Italian Court Rules MMR Vaccine Caused Autism

[SaneVax: A court decision in Italy has issued a finding of fact clearly stating autism was caused by the MMR vaccine. The Italian government did not protest this finding. Unfortunately for the victim of this tragedy, the government is now stating that no compensation is owed because the vaccine, although recommended by the government, had not been ‘mandated’ at the time of the injury. So much for government responsibility to protect and defend its citizens. The SaneVax Team wants to know exactly how much collateral damage is acceptable. How many lives can be destroyed before someone, somewhere takes responsibility?]

Autism Caused by MMR Vaccine – Italian Government Tries to Avoid Paying Up – Just Like the UK

By ChildHealthSafety

Vaccine Injuries are Real

It appears not only did an Italian Court rule in a case in which an Italian child’s autism was caused by the MMR vaccine, but the Italian government remarkably, accepted Autism was caused by the vaccine but continued to fight cases on the basis that children should receive no compensation whatsoever because the MMR vaccine is not compulsory.  This demonstrates how grossly irresponsible morally bankrupt and corrupt governments and their health officials are when it comes to vaccines.  They demand you have your child vaccinated to protect the very few other sickly children somewhere else who might not come through a disease unscathed but when it all goes wrong for you and your child, you are on your own.

The MMR vaccine concerned, Morupar, contained the Urabe strain of mumps vaccine, just like Pluserix MMR and Immravax MMR vaccines in the UK.  The difference is that the UK Urabe vaccines were withdrawn from sale by the manufacturer in September 1992 because of all the injuries they caused.  Italy was still using Urabe strain MMR vaccines until 2006.

Now, whether or not there is any compensation, what would you prefer?  A child injured for life by a vaccine or not?  And if you choose the first option and have no problem, good luck and thank God but if you do have a problem – you will not get any help from the State even though these are their vaccine programmes and by the 21st Century they have  wholly failed to develop effective treatments for simple childhood diseases.  If they had done, none of our children would be put at risk of the vaccines.  That is the success of 21st Century medicine.

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