Pastoral Medical Association

pastoral-medical-assn-logoWelcome to the Pastoral Medical Association

To assure that the people have a choice in medicine,

you must first protect the practitioners right to offer that safer choice!

Are your patients demanding a safer

alternative to conventional medicine?

Are you a State licensed health care provider that would like to offer a safer solution to your patients but are concerned about “standards of care”?

Are you an unlicensed natural health provider that is afraid to “come out of the closet”?

“Alternatives” to conventional medicine is a billion dollar industry simply because of “patient demand”. From that “large voice” the message is very clear…

“The people demand safer alternatives”

The PMA understands that the people can only have access to alternatives if those alternatives are actually available, and that is the basis of the PMA mission. We are working to protect the people’s access to the Creators safe health care options by protecting the rights of practitioners to offer such services and options.

Remove Access, Remove the People’s Choice!

If you are a health care provider we invite you to explore the benefits of PMA license for you and for your patients.

Learn more about the Pastoral Medical Association here. 

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