HPV vaccines are NOT good for everyone

By Mara Mexia, Mexico City

HPV Vaccines were not good for me.

HPV Vaccines were not good for me.

I ask you to please read Yael’s story. She is my daughter and one of the unfortunate girls who suffered a severe reaction to the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. I write because only one side of the HPV vaccine story is mentioned before you receive the injections in my country, and many others. You only hear how wonderful it is because it could prevent cervical cancer. There is little mention of potential side effects. When they are mentioned, you are told the vast majority of them are minor.

I write asking for your help to alert the population to the fact that side effects associated with HPV vaccines pose a serious threat to some girls. My daughter was obviously one of them. ­I wish we would have been warned.

Our bitter experience:

On February 28, more than a year ago, my 12 year old daughter was injected with her third dose of Gardasil. Four days later Yael could no longer move her arm on side where the shot was given. Her arm was swollen and very painful. We went to the doctor and he told me that it was a rare reaction and she was prescribed cortisone. The problem continued in spite of the cortisone. After 15 days, pain appeared on the other arm and the leg.

In March, my daughter could no longer eat by herself because she did not have enough strength to lift a glass or close her hand around the silverware. By April, she was suffering with terrible and disabling pain throughout her body. She needed a wheelchair to get around and was totally dependant on her family.

In order to rule out disorders like Lupus, Autoimmune Reactions, Arthritis, Guillain Barre Syndrome, and others, my daughter was subjected to diagnostic tests of all kinds including a Lumbar Puncture, EEG, resonances, hair follicle test for metal exposure, and an Electromyography … all of them were very shocking.

She went through all of these just to find everything was normal and had no abnormal results except for a high concentration of aluminum. Everything else came back normal. She was diagnosed a “probable adverse reaction to the HPV vaccine”.

Before Gardasil, my daughter was a healthy, happy and active girl, and outstanding at school. She used to go swimming, running, cycling, skating, dancing, etc.

Now, a little over a year later, Yael is not capable of attending school because of the incapacitating pain. There are still days when she needs help to get out of bed and go to the restroom or take a bath. Sitting and writing prove really hard for her. Sometimes, she goes out for a walk out of the house and has to come back with us carrying her.

In October, I was told that she had Fibromyalgia so I took her to a well-known doctor who has been treating this disease for years, DOCTOR MANUEL MARTINEZ LAVÍN. He is considered an authority on the condition.

He told me that my daughter does not have Fibromyalgia, that it all looks very related to the vaccine ….

Then, I started looking on the internet and finally found an association of people who have been affected by HPV vaccines in Spain, the AAVP. I decided to make contact. It turns out there are more cases like my daughter, that doctors ignore. The doctors say that the vaccines carry risk, yet they do not warn parents so they can make an informed decision prior to administering the vaccine.

Some say adversely affected girls are just statistically insignificant – that serious reactions are extremely rare. I am here to say, ”My daughter is not simply a statistic, nor is her life insignificant. Gardasil was NOT good for my daughter. ”

There are about a hundred strains of the HPV virus and the vaccine given to Yael only contains four. My daughter was affected and her life ruined by a “protection” against two strains of a virus that may or may not have caused cervical cancer for her and two strains that cause genital warts.

In any case, the condition(s) could be readily detected and easily treated without subjecting her to the risks involved with HPV vaccines. Risks that no one warned us about.

As it turns out, there are girls similarly affected all around the world – Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Denmark, just to name a few. Girls who are going through the same thing as my daughter. Girls who have been misdiagnosed, ignored, or told they have psychiatric disorders or that their families are inventing their problems. This is not acceptable!

Girls around the world are crying for help

I hope you can help me do something. I hope you are among the few people who have the courage to help get the truth out there. Every parent in the world must act in solidarity.

HPV vaccines are very dangerous for some people. They have not been proven to be effective because they haven’t prevented any cases of cervical cancer this far.  Who knows whether or not they will in the future.

What I do know is HPV vaccines have caused untold pain, disability and death to many healthy girls around the world. Japan and India have already stopped recommending them. In France and Spain there are already many cases filed in court seeking justice for the injured and their families.

Please, help make parents aware of the potential risks. Parents have a right to make the decision to vaccinate their girls or not, but only after being properly informed.

My daughter is not an isolated case. Simply do an internet search for “HPV vaccine adverse reactions”.

PLEASE Share our story – give other girls a chance; a chance my daughter never had. Don’t allow other girls to suffer like my daughter has. Help our voices to be heard around the world.

April 2015 update from Mara: I want to show you Yael’s current situation, after two years we still do not have a diagnosis. More than a dozen of her doctors believe that there could be  neurological damage and an undescribable pain in muscles, bones and even the skin. She is showing muscular weakness and as time goes by she is unable to walk more frequently (but at the moment nothing solid). They will do all the tests again. It is hard for us to share this video but we feel we must so more parents can be aware of all the risks that the vaccine implies.

Watch Yael’s video here.




  1. Bless you Mara for sharing the sad story about your precious daughter Yael’s suffering after the vaccines. You are helping many others by warning about the dangers of the vaccines. Prayers for Yael’s complete recovery.
    It is a very sad story, one of so very many who are desperately struggling and have had their lives turned upside down after the vaccines.

    “HPV vaccines are not good for everyone”: It may well be asked – who are they good for? There is as yet no reliable evidence whatsoever that the vaccines are beneficial to anyone at all. On the contrary, they are causing thousands of serious adverse reactions, unfathomable suffering and many deaths in one country after another across the world. In addition, the myriad of unknown adverse conditions which may occur up to years after vaccination may represent one of the greatest tragedies ever known in the vaccine world.

    Nobody at all knows in advance who may be injured by these vaccines. Nobody.

    What is already known is that they are no good for anyone with compromised immunity, people who are ill, people who suffer from or have a predisposition to autoimmune conditions (of which there are over a hundred), people who have a genetic predisposition to aluminium which will cause serious adverse reactions, people with a hormonal imbalance, people who have allergies to the ingredients, pregnant women, people who are already infected with HPV, and a host of other issues.

    Apart from the people who line their pockets pushing these scandalous vaccines at the expense of our precious children’s health, who are the vaccines good for?

  2. Glenda Smith says:

    Dear Mara! My heart breaks reading your story about your precious daughter Yael! I just cried watching the video! Our daughter who was 13 1/2 yrs (now 4 years injured) was so close to that state! I had to help her through the hallway, help her change, and be right there while she showered b/c she was so very weak! Thank-you, thank-you for your passion to share!! We live a different life now then the active, healthy life she once had – our entire family’s life has changed. We will not give up! There are more and more drs. coming up with treatment plans to help our girls and we WILL find something to give them their lives back! God willing, and with constant prayer we will succeed! Many many prayers to Yael! Please tell her to contact other girls going through this! The support of the others girls has been a life-line for our Angela (her story too is here on sanevax – Canada; We Had no informed Consent before Gardasil changed our lives). Please reply if you need some help connecting your daughter! Many (((hugs!!!))) Glenda smith

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