Measles News: Truth or Scare?

[SaneVax: Measles outbreaks are appearing in the ‘news’ quite regularly, almost always with some ‘health authority’ urging further vaccinations of the population at large. You never see any mention of the side-effects associated with the vaccine being recommended. What happened to informed consent? Should one not know the risks, as well as the benefits? It appears the ‘health authorities’ have made up their minds as to what is best for everyone on the planet. They do not wish to be confused with the facts; nor do they want medical consumers confused with the facts.]

The Measles Lie, and the ongoiong ad campaign disguised as news

By D. Holt

Vaccine Exemptions - Public Health?

(NaturalNews) An article in the Daily Mail UK, has reported that there has been the highest rate of measles infection since 1988. It goes on to say that 214 cases have been reported in the Mersey-side area alone. In a blatant advert for the MMR vaccination, Dr Roberto Vivancos from the Health Protection Agency, said “It is obvious from these statistics that people who are not fully vaccinated are not just at risk themselves, but they pose an infection risk to others.” He is also quoted as saying that measles is “very infectious and can cause very serious complications” and that he would “strongly advise parents to ensure that their children are vaccinated.”

The first measles vaccine was available in the UK in 1968 and US in 1963. The infection and death rates for measles had decreased significantly over the previous century with the introduction of better sanitation, food and warmer homes. The death and infection rates did not significantly change after 1968, but rather raised and fell seasonally as it had previously. The controversial MMR vaccine was introduced in 1988 in the UK and the US and again no significant change in death rates have occurred since.

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