HPV Vaccination Part Five: Risks versus Benefits

By Ellen Bown, Contributing Author from the UK

HPV Vaccines: Risks vs Benefits?

There have been 110 deaths reported after HPV vaccinations, both Gardasil & Cervarix.  In total 25,132 adverse reactions since these vaccines were introduced. It is believed that only 1-10% of vaccine injuries are reported.

Many people may have seen new illnesses in their children but because the HPV vaccines are marketed as being safe, why would they even consider the vaccine as being a cause. They may even have been brushed off by Doctors as being a typical “difficult” teenager.

In September 2008, in the FDA’s (The Food and Drugs Administration) closing statement on Gardasil they stated that 73.3% of girls in the clinical trials developed “new medical conditions” post vaccination. 17 girls died during the clinical trials.1 The list of serious adverse reactions reported after HPV vaccinations worldwide includes deaths, convulsions, paraesthesia, paralysis, Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), transverse myelitis, facial palsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, anaphylaxis, autoimmune disorders, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms and cervical cancers”2 There have been many more reported reactions to both Gardasil and Cervarix including flu like symptoms, Lymphatic system disorders, Gastrointestinal disorders and pain, birth defects, miscarriages, mouth ulcerations and the list goes on.3

Cervical cancer is a rare disease in developed countries which invalidates the recommendations for universal immunization with any HPV vaccine. The incidence of cervical cancer has dropped substantially since implementation of regular Pap screening procedures. Currently, in the US, the death rate from cervical cancer (2.4/100,000 women) is lower than the rate of reported serious adverse events, including death, from Gardasil (3.34/100,000 doses distributed).4

In India the HPV vaccine trial was halted due to the death of six girls,5 and yet in both the US and UK the government still continue to push these drugs and in doing so continue to allow girls to die or live with debilitating illness.

Sadly the general population is ignorant to the adverse effects and continues without question, to agree to this vaccination program being carried out. Any criticism of the vaccine is often met by accusations of scaremongering. The fault does not lie with those reporting injuries, but with the government and the pharmaceutical companies.

Ask yourself this; what if your child was one of the 25,132 who suffered an adverse reaction, or one of the 110 girls that died, would you then consider this to be scaremongering?

If your child suffers from new illnesses after vaccination that cannot be explained, research for yourself the long list of vaccine injuries. Start putting two and two together.

Consider the following:

  • There are more vaccine injuries than cervical cancer cases.
  • The long term effects of the vaccine are not known.
  • It is not known whether this vaccine can reduce cervical cancer.
  • HPV by itself does not lead to cervical cancer.
  • Regular Pap screening has proven to be very effective in detecting pre-cancerous cells.
  • The population is not being given all the facts and informed consent is therefore not fully informed.
  • The vaccine has not been tested against a real placebo.
  • Doctor Diane Harper, the scientist involved in the testing of the Gardasil vaccine, speaks out against its use, as do many other scientists.
  • The body’s own immune system deals with this virus in 90% of infections.

I would firstly suggest that the immunization programme for this drug is abolished without hesitation, until such time as long term effects are established and proper testing has taken place.

Failing that, it would be my recommendation that the government does the right thing and makes every parent and patient aware of the full facts, including serious illness and not just the mild irritation that this vaccine may cause. The only reason the government refuses to disclose the full facts is because the vaccine uptake would fall.

I feel that every individual should ask themselves why the government is not making the general public aware of the PILs and giving more facts about serious injuries which can and have occurred. What right do they have to make the decisions for us?

I believe that government and tax payer’s money would be better spent in advertising the benefits of Pap screening. I think that there is definitely a case for making this mandatory, as many of us find it slightly inconvenient to bother going, and yet it is proven to be the only effective programme in reducing cervical cancer.

I also conclude that the government needs to go further in helping people manage their lifestyles so they are healthier and able to make better decisions about food, smoking and drugs. Of course this help would have to extend to making sure every family can afford fruit and vegetables in their diet.

It seems to me that innocent young girls (and boys in the future) are being exposed to danger because of the selfish ignorance of adults who make wrong lifestyle choices and who should know better. This is where the government should step in.


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