MAI Sends Open Letter to Minister for Health and Children/HSE

June 2011: Mothers Alliance Ireland also sent an Open Letter to the Minister for Health and Children and the HSE. This letter speaks for itself. They ask everyone to please feel free to forward this letter to their local newspapers and radio stations as well as to everyone on their mailing list.

On behalf of the girl-children and women who will be saved by your action, Mothers Alliance Ireland says mile buiochas.

Le dea gui,
Nora Bennis
MAI National Spokesperson


They also sent copies of their ‘Open Letter’ to the Garda Commissioner, together with copy of their cover letter to the Ombudsman for Children and their original letter of 8th September, 2010 to the Minister for Health and Children, suggesting that they believe that a crime has been committed and asking him to investigate.


Read MAI’s Open Letter to the Irish Minister and HSE here.

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