Gardasil: I thought I did enough research – I was wrong

By Karen, County Louth, Republic of Ireland

Gardasil in Ireland

Gardasil in Ireland

My daughter Laura has just turned 17 and is without doubt another girl whose life is ruined as a result of the HPV vaccine Gardasil. 

When Laura first brought home the consent form from school in 2010 I read it thoroughly. I also went on the World Health Organisation (WHO) website to educate myself about this vaccine as it was new here in Ireland and I didn’t know much about it. 

After reading their information and that supplied by our Health Services, I felt not only reassured that this was a safe vaccine but also that this was something very important for ‘my little girl’ and her future health. I stupidly thought that all details good and bad had to be printed so parents and girls could make properly informed choices.

Let’s not forget this vaccine is being promoted by our schools, Department of Education, the Health Service Executive Ireland (HSE) and WHO so one would think it must be good for all our children. Surely these reputable organizations wouldn’t take any chances with the lives and health of our next generation. I was satisfied I had done my research and taken all necessary precautions.

On the day of Laura’s first vaccination and indeed the following two injections, I was called to the school as Laura was feeling weak. This was to be expected as Laura was always squeamish about needles. In fact I had to do a lot of talking with her about the necessity of this vaccination to convince her to go through with having ‘a needle’. On the day there was also a lot of scare mongering amongst the students so I probably took it for granted that this had raised their anxieties and caused several of the girls to feel weak and unwell.

The vaccinating nurse told me to take her home, let her rest and she would be fine.

In the months that followed, Laura started phoning from school complaining of feeling unwell, faint and dizzy. We thought she was starting to experience menstrual problems for the first time although her periods were well established and not problematic before. The family doctor prescribed medication.

Laura was becoming tired all the time, her short term memory and concentration were deteriorating. She also started to experience food intolerances for the first time, in particular, yeast, gluten and dairy. Laura suffered visual disturbances and noise sensitivity. Burning muscles and joint pain were her constant companion. She was unable to continue with sports.

Before all this happened Laura played basketball for Drogheda Ladies and the school team. She loved to Kayak at the weekends and during school holidays, Laura was super-fit, active and happy. All extra-curricular and social activity had by now become impossible for her.

Even friends stopped calling as she didn’t have the strength to go out with them. Slowly life as Laura knew it was changing.

To put things in perspective, my mother in her 80’s was going out to day-care and Laura was lying in bed or on the couch. In fact on many an occasion we had to use my mother’s wheelchair for Laura when she hadn’t the energy to walk. It was plain for anyone to see something was very seriously wrong.

We started to visit our GP more and more although whilst growing up Laura only visited our doctor on a few occasions. No one seemed to have any idea what was going on, tests and more tests, nearly every box ticked on the blood forms. Every kind of sample you could imagine was requested, yet none of the results showed up anything. They all came back clear, indicating Laura was in good health.

Therefore no help, advice, medications or supplements were recommended. On every occasion we returned home deflated and our hopes dashed again and again.

I could no longer sleep at night with stress and worry. Instead, I found myself up in the middle of the night logging on to google looking for answers. Night after night I lay in bed racking my brains trying to figure out what happened. When exactly had things all started to go wrong and why?

Then in early 2012 for some reason the HPV vaccine came back to my mind. Could it possibly be the cause of all Laura’s health problems, the vaccine that I was so reassured about? Laura had been an exceptionally healthy child before this. And maybe I was very foolish to dismiss her weakness after the injections. I thought things were now fitting into place, the timing of her Gardasil vaccinations and the onset of symptoms etc.

As soon as I brought my suspicions to our family doctor he wrote a letter referring us to a consultant paediatrician, who after 5 minutes of interview dismissed my fears about the HPV vaccine and reassured me yet again that this was a very safe vaccine, he diagnosed ME/CFS and told Laura she would be better in 6 months.

Thank God we thought, light at the end of the tunnel and wonderful news – it’s not long term vaccine damage.

Laura just about managed to sit her junior certificate exams a month after this diagnosis with special provisions made for her by the department of education. Her results were very good under the circumstances but definitely did not reflect the top honours student she always was.

Six months started to roll on to 12 months and Laura was definitely not getting any better. In fact, by September 2013 she was no longer able to attend school, only now and again for a half day or a couple of classes at a time.

Weeks at a time went by with Laura lying in her bed, exhausted, but unable to get any kind of rejuvenating sleep, racked with pain and barely able to communicate. The weeks became months, we saw less of her around the house as she was spending most of her days in her bed. At her lowest point I found her younger brother Conor spoon feeding her as she didn’t have the strength or energy to feed herself. She moved into a spare bed in his room as she was lonely and afraid in her room on her own.

Meanwhile I kept researching ME/CFS trying different supplements etc. to try to help her, not all of her symptoms fit under the ME/CFS heading. That HPV vaccination came back to my mind again and again as being the cause of all her problems.

One night I typed in ‘HPV vaccination injury’ – ‘injury’ being the all-important word. This search lead me to hundreds of articles and sites on serious adverse reactions and long term side effects caused by HPV vaccination and in particular Gardasil, the very one Laura was injected with.

There it was right in front of me on my screen, thousands of girls like my Laura with similar symptoms, some worse and some who had actually died. I can barely read any more of these stories as I find them so painful. I’ve cried more than I thought ever possible. My God, the immeasurable guilt I feel every day for signing that consent form.

It’s now four years since Laura received her Gardasil vaccination. Through educating ourselves with useful information posted by other vaccine injured girls and their families, Laura is making improvements.

She follows a very strict diet, is trying to detox her system of heavy metals found in this vaccine. She gets acupuncture and vitamin B12 when she feels these will benefit her. She also found very high doses of top quality Omega 3 EPA to be very helpful.

Laura says, every year she feels sick to her stomach when she hears the first years being called to the hall for their HPV injections. Who could blame her? If she does recover from this and please God she will, Gardasil has taken away years of her life and experiences that can never be replaced.

There’s also the added worry of her fertility. Many of the other girls have experienced ovarian failure as young as 16.

As for Laura’s future, it is still unclear. She has made some improvement and is into the final 18 months in secondary school but still missing an awful lot of classes and even several days at a time. Every week she prioritises what classes she needs to attend and when she can fit in rest periods. She has her sights set high in terms of college points.

At this stage she herself feels she may have to defer for a few years. This is yet another blow but Laura rarely complains, just tries to stay realistic and upbeat…. I’m her mother and I’m no fool. I know there are times when it’s all a front because she doesn’t want to see me upset.

If we have learned anything positive from this horrendous life altering experience, it is that there are some very good people out there eager to help who have taken a genuine interest in Laura’s plight. But unfortunately no one seems to have the cure.

Please God by sharing our experiences we can all help one another.

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  1. Her resistance to gluten and dairy shows her immune system has been sent haywire due to this vaccines. Karen don’t take your daughter to take these vaccines they are unsafe and the people who make them know it. Unfortunately Laura is probably going to suffer from other health problems in the future but you can try to stop this from happening by changing diet and de-detoxifying. Being from the UK I have family in Ireland and my side of the family over there has 2 kids 2 and 3 years old and there father rightly refuses all vaccines because of his family experience with vaccines since his nephew has got autism from the early vaccines. Don’t trust government. Don’t trust organisations like the WHO and the UN trust reliable sites of independent doctors. Your GP is unlikely to admit this was ever caused by the vaccine.

  2. Dear Karen

    My daughter had many of the same symptoms, I am sorry for your ordeal. Have you tried Volvic, My daughter Lotte drinks one pint am one lunch one tea, her periods started again 4 days after commencement after not having one for 6 months, unfortunately they have stopped again now, but we hope for a resumption. The Silica in the water binds to the aliminum and helps them to excrete it.

  3. I was at one time menaced and ridiculed and tormented on line about my child and the story of the effects of his violent vaccination reaction, by a crazed mainstream medicine person – from the Pro-Vaccination Lobby (also he was from the Pro-Fluoridation lobby) – an Anaesthetist in major Hospital; it was disgraceful.
    This is what he thought so amusing to ridicule and abuse me about and post on his own sites to revel in other derogatory comments from his ‘sheep’ followers.
    My personal note: Our only child had been affected as a result of neurotoxic vaccination reaction/damage, neurotoxic pesticides exposures (and neurotoxic water fluoridation chemicals in everything we eat, drink and bathe in since December, 2008) – I at the time of his vaccinations, had no knowledge of the neurotoxic chemical cocktail which were injected into my baby.
    He had a violent reaction and he became desperately ill, he stopped breathing a lot, we had a monitor on him but the screaming and jerking were so bad that after he was continuing to stop breathing, we walked the floors with him day and night to ensure he wasn’t a SIDS statistic – his whole body was jerking, jumping, high pitched screaming, convulsions, vaccine induced encephalitis, vomiting, gastric, later started head banging (we believe violent headaches) he developed lots of sickness, including chronic asthma, eczema, allergies, gastric reflux, gastric, and horrendous disorders of behaviour, including violent and destructive outbursts, mood, temperament, emotional etc.. with numerous diagnoses over the years (labels for neurotoxic chemical brain injury) such as Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Depressive Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Parental Child Conflict Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Speech & Language Disorder, Panic Attacks, chronic fatigue, insomnia, as well as the asthma, allergies, Skin problems, Infections, Immune Dysfunction, gut and intestinal disorders/Leaking gut, Chemical Injury/Chemical Sensitivity/MCS & ors. (from the toxic, neurotoxic chemicals (& carcinogenic compounds) in the vaccines and other neurotoxic chemical exposures (such as pesticide exposures (also potent neurotoxins & carcinogens ) and water fluoridation chemicals (potent neurotoxins & carcinogens ) later in life when we were ‘fluoridated’ in Dec. 2008) – his life and our’s has been very difficult because of all his problems especially severe behavioural/emotionally/moods…..
    We are seeing a Society of the most terrible behavioural disorders, anti-social behaviour, street violence and crime, general violence and criminality, learning disorders, ever increasing mental health issues, crises of alzheimer’s disease, bone diseases, kidney diseases, thyroid disease, cancers etc..
    The warnings about water fluoridation chemicals (and vaccinations) in particular in this Report, represent a clear and definitive warning. The Precautionary Principle in any advanced society particularly, must be enacted.

    • Sarah Smith says:

      Have you looked into lithium orotate as a helpful supplement. It is a trace mineral that has many benefits to the body including supporting stomach acid regulation and other increased digestive enzyme production, it is nuero protective, and many other things. Look into Lithium and chronic fatigue syndrome. I have suffered with many similar symptoms that went unexplained and I am amazed at how lithium especially in conjunction with 5mthfr and methyl b12 and n,n dimethylglycine has helped. It also helps the b vitamins get where they need to go. Be warned, there are other types of lithium out there, lithium carbonate and aspartate. They are not the ideal solutions, with a little research you can see why. You need as little as 5 mg of lithium orotate to have a benefit, the other stuff requires much more and can become toxic in the blood before enough gets to the brain to be a big benefit. Just wanted to spread the word. I wish I had learned about it 16 years ago when I started presenting with major symptoms.

    • I don’t know if you have this there but it’s called NAET. It’s for allergic reactions to food and experiences. Go to home.aspx. I know personally a 2 year old was cured from anaphylaxis symptoms. It changed my life too. I had surgery and woke too early and was gasping for breath. I developed fluid on my Lung from too much fluid from the IV. Afterwards I went to the dr because every breathe I took my left lung hurt. My first breathe every morning was very painful. My dr said it was a pulled muscle. I was frustrated. My chiropractor was a certified NAET provider. I had a NAET treatment and the symptoms were just gone. It would be worth looking into.

    • Deborah Delgado says:

      Everyone needs a holistic doctor that will also recommend colonics. It cured my lupus . My hormones were off , I had heavy metal toxicity , I was on the border of having cancer. Traditional medicine was killing me.

  4. Rosalinda Iacovitti says:

    I feel sorry for the entire world. My daughter has suffered since the HPV vaccine. Her periods stopped completely. Since 2009, she too felt and still does, feel sick all the time. We all need to place a class action suit to these criminals. They don’t care as long as they make their money. We arrived to over 7 billion people on this planet without the help of vaccines. They guilt trip you into feeling you are a bad parent if you don’t get all the vaccines. Year after year more and more people are damaged by these poisons. Who is going to care for them when more and more people are damaged? The balance will be tipped. What will happen when all these damaged individuals have children. It will only get worse. It will lead to the destruction of the human gene pool. P.S. My daughter cries that she may not be able to have children one day. It breaks my heart.

    • Class action? They are immune to lawsuits unless you individually file in their special vaccine court, which isn’t really a court. So the only true ‘immunity’ seems to be the pocket books of big Pharma.

  5. Karen,

    Iodine binds to MANY toxins in the body, there has been much research done on this. 12.5mg/day is the therapeutic dose. 98% of this will be excreted in the urine along with heavy metals.

    Selenium has been shown to bind with mercury.

    Spirulina and Chlorella have been used with success for detoxifying and radiation poisoning.

    Organ stimulating herbs such as dandelion root and milk thistle seed (liver) are incredibly helpful for detoxifying. Also stimulating the lymph system with herbs such as cleavers will help move toxins.

    A whole body approach mush be implemented for detoxing the body. Vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals work in synergy with one another and vitamins must be in their whole forms, not synthetic.

  6. I feel so bad for these people. But what can I say, they are the sheep who do what their told blindly following authority and only reading approved material. I wish I could shake them all up to help save them from being fleeced and slaughtered. As good as she has done by promoting her problem to the world, and I hope it saves some from the same mistake. The 99% majority won’t even look, sports and tv are more important than reading some boring unapproved material.

    Can I suggest sodium bentonite clay baths and taken internally, the sodium is safe. The baths have shown to be the most powerful drawer of toxins and metals from the body, some autistic children start talking for the 1st time after having just 1. Check animal feed stores for bulk 50lb bags at a #200 mesh, they can be had for under $30. Pre mix 3 cups with a paint stirrer in a drill in 5 gal bucket to break it up then pour into bath, other wise it will clump up to much. It attracts so well is why it sticks together so much into clumps God Bless you and i hope you recover completely.

    LOL and this comment may be read by 2.

  7. Just so EVERYONE is aware– DEFIANT IS A TROLL!

    • Thank you for letting us know about Defiant, her comment has been removed. We protect our families so that they can be safe to post comments without there being any fear. We thank you all for caring enough to post comments to Karen and Laura.

  8. Handi Jenny says:

    Thank you for sharing your story.
    I just want to clarify the comment on Bentonite clay…DO NOT eat the pet food grade. If you do go down that pathway, you must find ‘food grade’ bentonite clay. Most of the clay is used in swimming pool filters and is toxic.
    Just want to wish you and your daughter everything of the best … love and light to you both

  9. “Karen,

    Iodine binds to MANY toxins in the body, there has been much research done on this. 12.5mg/day is the therapeutic dose. 98% of this will be excreted in the urine along with heavy metals.

    Selenium has been shown to bind with mercury.

    Spirulina and Chlorella have been used with success for detoxifying and radiation poisoning.

    Organ stimulating herbs such as dandelion root and milk thistle seed (liver) are incredibly helpful for detoxifying. Also stimulating the lymph system with herbs such as cleavers will help move toxins.

    A whole body approach mush be implemented for detoxing the body. Vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals work in synergy with one another and vitamins must be in their whole forms, not synthetic.”

    This is good advice. Also the lady who mentioned bentonite clay, as this is brilliant in detoxing . Also I would suggest EDTA. in tablet form. If you can get a physician to administer it intravenously then maybe thats the way to go.

    I hope deeply from my heart , your daughter does recover. I wont rant about vaccines. Just get her well and detox is the start.

  10. In 1997 I started a Research and Development Co Q Tech Laboratories in Australia. We invented several HEALING devices based upon Tesla’s Field Science, not Einsteins particle science.
    With Field Science one determines the outcome by choice not testing after mixing of chemicals. In 2000 we had sold several 100 units in USA and so we held a few expositions and even lectured at a medical conference in Mexico. (Land of free alternative medicine) While in LA, at a small convention we were introduced to the first case of Autism our device had treated. This 6 year old boy was Autistic after a vaccination at 2 years of age where before he was quite normal.(it may not have been related but….) For the preceding 4 years he didn’t talk, or eat or play, he ate through a straw and sat on the floor and acted quite retarded. (sound familiar?)
    His father purchased one of our devices for his wife who was debilitated with arthritis where he was more than happy with its results so they began using it on their child. When i arrived there some 5 months after treatment had began, this child was singing, laughing, talking in 2 languages and attending normal schooling. Can you imagine the expression of happiness this family had for our inventiveness? This is but one of 10,000’s of stories that this Healing device has given testimonials too. Over 20,000 units have been sold world wide. It isnt mainstream because it basically makes obsolete everything the FDA or TGA promotes and no university will clinical trial it as they would lose all their existing customers for clinical trials. One unit was sent to A lady Dr in Guadalajara where she used it on all her female patients and after 6 months she noticed those with HPV (genital warts) the warts were dropping off. So this device makes the Gardasil vaccine obsolete as she testified to at the Medical conference she and we attended.
    Today this device is marketed as the Q energy Spa or Aqua Chi. The Science of which can be understood at
    You can complain and write heart wrenching stories like the above or you can promote an alternative and understand a better way. The choice is yours. Lynn Eykamp joecell at bigpond dot com

  11. Karen,
    thank you for sharing, my wife and I were lucky to have heard of the negative effects of this vaccine 2 years before our daughter entered secondary school. My daughter is very open minded and was shown the research both positive and negative. We as a family opted not to have her injected, sad to say she was the only one in her year not to partake… We need to educate parents as well as children about this and other vaccinations so families can see the propaganda from both sides and therefore make an informed decision…. remember the WHO and the HSE dont have all the right answers. much love to you and your family.


  12. Here in Australia there has been a dramatic increase in auto immune diseases in teenage girls following this vaccine – Lupus; Multiple Sclerosis; Guillain- Barre syndrome and a Glandular Fever type illness that just won’t go away – just to name a few. There are far more victims of vaccine related injury than would have been cervical cancer victims. This vaccine was rushed through without a significant time frame to study long term side effects.
    This vaccine only covers 4 out of 100 strains of the HPV virus. This is dangerous because women are under a false sense of security and may not have pap smears in the future because they think they are totally protected from the vaccine. There is even some talk that it could be giving young women HPV.

  13. Debbie Randall says:

    Hello, Has she been tested for Lyme Disease and co infections..Ive read similar stories about the vaccine and the person was a symptomatic until vaccines…I’ve been dealing with these same symptoms and have tested positive for Lyme…haven’t read the other comments and I know you’ve probably come across this type of info but wanted to mention to you… also you might have to see a holistic type Dr to get tested. I pray she would get all the help she needs and would make a full recovery!!! <3

  14. Sarah Smith says:

    I posted under a comment but meant to post here. Reading your story, I have to say I suffered a very similar experience from another vaccine I was given. All the main symptoms were the same from the food allergies, to the headaches, fibermyalgea, and many more. The main things I have found to help after years of looking for solutions is methylated vitamins, b6, b12 and dmg in conjunction with lithium orotate. The lithium orotate and dmg being key for me. I am astounded at the difference. Lithium orotate is a trace mineral that has many benefits to the body including supporting stomach acid regulation and other increased digestive enzyme production, it is nuero protective, and many other things. Look into Lithium and chronic fatigue syndrome. I have suffered with many similar symptoms that went unexplained and I am amazed at how lithium, especially in conjunction with 5mthfr and methyl b12 and n,n dimethylglycine has helped. lithium helps the b vitamins get where they need to go. Be warned, there are other types of lithium out there, lithium carbonate and aspartate. They are not the ideal solutions, with a little research you can see why. You need as little as 5 mg of lithium orotate to have a benefit. I find 5 mg 3 times a day best for me, taking the dmg and sublingual b’s in the am and dmg again as needed based on symptoms. Just wanted to spread the word. I know I wish I had found this combo earlier.

    Another fun side note, Here in the states the cdc is advertising that the new vaccines will change gene expression to create a protection from said virus’s. That tells me they do know that vaccines affect gene expression and I believe that is the cause of many of these negative effects. A tetanus vaccine was the trigger for my autoimmune condition. I theorize that somehow the vaccine caused a breakdown in my bodies ability. I am doing the 23 and me genetic testing to confirm my suspicions that I have a propensity to under methylate as well as continue my research based on my experiences. If they can turn these genes on so to speak, their has to be a way to reverse it. Anyway, even not digging into the science, if you look at the symptoms of b vitamin deficiency and look into how lithium supports the body, you will see this could really help a lot of people. Good Luck and I truly hope the info I have learned helps.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have a few tips that may help.
    Please investigate the Indian herb turmeric, which has highly blood purifying properties especially for heavy metals. Don’t know whether you’re open to alternative approaches and healing modalities but here are some very promising ones: the Healing Code (Alex Lloyd), Psych-K (check out Cazzie Dare is a very experienced practitioner, and her site is called Yearning 4 Learning), Reconnective Healing, and also definitely Quantum Touch. Also read up on Rosalyn L. Bruyere, a wonderful healer, and on the Sedona Method. And also direct hypnosis, which communicates with your subconscious mind, as that is the part of you that ‘manages’ your body, and can help fix it…
    I’ve tried out many different things for other issues that I’ve struggled with for many years, and have found these to be very helpful, after lots of research.
    Wish your daughter a speedy recovery!

  16. Kay Kay says:

    A year after I completed the 3 rounds of the gardasil vaccine I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I underwent numerous treatments and surgeries and wondered why none of my screenings showed any signs or symptoms. I was recovering from my 4th and final surgery when my dad called me and said my sister (who also completed the vaccine a few months after me) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The gynecologist I went to asked my sister to come see him to see if in any way this could be due to the vaccine or possibly heredity. After further review, the gynecologist determind it was from the 3 series vaccine. It was the scariest time of my life and I work in law enforcement. I strongly advise against this vaccination if you are considering it for yourself or for your children!

  17. Roberta Pecorella says:

    Hello from MALTA!! My now 18 year old daughter had the Cervarix vaccine (same as Gardasil) in 2012) After her 2nd shot, she immediately started suffering from fainting, dizziness, severe reaction to sun leaving her with bad headaches, severe joint and muscle pain and extreme mood disorders just to name a few! She began feeling very cold and got ‘chillblaines’ on her hands and feet with swelling in fingers and feet. Doctors couldnt find out what was wrong and right after her 3rd shot in December 2012 she developed a butterflyrash over her face, blistering on her chest and arms too. After many sleepless nights and much research I figured out she must have SLE Lupus which doctors denied when I presented them with my findings. It was only after 2 hospital stays, numerous blood tests, seen by around 12 different doctors and in March 2013 they finally agreed that my diagnosis was correct. My daughter has SLE Lupus + Fibromyalgia, but no doctor seems to want to confirm that the vaccine has been the trigger though they have agreed with my assumptions. I immediately refused to leave her on any type of harmful medications and immediately started her on Ayurveda healing. We’ve been to the UK and her Ayurveda Indian doctor has treated her with natural medication, ways to detoxify the body and also special diet. Last September I took her to India for a month treat doing Panchakarma in an Indian hospital and i’m very glad to say that since she has been off her medications and has been living a close to normal life as possible. She’s back at school and going out with her friends once again. This to me is our greatest achievement as seeing her stuck in bed for days, missing out on school, life and feeling left out from friends was a very big heartache for me. It’s a long road ahead, as we fly up to the UK every 3 months for medical enemas and back to INdia in September. Natural healing is the only way forward for our children who have been suffering due to this vaccine. Ayurveda is definitely something you need to look into!

  18. Phil Lalwor says:

    My daughter has lived with the side effects of Gardasil since 2012.
    Not one doctor has linked the side effects to Gardasil. I started a facebook page in 2012 about it, but most of the contents were removed…
    Its time we had a voice……..
    Thankfully my daughter seems to be over the worst of it now, but still can not do many of the things her friends are doing or go to she still suffers.

  19. Lorna foley says:

    Hey everyone my daughter was a healthy teenager – she was a disabled but healthy she got that injection and developed a mast on her brain and i would love to talk to some other people about this cause I know our daughter was healthy till she got this injection

  20. Make some Fermented Saurkraut and get her to eat it everyday it’s the best probiotic you can give her. Raw and without salt..Google it, it’s benefits and hpw to make it you wont regret it. It’s smelly but it grows on you… Keep detoxing. Look to do a liver detox. Eat organic. God bless

  21. Please relieve yourself of this guilt. We are all born into a certain time and place, we are all hostage to such ‘fortune’ and the belief systems we were born into, and your intentions were pure. I still feel bad about giving my baby an unecessary xray, and I myself had an unecessary c-scan. The weight of the medical establishment is huge, even if you are a critical thinker, they can easily dupe you.

  22. This is very similar to what happened to me, I am making a recovery through this course.

  23. is is very similar to what happened to me, I am making a recovery through this course.

  24. Hermeet suri says:

    The best way to treat any vaccinations but I’m cause harm is to use homeopathic remedies to treat this I have been doing this for the last eight years and’s have successfully reversed all negative effects of vaccinations there to mothers to process one is using to remedies and Homeopathy that are generic to reverse vaccinations the other is to repo size the vaccination that was originally given and we give it in Energy format for further information please contact me at my email and I can assist as much as possible

  25. Jessica says:

    This vaccine should be illegal. Drug companies push this upon parents to “protect” their daughters and they are doing the opposite. I work for an integrative medicine provider who deal with HPV patients due to the Gardasil vaccination. First off, when my provider finds out a patient had the Gardasil vaccination she does a Pap smear, if the results are abnormal she tests for HPV typings 16, 18, & 45 also nonspecific HPV typing and also a test called HPV high risk. If these tests come back positive my provider then performs what’s called a Colposcopy along with an endocervical biopsy to see how severe the HPV and lesions are. A lot of mainstream physicians opt for what’s called a LEEP or Cone but that will seriously mess you up! Do not do it!!! My provider simply treats HPV with what’s called an Iodine painting. She paints the cervix with iodine for a total of 6 weeks and does a new Pap smear and another HPV high risk test after the iodine treatments and a lot of our patients have been CLEARED of the virus. No surgeries, no invasive procedures. Just simply iodine!!!

  26. Hi Karen, my daughter is suffering after this injection also, I’m in co Dublin and like yourself have got no answers at all. take carexx

  27. Hi

    I am very sorry to hear about your daughters and the HPV vaccine side effects.

    I watched something the other night you may find interesting. On You Tube there is a clip of Prof Chris Exley talking about aluminium and the impact in our bodies. Part of this was a reference to aluminium in vaccines. He gets a lot of parents writing to his about vaccination (he mentions HPV) and he said that although he does not comment on specifics as he is not medically qualified, he tells them about the following.

    Silicon rich water helps to expel aluminium from the human body via urine. Volvic and Fiji water are two brands which have similar silicon levels to the water used in the study (Spritzer a Malaysian brand). They advise drinking at least 1.5 litres over an extended period of time. He said that anecdotally he has many parents return to tell him of their daughters improved health.

    This maybe merits further investigation but certainly seems worth a try?

    Best wishes for good health

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