Retired NCI/NIH Program Director supports Vaccine Safety Commission

By Norma Erickson

After President-elect Donald Trump met with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an environmental attorney, on January 10, 2017, mainstream news media immediately aired their concerns about the possibility that Trump might ask a vaccine critic to chair a committee on vaccine safety. Echoing the media outcry, Nature magazine rushed out an editorial written by an anonymous author titled  “Trump’s vaccine-commission idea is biased and dangerous,” calling all scientists to “fight back with the truth about the debunked link between vaccines and autism” as if a presidential commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity would be the biggest assault on science.

The SaneVax team has interviewed several scientists who prefer to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, regarding their opinions about Trump’s idea. All of them think an independent vaccine safety commission that is not influenced by the industry is good for scientific integrity.  However, Dr. Sin Hang Lee, MD felt strong enough to write a comment on the Nature Editorial which can be viewed here:

SaneVax also discovered other recent scientific publications (links below) by an independent senior molecular scientist and cancer researcher, Dr. Mahin Khatami, PhD. She raises serious concerns about the safety and hidden agenda behind the visionless projects such as HPV and other vaccines that the cancer/medical establishment developed for targeting the young population.  Her published objections on HPV vaccines are supportive of the Trump Administration plan for an independent commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity.

Details of Professor Khatami’s scientific concerns that Gardasil, Cervarix and other vaccines could create another ‘baby boomer’ generation resulting in a sick and drug-dependent society are found in her recent publications (below links):

Khatami M: Safety concerns and hidden agenda behind HPV vaccines: Another generation of drug -dependent society? (2016) Clin Trans Med, 5:46, doi:10.1186/s40169-016-0126-1

Khatami M (Book) Cancer research and therapy: Scam of century-promote immunity [Yin-Yang]. ISBN-10:153043100X; ISBN-13: 978- 1530431007., Amazon-Createspace, p 1–166.

In these publications, based on analyses of reported data and her pioneering studies on experimental models of inflammatory diseases and tumor development, Dr. Khatami describes that the young generation in America is already vulnerable to diseases as evidenced by increased allergies and metabolic disorders which are perhaps due to genetic predisposition of parents or grandparents (‘baby boomers’) who consumed virus-contaminated polio vaccines (1955’s) or swine flu vaccines (1970’s).  She demonstrates that the number of deaths and diseases induced by these vaccines are greater than the diseases the vaccines were intended to prevent.  She explains that “The hidden short- and long-term agenda behind making HPV or meningitis vaccination as priority projects seems to be the availability of funds through Obamacare insurance and Moonshot Initiative. It should be no surprise that the cost of individual insurance keeps going up. Sixty-nine cancer centers urged HPV vaccination and thus-far, 80 million doses of HPV vaccines ($200–260/dose) have been consumed by healthy public….”

She noted that the visionless and out-of-focus projects in cancer research and therapy or vaccines are basically the equivalent of “medical/scientific Ponzi schemes.” She declares this type of research does little more than produce “molecular false flags” based on “false foundations” that harm the public but generate huge corporate profits for the medical establishment. She presents that the failure rates of cancer drugs (“poisons”) that are claimed as ‘targeted’ therapy, ‘precision’ or ‘personalized’ medicine for solid tumors are 90% (+/-5), according to governmental and private organizations.

In these insightful scientific publications, she raises serious concerns that instead of using logical and systematic approaches to “promote public health and prevent or delay the onset of age-associated diseases, medical establishment has managed to gradually alter and destroy the natural immunity of Americans and shift the onset of diseases to younger age and increasing the population of sick people” for pushing the sale of drugs.

Dr. Khatami urges decision makers in “…Congress who appropriate funds and those who direct medical sciences” to return to the “forgotten values of common sense and logics that our Forefathers used for serving the public. After all ‘we may be intelligent, but if not able to think and love well-being of others, we use the intelligence against humanity’.”

The SaneVax team believes any scientist worth their salt would enthusiastically support a commission to regularly and independently examine vaccine safety and scientific integrity. Thank you Dr. Khatami, for being an independent professional with high integrity and the courage to confront scientific topics truthfully. You clearly understand the meaning of public service.

About Dr. Khatami:

Dr. Khatami is a senior medical scientist with documented expertise in the multidisciplinary fields of molecular/cellular biology and immunology, related to inflammatory diseases, diabetes complications, cancer research and therapy.  She earned her PhD on Molecular Biology from the University of Pennsylvania (UPA) and became an academician, a research faculty and supervisor at UPA during the 1980’s/90’s. Her accidental discoveries on the role of immunity/inflammation in tumor development became closely relevant to her duties when she joined the National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 1998.  As a program director and health scientist administrator at NCI/NIH, she developed a series of molecular concepts for utilization of patient bio-specimen for large clinical trials such as prostate-lung-colorectal-ovarian (PLCO) Cancer Screening Trials, and designs of cohort clinical studies and comprehensive proposals for cancer research, as extensions of her ground-breaking studies that were established at UPA.  The last position she held at NCI/NIH, was Director of Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies (IMAT) Program at the Office of Director. Since her retirement at professor level, she has continued analyses and integration of scattered data on cancer-related topics for publishing scientific articles and books and for editorial activities in biomedical fields.  She has published extensively in scientific and peer reviewed journals, lectured nationally and internationally, served in a number of professional societies and editorial journals.  The readers may find several of her publications on cancer research and therapy as citations in the above articles.

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