Parents of HPV vaccine survivors close Colombian schools

BREAKING NEWS: According to a local source in Carmen de Bolivar,


Educational institutions are closed indefinitely due to the girl’s health reasons (HPV)

Parents of girls negatively affected by HPV vaccinations blocked classes in educational institutions with padlocks on the doors of schools. They are asking to be heard by the national, departmental and municipal government. Hundreds of local girls affected by the vaccine  have been left without treatment while the government refuses to acknowledge the HPV vaccine is causing serious side effects.

What this means is families will no longer tolerate the unbearable situation caused by the vaccine. The girls’ health keeps deteriorating. Families are experiencing financial hardships, and the social fabric is being destroyed in a small and poor community by the Colombia coast.

Today when hundreds of children of Carmen de Bolivar were to resume classes after the midyear holiday, they found their schools closed by several groups of parents of girls who are suffering new medical conditions after administration of the vaccine against human papilloma virus, Gardasil.

With banners and padlocks, parents blocked access toneducational institutions to demand the government respond on more than 1,000 cases, which according to the associations of parents of Carmen de Bolivar, have been presented in this municipality.

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