Spain: Stop vaccinations against HPV

To the Spanish Prime Minister, the Minister of Health and Presidents of Autonomous Regions

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Mr Prime Minister, Mr. Minister of Health, and Presidents of all Autonomous Regions:

In 2007 a vaccine against human papilloma virus was introduced in Spain′s vaccination calendar by the Health National System; a wide professional and citizen movement started against this measure, considering that this did not demonstrate the necessity, safety and efficacy requirements, and that the vaccine license process presented clear examples of conflicts of interest.

Since then there has been a significant number of adverse reaction reports, including death. Meanwhile, Health Authorities are considering lowering the vaccination age, extending vaccinations to boys and administering it at schools, with the aim of increasing the vaccination coverage.

The vaccine has not been tested enough (and even, the tests, which have been performed and funded by manufacturers′ laboratories have been widely criticized because of lack of objectivity); we don′t know yet if it provides a real protection against cervical cancer; we strongly believe it is unnecessary and unsafe, as the high number of previously healthy girls who are now suffering adverse effects demonstrate this fact.

In addition, aggressive promotional policies by pharmaceutical companies are damaging the good image that vaccines, as a prevention method which have always had in Spain, damaging the coverage of other vaccines which are necessary and effective.

Because of this, WE ASK YOU:

  • To stop girls massive vaccination campaigns, taking HPV vaccines off the schedule until efficacy, safety and necessity is prooven.

And what is more:

  • To request adequate informed consent to adolescents and their parents or tutors, previously to their vaccination, in order to allow them to take an informed decision, taking into account HPV vaccine limitations and potential adverse reactions, and not only the false promise of “avoiding cervical cancer”
  • To request absolute transparency by disclosure the real and updated number of reports about suspicions of adverse reactions registered in our country, with categorization and events rates.
  • To celebrate a scientific congress in Spain in which investigators and scientists have the opportunity of exposing and debating the HPV vaccine (its safety, effectiveness and necessity).
  • To recognize the HPV Victims Status, which will provide the opportunity to provide proper medical treatments to affected young women and to investigate suitable treatments for them.
  • To create an official fund for the victims who have suffered adverse reactions by vaccines, as in other countries.

We ask you to join us with your signature on this petition, to help avoid unnecessary risks and unfair suffering to young and healthy population.

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