HPV Vaccines VAERS Data August – December 2011: Cause for Mass Hysteria


VAERS data on deaths and injuries from HPV4 Gardasil and HPV2 Cervarix through December 14, 2011



  1. How many doses of vaccine were given…….?

    • The United States keeps no records of vaccines administered – only distributed doses – half of which may be sitting in inventory at any given time.

  2. I would appreciate if you could provide a link to the original data and also if you could explain the data in some detail, e g, are these new cases per month or accumulated over time.

    • It looks like those are accumulated incidences…not monthly totals…Time to do some research….
      Either way, though, the numbers are obscene :/

      • How can it be accumulated? If they were the numbers would go up, not down. Loot at the data again. Hopefully this will prompt you to do some research or be OK with “NOT KNOWING” and say “I don’t know.” It’ll be the smartest thing you ever said if you do when you obviously don’t.

    • Do you even know what VAERS is?

  3. Mindanoiha says:

    Gardasil may actually cause cancer.

    It is not known whether Gardasil ingredients are carcinogenic. Information in the package insert states that the vaccine is not tested for carcinogenicity. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

    In addition, there is the issue of “replacement”, a normal phenomenon in virology where strains which have been removed are always replaced by new ones. It is not known whether the new virus strains are more carcinogenic than the original ones which have been removed.

    The unexpected presence of recombinant (gene manipulated) DNA has been discovered in Gardasil HPV vaccine. This may increase the risk of autoimmune disorders and gene mutation which may lead to malignancies.

    In other words, it may be most inappropriate to term the HPV vaccine a “cancer vaccine” as it may increase the risk of cancer.

  4. Agree with PP. Compelling stats but I’d like to see the source info please. Without cited sources the article just fuels the arguments of pro vax people that anti vax folks are just paranoid and gullible conspiracy theorists. For the record, I don’t think they are.

    • Yes, they are accumulated reports from the VAERS database, beginning when HPV Vaccines were approved for use in the United States. The CDC estimates that only 1-10% of adverse events after vaccination are actually reported. So, if you add a zero or two to the numbers on the chart, you will get a more accurate picture of the real numbers. VAERS reports do not necessarily mean the vaccine was responsible for the adverse event; on the other hand, they do not mean the vaccine was not responsible either! Studies need to be done!!!

      • dana haney says:

        My daughter and her injuries are also listed on VAERS. She is # 386590. In her case it was PROVEN that it was Gardasil that has disabled her. Her case was heard in the Court of Federal Claims in Washington DC, and she was awarded compensation. Gardasil has injured and disabled over 24,000 of our kids, and it needs to be pulled until they can somehow make it safe. 108 families have lost their childrens lives to Gardasil. This is a serious matter and I am tired of the covering up of what is happening to our kids.

        • Just Askin' says:

          Dana, according to the VAERS database, your daughter received the vaccine in April, 2007, but the onset of symptoms was four months later. Then you waited three years to report the incident to VAERS. Is that right?


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