, she recommended it again. This time I decided maybe it would be a good idea. Most people have some form of HPV or another, after all. She made cervical cancer sound like the kind of risk no one would want to take. She said it was for my protection. I try to do things that will ensure I will be safe and protected. I agreed.

So, I got my first Gardasil injection in June of 2013. But before receiving it, I asked my doctor if there were any side effects to this vaccine.

She said,

“No. There are no side effects besides perhaps soreness at the site of the injection.”

I trusted the information my doctor of 29 years gave me. Little did I know Gardasil has not been proven to prevent cervical cancer. Regular pap smears would have done more for me with less damage to my health and life. I had never seen a site like SaneVax, or any warnings whatsoever about serious health risks associated with HPV vaccines.

I would give anything to have known then what I know now. I wish I could go back and never have received that first shot. But I can’t UN-vaccinate. I can’t undo what I did.

Two weeks after the first vaccination, I was in Toronto visiting my boyfriend. I developed a severe migraine and nausea that didn’t go away. I thought I had a flu or bug, since there were bugs going around. I was there a few days and had to go home because I felt so sick. I was ill for about three to four weeks in total.

Then it seemed to be getting better. There was still a mild migraine and the feeling of my stomach being off. I didn’t connect it to the vaccine, even though I rarely caught the flu, colds or bugs.

I went to see my doctor and she assured me that it was just a bug.  Since it seemed to be getting better, I believed her. I had migraines on and off the whole next month, and the bothersome, though very slight, nausea.

When I was supposed to go in for my second Gardasil vaccination in August of 2013, I was feeling wary. I wasn’t sure why, but I didn’t really want to go get it. Something inside me, my instincts, were telling me not to get it.

I went to talk to my doctor, and asked again if there were any side effects to the vaccine. I explained that I thought it was a bit weird I hadn’t felt good for a couple of months since getting it.

She again assured me it was simply a bug, and that the vaccination didn’t cause migraines or nausea.

I was still really reluctant to get it. I remember sitting in the doctor’s office, and asking the nurse if she’d ever heard of anyone getting side effects like mine from the vaccine. But she said the same thing my doctor did: that it was not the vaccine, and not to worry about it.

I trusted my doctor of twenty-nine years. She had never lied to me, or steered me wrong, before. So I got the second dose of Gardasil.

Again: how I wish I could go back in time, and undo that decision. I wish I would have listened to my instincts. Never again will I trust a doctor more than my body, more than my instincts.

I was on antibiotics for a supposed sinus infection at the time of the second vaccination. I know now it was just the migraines. My doctor didn’t say anything about this, either, even though she knew because she prescribed them for me. Yet you aren’t supposed to vaccinate if you are on them, if your immune system is weakened already.

Ironically, I went to visit my boyfriend again nearly two weeks after the second vaccine. The first day there, I got really sick again. The migraine was so bad I couldn’t look at any lights, and the nausea was bad and I vomited a couple of times. He took me out and I spent most of the outing in a public washroom, dry heaving and vomiting.

Then he took me to the hospital emergency room. They took blood and did a CT scan, but could find nothing. They said it was a migraine, and gave me migraine medication through IV, and anti-nausea medication through the IV. Then they sent me home.

I was sick for an entire month again, a little over. My doctor prescribed migraine medications but they did nothing.

I feared it was the vaccine, but my doctor said it hadn’t been. I wanted to trust her.

After that time it seemed to recede a bit. I still had nausea and migraines every day, but there was a three week period where it was less. Then it came back again in full force. I was also having trouble sleeping. Waking up nearly every hour at night, and going pee a lot, and feeling fatigued no matter if I slept or not. It felt like I had the flu 24/7.

I was also noticing problems with anxiety, something I had not dealt with before no matter how difficult my situation seemed at the time.

I had been saving for a year for a trip to Mexico. We left mid-September, it was my first flight and my first vacation ever. It was ruined.

I was super nauseated every morning when I woke, and had to take Gravol and ginger pills to make it manageable enough to get through each day. I ate a bit here and there, but generally felt too sick to eat much at all.

I did everything my sister and her husband did, because I didn’t want to ruin the trip for them. Yet I was drained, and sick to my stomach, and the anxiety I was developing over being unwell was rising.

When I got back, I spent the next few months in and out of emergency at the hospital and the doctor’s office. My doctor told me I had acid reflux, so I was put on antacid medications. They seemed to help a little, but they didn’t stop it.

I had a CT scan, EKG, X-rays, Sleep Study, MRI, an Ultrasound, so much blood work I felt like a guinea pig…nothing came back with any results whatsoever. Everything looked normal. I had an endoscopy of my stomach, which showed nothing, but the GI doctor told me that it was likely anxiety, since they could find nothing, and recommended I go on Iberogast and see a counselor or therapist and get cognitive behavioral therapy.

I didn’t think it was anxiety. Why now? Why when everything was finally going right in my life? I am with a man I love, in a great relationship, going to go to college, and now I’ve suddenly developed unexplainable anxiety and acid reflux due to it? I didn’t believe it was that.

My doctor began to say it was all anxiety. Every time I went in, she tried to prescribe me anxiety medication. Frustrated, I tried taking the Prozac she prescribed, because I was hoping it really was, even if in my heart I knew it was not. I took it for seven days. On the third day I started vomiting and lost 9 pounds in that week. On the fourth day I started having anxiety attacks every morning that would last 3-4 hours long. I stopped taking it, but the morning anxiety attacks persisted for three weeks after, and started lessening as time went on until it’s back to my regular daily anxiety–very bad but manageable.

I was booked for another ultrasound, this time to check for pancreatitis, and to look at my organs. I was feeling sick again that day, really sick. So I went to the emergency room again, even though I didn’t believe it would do anything for me. I just needed to talk to a doctor. This was when I started really believing it was Gardasil that had done this to me. It was mid-February. I saw the doctor who immediately gave me the results of the ultrasound: normal, again. I broke down crying, because I didn’t know what to do. All tests were coming back normal, yet I was clearly sick. I hadn’t been sick before the vaccines, and I refused to get the third.

The ER doctor leaned over and said quietly,

“Doctors are not supposed to really say this, but I believe it was the vaccine. You have had every test under the sun with no results, yet are clearly unwell. Have you tried alternatives to Western medicine? I believe you should look at another alternative, and see a naturopathic doctor.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My own family doctor of now 30 years had dismissed the vaccination, even though I told her that I had been fine before, and was not a mere couple of weeks after…

But doctors aren’t really supposed to say that, are they? If she admitted that it could be Gardasil, and she prescribed it to me, she would likely be in trouble. For lying to me about the fact there were side effects. For not telling me, which she legally has to do, that there are side effects at all. For ignoring me when I expressed concerns after the first injection.

I found someone from SaneVax on Facebook, and was added to a bunch of groups composed of girls, women and their families suffering after receiving HPV vaccines. I had felt so alone in this, it was like a godsend to me. Now I know I am not alone. Hundreds of other girls and women and their families are going through this, all thanks to Merck, Gardasil, GlaxoSmithKline and Cervarix.

I even told my doctor about this. She could not even look at me. Instead she prescribed three anxiety medications and told me she could not help me if I didn’t do what she said to do and take what she said to take.

Maybe she honestly didn’t know at the time, but I believe now she suspects, if not believes, that Gardasil did this to me. How, knowing me 30 years, knowing my life story and what I’d been through, could she blame this on anxiety? How, when I should be the happiest I ever have been, and am only not due to my health issues? The answer is that she can’t. Not unless she’s lying to herself.

My life now feels like every day is a struggle. Every small task I complete is a victory. My boyfriend has been wonderfully supportive. We are moving in together in three weeks. Yet I am not who I was. I struggle to get to the grocery store and back. I am nauseated and have migraines every single day, and am constantly exhausted. I force myself to get out of bed or eat. I can’t walk my dog like I used to, or do the physical activities I used to. I feel grateful if I can even eat well during a day. I lost about fifteen pounds since this started.

I have gone on disability and had to put college on a back burner. I am focused mostly on my health and getting better, yet I hate this. Why should I and everyone around me suffer because I trusted my doctor?

I have just begun seeing a naturopath in Toronto, Ananda More, who is working with Dr. Isaac Gordon of Australia, a well-known and renowned specialist in vaccine damages. I will be doing CEASE therapy with her, and right now am taking the supplements she recommended and detox baths to prepare myself for it.

I can only hope it helps me get well again, since nothing else I have done has worked. I have to keep believing I will get well. Well enough to help others going through this. Well enough to live the life I had before.

Gardasil has taken so much from me. My health, my happiness, my life and my goals…but I will fight it. I will beat this, and come out stronger for having fought the battle.

HPV vaccines have made so many people feel like ‘One Less’, including myself. Yet together, we can find a way to overcome it.

It is this belief and knowing others going through what I am and remaining strong and fighting, and some even recovering, that get me through each day.

We will not give up, or give in – we are HPV vaccine survivors!

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  1. Shawn Siegel says:

    Jenny, thanks for the testimony. Persist. Belief that you can overcome this is half the battle.

    If you’re willing and able, I’d like to interview you on The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust. You can contact me at VaccineMyth@austin.rr.com.

  2. glenda smith says:

    Jen, you are so courageous and strong to have taken the time to write out your whole story! Thank-you for sharing it in hope that it helps others realize the damage Gardasil can do! You have been through such an ordeal, and so much of the suffering on your own without a lot of support, and yet on your own you realized the connection to Gardasil in a matter of months, when so many of us took others to point it out to us and so long after the fact. You should be VERY proud of yourself for everything you have gone through on your own and everything you continue to do to help yourself and others, and fight for your recovery! You are an exceptional young woman who WILL overcome this!
    You are always in our prayers! …and we will always be here for you any way we can! (((hugs!!))) Glenda and Angela

  3. annejames says:

    Jenny, I hope for you the journey back to health is fast. Please stay strong and know that there are people out here fighting to have the drug recalled and also working to inform as many women as possible of the problems.
    I am interested in the Doctor you mention in Australia. I have tried to find more info but have found nothing. Are you able to confirm his name is Isaac Gordon? OR can you tell me where he is working from. Many thanks

    • Yes, his name is Isaac Golden–why does it say Gordon…? You can find him if you type in Doctor Isaac Golden, Australia on Google! I’m praying for all the Gardasil and Cervarix injured victims to make a recovery, obviously myself included. I don’t know if that was a typo error on my part or not. 🙁

  4. Thank you Jenny for sharing your story about your suffering after the vaccine. Despite your pain and struggling you use energy to spread information about the vaccine and you are helping many others so that they be aware of potential adverse reactions.
    Blessings Jenny for your complete recovery.

  5. Jenny,

    I’m sorry to hear what you’ve been through.
    Your doctor of 29/30 years is simply a coward.
    She can’t face what she’s done to you. What a shame.

    Similar or a lot worse experiences many victims in Japan have been having and luckily some realized the reality of entire fraud of immunization/vaccination/modern=Western medicines. It’s simple. They are promoting shots to put poison in people so that they will have future patients! Tell me how much you paid afterwards to them but to no avail.

    Way to cure is also simple.
    They injected cocktail of poisons in you, so you’ve gotta detox!

    I helped some victims who woke up, and a few got a lot better now.
    Read my comments

    Don’t know about “Cease therapy” nor that doctor in Australia(where I am), but if that’s homeopathy, it might work and might not.

    Actually, there’s a former victim in your state,
    Yvonne had chelation for her daughter Kaitlyn and it worked, obviously. ;o)
    That’s basically what you need, Jenny.

    You’ve gotta get rid of aluminum in you! which is messing up things in your brain.

    Some Japanese victims who don’t trust doctors anymore use enzyme baths to detox as I wrote.
    I wonder what your detox baths are like.
    Anyway, stay strong and believe you get well, cause I’m sure you will!!

    • Correction,

      > I helped some victims who woke up, and a few got a lot better now.

      I’ve been helping some victims who woke up, and they either got well or are getting better now. ;o)
      It seems to me the more medicine/treatment you get from regular doctors/hospitals, the longer you suffer.
      That’s because they never deal with the cause of the problem, but only try to suppress the symptoms which are
      sign of your body fighting back.

  6. Kbeitski says:

    My son received the Gardisil Vaccine on July 25, 2013. He was a start New England long distance runner who had graduated from high school. Within 24 hours he was overcome with fatigue, 104 degree fever, inability to walk or get out of bed, muscle convulsions, headaches, and after four days he was covered in a head to toe body rash. He went to the ER in New York City and Long Island. There was no interest in identifying this or reporting the VAERS until the second ER visit. Odd symptons continue such as unexplained testicle pain and inflammation, knee and joint pain and bursa sacks of the knee filled with fluid. My son can not walk without severe pain. It is nearly a year and this does not appear to be over but every medical provider who sees him attempts to get us to say well you recovered from that episode. I have read that the Vaccine is 3x more dangerous for boys than it is for girls. I would like to know how to detox him from this vaccine.

    • Kbeitski,

      I’m so sorry about your son.
      I don’t know if Gardasil is more dangerous to boys but I know it killed one boy during the clinical trial.
      I believe this was the video, where I heard it.

      Dr. Deirdre Little – Does anyone need Gardasil?

      This is an unforgivable crime I should say against so many youth i.e. our future in the world.
      I believe every single culprit who has promoted this poison should go to jail for the rest of their lives just like
      those who installed WiFi (a weapon attacking our children’s reproductive ability etc) in schools, as Barrie Trower said.
      Watch the whole thing but listen to what he says at 6:22

      Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health – Barrie Trower

      From my knowledge, I tell you below with my sincere wish for your son to recover.

      Get glutathione cream and get Myers Cocktail (MC) IV.
      *above, an image of Glutathione cream I’ve been sending to some victims in Japan from Australia
      This tiny jar (50g for 50 days) costs me A$73.00 plus $15.00/posage (and to JP) but it’s worth it.
      Just a tiny amount a day, but that could vary depending on the product you get.

      The victim who got a lot better who used to say “I wish I were dead tomorrow” in horrible pain etc, who could not
      even hold her chopsticks to eat, is now smiling and going to school everyday, had MC twice a week.
      I sent her glutathione cream – thanks to Cynthia Janack!! who told me when I exchanged mails with her, that
      this vaccine reduces the level of glutathione by much! so we need to supply that.

      As far as I know, above two wouldn’t cause any relapse.
      They are to cheer up his body, boost his physical strength basically.
      Also it’s a good idea to have something to help his kidney and liver functions along with some anti-oxidants.

      For former two, I haven’t checked the ingredients closely yet, but I just found products like
      for liver and kidney, and am thinking about trying them myself.

      *I’m detoxing myself cause over the years I too accumulated heavy metal toxins ESPECIALLY
      when they spray our skies with chemtrails every single day, giving me more aluminium, barium, strontium etc.
      Everybody should have hair mineral test done to check their level, and detox!! actually.
      Your son’s case, it’s obvious he’s got aluminuim, so we’ve gotta detox him.

      Please remember I do not receive any money or anything from anybody.
      I’m just a lone wolf fighting back against all the traitorous criminals and super crazy dictators
      who call themselves “Illuminati” who are behind our politicians, bureaucrats etc.
      Also please do not “believe” anything or anybody but investigate yourself, check facts – real genuine scientific facts
      and think well to figure out what makes sense, then determine what you can trust. It’s not easy to UNbrainwash
      yourself but this is the time everybody must do it before it’s too late.

      Remember, if you “believe,” you get deceived.
      Make sure you KNOW facts rather.

      Also I’m sure Illuminati is already behind this “detox” business to rake in, therefore whenever you purchase anything,
      make sure to read the ingredients and additives beforehand closely, check each toxicity and avoid any poison.
      It’s not easy but we don’t want to give these victims like your son any more toxin.

      On top of glutathione, MC, and help for liver and kidney, comes detox.
      Now, as I wrote before, symptoms are the signs that your body is fighting back.
      They could be horrible and not endurable but they are not “bad” if you understand what I mean.

      You get temperature when your body is trying to kill germs,
      You get tired when your body needs rest,
      You get diarrhea when you need to get rid of something bad out of your system.

      But what the modern medicine does? They don’t touch the cause of the problem but they focus on
      the symptoms and suppress them by selling you more poison! You might think your problem’s gone but it’s not.
      It was just suppressed, so they’ll come back later big time along with the effect of their so-called medicine or
      treatment that contains poison. They call it “side effects” but it’s not.
      It’s the correct reactioin of your body to poisons they sold to you, and that’s what’s happening with your son.

      Thus, your son’s body is now trying its best to get rid of the poisons they sold and put in him via Gardasil.
      That’s what his symptoms are about. He(his body)’s trying to recover by himself so to speak, but the process
      would take ages, therefore we need to assist that effort by giving him things like coriander (there’s a tincture),
      Yaeyama chlorella, zeolite, DMSA, DMPS etc.

      And I need you to remember there could be some relapse.
      Things get worse before they get better. Just like, when you get car sick for instance, you go through
      that horrible thing called vomit. It’s so yucky and disgusting but after that, you’ll be fine!

      So don’t be fooled there, the only way to recover is to get rid of the poisons in him.
      Therefore, when you start giving him anything to detox, start with a tiny amount and maybe not everyday but
      every other day or further apart if necessary and observe how much he can endure, then gradually increase the doses.

      If he took any modern medicine’s treatment or medication, he would have to quit it but some of them could give him
      horrific withdrawal symptoms. So if that’s the case, find a doctor or some expert with knowledge and experience of
      how to quit such medication. You usually need a long time to gradually quit in order to reduce the withdrawal symptoms.
      And if your son did have such medication, relapse from detoxing could be greater. Very unfortunate…

      One victim in Japan was given Rivotrill as a pain killer, that psychoactive drug as a pain killer!?
      I believe that doctor should go to jail, too!

      Benzo etc are shocking ‘medicines’ that anybody should stay far, far away from.
      I’d say the entire psychiatric medicine is a fraud, along with some part of psychological talks.
      Like I wrote somewhere, from developmental disorder, learning difficulties, delinquency, to bio-polar,
      depression(could be due to amino acid level) or schizophrenia to domestiv violence and violent crimes are
      due to heavy metal toxins drinving people’s brain crazy!! and that’s the purpose of them selling immunization,

      Have you noticed the increase of child leukemia and child cancer?
      Cry for “Save my child!” and notice of fundraising to pay to the fraudulent medical and pharmaceutical
      industries to buy more poison called anti-cancer treatment everywhere all the time! That’s because of that
      vitamin K they give to your new born child.

      Anyhow, taking Rivotrill took a toll all right, when the girl tried enzyme bath (for detox)
      and/or zeolite, she had some horrible reaction (relapse). So the mother held back and actually stopped her attempt
      to detox her daughter in a way, and the girl has been in a miserable condition for a year now. She recently started
      giving her coriander, after sockingly tried steroid pulse to so many people’s amazement and disappointment.
      Even doctors who woke up to the fraud of the industry said steroid is like drugs. Poison!
      Anyway, with the coriander, we’ll see what happens to her poor young lady.

      Another victim started taking zeolite but from a tiny amount using her earpick
      You could use the other end of a spoon, instead
      and immediately she noticed, her tears and snivel were thickened, she couldn’t open her eyes in the following
      morning cause the eye lids were shut tight with mucus, and she defecated more than usual. i.e. poisons are
      forced to come out!! They say you’d better drink more water (get good quality ones for him!) when taking zeolite.

      At any rate, you’ve got to detox!
      Gradually, slowly though it’s frustrating.

      Also find a skillful chiropractor to adjust your son’s body.
      Since he’s in pain for so long, his posture etc needs to be fixed and that can reduce the pain.

      I hope what I wrote here helps.
      Just ask me if you have any more questions.

      Best of luck to you, your son, Jenny and all the victims of Gardasil and Cervarix in the world
      along with victims of so many other vaccinations/medications and so forth!!
      You’ve got to do the same. DETOX!!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing, I hope you do get better from this. I just got my last shot in August and since then I’ve been in the worst condition I have ever been in my life. Me and my mom finally realized that Gardasil is what has been making me feel like death honestly, I can’t begin to describe how tormenting I feel everyday. But its nice to have someone who understands this struggle. im going to get a heavy metal test tomorrow and then going to try going to one of those doctors as well, it’s been dificilt to find one here, not many who believe in alternative medicine such as that. Im honestly terrified right now, maybe I’ve been reading too many of the gardasil stories but how do you deal with all of this really?
    I hope you get through this, that all of us affected get through this ok, and that more people realize how much pain and horrid things this shot really does.

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