HPV Vaccines: Have They Provided a Benefit for You?

[SaneVax: The FDA/CDC and government health officials around the globe are brushing off adverse events experienced after HPV vaccinations as ‘coincidence’ despite the fact that these ‘coincidences’ are occurring at more than twice the rate of other vaccines. In direct response to government’s lack of concern independent research scientist, Dr. Chandler Marrs has taken up the gauntlet. She has decided to conduct an independent survey to uncover the facts.

If you have had HPV vaccine injections, please take a few minutes to complete the survey below. Whether your experience with Gardasil or Cervarix has been good, bad, or ugly – medical consumers have a right to the truth. Please take a few minutes of your time to help reveal the truth.


By Chandler Marrs, PhD

Controversy surrounds the HPV vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix. Since their release, the vaccine industry, the media and medical societies have touted the safety and success of the vaccines in preventing or reducing HPV viral infections and thus, in preventing cervical cancer. Patient groups, mom’s of vaccine injured girls and anti-vaccine groups on the other hand, argue loudly that the rate and severity of serious adverse events are seriously under-reported by industry and the proof that these vaccines prevent or reduce cervical cancer is lacking. Even one of the lead developers of the vaccine, Diane Harper has come out against it.

Somewhere in the middle is the Vaccine Adverse Event Registry (VAERS), where only 1-10% of a very limited range adverse events are reported. Even with the limited reporting to VAERS, the severity and frequency of adverse events is growing and should not be ignored. Data collected from VAERS indicates a serious adverse event rate 4.3 per 100,000 doses of Gardasil. Serious adverse events are those that cause death or are life threatening, require hospitalization, cause persistent disability or incapacity and/or require medical treatment to prevent permanent impairment or damage. This is compared to a risk of cervical cancer of 7.9 per 100,000 and death from cervical cancer at 2.4 per 100,0000 cases in the US.

Considering the severity of the reported adverse reactions and the noted adverse events reporting rate of less than 10% of all cases, having more credible and complete data about true severity and prevalence of said reactions as well as more detailed data about who is at risk for those adverse events is critical.

Read the entire article and participate in the survey here.


  1. My daughter was one of the first groups in Australia to get this vaccine and we consented trusting the promotional hype at the time. It was in 2007 and given to her at school and we thought nothing more about it. She was in year 11 and had one more year of school to finish. At the time of the shots a few girls fainted on the day and one girl had seizures immediately following. We thought she must have had a health problem. My daughter now informs me that she was prone to seizures before that. As a young child my daughter had acute asthma and mild eczema behind knees, elbows, back of neck and sometimes eyelids. was a bit annoying but didn’t stop her enjoying life. Over the following year following the HPV vaccine her eczema got steadily worse and by the time she left school she was coming out in blotches all over her face hands legs arms and body. Her hands are the worst and often bleed. We have recently been given a list of foods she should avoid: shellfish, food dyes, MSG, Lecithin, H Vege protein, Vinegar, Soya , Milk Lactose, Kiwi, Rockmelon, watermelon, pear, apple papaya,miso tempeh, tofu, corn spelt, barley, Kamut, wheat, oat rye, gluten, soy bean lobster, crayfish, prawns, crab, saccharin corn syup, zucchin pumpkin, and more…. There is NO family history of food allergies and certainly NO HISTORY of eczema or asthma. Of five children 3 asthma, 3 recurring ear i, croup and only my daughter with the eczema and she is only one to have the HPV when it became severe. I know it was the HPV that made it worse but can never prove it of course. In my opinion this vaccine has taken away my daughters ability to enjoy exposing her skin and eating out at restaurants. This was NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!

    • Elizabeth-AussieMum says:

      You’re right, the vaccine is not worth it! This year (2013) all of my daughter’s school friends received their HPV, so far her friends have not received any severe reactions. The sooner Governments around the world stop protecting “BIG PHAMA” the sooner parents with vaccine injured children can directly sue the pharmaceutical industry and make them accountable for their callous actions.

      However, until then “BIG PHARMA” will continue to poison and kill our children.

      Mum also to 11-yr-old, non-verbal and vaccine injured son.

  2. Jodi james says:

    My daughter was never taken to the doctor. Since the HPV vaccine she has developed a severe allergy to prawns! How dare they use my daughter as an experiment that’s already caused more deaths than cervical cancer! If Japan has banned the vaccine then it’s time for us to make a stand and not immunise our children with the HPV!

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