RateAdrug provides a free online source for information on prescription drugs and their side effects. The goal is to provide
unique user-generated data on side effects and subtle side effects of medications. We collect surveys, which take about 5 minutes to complete, and they ask questions about side effects, changes in health, etc and then aggregate the data to display online. We want to know how these prescription drugs make patients feel. RateADrug is not a content provider. We do not advocate use of any drugs or any drug manufacturers. We simply act as a vehicle for the community voice.

We want to let both patients and practitioners know about how they can participate in or benefit from the project. Users can add their experiences with a treatment and learn more about how the treatment is affecting them by taking a short, confidential survey.

They can also use RateADrug to compare aggregate data for different treatments- both conventional and alternative and forward the results of their own surveys to their doctors or family members.

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