Japan: Committed to HPV vaccine Safety, Efficacy and Need

promoting safe, affordable, necessary and effective vaccines and vaccination practicesBy Norma Erickson

The International Symposium on the adverse reactions experienced by girls who have been vaccinated by Human Papillomavirus vaccines and subsequent events which took place in Tokyo this year on February 25th and 26th sparked a debate over HPV vaccine safety, efficacy and need.

The Researchers’ Organization Sounding a Warning concerning the Adverse Reactions induced by Human Papillomavirus Vaccines, reported that Sin Hang Lee, MD, former Associate Professor at Yale University and  currently  pathologist  of  Milford  Hospital, and Professor Franҫois Jerome Authier, MD, Universite Paris XII, Systeme Hospital Henri Mondor de Paris, and research  fellow  Lucija  Tomljenovic,  PhD,  from the University  of  British Columbia, presented evidence regarding the risks involved with HPV vaccines during the symposium, two public press conferences and a government-sponsored public hearing on February 26th.  

These experts presented scientific data supporting several biologically plausible mechanisms of action by which HPV vaccines could cause devastating autoimmune conditions with the same symptoms as those reported by HPV vaccine recipients in Japan and around the world.

Scientific/Medical Evidence Presented:

This science-based information presented by independent experts evidently helped Japanese  lawmakers  and  policy  makers  make  the  right decisions for their citizens regarding  HPV vaccines.

Theories examined 

The ‘official’ theory published on January 20th was proposed by Dr. Yutaka Ohno of Keio University, who publicly stated:

“It is impossible to find physical causes for the alleged and presumed adverse reactions at those vaccinated girls, so we cannot help concluding that their so-called adverse reactions are the mere consequences of psychosomatic reactions.  The government should provide counselling to the girls so that they may be freed from their psychosomatic reactions.”

Dr. Sin Hang Lee

Dr. Sin Hang Lee

According to Dr. Sin Hang Lee:

“If the government were to make the decision based on Dr. Yutaka Ohno’s theory of psychosomatic reactions, that decision will not be based on available science because no scientists at the public hearing believed that psychosomatic reactions can cause sudden unexpected death in sleep among young girls or cause the MRI changes and the histopathology reported in patients of post-Gardasil acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM).”

When asked about the public hearing event, Dr. Sin Hang Lee stated:

“As a pathologist, it is my duty to find plausible mechanisms of action for sudden unexpected death and unexplained acute disseminated (demyelinating) encephalomyelitis after HPV vaccination, and I have proposed such a scientifically plausible mechanism based on known DNA transfection by nanoparticles of aluminum/ DNA complexes.

The opposing opinion is that all symptoms and signs manifested by the post-HPV vaccinated girls were the results of psychosomatic reactions to the local pain at the site of vaccination.

I do not believe psychosomatic reactions can cause sudden unexpected death in sleep, or inflammatory lesions in the brain as demonstrated by the MRI images and the brain biopsy histopathology with perivascular lymphocytes and macrophages and demyelination.

I asked if any scientists in the audience (of course the New Zealand PhD on Video included) believe that psychosomatic reactions can cause sudden unexpected death in sleep and brain inflammation, please raise their hands.”

Then I stated on record that I do not see anyone raising hands in the audience-to conclude my rebuttal.

(Note: The term “transfection” used in Dr. Lee’s testimony means a process of introducing foreign DNA into human cells by non-viral vehicles, such as the aluminum/DNA complex nanoparticles.)

The HPV vaccination policy debate is not over

One set of participants proposed scientifically plausible mechanisms of action for new medical conditions occurring after HPV vaccinations. The other side declared these events are the result of psychosomatic reactions. The same thing is happening in every country where HPV vaccines have been introduced.

Japan clearly demonstrated great courage by allowing the HPV vaccine issues to be scientifically debated in public. Japan followed through by continuing their previously imposed withdrawal of the government recommendation for the administration of HPV vaccines shortly after these debates.

Medical professionals in Japan chose to investigate the causes of neurological manifestations in girls vaccinated with the Human Papillomavirus vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix and publish their findings in an open access peer-reviewed medical journal, Internal Medicine. 

The Japanese MINT study group organized and implemented a 21 year-long study with 21 participating medical institutions to monitor the true impact of HPV vaccines on cervical cancer and published their intention to determine HPV vaccine efficacy.

Japan has done everything they can to demonstrate their committment to the health and well-being of their citizens.

Politicians and health professionals worldwide must follow Japan’s lead

  • allow open scientific debates on HPV vaccines and vaccination policies,
  • investigate all potential adverse reactions, and
  • conduct independent efficacy studies 

Pharmaceutical manufacturers must be forced to promote their products with facts, NOT fear.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers need to understand citizens of the world are people NOT lab rats.

Citizens of the world need health solutions, NOT more health problems.





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