The Dangers of Gardasil with Dr. Russell Blaylock

Dr. Blaylock is a board certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author, lecturer, and editor of The Blaylock Wellness Report.


  1. Dr. Blaylock’s “The Blaylock Wellness Report” is excellent. The information he provides could save your life.

    Dr. Blaylock also knows the dangers of toxins such as “silver” amalgam dental fillings, which are 50% mercury. DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions has an information packet and lists of safe biological dentists who have been trained to safely remove the old mercury dental fillings.

    Dr. Blaylock has been a speaker at holistic dental association meetings and appears from time to time on the one hour Integrative Health TV program called “Your Health with Dr. Richard and Cindy Becker.”

    I appreciate all the good information Dr. Blaylock provides to people who want to know the truth about medicine and dentistry.

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