Gardasil Victim: Kirstie, Lima, NY

Story told by Sharon, Kirstie’s Mom

Kirstie from New York

Kirstie’s life before Gardasil was full of so many activities – including dodgeball, games at summer recreation, soccer, basketball and softball.  She is also a very talented musician, playing the clarinet, saxophone, ukulele and piano and singing in all of her school’s choruses.  Kirstie actively participates in a musical theatre class and her school’s drama club (she has had lead roles in school plays and musicals).  Her dream is pursuing a career in vocal performance or a profession involving music.  She is an A student with a wide variety of interests.   Fortunately the musical side of her life has not been affected by her health problems after Gardasil.

Kirstie had her first vaccine on April 23, 2007 (she was 12) and we saw nothing strange at that time.  Within the next few weeks, she began to develop large, dark bruises on her arms and legs, which I attributed to her playing soccer (she was the goalie) and lacrosse.  My husband was beginning to worry about the bruises but didn’t say anything to me.  On May 29th she received the second shot.  Again, the only thing happening was the bruising.  On June 17th, she began her second menstrual cycle ever, which lasted 10 days.  On June 18th, I took her to the doctor to have her tested for strep throat, which came back negative.  The nurse practitioner commented about the bruises and said something about Kirstie playing sports – she was not concerned about them.

On June 29th while at an amusement park, Kirstie started haemorrhaging from her vagina and it lasted for 2 hours.  It stopped and then began again the next day, continuously bleeding for 2 hours.  On Monday, July 2nd, I got her to her paediatrician’s office and they realized that her platelets were very low (18,000).  They immediately sent us to the hospital to meet with a paediatric haematologist who told us that she had Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP).

When I mentioned that the only thing that Kirstie had done differently was having the HPV vaccine, he said he would have to think about this as his granddaughter was scheduled to have her first dose that month.  That is the only time he would ever confirm the possibility that the vaccine caused her ITP.  Because no one understands what causes ITP and because they believe it could be caused by a virus, the fact that Kirstie was diagnosed with a virus during this time is enough to have the medical professionals believe it was not caused by a vaccine.  However, the virus, if it existed, did not appear until after Kirstie was vaccinated.

Throughout that summer, Kirstie’s platelets continued to drop and in late July she received a treatment that boosted her platelet level to normal.  It lasted about 30 days and then her platelets were low for the next several months.  Kirstie has missed several soccer, basketball and softball seasons because of her ITP.  Last year (2010) she missed all seasons and right now her platelets are too low for her to play.  She does not suffer from nosebleeds or excessive bruising/bleeding so her condition goes unnoticed unless we have her platelet level checked.

We are very lucky; in the spring of 2010 she developed mono – her platelets did not drop very much and she recovered quickly.  Kirstie does not feel ill from ITP – it really only affects her playing contacts sports which are a big part of her life.  We naturally hope that her condition will improve and that her health returns to normal and she can get back to doing all of the things she really enjoys.


  1. Why did she get tested for strep throat? Did she have a virus at the time, because you don’t usually get tested for that for vaginal bleeding. Could that have been the virus which triggered the ITP? The vaccine is a possibility, yes, but I don’t think it’s the only one.

    • Carolyn, she was tested for strep throat in the spring…while she was beginning to bruise up. She was tested for strep throat because she was ill and had a bad sore throat. We don’t know if the virus triggered it or not. and because it occurred during the time of her vaccinations, it remains unclear whether it had any affect on her body or not.

  2. Sharon,
    I too have a daughter that developed ITP after the Gaurdasil injection. I began to put everything together after her third injection. After her first one she had heavy bleeding, and began bruising easily we too just said be more careful. After her second she ended up in the hospital with a platelet count of 9,000 still didn’t put it together because it was a week or two after the shot. But after her third she was now being treated for ITP and on prednisone and had had IVIG, her platelets dropped even with this medication that’s when I began to look back and put it together. However at that time, this was in 2007-2008 there was NO information that connected guardasil with ITP. Now I see so many stories that people have developed ITP after the vaccine. Something has to be done to protect our children ITP does NOT go away I can tell you that from experience, my daughter had a perfectly healthy spleen removed to try and boost her platlets it did work for now but she has alot of health issues that effect her everyday because I said yes to this vaccine.

  3. Have you the victims tried zeolite to eliminate aluminium the toxin from Gardasil? I haven’t seen any site pursuing the “truth” about this horrible shocking fraud when they don’t even have any evidence to say that HPV is the cause of cervical cancer, recommending to take zeolite to DETOX. Wonder why……

  4. Just found this, thank you very much for posting. I am a 21YO Male who was diagnosed with ITP about 7 months ago. I have spent much time researching ITP and Gardasil was never mentioned. My platelets have been down to around 9,000, I was given IVIG about 6 months ago but it wore off after a month or so. I was given the Gardasil 3 shot vaccination when I was a sophomore in high school. I too feel fine, but the excessive bleeding, bruising, and swelling at every incident is a hindrance to my active lifestyle, and I believe is getting worse. As a male, playing baseball, soccer, snowboarding, etc I noticed the excessive blood but didn’t think much of it. Only this winter did I get my first CBC and found my platelets low and dropping. I believe the statute of limitations for a claim on the Gardasil vaccine is 3 years. I never liked needles, so of course I didn’t want the shot, I wish I would’ve known the risks and how short a time the FDA took to approve it. I find myself getting a lot more needles now.


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  2. [...] Kirstie was only 12 years old when she was diagnosed with a rare disorder for which there is no known cure, Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). This happened just a little over a month after her second injection of Gardasil. She will live with this disorder for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, she is not alone. [...]

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