Lauren from North Carolina

Lauren Brooke Mathis (North
Wilkesboro, North Carolina)

Because of Gardasil, my beautiful 13 year old daughter missed almost her entire eighth grade
year. She became severely depressed because she could not attend school or be with her friends like a normal child.  Because of Gardasil, she was “One Less” in all aspects of her life.

She went from being an Academically Gifted student to one who struggled to complete her 8th grade year of school.  She was placed on a modified school plan by her principal who fully backed her because she was an excellent student who had been in the North Carolina Academically Gifted Program since 2nd grade.  Her life became an endless round of hospital and doctor visits with little resolution to the severe pain that she was experiencing.  She was even sent for surgery on her gall bladder at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center where a skilled surgeon recognized the symptoms were more than gall bladder dysfunction and thankfully did not operate.  We have spent the past year researching this horrible vaccine and the side effects and treating her with vitamins and medicine.  My daughter is currently being treated by Duke University’s Children’s Hospital and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Brenner’s Children’s Hospital and the bills are now in the tens of thousands of dollars.  Thankfully, I am a manager for Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse in their Corporate Office and have a good insurance policy which has helped cover the costs associated with the effects of Gardasil.

Lauren’s dates of vaccinations were 2/4/08 (Lot #1448U);
4/16/08 (Lot #1757U);  8/18/08 ( Lot #0067X)

With her second Gardasil vaccination, Lauren also received Varicella 165U and Menactra U2559AA. Symptoms over this past year and a
half have included: enlarged liver, gall bladder attacks, severe nausea, chest pain, severe abdominal pain, severe headaches, brain freezes, stomach ulcer, sensitivity to light. The horrible realization is that VAERS is not accurate.  Prior to Gardasil, I did not know what VAERS was.  When my daughter became ill, I found out about VAERS by research performed on the internet.  My daughter’s doctors did not even know what it was and they did not file a report until I filed one myself and told them they were obligated by law to file a report.  How can the #’s be accurate if doctors don’t file the reports?  I even had to explain what VAERS is.
Shouldn’t VAERS and the adverse side effects of vaccines be taught in medical school or shouldn’t the doctors receive periodic newsletters from the CDC explaining VAERS and its importance? The CDC and FDA are not doing their jobs.  If they were, after tens of
thousands of people died from Merck’s VIOXX, how was Gardasil so quickly pushed into the marketplace?  Someone with the proper authority needs to research this and get a full understanding as to how this could happen when Merck had already been proven to be at fault for so many deaths.  Who is protecting the American citizens and our precious children?  How many girls will have to die before someone takes this seriously?  I beg of you to please ensure that this is investigated and that some changes are made to the VAERS reporting system which includes doctors being held responsible for reporting all adverse reactions following vaccinations.  They should not simply brush reports of adverse reactions aside and just referring to them as “she just has a virus.”  A virus would not last for one year, and the doctors do not understand the side effects of the vaccines that they are giving.  It should be mandatory that the doctors fully understand vaccines and their side effects and that they inform the parents UPFRONT of what could happen.

I pray that you consider my comments seriously and recognize that there are many issues which require to be investigated. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 336-838-7578 or email me at RDMATHIS2@CHARTER.NET.


  1. Hi
    My name is Joana and I am from Portugal
    First of all wish the best to Lauren
    Second i would like to give my testamony
    Last Year I went to a gynecologist afther I was exam by the doctor she advise to take the vacine agaist HPV because i am still a virgen and my family have history in cancer and my grandmother had a Cancer in uterus, so the doctor a advise to took the vaccine.
    Althoug I had to buy because at the time the free vaccines only gave to teenagers, I refused to buy.
    I said to the doctor I refused to take because it had terriables side effects, she said as the tetanus a avaccine this mandatory in Portugal.
    I was very shook at the doctor said who she could compared the vaccine of tetanus to the vaccinne of HPV.

  2. Mindanoiha says:

    This is yet one more of so many sad cases after Gardasil. How many more will there be before this scandalous vaccine is removed from the market? Our sincere wishes for a complete recovery for Lauren and thanks to her mother for sharing her story. In this way she is helping to warn many others about the dangers of this horrible vaccine.

    VAERS, the system for reporting of adverse events is completely unsatisfactory and needs to be revised as soon as possible.

    The package insert for Gardasil invites adverse events to be reported with this formulation:
    “To report SUSPECTED ADVERSE REACTIONS, contact Merck & Co., Inc. at 1-877-888-4231 or VAERS at 1-800-822-7967 or www.”

    Note that the vaccine manufacturer’ s name, Merck and contact information are stated first. The company is given ample opportunity to become involved in many cases and to manipulate reports. This is the fox guarding the henhouse.

    Obviously Merck, a company which is well known for its ingrained culture of corruption and criminality, will employ every possible means to avoid adverse events being reported to VAERS.

    Girls who have reported adverse events are known to have been contacted by Merck for further details and discussion. Many are undoubtedly mislead and believe that their cases have been officially registered when this is not necessarily the case.

    It is not known how many girls, nor the number of doctors who have contacted Merck about adverse events, have been bribed to keep cases quiet.

    The company is also known to threaten doctors who are negative towards their products and to liberally pay those who are positive.

    If Merck does forward a case to VAERS it may well have been manipulated so that the information is insufficient or misleading. It is maintained that a large number of cases which are reported by manufacturers to VAERS are in this category and therefore not included in the statistics for adverse events.

    Regulations should be changed regarding the ability of manufacturers to be involved in reporting adverse events to VAERS.

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