My Personal Battle After Gardasil

By Jennifer Guldin, Tennessee

Gardasil Nightmares

Gardasil nightmares for all of us.

My name is Jennifer Guldin, and I am 27 years old. Gardasil has impacted the lives of everyone I care about. I am married to the most wonderful man, Dustin.  God truly knew what He was doing when He had our paths cross seven years ago.  He has been such a blessing in my life, and I truly do not know what I would do without him.  I have the most amazingly beautiful and smart little girl, named Gracyn.  She is my motivation and the reason I am able to get up every single morning, and fight this battle.  My story would not be complete without my mom.  She is my rock and my hero; words cannot describe how truly amazing she is.

I am unique from a lot of the girls that have been injured by Gardasil, because I did not receive the vaccine until I was 25 years old.  I was already happily married and had a beautiful 3-year old daughter, prior to receiving the Gardasil vaccination.  Gardasil has not only affected me, but it has also affected my loved ones who have had to witness me suffer on a daily basis for the last two years. I truly believe it has been equally difficult for them, just in a different way.

Life before Gardasil

In high school I was very active.  I was a cheerleader, which I absolutely loved!  I also enjoyed dance, gymnastics, and exercising, among many other activities.  After graduating high school, I went on to college where I met the love of my life, Dustin.  We were married in July of 2007 on the beautiful beach in Perdido Key, Florida.  God then blessed us with a beautiful and amazing little girl named Gracyn in August of 2008.  Life was near perfect in my eyes!  Other than two knee surgeries, from previous cheerleading injuries, and being fatigued as a new mother, I was in very good health.  This all changed in September of 2011.

I visited my OB/GYN for my annual pap smear in September of 2011 and was approached about the Gardasil vaccination.  The nurse explained to me that Gardasil was to prevent against a sexually transmitted disease, HPV, and that there were absolutely no side effects.  I told her that I was happily married and was not concerned about sexually transmitted diseases.

She then proceeded to present various scenarios to me:  what if my husband has an affair or what if he passes away, and I remarry.  I was starting to get annoyed with her at this point because she was not addressing the reason I was there, and now I even felt like she was attacking my marriage.  I once again expressed my disinterest in the vaccine.  She threw the words “cancer prevention” out there!  The nurse continued and mentioned that I was about to turn 26 years old, and once I did my insurance would no longer pay for me to receive the very expensive Gardasil vaccine.  If I changed my mind later, I would have to pay for it out of pocket.

After taking into consideration that my mom had breast cancer not too long ago and that it would probably be silly for me to pass up something that could protect me from going through what she did, I reluctantly agreed to get the Gardasil vaccine.  That single moment has negatively impacted the past two years of my life and quite possibly may affect the rest of my life. 

Life after Gardasil

Although I was very sick after the first two Gardasil injections, the third injection was the most debilitating.  After my third Gardasil vaccination, I was bedridden for approximately six months, which is especially difficult when you are a stay-at-home mom with an active preschooler.  Preparing meals for my daughter or even doing a simple load of laundry was a huge task, and afterwards, I was wiped out with fatigue and even more nauseous than when I first woke up.  The abdominal and pelvic pain was excruciating.  Many times while walking across the floor, the sharp shooting pains would instantly bring me to my knees.

In addition to abdominal and pelvic pain, I also suffer from non-epileptic seizures since being injured by the Gardasil vaccine.  We had saved money to take our daughter to Disney World in Orlando, Florida for her 4th birthday in 2012; of course I wasn’t planning on being sick.  I didn’t want to let my family down, so even though I was reluctant to go on our trip, I did.  I thought I was very prepared with motion sickness patches, Zofran, and Phenerghan to hopefully “get me through” the trip.  I hated to have the attitude of trying to just “get through” our Disney World trip, because it was a special time since it was my daughter’s first time to go.  However, that was exactly how I felt.  Not only did I have to be pushed around in a wheel chair the majority of our vacation due to extreme weakness, but I also experienced my first non-epileptic seizure.  I was lying in our hotel bed one night when my entire body began to shake uncontrollably.  I was overcome with extreme nausea, and although I was aware of what was happening, I was unable to effectively communicate with my husband.  It was terrifying not being in control of my body.  The paramedics arrived to our hotel room, after the “episode” had passed, where they determined I probably had a panic attack.

The nausea and abdominal and pelvic pain were extremely debilitating for me; thankfully it subsided, for the most part, after a very long six months.  I was then greeted with what has been labeled as “migraines with aura, hemiplegic migraines, ocular migraines, and menstrual migraines.” These were very frightening for me, as they mimic strokes.

One morning I was sitting at my dining room table making hair bows for my daughter.  My daughter came in the room to ask me a question, and when I looked up to answer her, it was as if her face was a puzzle, and the center piece was missing.  I immediately went into panic mode, thinking I was going blind.  Moments later my peripheral vision disappeared.  It was terrifying!  Thankfully, my husband was home for his lunch break from work, so he rushed me to the hospital.  On the way to the hospital, my vision returned to normal, but then the left side of my body began to go numb.  First, my fingers and left hand went numb, and then the numbness migrated up my left arm and to the left side of my face.  Once the numbness wore off, I had the most horrific head pain, apparently a migraine.  This was one of the times since being injured by Gardasil that I was quite certain I was actually going to lose my life.  I have never been more terrified.

I have since had three major “episodes” of this nature that consist of temporary vision loss and distortion, numbness in my left hand, left arm, and left side of my face, followed by the most excruciating head pain I have ever experienced in my life.

In addition to the migraines, non-epileptic seizures, abdominal and pelvic pain, and severe nausea, I have also experienced:

  • extreme brain fog
  • internal tremors (I can feel them throughout my body, however they are not visible),
  • extreme temperature intolerance
  • food allergies
  • extreme light, smell, and noise sensitivity
  • dizziness
  • joint pain and stiffness
  • tingling in hands and feet
  • hair loss
  • lightheadedness
  • extreme fatigue
  • blurry vision
  • chest pains
  • muscle weakness, especially left-side (all three injections were given in the left arm)
  • out of body experiences
  • heavy menstrual cycles
  • flu-like symptoms
  • abdominal bloating
  • mouth sores
  • constipation/diarrhea
  • gait disturbances
  • pressure in head
  • feelings of intense electric shock or sensation in my head

When I get up each morning and look into the mirror, I have to tell myself that it’s really me looking back.  I do not feel like “me” anymore.  I feel like a stranger living in this body.  I watch in envy as others’ lives continue on, I want so badly to have my “normal, near perfect” life back again.

I refuse to accept that this is my new “normal.”  I have to overcome this, if not for myself, then for my beautiful daughter.  She is growing and changing every single day, and although I’m here physically with her, mentally I feel as if I am elsewhere; I am lost.

Gardasil has already stolen so much from me and my loved ones.  My family, especially my husband and my mom, miss the girl that they once knew…I miss her too.  I know that their love for me has not changed, but I hate knowing how difficult this has been for them.  I feel like a burden to those around me, not because they make me feel that way, but because I have lost so much of my independence since Gardasil.  I have to rely on others to help me with things that I was once able to do on my own.  Every time I have an “attack” it sets me back several weeks to months in my recovery process; it’s very frustrating and discouraging.

I am writing my story for a couple reasons.  One reason is for me.  I feel like this is an important step in my recovery process.  I have been going through the grieving process since finding out that I was injured by the Gardasil vaccine…denial, anger, bargaining, and depression.  I’m hoping that by writing my story, I will be able to move on to acceptance and begin to heal from what I have lost, which is my health and the person I used to be.

Secondly, I am writing my story in hopes of helping other girls, and boys, not have to go through the horrible experiences that I have had to endure, along with thousands of other innocent girls.  Is everyone going to have the same outcome from Gardasil as I have?  No, thankfully.  Some will and have tolerated it fine, while others are far worse than me, or not alive to share their stories.

I am here to urge you to educate yourself before you choose to vaccinate, something I wish I had done because if I had researched, my outcome would have been very different.

Read my health timeline here.


  1. This comment is for Jennifer. I went through a similar experience. And cancer. I am an evangelical Christian, not a charasmatic or sensationalist.
    I did ask the women’s pastor and women of my church to come to pray with me and for my healing ~ if that was God’s will ~ I was WILLING to be healed. I did go through the doctor recommended therapies and to the amazement of a team of specialist have been healed. Your story makes me want to encourage you to go to your church body and ask for prayer for healing in God’s will and in God’s way. Blessings.

  2. shawna snyder says:

    I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you after the Gardasil vaccine. Our daughter received 1 of the 3 vaccines and within 16 days was a quadriplegic on life support. She was 12 years old. Today she is 17 years old and studying to be a professional dancer. Since she was released from the hospital she has been in and out of doctors offices and ERs because of various problems. She is repeatedly told there is nothing wrong with her and it is all in her head. She has been told she is having panic attacks also. Then earlier this year we found a doctor who specializes in adverse affects from Gardasil. He is very expensive, but she is finally feeling better and she is very hopeful that she will feel even better. You can meet with this doctor in person or over Skype. We love him and what he is doing for our daughter.

    • Would you please pass me the name of the Dr. you are seeing? Is he/she in the Sth West? Thank you very much!

      • Sheila Ball says:

        Please send me the name of the physician who can help with the adverse affects of Gardisil. My daughter suffers tremendously
        and we have seen so many doctors. She is 19 years olds and had the shot at about 12 years of age. I’m beginning to think all of
        her health problems were caused by Gardisil. Is it possible that the symptoms could appear 6 years later?

        • Liaa Hall says:

          Hi Sheila- Can you explain your daughters symptoms? if possible can you email me? My daughter is having bad stomach pains done lots of test and can’t figure out why.. I’m thinking it’s the shot but want to educate myself. My email is

    • Rita Little says:

      How is your daughter doing now Shawna? What doctor were you recommending?

  3. Thanks for sharing your story. Look into heavy metal chelation, and leaky gut diet. Doing both could greatly help!! Vaccines being filled with heavy metals (as well as other toxins) wreak havoc on your body, causing leaky gut among many other things, which in turn leads to another whole host of issues.

    • I am so sorry to hear you are experiencing this. I agree with what Nicole says. You may want to investigate the GAPS diet. It works by detoxifying your body and healing it.

    • Very sorry for what happened to you….someone has to sue these corporations that produce such misery on innocent people. They are right your need to detoxify from heavy metals first….here is a recipe which is great : Chlorela coconut water fresh cilantro and a little bit of bladderwrack that is rfeally helpful to remove heavy metals. If you need more info contact me on FB.

  4. Please check into Cease Therapy! Vaccines can be reversed through Classical homeopathy! You don’t have to live like that forever. God Bless You!

    • Thank you for your story.
      I agree. Homeopathy can reverse effects of some vaccines.
      My homeopathic doctor created the “sequential therapy” where he drains the body of vaccines, antibiotics
      and traumas with homeopathic remedies.
      I am in Switzerland, but there are trained doctors in the US.using this method.

  5. You are not alone. We were all lied to. The Hep b series ended life as I knew it. I’m in end stage lupus with poly cystic kidneys now. My life is nearly over & I’m not even 60. god bless you.

    • Judy, go to and see if there’s an expert in your area. If there isn’t, contact them and they can help you locate the nearest expert or they can help you long distance. They have had much success helping people with lupus and, judging from what you wrote, it seems like you’ve got nothing to lose at this point. I strongly urge you to contact them!!

  6. Julie Leatherbarrow says:

    Thank you for sharing your story so that others know the truth behind this horrible and unnecessary vaccine. I hope that you do find something to help rid your body of the toxins that were injected into you and that you can go back to living as you should.

  7. God Bless You. You are in my prayers. I promise you, I will share your story. Your courage and words are literally protecting my 3 daughters.

  8. Audra Straus says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. My 16 year old daughter suffers from some of the same side effects from a different vaccine. She has chronic fatigue, headaches, vertigo, and trouble regulating her body temperature. She has gotten lots of relief from the vertigo by wearing Sea Bands. They sell them at drug stores with the motion sickness pills. They are just little wristbands that had a plastic button that pushes on a pressure point on your wrist. She also uses a few different essential oils for the headaches. Those work like magic! I know you, just like us, have probable tried many different pills and potions and can’t imagine trying one more thing. But I can’t not imagine not offering to share the miracles the oils have worked in her life. Let me know if you’re interested and I can send you a list of what she uses and why.

    Blessings to you,

    • Hi Audra,

      Has your daughter tried the repositioning maneuver to address her vertigo? I experienced it several years back, and an ENT doctor performed the maneuver on me, which resulted in four years free of vertigo. It came back about a month ago, and I found another maneuver on YouTube by Carol Foster, MD that requires you to do a half-roll (starting on your knees). My sister and I have both used this maneuver, and the vertigo was gone immediately for both of us. The nausea may not go away right away, but the spinning will. I hope this can help…vertigo is an awful thing to live with.

      Here’s the link:


  9. Melanie Campanis says:

    I am sorry that you have been through this and appreciate you sharing your story for others to learn from. I urge you to look into Dr. Robert Morse ND. He is a naturopath based in Florida and has a number of videos on YouTube in which he helps folk overcome their ailments through natural means and detoxification. I believe that you will find his videos very helpful.

    • I’m glad someone mentioned Dr. Morse, he’s been fighting this kind of nonsense over 40 years. Please people, do not vaccinate until you know the truth! I encourage this woman to call his office, and talk to them. He uses detox with fruits and herbs, natural things put on this earth for our use, not man made drugs created in labs for profit!

  10. Vicki Scott says:

    My daughter also had side effects of this vaccine, although not as severe as what most have had. My daughter became dizzy after the first shot. After the second shot she stood up and walked to the hallway and stood there while I was talking to the nurse for a couple of minutes. She then started to walk back to me and on her way she passed out. She hit her head on the floor really hard. I screamed as she was falling which in turn brought several people running to our room. She regained consciousness and the nurse had her sit up. While the nurse was asking her questions she passed out again. My daughter ended up with a concussion from this. Now she is absolutely terrified of any type of shots.

  11. Most people are unfortunately unaware that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science and that vaccines don’t prevent, but CAUSE ill-health which is their REAL purpose!

  12. Homeopathy will help you and others heal… Thanks for sharing!

  13. Sorry it happened to you!
    I would contact Dr.Lindsey Donhun

    Prayers goes to you and your family,

    Much love

  14. Please strongly consider Andy Cutler chelation. and join the Yahoo Frequent Dose Chelation group. The list of stories like ours is only going to grow as long as these toxic vaccines continue to be pushed upon us. Remove amalgam fillings, if you have them, and you can chelate the mercury and other metals from the vaccine and fully recover. Don’t lose hope, you are not alone in this! May God bless and heal you, and keep you strong.

  15. Jennifer ♡ u r in my thoughts n prayers ♡ God bless you and your family

  16. Jennifer,

    Please go to and see if you can find an expert in your area or contact them for help. They can help you detox (through chelation) and will design a program specifically for you including nutritional supplements and diet. Everything is based on blood tests and hair, urine, and stool analyses. Their objective is to get your body to repair itself and restore your health. My husband is currently studying to become an expert in this. I am so sorry for everything you’ve been through and I wish you the best of luck in getting your health back.

  17. Sherri Dallas says:

    Jennifer, I was devastated when I read your story and am so glad I refused this vaccine when offered to my son at his last Dr. visit. My kids received vaccines when they were little but I have begun refusing all follow ups and new ones since researching the effects they have. I was never vaccinated as a child but was required when I went on a church mission to Africa in 2011. I am 43 years old. I have severe migraines, wake up sick to my stomach most days and am constantly plagued by fatigue, vision problems, anxiety, controlling my body temperature, etc. It is very frustrating. Audra…..what essential oils do you use……I would love to try alternative methods. Jennifer I pray for you and wish you a miracle recovery!

  18. So sorry this is happening to you and the different things that all of you that are posting. I have never heard of this vaccine although my boy is young. Is this vaccine for boys too? I am not an anti-vaccine parent but have second thoughts every time he is due. There by the grace of God go I. Praying for you all.

    • At my sons 14 year old check up our doctor suggested he start the vax. I said over my dead body, he tried to combat with data and I said the data I want to see is research on who gets reactions and WHY. Until then, don’t talk to me about it,

  19. Kerrie Weems says:

    Ive heard of things that can detox vaccines. Im not sure the details yet, but I know of products that can help with this naturally and safely. Im more then willing to share with you what Im learning on this. Please feel free to email me : Prayers for you!

  20. angelia medlin says:

    Wow, what a horrible thing you have had to deal with due to the vaccine. I am sorry. I am lucky in the aspect that I was to old to get that vaccine, therefore wasnt pressured by the doctors to receive it. I am angry that you plus many others are suffering due to this vaccine. Its not right! I am hesitant to get vaccines for my son after noticing his language skills decreasing and showing signs of autism. I have stopped all vaccines, yet the school he goes to states that I have to get his vaccines up to date in order for him to attend school. I continue to argue with his pediatrician about his vaccines. As long as I still have the right to say NO to vaccines, I will do so. No parent should have to deal with this madness.

  21. Thank you for sharing. I went through / am going through a similar experience. The mourning process is difficult – even after 6 years part of me is still in “protest” or “denial,” unable to believe my health, body and appearance changed forever. I would encourage you to learn as much as you can about detoxifying heavy metals from your brain and body. I have been doing everything I possibly can to detoxify, rebuild and rehabilitate using nutrition and I am much stronger. Good luck.

    • Hi Heidi, are you the person who is responsible for The Art of Healing Trauma website? If you are I just wanted to say your website has been one of the most helpful resources for dealing with my PTSD. I love the site and your art work <3. I find it to be a funny happenstance that you are on here also! 🙂 I have also been injured by the HPV vaccine and my life and body have been deteriorating since 2009, since the injection. I was dying and my body was so weak that it could not in anyway process the copious amounts of trauma that I had experienced all throughout life. However, of late, I have managed to physically heal and now I am able to do process work. Thank you so much and I'm sorry you have had to also endure so much hardship.

  22. Jennifer,

    IMO you have mercury/metals poisoning and need to chelate with DMSA.

    You should immediately try eliminating ALL grains (not just wheat), and all added sugars.

    Eat small amounts of fats & proteins every 1-3 hours – to combat your fatigue and support your adrenal glands (they are where your weakness is coming from).

    I spent the last year in bed from mercury poisoning and have now made huge strides in recovery.

    You are welcome to message me on Facebook: /davidschwind


  23. Jennifer – you are very brave and strong it seems. Thank you so much for sharing – my heart breaks for you and your loved ones. These vaccines are heinous crimes of our nation being perpetrated on women, children and the elderly. It is in fact genocide and depopulation. I am outraged at the manipulation and insistence of the so called “medical profession”… they are the “death profession” in reality. I am doing what I can to raise awareness to all people and I will surely post this to my page on Facebook with 1000 plus people reading. Thank you for speaking out and standing up. BRAVO! I am praying and sending healing thoughts your way Jennifer. LOVE AND RESPECT. <3

  24. Some one who read your post sent me the link. I have several women you could speak too on how our program helped them- I am located in Birmingham and do phone and skype consults all over. I have personally sat down with Dr. Diane Harper to discover the mechanism of how this vaccine worked so that we can rebuild the injured areas.

  25. Just a thought – have you had a thyroid work up? Some of your symptoms sound like a thyroid issue. Might be worth checking into if you haven’t.

  26. Thank you for your story. I never knew of this, and if I were asked about receiving it for myself or my daughter, I would have probably would have. I am terrible about researching things like that, but I definitely will from now on. I appreciate your story!

  27. I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. You may want to think about going to a holistic doctor that specializes in Nutritional Response Testing. I have going to my doctor who does this and have had great response. I didn’t take the vaccine, but I was having extreme fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, extreme brain fog, painful menstrual cycle and more. I’ve gone from barely able to take my dog for a walk to running 3 miles. I have so much more energy, my brain fog is better, everything is better. Oh I stopped getting mouth sores with I switched to organic tooth paste. I really hope you do get better soon. I will keep you in my prayers.

  28. Been having similar symptoms for 11 years now. But only in last couple months did I trace the symptoms back to a vaccine I was given in 2002. I recently was told about zeolite. Zeo pure. It has done WONDERS. It has been removing the toxins, formaldehyde, msg, mercury, aluminum, and viruses from the vaccine. My body and brain feels soooooooooooo much better. I don’t know if the liquid works too. I use the powder. I researched this mineral and found out that the military and medical people use this for chemical poisoning…which is what your symptoms are. Do not give up hope. Please try zeolite, or coconut charcoal, or bentonite, or diatomaceous earth….to reduce the levels of the toxins and heavy metals. You can also get a hair mineral/heavy metal test, and blood toxicity test to monitor your progress of detoxification. The other things that have helped me is eating only organic, no food preservatives or chemicals, no chemicals in home or in body products, using raw himalayan salt therapy and borax therapy and boosting electrolytes with Mt. Capra Mineral Whey. Prayers and hugs to you and your family.

  29. Hi Jennifer,
    Your experience sounds like my daughter’s. She has been following a protocol for about the past year which has really turned things around. After going to numerous specialists, modern and traditional medicine, we stepped back from treatment and worked on 3 things ourselves, avoiding toxins, detoxing and building her immune system back up. She went from bedridden and walking with a cane (she was miserable for the 1 hour she was out of bed per day) to returning to school (freshman at college, living in the dorm). She is still hit with migraines and opportunistic illnesses that her siblings also get, but she is 95% better. If you feel that any of my daughter’s therapy would be helpful to you, send me a message. dplee089(at)icloud_dot_com We tried to keep it cost free or cheap since at one time we were spending thousands. All the Best!!

  30. Janem1276 says:

    A lot of the symptoms you list are migraine related. I’m not sure I would proclaim to the world that I was having non epileptic seizures since those are psychologically based, not medically. You can not have a true seizure full body and be conscious at the time

  31. Jamie Johnson says:

    This is for Jennifer, I am so sorry you had to go through all this. And I can say that because I have been in your shoes. I received my vaccines at 24 and have now had 7 abdominal surgeries since including a hysterectomy at 33. I have experienced all of the side effects you have and I am now raising a 6 yr old with Autism. You get up and go through what you can everyday. I applaud you for being able to speak out about your story. Thnk you for speaking for so many of us.


  1. […] Posted November 27, 2013 My name is Jennifer Guldin, and I am 27 years old. Gardasil has impacted the lives of everyone I care about. I am married to the most wonderful man, Dustin.  God truly knew what He was doing when He had our paths cross seven years ago.  He has been such a blessing in my life, and I truly do not know what I would do without him.  I have the most amazingly beautiful and smart little girl, named Gracyn.  She is my motivation and the reason I am able to get up every single morning, and fight this battle.  Read more.  […]

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