Italian Appeal for Suspension of the Anti-HPV Vaccination

Is 'protecting' against 4 types of HPV enough to warrant the risks?

Human Papillomavirus: a boone to the pharmaceutical industry?

Vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) was introduced in Italy in 2007 with a free offer to girls twelve years old and then extended, in some regions, to other age groups and children to prevent cervical cancer.

Even today there is no evidence on the effectiveness of vaccination in preventing this cancer.

Assis (Association of Studies and Health Information) makes an appeal: it suspends the administration of the bulk vaccine papilloma virus waiting for an appropriate assessment of the scientific literature that advances doubts about the safety and efficacy of this vaccine.

We do not start from preconceived positions opposed to vaccinations, but the analysis of epidemiological data and studies on the efficacy and safety of these vaccines, which is reported in the bibliography of the scientific paper that you can download.

The scientific literature confirms that:

  • unknown is the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing the onset of cervical cancer, as it is shown that it can only reduce the formation of dysplasias caused by HPV genotypes 2;

  • is unknown the duration of vaccine protection, which creates the paradox that this might end just when the vaccinated individuals come into contact with HPV;

  • it is unknown whether the vaccine causes a selective pressure on the more than 100 types of HPV with the phenomenon of “replacement type”, as with pneumococcal;

  • They are unknown to the vaccine’s safety in the long term and the frequency of serious adverse events;

  • unknown is the real effect of the vaccine on the high percentage of women who are infected with HPV genotypes harmless or oncogenic genotypes of HPV that do not undergo neoplastic degeneration;

  • are ignorant of the reasons why a procedure has been adopted incomplete and too rushed and in the marketing of the vaccine, it is organizing a vaccination campaign that was clearly established only in the identification of cohorts and vaccination coverage, but not on the adequacy of the instrument used (the HPV vaccine) to achieve its goals;

  • there is a risk that valuable resources (39 million euro per year) are diverted from essential services of public health for the purchase of vaccine efficacy very doubtful;

  • there is a risk that one enters into the approval process of drugs a dangerous precedent for which the phase III clinical trials, which is the demonstration of the efficacy and harmlessness of a pharmaceutical product through clinical trials, to be directly assigned to the ASL experiencing it in their expenses in the field, ie the population;

  • there is a risk to provide vaccinated individuals a false sense of security, causing a reduction of the accession to the intervention of screening with the Pap test (instead of intervention that is proven effective in reducing cases and deaths linked to cancer of the cervix uterine).

We demand greater accountability and a stronger involvement of the medical staff and those in their professional field, are dealt with health; We hope that doctors do not remain simple performers passive vaccination campaigns but become carriers of knowledge and experience, with critical autonomy and which require a commitment to guarantee citizens a proper drug-surveillance on the effects of the vaccine, a ‘ analysis of the risk-benefit for the patient; an evaluation of the cost-benefit to the health care system.

The mass vaccination against papilloma virus coast in fact 39 million euro per year, spent a prophylaxis which does not give certainties. However, diagnostic tools, such as Pap smears, can never be reduced because the vaccine does not give guarantees to prevent the appearance of tumors.

We call for transparent information and independent and does not omit to point out the quantity or quality of the data so far available and the possible risks and also ask that they prepared the appropriate steps to facilitate adequate information of patients by health workers.

This call is open to physicians, health professionals (midwives, nurses, osteopaths, physiotherapists, pharmacists, biologists, etc.) and all the professionals who deal with health:

We call on the Ministry of Health for a moratorium on the use of HPV vaccines

Access and sign the petition here. (You may need to right-click for a translation.)


  1. Amanda Dew says:

    Thank Goodness there are some people who are talking sense. Those in Italy who are calling for the vaccine to STOP until we know that it is safe and effective are an example to the rest of the world. How many more poor innocent children are going to have their teenage years wiped out by illnesses caused by this criminal act, before the rest of the world wakes up?. STOP THIS VACCINE NOW.


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