Iraida from Andalusia


Age when she was vaccinated: 14 years old

City, community and postal code: Cantillana (Seville) Andalusia- Spain

Diagnosis:  We have not as yet been given a diagnosis by the specialists following all the investigations and tests which have taken place.

 Incapacitated: Yes

 Symptoms: Bad headache and bad pain in her right ear, deafness in this ear, blurred vision on the right eye, deviation of the mouth towards the right side, lost feeling and  sensitivity in her right arm and in both legs. She cannot walk and she is in a wheelchair. Nowadays she is under a rehabilitation programme and goes sometimes to school in an ambulance.

 Visits to Emergency Doors: to the doctor’s office of Cantillana innumerable times and to hospital 5 times .

 Hospitalizations: 3; 1st from 02/02/09 to the 02/20/09, 2nd  from  03/07/09 to the 03/24/09, 3rd from10/14/09 to 11/18/09

 Dates of vaccination: 1st Shot 10/21/08;   2nd Shot12/01/09

 Vaccinated with Cervarix: 1st Batch AHPVA015CM;   2nd Batch: AHPVA019BD

 Duration of the disease: From 10/21/08 to present day and getting worse progressively.  Iraida became ill immediately after her first shot but it was after her second shot that her condition deteriorated.  It started with pains in her ears, then with paralysis of her mouth, then on one side of her face until other parts of her body lost sensitivity and she was unable to walk.  She is still unable to walk as at today’s date.

 Not Recovered

 My life has changed with the vaccine.

 I did not know that a simple vaccine could spoil my life and that it could cause me so much damage. The worse thing of all is that doctors tell me that I am pretending and I feel so bad. This is a nightmare that I cannot see an end to.

Update as at 28th March 2010:         

 Iraida is still having serious problems and pain in her right ear which extends on to the right side of her face – she can only hear loud noises.  Her ear specialist has decided not to see her any more.  She still cannot see out of her right eye.  It has to be noted that Iraida did not have any visual problems prior to vaccination.  She is recovering a bit of sensitivity in her right arm and both her legs but still has no strength in these limbs.  She has an appointment with a specialist in three months’ time.

 Iraida’s mother was informed by a doctor when her daughter was first admitted to hospital that he knew her illnesses were due to Cervarix.  Like in the UK, the Health Ministry in Spain advised all doctors that Cervarix has no adverse effects but yet this doctor knew differently.  Like many of our doctors also they are too frightened to speak out.  Why would a young person like Iraida pretend to be this ill from October 2008 until the present day?  This child took seriously ill immediately after vaccination, why will this not be recognised as significant.  Why would anyone try and make this child out to be a liar as that is exactly what is happening when they say she is “pretending”.  All that requires to be done is check her medical records prior to vaccination and see if there is any history of this type of psychotic behaviour.  I guarantee you will not find anything.  I can provide you with a contact who can verify if there is a history of these types of illnesses prior to vaccination if you should wish to follow up on this.



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