HPV vaccine impact in Malaysia

[SaneVax: Malaysia recorded more adverse events after vaccinations in 2011 than in each of  the previous ten years. What was the reason for this record-breaking number? Cervarix and Gardasil vaccines were introduced in 2010. HPV vaccines were responsible for 95% the 32.6% increase in adverse event reports during their first year of administration.]

Malaysian Vaccines Exposed

Adverse reactions to HPV Vaccine in Malaysia 2011

According to Malaysian Adverse Drug Reactions (MADRAC) Newsletter, a total of 9385 reports were received in year 2011, the highest record since  year 2000. This figure is a 32.6% increase from year 2010 and projected to INCREASE. Out of this total, 3,031 reports (95%) were Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine and 152 reports (5%) involved other than HPV vaccine.Wow, that’s a lot of cases and most likely there are a lot more cases that aren’t reported since people are unaware of vaccine reactions and how to report it.

Where did this sudden spike of reports come from? The HPV vaccine that was launched in year 2010 for Malaysian girls around 13 years old (Form 1).

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