HPV Vaccines: Why is Katie Couric being crucified in the press?

[SaneVax: On December 4th, the Katie Couric Show aired several segments focusing on The HPV Vaccine Controversy. For her efforts, she was immediately confronted with a firestorm of criticism from multiple media outlets. Was all of the criticism unleashed because she aired inaccurate information; or, simply because she dared to suggest there is an HPV vaccine controversy?

Medical consumers need to look at the facts critically. According to the package inserts of both FDA approved HPV vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix, neither has been examined for their potential to cause cancer or genetic mutations. Until such time as these, and many more, questions are answered, there will be an HPV vaccine controversy.

In order to exercise their right to informed consent, medical consumers will continue to need both sides of the story.]

Katie Couric apologizes for allowing episode on HPV vaccines that tells the truth about deadly side effects

By Jonathan Benson, Staff Writer, Natural News

HPV Vaccine Controversy?

HPV Vaccine Controversy?

Investigative journalist and television personality Katie Couric is being crucified by many of her colleagues in the mainstream media for daring to allow the truth about the notorious human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil to be discussed on national television. Following the recent airing of a segment on her show Katie, entitled “The HPV Vaccine Controversy,” the persecution became so intense that Couric caved and issued a public apology for basically just doing her job by presenting both sides of the story.

During the segment, which aired on December 4, Couric interviewed two mothers whose daughters were injured or killed following vaccination with Gardasil. One of the mothers, Emily Tarsell, talked about how her daughter Christina died in bed not long after getting vaccinated with Gardasil, which a follow-up investigation revealed to be an adverse reaction to the shot. The other mother, Rosemary Mathis, director of the HPV-truth organization SaneVax, Inc., told how her daughter developed a strange chronic illness post-Gardasil.

Couric also gave some airtime to Dr. Diane M. Harper, M.D., one of the developers of the HPV vaccine who, in the process of defending the vaccine, admitted on air that more than 70 previously healthy young girls are known to have died from neurological reactions after getting the jab. As you may recall from previous reports, Dr. Harper received funding from both Merck and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to develop the two HPV vaccines currently on the market, Gardasil and Cervarix, so it is quite telling that she would make such admissions publicly.

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