Post-Cervarix Syndrome: Deanna from Margate, Kent, UK

By Lisa Stanley

Cervarix Impact?

Cervarix Impact?

My daughter was a happy, healthy normal teenage girl who enjoyed school. She had lots of friends and was socially active, going out and enjoying herself and getting involved at school. Her only health problem was she was overweight.

In October 2011, Deanna brought home from school a consent form for the HPV injection. I had a quick look online and just read about cancer and how all school girls were having it done. I therefore agreed to give my consent.

Deanna had the 1st injection on the 5th of November 2011. She was fine that day, but for a few weeks after, she kept saying her arm still hurt. As time passed this went away. She had her second injection on either the 22nd or 23rd of January 2012. The next day she had flu-like symptoms and was generally not feeling well. The next day, Deanna had developed a cough, her skin color had changed and she was very pale; not feeling well at all. By evening we had to take her to our local A&E.

She was admitted to the hospital with a chest infection and asthma. Deanna remained in the hospital for 7 nights and was given a mixture of steroids and antibiotics. After two days of taking the steroids, Deanna started to develop pains in her ribs and chest. The doctors just said it was because she had a chest infection. While in the hospital, doctors referred her to asthma and weight clinics for further appointments.

After Deanna came home, we spent the next 5-6 weeks going back and forth to doctors, hospital and A&E because the pain she was having was not going away. It was spreading to other parts of her body: arms, hands, legs, feet, head, eyes, back and ribs. She was experiencing pain day and night. She was very unsettled and unable to rest or sleep. Most nights, she was still awake at 3-4 am. Doctors gave Deanna 6-7 different pain killers in several different doses. Nothing took the pain away. The inhalers did not work either.

We waited for months and months to see different consultants, all doing the same blood tests, examining her and saying there is nothing they can find wrong. Some of the doctors have said that it is all in her head. It is particularly depressing for her to think the doctors believe it is all in her head. She is beginning to believe she will have to spend the rest of her life in pain. At her age, that is not a pleasant thought. Doctors have referred her to a mental health unit, but we are still waiting for an appointment.

Due to Deanna’s health, she was off sick from school for most of February through October. We have now arranged with the school for her to attend classes at a later time with the provision that she is able to sit out of class and rest as needed. The school nurses team is working with us to help arrange a time-table with the school that suits Deanna’s needs. She is no longer able to take the bus to and from school due to her pain. Walking to and from the bus stop is just too much for her.

She no longer participates in any sport due to the additional pain it causes when she tries to take part. She no longer meets up with her friends and has slowly lost contact with some of them. Life for Deanna has changed very much.

Over the last year, Deanna has seen consultants for her pain, weight, asthma, and eyes. In January 2013, she was finally seen at the London University College Hospital where they diagnosed her with chronic pain syndrome. They also gave her medication to help with sleep. For the last 3 weeks Deanna has had some rest, but she is still in constant pain. Our next appointment is not until August 2013, so nothing is being done about her pain.

Our family has made many changes to accommodate Deanna’s needs. I have to take her to and from school. In the early months when she was off sick, we had family members come to our home to look after Deanna while we worked. We purchased a new bed, hoping this will help her be a little more comfortable and perhaps reduce some of the pain. We cut dairy product out of her diet, which alleviated the asthma symptoms completely. She is losing weight, even though this is not a symptom. We eat only organic foods so that no more chemicals go into her body. We are trying to detox her from the injection. We paid for her to see a homeopath and to have allergy testing done.

This has been Deanna’s journey so far.


  1. Erwin Alber says:

    I suggest you investigate homeopathic CEASE therapy.

    If you private message me on Facebook I can give you a practitioner’s name in the UK.

    All the best!

  2. My daugher has had Kineisiology which has helped enormously. x Do hope you find something that works for her. Keep looking as I’m sure you will.

  3. Antoinette Barnes says:

    Alfie Gough trust may be able to help with more dietary ideas. I wish you all the best.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Use common sense.
    They put various toxins in her that’s why she’s been suffering.
    Therefore, what needs to be done is to detox her.

    I assume mainly it’s aluminium therefore taking zeolite should help detoxing. Zeolite could take zinc away as well, so it might be an idea to take zinc as well. Other general detoxing is recommended, such as Yaeyama Chlorella and so forth…

    But you’d probably better have her hair test along with MELISA test if possible.

    CONVENTIONAL medicine can’t really help her in genuine sense but only gives her more poison that she’d most likely have to deal with later.

    I know some victims in Japan(of Cervarix or Gardasil) given some psychiatric medicine, being told it was a pain killer, and some are suffering from that. Therefore, if she took any of those, you need to take time to quit, which could cause more pain… It’s a horrible ugly trap and actually an UNFORGIVABLE CRIME being committed in so many countries.

    • > some psychiatric medicine

      Especially the one called “benzodiazepines(benzo for short)” and alike.
      Could be in sleeping pills.
      Check the ingredients of all the medicines Deanna had to take.
      If they are benzo and alike, you’ve gotta find a doctor/expert who knows how to reduce and
      quit the meds safely.

      > where they diagnosed her with chronic pain syndrome

      That’s a pseudo name, Lisa in order to hide this horrible adverse health effect
      of the vaccine!

      I wrote what I’ve found about how to detox on this page.
      Basically, apart from getting rid of benzo, glutathione cream, Yaeyama chlorella
      and some good anti-oxidant. When her body’s functioning ok, you could start
      giving her zeolite from a teeny tiny amount cause it’s a powerful detoxing agent
      and if her system is not well enough, her body might not be able to get the aluminium
      zeolite pulled out of her cells out of her body.

      Eating organic food is good but eliminate wheat on top of dairy, eat organic brown rice.
      Soak it in water for long so that it start germinating before cooking.

  5. Hi, I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter. That is so sad.
    I’d highly recommend that you listen to what is known as the Gerson Tapes – work by Dr Max Gerson.

    Ive been listening to them and am convinced that the body can be totally restored from the worst cancer’s if you really want to.
    It’s not enough just to eat organic I’m afraid. It’s a lifestyle you will have to adopt until her body is restored enough and given what it needs.

    There are books on Amazon re the therapy and you can also get the Audio here:

    All the very best

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