Ornella from Avila


Age when she was vaccinated: 13 years old.

City- Country Avila- Spain

Diagnosis: Incapacitated

Symptoms: Since Ornella got the vaccine she is unable to do physical education.  Her medical tests show a low level of potassium – she has tremors, she gets sick, she has headaches and has experienced loss of sight and dizziness.  After being admitted to the emergency unit of the hospital she was discharged after 7 hours resting. She has been advised to see a psychologist but her mother says her daughter is not a crazy girl.  Her condition worsens almost always when she has her menstrual cycle.

Dates of vaccination:  9/22/08 first shot and received the second shot on 11/24/2008. She did not receive the third shot.

She was vaccinated with Gardasil. Batch:  First shot NG432200; Second shot N643220

Not recovered:  She still has crisis.

HPV vaccine has changed our lives.

It is terrible we are always worried when she starts shaking and has tachipnea (rapid shallow breathing) because we have to go to hospital. I believe that they should investigate a little since there are children who have common symptoms. I hope they take care of them before it is too late.


  1. Mindanoiha says:

    Yet one more sad, sad case after Gardasil.

    Just to elaborate a little about batches:
    In pharmaceutical production there are never two batches which are the same with respect to test results, be they physical, chemical or microbiological etc. This applies to all injections/vaccines. One operates in regions, for example: the amount of an ingredient must be within +10% to – 10% of the stated amount.

    A certain (small) percentage from each batch is tested and it is deduced from these results whether or not the whole batch should be approved.

    Recalls are made on the basis of sample control for each batch. A satisfactory test result does imply a garantee that the whole batch is up to standard. Vaccines are delivered to many states and to many countries. Recall systems vary from efficient to non-existent.

    Sometimes when there are serious adverse events reported we hear that the batch was maybe a hot one. The fact is that every batch is a hot batch!

  2. I pray for Ornella and you. I am sorry that the US drug companies are spreading fear and disinformation.

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