Gardasil: the journey no one should take…

By Stephanie’s Mother, Jeannie Matthews

Hospital Bills: $2 million after Gardasil

Hospital Bills: $2 million after Gardasil

I write this story hoping it helps save at least one girl; then our journey will not have been in vain.

I will barely touch the tip of the iceberg; so much has happened over these past 4-5 years. It has been a whirlwind and like a whirlwind – an unwelcome event.

Stephanie was 23 years old at the time of her 1st Gardasil injection. As most young adults, she was working, had her own health insurance and took responsibility for her health and medical decisions. She had been a Type I diabetic since age 10 and knew the importance of taking care of herself.

At her regular check up, the doctor said she needed to get this “NEW” vaccine for humanpapilloma virus (HPV). So our journey began.

Steph received her first shot in June 2008; the second in October 2008. The night of her second vaccine, Stephanie was admitted to the intensive care unit with an acute respiratory problem and sky rocketing blood sugars.

The 3rd injection was in December 2008.  Early in 2009, Stephanie took a trip to Mexico. On the way back she experienced uncontrollable vomiting, headaches and body aches. Once again she was hospitalized.

Thinking she may have picked up something while in Mexico, we pressed the hospital and doctors to check for parasites and pathogens. All tests came back negative.

She was hospitalized over and over again with the same symptoms. Test after test revealed nothing. Finally she received a diagnosis of gastro paresis, thought to be a result of her diabetes.  Her body was also full of yeast. One gastric empting test came back inconclusive, another came back slow.

Here is the clincher; we did not give any thought to the vaccine because we did not know she had the vaccine. It was not until we started realizing that her symptoms were not exclusive to gastro paresis, that I pressed Stephanie asking what she may have done differently or been exposed to.

This is when she said, “Well, I had a vaccine.” Keep in mind she was an adult who trusted the doctors. She did not think this was relevant – they would not give her something to hurt her.

It would be close to 2 years before realizing what could have caused Steph’s “mystery illness.”

While on my Facebook page, a large flashing ad on the left of my screen shouting ‘One more girl’ got my attention. I clicked on it and found that several girls had the same symptoms. I had so many questions! How was this vaccine tested? What did the package insert say? Did any other of these girls have compromised immune systems like Steph with her type I diabetes? Was it tested on this group of girls? Why do some get sick but not all? Why so many? Why had other countries already taken the vaccine off the market? We felt like we had played Russian roulette and lost.

This was just the beginning of the long, long journey into our Gardasil nightmare. Since this time, Stephanie has been hospitalized over 80 times. She was in for 3 weeks in southern California. This time on a purely liquid diet, hooked up to IVs, gaining weight and still vomiting. She had headaches, a disrupted menstrual cycle, large weight gain, itching, hair loss, body aches, depression, and extreme mood changes. She has had EVERY test in the book – over and over again.

Not one doctor that we encountered has yet to look at, or even consider the vaccine as a possible cause. They have blamed everything from diabetes to being psychologically sick. Some doctors have gone so far as to say they think we are crazy.

Her last doctor in southern California finally looked at some other girls’ stories and the website SaneVax. He threw his hands up and said, “If this were my mother, daughter, sister or aunt, I would go and get a second opinion.”

Keep in mind by this time; Steph has had every blood test, scope, scan and lab test available. All pretty much inconclusive or if it came back positive once, it was not positive again. They pumped her full of anti-nausea meds, antibiotics, fluids, painkillers, and anti-fungal over and over again. Each and every hospital visit we would have to go over the same thing. Each and every time we would get the same treatment.

We were always told by the hospitals, “We don’t fix people here; we just get them well enough to follow up with their primary physician.” I could not get them to understand that she is hospitalized so much that by the time she gets out and gets an appointment with her primary doc, she is sick again and admitted to the hospital.  We have had 2nd 3rd and 4th opinions.

These symptoms are brutal. The vomiting is not something that stops on its own and is accompanied by brutal stomachaches as well. Now you tell me, how does a person who is vomiting more days out of their life than not gain weight?

It is almost like she has gone into menopause with the hair loss, mood swings, night sweats, and hot flashes. This vaccine disrupts the entire neurological and endocrine system.

Stephanie’s Cobra insurance ran out, so she is now uninsured and unable to work, with hospital bills over 2 million dollars.  I decided to move her to Northern California so she would be closer and maybe get fresh start with new doctors. She had already been hospitalized numerous times in Southern California in 5 different hospitals.

The move north proved to us that the medical field is not willing to take responsibility or go against “Big Pharmaceutical” companies.

To date, Steph spent most of April 2013 in the hospital. We went so far as to have her gall bladder removed hoping this would stop her uncontrollable vomiting. Wrong again. The doctor actually told us, “So what if it is the vaccine, what are we going to do about it?”

Today, Steph is 27 and on disability and Medicare. Still, not one doctor is willing to look further into the possibility the vaccine may have caused her symptoms.

Her visits to the hospital are coming farther apart. There is a series of things that happen before she gets sick. She becomes extremely tired, will “swell up,” get extremely bad migraines and body aches, then the vomiting will start.  She will vomit with no food in her system, multiple times a day – for days. This seems to occur about every 3 months.

Stephanie is not alone, there have been over 130 deaths and 29,000 adverse reactions reported. Keep in mind; these are only reported reactions. How many other families have sick adult daughters that have not put two and two together?

Why in the world would anyone want 12 year olds to get this vaccine without having to tell their parents? A 12 year old that became sick from this vaccine without parental knowledge would never be able to connect the two! And their horrible journey into Gardasil prison could begin just that easily.

I just hope that all of our girl’s stories help to get the word out that this vaccine is a killer! One way or another it destroys lives.

Please understand – all 3 of my children had their childhood vaccines. I was not anti- vaccine until this. We feel the medical community has abandoned us.  HPV vaccines were “fast tracked” to the main stream medical community without sufficient testing to deem them safe for anyone.

Please do not even consider this vaccine, it has damaged and killed more girls throughout the U.S. and other countries than the disease it was meant to protect against!

If you take one thing away from my daughter’s story, it should be clear as a bell – DO NOT AGREE TO PLAY GARDASIL ROULETTE!


  1. Candice says:

    I am so sorry to read of your families nightmare with this Poison. My niece was affected by it too with her story sounding all to familiar to the the one I just read. At the time of her injury I was seeing a natural doctor/chiropractor for my own health issues. I was keeping him updated on her illness and finally asked if he thought he could help. Out of desperation my sister in law moved her from Nebraska to live here with grandma here in So Cal where Dr. Mark Flannery treated her naturally with diet and high doses of properly timed herbs and vitamins. She would be the first of many patients that he would and is still treating for HPV vaccine injury. Since he treats the body as a whole there is a systematic way to heal their fragile bodies. They actually do not need to see him in person. They just need access to a lab company to run tests, like blood, urine, etc. Because of this he has patients on different continents that he is successfully treating. I encourage you to try this route. Even just a consult with him to see if you would want to do it. I promise it’s the last consult you’ll ever make.
    My niece is now married, attending a University for nursing, and hoping one day to start a family. Dr. Flannery helped turn her nightmare into a happily ever after. And I wish the same for your daughter and all the other girls that took a bite from this poisonous apple. Please feel free to contact me.

  2. These symptoms and treatment by the establishment (medical) are so typical it is frightening.. Wish there was a way to educate physicians to look for reactions to vaccines – our children would stand a better chance if this was the case. Unfortunately, we totally understand what you are going through. It’s been six years for us, our daughter is facing her 27th birthday, she has Gastroparesis (she isn’t diabetic), the eccessive swelling, nausea, migraines, seizures, etc. since receiving 2 doses of Gardasil. This vaccine needs to come with a black box warning to at least give parents/kids a chance to decide to play Gardasil Roulette!
    God Bless you and your daughter as you continue to fight for her and for others to be saved!

  3. Glenda Smith says:

    I am SO sorry for Stephanie’s horrendous ordeal with all of this, all due to greedy, uncaring pharmaceutical companies! This is so unfair and just plain immoral! Like you, we too have lost complete faith in our drs. for our daughter’s debilitating conditions 2 years after her third Gardasil shot. We rely on naturopathic treatments, and it would be worth trying if you haven’t, but our daughter is not ‘cured’, we are just helping her to learn to live with some of the symptoms. She is not yet 16, and can only take 2 classes ‘maybe’ 3 times a week at school. Like you, this has RULED our lives! But for Stephanie to be vomiting SO much is just torture! If you are not on one of the ‘moms’ support group FB pages for Gardasil, I think that would be a great thing. They are just ‘wonderful’ moms and with so many moms from around the world, ALOT of info to share. I’m just wondering if you may be able to connect with another girl going through similar issues with vomiting. One thing for sure, WE ARE NOT CRAZY! …doctors and medical field, yes, us…NO! Saying a prayer for Stephanie now for ‘some’ healing and relief! There is a FB for the ‘girls’ themselves who share ‘remedies’ and what worked and didn’t for each of them. Perhaps that too could be a help! Sending ((hugs)) to you and your daughter! Thank-you for sharing! (we did too, and so glad we did!)

  4. Please go to . He has extensive experience with vaccine injuries. Cured his son of autism. Your daughter is poisoned and needs poison out not more poison in. Gardasil is usually given with Meningococcal shot. Together they have aluminum and mercury which is 100X more toxic than singularly. HPV also contains polysorbate 80 which is given to lab rats to induce inflamation and sterility. Sometimes there is formaldehyde as well. Buttar will know what to do. He is the real deal. Good luck.

  5. Dawn Baggett says:

    FYI our daughter had gastroparesis with severe vomiting as you described not from gardisill but as it turned out from Lyme disease. After trying all the over the counter, home remedies and prescription meds without much help we were blessed to learn about the amino acids l-glutamine and l-arginine, supplements which enable her to keep food down without vomiting. Praying for you and your daughter.

  6. Momonamission says:

    Wow. I could have written this article. Very similar experience with Gardasil, except my daughter is younger. 2008-2009 for the three injections. It has been a nightmare for us as well. When our girls got the vaccine, they only listed redness and soreness at the injection site, plus possible dizziness. TODAY the possible side effects are the ones your daughter has and the seizures mine has. Sad point: if your child has one of these side effects, see your health care provider. They do NOT know how to help our girls. It’s a sad story, treated horrible by the medical field, thousands of dollars in healthcare, chasing an answer, plus being emotionally drained. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  7. momonamission says:

    Dr. Mark Flannery is also in California. He helped my daughter a LOT. He is a very compassionate Doctor and understands how the HPV Vaccine damage our girls. We did phone consults and got results quickly for my daughter. Just a thought….

  8. Karen Haack says:

    I am beginning to wonder if it is blood sugar issues that make the girls sick. Just a thought, Samantha had PCOS and terrible insulin resistance. Who knows why some of our girls get so sick and others don’t.

    • abbasdaughter says:

      The thing is that this vaccine seems to trigger such problems in girls who were not previously struggling with the problem.

  9. Sandy Lunoe says:

    This tragic story should be widely spread. Despite Stephanie’s terrible suffering her mother is using her energy to warn others so that they will not suffer similar tragedies after Gardasil. Heartfelt blessings to both Stephanie and her mother.

    Please spread Stephanie’s story to sites which are read by doctors, medical students, nurses, health authorities, parents, teenagers, schools, teachers and others.

  10. Have you visited alternative doctors? I have a homeopath (in So Cal) who regularly gives remedies to rid the body of toxins from vaccines. I’m sure you could find someone in Northern California. It will take time, but it will address the root cause, instead of the symptoms, which is all that Western medicine knows how to do when it comes to something like this.

  11. Did you try a homeopatic dilution of the vaccine to cure your daughter?

  12. Stephany being a diabetic since age 10 might be signal of her being vulnerable to the toxins in vaccines… I am so sorry to read your report on Stephany’s life since her HPV vaccinations. I am all the more sorry, because I predicted atrocious outcomes like these in my book on the HPV vaccines in 2009. And I am sorry my book is in Dutch, the results of my research should at the time have gone viral in English across the planet…
    Anybody with vaccine damage can contact dr. Rebecca Carley (three times w dot reversingvaccineinduceddiseases dot com) to see how she can help in reversing (some of) the damage.
    It is deficiency in folic acid, vitamin B3, A and C that may create lesions in the cervix. HPVs are opportunistic entities that might settle in these damaged areas (so the are NOT the cause of cervical cancer!!!). Dietary changes will take care of these deficiencies, so the milieu changes and HPVs don’t feel welcome anymore!
    HPV presence in the cervix only signals that the immune system is impaired.
    My conclusion about the HPV vaccines is that the are part of a sterilising and genocidal agenda.
    Harsh words. Take a good look for yourself and tell me that you are dead sure that I amwring!

  13. Autoimmune system requires the body to stop attacking itself causing many different symptoms.

    Dr Max Gerson and his therapy what might work in this case:

    Ive used it myself to heal cancer without conventional healthcare. Its a matter of reversing the body back into healing i m o.

    Im sorry about all challenges your daughter and the whole family have to face.

  14. Michelle says:

    You need to hunt down Dr. Cowden. We’ve treated several girls he works with that have this injury and they are doing much better! Such a horrid horrid shot.

  15. Dr. Eric Pearl and the 60,000+ trained by his organization may be able to help. His work has put him at the UN where he spoke, as a guest on Dr. Oz, major hospitals are studying his work, and scientists are verifying what they do works. Reports from patients on his site say it worked when there were no answers from medicine. It seems to go beyond the limitations of our physical concepts and faith healing, as belief is not required. Anyone with serious problems owe it to themselves to check into this.

  16. Jennifer Bowerson says:

    Both myself and my niece have gotten the shot, fortunately we have had no problems and it has been years now. Recently I went to the doctors, a new doctor and they asked about everything ya know, so I told them about the 3 shots deal that I have, at the moment I could not remember the name and they were so happy I had it ALSO told me that they are now giving it to BOYS as young as 12! I am shocked that this happened and so sad for anyone suffering; however, did they definitely connect it to the shots? Either way everyone is in my prayers

  17. abbasdaughter says:

    Check out the National Vaccine Awareness Center website (I think it is to see about finding some support and finding out about professionals who may be more willing to address the real issues.

    • abbasdaughter says:

      On top of that, perhaps the hospitals who did nothing more than repeat what was already done should be charged with malpractice and extortion leading to financial distress for running the same tests that had already been run and getting nowhere and claiming that such tests needed to be repeated so many times.

      • Wow. I am so sorry to hear of her sufferings. Hopefully some of the links to doctors posted above will get you to the cure she needs.

        From my perspective, with some vaccines the risk is worth it (Tetanus, Polio, Diphtheria…). Others, no. Chicken pox vaccine? No. They should let the kids get it rather than using a vaccine. Right now, the bug is weak, and the body is able to fight it off, and you come out of it with an immunity. Gardasil? No. Kids and young people need to be educated in abstinence and virginity; saving your body for your husband on you wedding night.

        I sure hope Stephanie gets better soon. Sadly, if you cannot find a solution here in the states, you may need to go to Canada or overseas, someplace where the vaccine was outlawed, to get real help.

      • You may be able to sue the hospitals for malpractice since you can show that they were simply repeating stuff over and over again, instead of getting her some real help. Also you may be able to file a lawsuit against the Gardasil manufacturers. If enough people do that, they would have to pull it off the market.

  18. I’m so sorry for all of you. As a side note, I did see a Medical Mystery episode where a girl was vomiting regularly. She had her gallbladder removed and it didn’t help. Then they finally realized it was a rare condition where a bile duct was blocked and that was causing the vomiting. I don’t remember the exact medical terms, but maybe the vaccine caused this condition. Again, rare and it took many doctors to find out. They did some kind of test that showed the function of the ducts. While I don’t want to see her injected with dye to test for this, perhaps you could look into this to see if her ducts were damaged and this could possibly help her. God be with you all.

  19. It is unfortunate that people have had adverse experiences that are possibly related to tge Gardasil. Anyone who has taken their child in for vaccinations should be familiar with the vaccine information sheets that is provided from the nurse. All vaccinations, medications and treatments can have adverse effects. It is a risk just as anything in life is.

    • abbasdaughter says:

      Unfortunately, many still blindly belief it’s all totally safe and don’t bother looking at all… and sometimes just don’t even think to look.

  20. I read the story with a sad heart. Yes vaccines are deadly. I was rushing to write you to really check A lot of his work revolves around undoing the damage done by vaccines. To help you zero in on his relevant sites, I’m posting the links that give you most help:
    He is a brilliant doctor who was looking forward to becoming a surgeon. He ended up saving lives by detoxing patients. He reversed his son’s autism. He is someone you should quickly check out. I have a daughter who is ill. i live in Asia and am unable to avail ourselves of his services. I think he very possibly is one of the best doctors in the world. don’t take my word for it, check out the stuff in his website.

    I wish you and your daughter the very best of everything.


  21. Thank you very much for sharing your story. I can only imagine the trauma your family and especially your daughter has been going through. I have been researching this vaccine and looking specifically for anything relating to type 1 diabetes as my daughter also has T1D. I have never even considered not vaccinating my kids but this one always had alarm bells going off for me. The state we live in is trying to pass laws to not only require this vaccine for boys and girls but also allow children as young as 9 receive it without parents’ permission. I sat down my daughter and discussed it with her so she knew about all the research I had done and why I was choosing not to have her vaccinated. I truly hope some of the options people have posted above will help your daughter recover from this!

  22. I am so sorry to hear about what happened.
    My sister, Kahlia (I think she has been on this website as well), has been through a similar situation but only off her first vaccination it was seizures, massive mood swings, paralysis and to this day it continues. although not on so much of a severe scale. She has seen naturopaths and has tried alternative treatments which have worked wonders! She still experiences severe leg pain (on the side of the vaccination was given) and memory loss as well as extreme mood changes but nothing compares to what she originally went through. Her diet is massively different now. The only meat she is able to consume is chicken. So she is now red meat, pork and gluten free (she can handle some gluten but not too much). I have read into this vaccine and the influenza vaccine a lot. As with any vaccine I believe there are side effects and this particular vaccine maybe a side effect that is more predominant in particular women. I therefore am not against vaccines but will certainly look into them more carefully before letting my children or myself be in contact with them. As I know first-hand that the doctors do not listen, or care, yet they are meant to treat you for illnesses but when you mention vaccines they will run – back to the health care system in whatever country and get advised what to say. The healthcare systems in your countries are robots the system does not see the children that are hurt, in pain or attend the funerals of the victims of this vaccine or many others. If they would acknowledge that people do have side effects to vaccines it would be a start.
    I truly believe with this vaccine many young girls have been used as guinea pigs, somebody has thought wow I have the vaccine to cancer! When really it is no vaccine to cancer not even cervical cancer, this vaccine only aims at a type of strain that could lead to cervical cancer. The promotions are fake, the government has been fake and therefore the practitioners administering the vaccine are fake.
    If you do need any help whatsoever in finding more help for your daughter please do not hesitate to ask, we are in New Zealand but there are many girls here finding alternative help for what the government has allowed them to go through alone.
    I wish you all the best.

  23. Her symptoms sound all too much like Lyme disease! As a nurse and a person with a Lyme disease sick loved one, your story sounds all too much like Lyme.

    • Kayla Wildman says:

      Vaccination of any type suppresses cellular immunity for weeks to months. So if Stephanie had been exposed to Lyme before vaccination with Gardasil, and was successfully “fighting it off” — the Gardasil may have suppressed her immunity and allowed the Lyme to get out of control.

      There are at least seven other distinct mechanisms of harm that have been identified for Gardasil. Autoimmune disease, especially attaching the central nervous system, is a very commonly reported adverse effect of Gardasil. Whole body pain is also frequented reported and I suspect it’s due to widespread autoimmunity triggered by the vaccine.

      Untangling all the various “strands” of a vaccine injury and its downstream effects can be a very difficult process, as I’ve seen with my own vaccine-injured daughter.

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