The Dark Side of Gardasil

By Ashley Adair

Ashley lives Gardasil's dark side

Ashley lives on Gardasil’s dark side

My name is Ashley Adair. I live in Georgia. I have suffered for five years from the side effects of something I thought would help me. I received the Gardasil vaccine because the people and doctors all around me kept telling me “OH! This vaccine is the best thing to happen to the medical industry!” Of course my mom and I fell for it like many others. I want to let people know about the dark side of this vaccine.

Before the HPV Vaccine, I was the most energetic child. I went to school for 8 hours, then went to 3 hours of gymnastics practice, finishing with homework at night. My weekends were filled with gymnastics meets. After gymnastics I went straight into competition cheerleading, which were the same hours. I basically lived in the gym and loved every second of it, I was blessed. Overall I was a healthy child.

I received my first injection in April, 2008. My injection did hurt more than a normal injection. I had mild soreness and redness after. At the time I didn’t realize the symptoms I was having. I had slight fatigue, and I would occasionally have a very sore throat. I couldn’t stick my tongue out and I just threw it off as an allergic reaction to chlorine because I was swimming a lot.

The nightmare began on June, 2008. I received the second shot and I noticed it hurt a bit more than the first. I almost cried a bit which is very much unlike me. I got a little lightheaded at the checkout line. After 30 minutes I was fine.

The very next night I told my mom I was very sick. I was crying in pain with my pelvic and legs absolutely killing me. I was running a fever and I was very nauseous. So like a parent would, she took me to the emergency room. Of course, doctors only listen to one symptom and told me I had a stomach virus that they couldn’t do anything and sent me home.

The next day I was so exhausted and slept till about 3 o’clock. My mom came home from work and I went outside and noticed I had some kind of rash all over my body. It looked like someone took a fine point purple permanent marker and dotted it all over me. My mom immediately took me to my regular pediatrician and he could not figure out what was on me. He ran a lot of blood work on me and we went home until we could receive the blood work news. My mom received a phone call around 9 O’clock. One of the scariest phone calls she has ever received.

My doctor told her I needed to get back to the ER ASAP. He told her that my blood work was CRITICAL, and the rash on me was called a petechial rash. My red blood cells and white blood cells were completely wiped out. They told me if I were to do a handstand my gums would start bleeding and I would bleed to death. If I caught a common cold my body would not be able to fight it off and I would die. Over the next 6 weeks I went through so many different rashes, EXTREME fatigue, joint pains, leg pains, shoulder pains, dizziness, and low blood pressure.

I finally went to an infectious disease specialist and he told me not to get the third shot or I wouldn’t be here.

I finally started getting better. At the age of 15 I still had not received my menstrual cycle. I went to an OB/GYN and he put me on birth control to start my period. That should have been a sign then but we didn’t think about it. I never gained my energy back.

hemangioma-2My senior year things started acting up again. I got a hemangioma on my lip which is very strange because it is mostly babies that will get a hemangioma, not adults. After that happened, I started getting very sick. I missed weeks of school at a time.

I kept getting severe bronchitis and I just couldn’t shake it off. I also had to go to the doctor because I was very depressed. I was then put on Zoloft. Luckily my teachers worked with me and I graduated with A’s and B’s.

Throughout the 5 years after I received the shot I always slept, never had energy, and kept getting what I thought was growing pains. In June of 2012 my growing pains were getting worse in my knees/legs. So my mom took me to the doctor and they couldn’t really figure out what was wrong. They put me in a knee brace and gave me medicine and sent me off. I also just did not feel good at all and my doctor ran some more blood work on me. We then found out I had Hypothyroidism, I am now on medicine for that.

I had 8 epidural steroid injections, none of which worked. I also was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. But the fibromyalgia is still being researched on me. My Epstein Barr igG is 544.0 and the normal is 16.0 and below. And my blood time is critical. They could not get it to clot so they finally had to put pressure to it. I also tested positive to atypical anca.

From June2012-now (August 2013), I face every day with severe pain. My pain is in my lower back, pelvic, hips, back of leg, and knee. My legs will also turn a dark purple almost black and it will travel all the way down to my feet. I had an MRI for my back and found out that I am missing an ovary and have a mass on my uterus. Of course, when I went to the OBGYN for it, he did a sonogram and couldn’t find the mass nor my ovary. He threw me off like it was no big deal. I am now lost on whether I have an ovary or a mass. I have discovered in this situation that doctors really will not try to help you. They just don’t believe you or throw you off to another doctor if they can’t figure it out.

I also have lost family members because of this problem. Not everyone will believe you or know what you are going through, but I am here to telling about what happened to me, so no girl or boy will have to go through the misery that I am going through.

I want to create something good out of something terrible.

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  1. Dear Ashley, your story pulls so very much at the heartstrings. We are many who are thinking of you, sending our blessings and sincerely wishing that you will soon get the help which you so deserve and that you will recover from your suffering.

    Please know that we are very many who are pulling together to get the message out to the world about the dangerous and scandalous HPV vaccines, all the suffering they cause and the widespread corruption which is involved.

    The title of the article is “The Dark Side of Gardasil”. All sides of Gardasil are dark.

    • Unbelievable!!! This vaccine was never needed before now, this is scandalous business. I share in your sentiments and also hate that this young lovely woman has suffered so much for very little reasoning. I never thought about getting this vaccine for my daughter or son much like none of us ever get a flu shot even though my job offers them as well as the children s pediatrician.

    • Ashley, I’m so sorry you are going through this. I don’t know for sure if it could help you, but I have an autoimmune disease and I’ve been juicing cannabis leaf for two months and I’m almost in complete remission. After 12 days I no longer needed any pain medication. The unheated leaf and bud do NOT get you high. You just juice it in a wheat grass juicer and mix it in a smoothie and drink it every day. Anyway, if you want to learn more, I wrote a book about it (on amazon called Juicing Cannabis for Healing.) Feel better! These should be the best years of your life. Cannabis juice helps put so many major diseases into sustained remission and alleviates chronic pain. But very little research has been done on dietary cannabis; mostly anecdotal evidence so far. You can sometimes get leaf for free from growers in your area (caregivers, dispensaries, friends). Good luck and if you try it and it works for you, let me know so I can share the news with others who may be helped by this incredible plant! Katie

    • I am truly sorry for what you are going through! I had the vaccine and have cervical cancer stage 3A! The drs kept telling me the pain was in my head until after a year of arguing the tumour had broke through the walls in my pelvis and they couldn’t control the bleeding! I was rushed into daily radiation weekly chemo and internal radiation. I am 31 & in full menopause. I hope things get better for you! Some drs truly great us like guinea pigs and don’t give two cents how we really are! Please get better and keep fighting!!!!

  2. Ashley you’re are such a STRONG person.. you always strive to do great things in life.. i would’ve never known this at all… look how far you have come ! thank you for sharing this

  3. I am so touched by your story Ashley, you are so brave to speak out about your experience with this vaccine. My daughter has also been injured by Gardasil and has suffered joint pain and urticaria. It is devastating to have your health stolen at such a young age. I can only pray that our government will some day listen to us and investigate further these horrible side effects their citizens are experiencing after a vaccine they push on their young population. I wish we had any other answer as to why this is happening other that the all mighty dollar. There is non other that I can think of. Stay strong and be proud that you at least tried to warn people.

    • Unfortunately, our government KNOWS the dangers, but chooses to support Big Pharma because its a money making machine that most of them have invested it!

    • Jessica I’ve been reading these stories and am preparing to write my daughters now. She has been suffering with severe migrating joint pain that began days after her second injection one year ago, along with other mysterious symptoms. How is your daughter now? Have you found any relief?

  4. Ashley-

    What happened to you is a complete tragedy. But it was an accident. You are an unfortunate and rare person for whom the vaccine caused severely adverse effects. Does this mean that just because you got sick, everyone else shouldn’t get Gardasil? Think about it. If the vaccine prevents or lessens the likelihood of cervical cancer in 99% of people, there is an unpredictable quality about statistics that some people like yourself will fall into the 1%.

    Telling the country not to get this vaccine when it most likely will save them just because you had an extremely bad time is like a person who went on a bad date and is convinced that all people are assholes.

    • Dear Ashley – I know it must be difficult for you to understand that when a young girl like our Ashley has a severe reaction to the Gardasil vaccine that this is not a rare occurrence. This sadly is happening all over the world from the States, Canada, UK, Ireland, India, Japan to name but a few. That is no coincidence. I know the mothers whose daughters died – one 40 hours after her third shot of Gardasil, another died in her bath, another in her shower. All these young ladies were loved, all had the Gardasil vaccine, all had been so healthy prior to this vaccination. Apart from having been vaccinated with Gardasil, they also had this in common, their post mortem results stated “cause of death unknown”. In previously healthy, happy young ladies this is not normal. Vaccines can cause serious adverse reactions. The information you state is not actually correct, the vaccine does not protect against all the cancer causing HPV strains which can lead to cervical cancer – 70% would be about right. Gardasil covers HPV strains 16 and 18 and two strains 6 and 11 for genital warts, which do not cause cancer. There are around 15 HPV strains which can lead to cervical cancer. If you check on VAERS, or on our web down the right hand side you will see the statistics from VAERS and they will identify Gardasil vaccinated girls as having HPV infection, cervical lesions and yes sadly cervical cancer. So something is not right when vaccinated girls are developing the cancer that they were supposed to be protected from.

      • Ashley,
        Thank you so much for sharing your story – I am sharing this on facebook as well. Your story will help other moms who make the decision to receive this vaccine or not. In the doctors office there is a lot of pressure from the doctor to receive this and most parents are ill-equipped.
        Freda, thank you for supplying additional information on this topic. Knowledge, facts and awareness is what people need to make the right decisions.

    • Would you allow your child to play Russian roulette? by having one bullet that could potentially blow there head off by “accident”? I have a friend that received the vaccine and ended up getting cervical cancer. Cervical Cancer is the most treatable cancer out there. Gardasil is not proven to prevent cancer. There are so many girls out there that have reactions from this vaccine, Japan has banned it because of how many reactions. Im not anti vaccine, but I am anti Gardasil. Do research. This vaccine has ruined my life, I don’t know if I will even be able to have kids one day. Why chance your life.

      • I’m sorry for what you’re going through and I do not condone the Gardasil vaccine; however, please don’t say that cervical cancer is the most treatable cancer out there. My 34-year-old sister who is a mother to 3 boys aged 13, 5, and 2, is in her last days of her fight with cervical cancer. It is the saddest thing I have ever witnessed and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. She went from a silly, happy, smart, beautiful woman who was an awesome mommy, to a shell of a person who cannot even respond to us. I blame the big pharma companies for all of it. The vaccines, the cancer treatment, the meds they push on us, all of it. There has to be a better alternative to the poison that they treat cancer with.

        • Skeeter Japles says:

          There are wayyyyyyy better ways to treat cancer!!!!!! Hemp oil!!!!!! No side effects, kills tumors, leaves healthy cells unharmed! Please look into it for the sake of your friend!

    • To the Ashley who said this was a rare occurrence – it is not. These stories are growing by the day. The vaccine in no way reduces the likelihood of cervical cancer in 99% of people. THIS is exactly why people like Ashley need to get the truth out there, so people like you (or maybe not you, but others) will do the research and see that this vaccine is neither safe nor effective! This vaccine is purported to reduce the risk of contracting HPV. Which may or may not turn into cervical cancer. With routine paps, the HPV would most likely be caught anyway. And cervical cancer is one of the most treatable cancers there is. Now, while no one wants cervical cancer…this vaccine CERTAINLY is not your golden ticket to avoiding it. One of the vaccine developers even flat out said that Gardasil was fast-tracked and was never proven to be safe or effective. With all these girls who were previously healthy and thriving coming out with the same story over and over, can you really take the risk of having the same thing happen to you? These girls are paralyzed with pain and laden with health issues that no one would wish on their worst enemy. Many of these girls are dead, too. I don’t even see how it’s up for discussion. The benefits absolutely do not outweigh the risks.

      I sincerely hope you start to feel better, Ashley. Have you looked into a homepathic vaccine detox? Could be very helpful to you. Best of luck on your journey.

    • WOW!! so she is collateral damage?!? you are so ignorant on vaccines it’s not even funny, it’s disgraceful! Educate yourself before you make such ignorant comments ESPECIALLY to a vaccine victim. There are THOUSANDS just like her! I would NEVER put a vaccine anywhere near my child, I know the dangers of every single vaccine out there.

    • Let’s see what you’re opinion is when it’s your child who is the one percent.

    • How lovely telling this child she is only a statistic.

    • Ashley is not the only one to have a problem with this vaccine. There is a high number of deaths from this in the US alone. Many more in other countries. There are countries banning this vaccine with more deaths there also. There are many articles of the dangers of this vaccine, GOOGLE IT! I personally know several girls with side affects. Just my family alone: my sister’s 2 daughters had all 3 of the series with no problems, my brother’s daughter had all 3 and now the doctors say she can not have children due to this vaccine, my 2 daughters had A bad reaction to the first shot but the pediatrician insisted the others would be no worse. She lied! my older daughter’s arm was paralyzed for a week and my younger one had a fever of 104 for almost a week. 2 years later my older daughter is diagnosed with thyroid cancer (which does not run in either side of our family), she had her thyroid, 2 parathyroids, 15 lymph glands, and 4 nodules removed. 2 weeks later a friends gives me over 300 pages on the danger of gardasil along with it is destroying girls ovaries and along with other symptoms as autoimmune thyroid diseases. So before you chastise someone for sharing their experience and passing on their opinion why dont you do your research. Unless you are working for a pharmaceutical company that pays pediatricians to push their product despite the danger of this drug to fill their pockets with profits!

      • Dear Holly

        If we can help you at all please get in touch with us at – ask for Freda. So sorry to hear all the bad things that have been happening within your own family which have been caused by Gardasil. Really am very sorry to hear that your daughter has had this very serious health issue. We are here for you if you wish to share this with us.

        You are so right, there are countless thousands out there and around the world who have been harmed by these vaccines and by Ashley and many others sharing their stories we hope it brings home the truth which will prevent these illnesses happening to others.

        Thank you so much for caring and commenting.

    • To the Ashely who posted that this was just an accident:

      A. you are a troll. if you don’t support vaccine choice, then you shouldn’t be on this website
      B. i don’t need a bad date to be convinced that people are assholes. there’s you.
      C. ALL HPV viruses are spread by sexual contact. Why don’t we start teaching our kids to value their lives and bodies instead of pumping them full of shots?

    • Commenter Ashley who tried to look educated by reciting a commercial in saying ” vaccine prevents or lessens the likelihood of cervical cancer in 99% of people” ….do you not UNDERSTAND checkbook Pharmaceutical science? How dare you belittle this girls problems! Shame on you! While her resultant problems from Gardisil, may be but a risk, SHE WAS NEVER AFFORDED THE TRUTH about risks versus benefits, much like MANY if not all prescriptions…Statin Drugs for instance, their drug reps tout a 33% reduction in heart attacks and strokes, when the ABSOLUTE RISK REDUCTION, is a mere 3%…hardly seems worth the risks…as Mark Twain once said, There are Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics…This is called INFORMED CONSENT, whereas a patient must be educated as to the Very Real and potential risks of a drug or procedure, as well as the benefits. Thisis so evident in pharmaceutical “Checkbook” science….So unless you can clearly understand statistics, and read and uinterpret the data….you would better be quiet, so your ignorance does not show so clearly..

    • There’s no evidence that the HPV vaccine reduces the risk of Cervical Cancer, in fact the evidence shows that if you already have HPV when you receive the vaccine the risk of Cervical Cancer increases.

      This is purely an experimental vaccine, everyone who’s received it is a guinea pig

    • You must be joking! You have no idea what you are talking about. THIS was no accident. The medical establishment knows this is not a rare occurence with the Gardasil vaccines, and damage from vaccines is so widespread now, that the government has established a secret vaccine court to pay damages to those who have been injured by ALL vaccines.

      Vaccines cure NOTHING! They do nothing but damage and suppress the immune system so that the body cannot fight off these things itself.

      I feel so badly for you Ashley and what you have had to experience. I would suggest you run as fast as you can away from any medical-establishment doctor and find a good alternative doctor who can actually heal you. There is a wonderful doctor named Dr. Rashid Buttar in Charlotte, North Carolina who is curing autism caused by vaccines. I am sure he would be able to help you or point you to another alternative doctor who can actually help you.

      Also, check out Natural News Radio and the Robert Scott Bell Show. Dr. Bell is a homeopath and his show features alternative information and doctors every day. You can be healed and it may take awhile, but the medical establishment will never be able to help you. They are too tied to their poisonous vaccines, drugs, and so called “treatments”.

      Please check out these sources and I pray you will find someone who can cure you of the awful damage that was inflicted on you. Good luck and bless you for letting others know about this.

    • This was NO accident! Big Pharma is well aware of the devastation this vaccine causes. Its just one of the many hidden forms of population control.

    • Oh please, open your eyes ! Don’t you know that vaccine are very dangerous?
      Please, just ask to yourself why some people say “don’t get vaccine!”
      Maybe stop believe in your doctor and begin to think by yourself and looking for the truth !

    • An accident? Really? Let me ask you this….What makes Ashley Adair expandable? Maybe this should have been YOU in her shoes instead of Ashley Adair? How would you feel if it were your child or your mother…..or yourself going through this? Is your future salvageable for a vaccine that is not 100% effective and NOT 100% safe? (It is a far far cry form being anywhere close to a safe vaccine which by the way there are NO safe vaccines) We need to stop playing God and doing things for the “greater good” that are killing and damaging people… is not for us to decide who is expandable and who is salvageable with vaccines. Vaccines Harm People. That is Not an Accident. Period.


      What happened to you is a complete tragedy. But it was an accident. You are an unfortunate and rare person for whom the vaccine caused severely adverse effects. Does this mean that just because you got sick, everyone else shouldn’t get Gardasil? Think about it. If the vaccine prevents or lessens the likelihood of cervical cancer in 99% of people, there is an unpredictable quality about statistics that some people like yourself will fall into the 1%.

      Telling the country not to get this vaccine when it most likely will save them just because you had an extremely bad time is like a person who went on a bad date and is convinced that all people are assholes.

    • UMMMM . . . Gardasil only “protects” from FOUR of the 100+ HPV viruses . . . how is that 99%? OMG! Please don’t speak until you educate yourself! This girl’s life may be ruined. Her reproductive system is CLEARLY at stake. You are a sad, sad person to belittle her, just because you don’t understand!!!

    • Miss Ashley, you are so indoctrinated by the medical people and Big Pharma. Congratulations, your mind is mush! Don’t you dare tell other people that the first Ashley’s symptoms are rare. In reality she is lucky to be alive. Many have died because Big Pharma wants to push their drugs on little girls with a promise they can’t even verify. Now to push more of their drugs and make more money, they want little boys to take this drug! Hey, they don’t even have ovaries! Wake up America!!

    • Given the fact that cervical cancer is a very slow progressing pathology, it is easily detectable by a OB/GYN, and that the vaccine has never been shown to actually decrease the risk of cervical cancer, then I’d say it’s a total crock. You ma’am are ignorant (and maybe even a Pharma troll).

    • My daughter is also sick for two years now after the 2nd Gardasil vaccine. She was once so very athletic, happy, and a normal teenager, never a health issue….NEVER until Gardasil. If Ashley can prevent even one more girl or boy from receiving this vaccine it is worth it. I’m proud of Ashley for sharing her story. I wish I would have had this information before my daughter got the vaccine so she could still be the happy and healthy girl she once was, I know Ashley feels this way too. My daughter and I also share our story to try to help others make an informed decision. We know several girls who are sick from this vaccine, being sick from this vaccine is very common in our area and the more people that know the dangers the better.

    • How dare anyone suggest this is an accident. Imagine lining up children and telling them to put a gun to their head and that if they did this they would have long life only one in a million times there would be a bullet in the gun and they would die. That is what is happening. Death by Russian roulette is not an accident. No parent would take a risk like that but this is exactly the same. In a few years time vaccination will be done differently the current system is not good. For those of us who have tried to vaccinate and seen reactions the stupidity of the those who say some must die so more can live is amazing. This is somebodies child not a statistic.

    • Noneyabusiness says:

      To say that her injury is an accident is absolutely incorrect and rude! I had that same shot in 2008 and now I have endometriosis. That’s a big word for some so feel free to google it. That vaccine is completely dangerous! I have had 7, that’s right 7 surgeries and have lost an ovary along with a Fallopian tube thanks to this unnecessary and dangerous vaccine. It would be wise of you to do research about ALL vaccines and honestly keep your mouth shut. You have no idea the devastation this series has caused me and this lady and thousands of others. Do you know what it’s like to live with chronic pain? Have you had such bad and constant pain that your only minor relief is morphine, by the way, you basically have to sell your soul to the doctor to get that prescribed?! Or have you spent over $10,000 in medical bills from surgeries, ER visits, doctor visits, etc and that’s WITH insurance??? Have you been told that a pregnancy would be almost impossible due to this condition? How about you just continue to be one of the sheeple and keep your mouth shut since you clearly have no business commenting on this.

  5. Hello Ashley
    Would there be any chance to get in contact with you ?
    I have some interesting Things to discuss with you. Hope you will get a chance to answer me back.
    Best regards,

    • My daughter is dealing with the exact things she is dealing with I so feel for her I wish there was something I could do to help her and my daughter

  6. Sage Tragitto says:

    I feel so guilty that I fell for the hype when I had my oldest daughter vaccinated with Gardasil, and can only pray that it will not have adverse consequences. It was before I fully understood how much Big Pharma has a hold over people’s health. It is truly a conspiracy governed by greed, greed, greed. They simply do not care if they hurt/kill/maim a minimal number of people to make their bottom line look good. I’m sorry you have to go through this, Ashley.

  7. I am one of the few people who understand what you are going through. I got an MMR vaccine in 2008 and have been in a wheelchair ever since. They call it transverse myelitis. At least I got 42 good years in before I was crippled. You are still a baby. I’m so sorry you have to go through this.

  8. Dr. John Foley says:

    God Bless you Ashley. We suggest working with an expert in bio-energetic medicine. It’s now possible to precisely identify and measure microscopic vaccine ingredients at the cellular level within specific organs and glands. Personalized, targeted cleansing programs can ensure elimination of toxins and chronic stealth infections over time. I have helped too many children recover from vaccine reactions or injury over the last decade. Some were under my care and doing great before they quickly regressed following vaccination. Thank you for coming forward and sharing your story. This is a super critical issue that demands greater awareness. Pay no mind to the provaxers. Save your breath and energy. The system is corrupt and they know not of what they speak. Many are paid to “troll” these forums and will never change their position. They are not in the trenches helping Injured children and teens. Gardasil disables the reproductive system. Period. Doctors are being threatened by medical boards at the state level to enforce vaccines, regardless of their personal belief. Wishing you the best on your healing journey.

  9. I’m so, so sorry this happened to you! And thank you for sharing your story. Too many women have paid a horrible price with their health and lives to receive this vaccine – enough that it should be pulled pending more research. 140 deaths and nearly 1000 disabled girls – this is sooo not acceptable!! The developers, manufacturers, govt. officials and healthcare providers who’ve approved and mandated and cont. to encourage its use have much to answer for.

  10. Darlene Carmen Higgins says:

    Dear Ashley, I certainly cried after reading your story. I will pray every night for you, even though i dont knwo you but because we are all God’s children. Besides that, were all humans, and I feel as if I must at least pray for you. You deserve all the help in the world 🙂 And i sincerely hope ou will get the treatment you need. God Bless You.

  11. Ashley, please see a naturopath and ask them about chelation. You need a heavy metal detox. From there you could kill off the pathogen that were allowed to thrive with the suppression of your immune system because of the heavy metal and toxins in the vaccine. You CAN actually heal from this, but not if you see a medical doctor- they don’t understand the body holistically and just prescribe drugs or don’t know what else to do. They don’t think about heavy metal from the vaccines, they don’t think about detoxing the body. That is all your body needs. YOu can get better. You’re so young your body will bounce back given the right nutrition and detox. Eat more fresh ORGANIC fruit- your health is worth it to spend more money on organic. You cant afford to eat any more toxins. Eat high raw diet- heavy on fruits. It is the most healing diet because it is so full of life force, phytonutrients, and enzymes. Looking forward to hearing your Healing Story!! You can make this a truly positive if you do it right because then youd help others not only avoid such vaccine, but know how to HEAL them if they’re already sick.

    • Thank you for your post Nicole. I was thinking she should see a naturopath also.

    • You are so brave for speaking out and sharing your story, Ashley! I really hope that things start getting better for you soon.

      I agree with Nicole, it’s important that people find out that you can heal from these things, but that you are unlikely to get any help from a conventional doctor. My problems started when I was 11 and forced to take a MMR vaccine by the school nurse, which led me to have constant colds and complete lack of energy. I was a normal sporty kid before that and as Ashley described in her article, many people didn’t believe me and thought I’d just gone lazy. Unfortunately, I and my family didn’t see the connection between my low immune system and the vaccine and at the age of 13 I had another vaccine (HepC) and after that I started suffering from epileptic fits. I am now 30 and although I’m better and managing my conditions I am not 100%, but eating organic, avoiding inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy, sugar etc and detoxing on a regular basis has still done wonders for me.

      And to those who ignorantly say that it’s a gamble you should be willing to take in order to avoid cervical cancer, may I just remind you that cervical cancer only counts for 1% of all cancer deaths (you are actually more likely to die in a car accident), there are over 100 strains of the HPV virus, Gardasil only “works” on four of those strains however two of those four can only lead to warts, NOT cancer. If you do get the HPV virus, 97% healthy women clears it naturally within the first year, something which increases to 98% over a two-year period. Now ask yourself again, looking at the stats, if taking the HPV-vaccine is indeed a gamble you are willing to take….

      Again, Ashely, I commend you for your article and wish you all the best in life. <3

  12. Laura Creazzo says:


    Thank you for sharing your story. I am sending a prayer for you right now.

  13. What a dreadful experience Ashley! I am a classical Homeopath. I invite you to consider Homeopathy as a way toward healing and reversing the effects of this vaccine. Homeopathy thrives throughout the world and used to thrive in the US until the advent of penicillin and aspirin i would suspect. The AMA along with the pharmaceutical industry have successfully seduced the American population with the promise of an instant fix. Unfortunately these instant fixes tend to only palliate and most often come with harmful side effects as you have unfortunately experienced. Homeopathy targets the source of pathology in a holistic way – mind and body- and heals by assisting the immune system and strengthening it to do what it was intended to do. there are thousands of us throughout the world. My suggestion is that you get in touch with the National Center for Homeopathy and ask them to refer you to a reputable and adept homeopath who can effectively manage your case and bring your health back. I have been involved with Homeopathy for close to 30 years now and i assure you it is not some pseudo alternative health solution. I have seen and experienced all kinds of serious health problems resolved with Homeopathy. God bless!

  14. I have a similar situation after taking Gardasil vaccine I experiencing many different rashes, EXTREME fatigue, joint pains, leg pains, shoulder pains, dizziness, and low blood pressure as well and also depression.
    So I decided to change my diet and life style as well that’s the only way that I got better.
    Today I only eat organics, meet 100% grass fed and chicken organic raised free range and not fed soy and straight from the farm not supermarkets.
    I also take coconut oil to boost my immune system, drink organic teas as well. I don’t eat convectional sugar, I eat small amounts of fruits and also eat some honey on my tea not too much because also honey is sugar too needs to be eaten in small amounts just like fruits are.
    I also reduced my exposer to chemicals at least in my house since you can not control the outside.
    My laundry soap is organic and I also have a good water filter system in my house that filters all the chemicals and byproducts in the water including chlorine that is very harmful to human kind. showering in chlorine water is very unhealthy because that person absorbs it and store in the body which lowers ones natural defense to fighting diseases. I also don’t use conventional shower soap I use oatmeal for shower its better and leaves my skin soft and hydrated from the milk of the oats. I became naturalistic because all the sides effects from Gardasil vaccine. The doctors all they wanted to do was giving me medications but medications are not made for cure they work as a bandage to cover up symptoms but never address the underlying cause of the matter. That’s why I rather put my body in natures hands food and herbs has ben used for centuries before modern medicine exist. Your state of mind is very important as well be relaxed, faithful, happy and appreciate every moment take your time everything can wait call let people know that you are running late but take your time. Remember you wan to live as long as you can not as fast as you can. Good luck to you wish you all the best. Wish you all the health and happiness in the world. God bless you!

  15. Ashley – we feel your pain and struggles as our daughter has been through much after Gardasil vaccination. We truly hope you find some help soon, for each of your physical issues. (Regular doctors are not versed in vaccine injuries – most receive one to two week coverage of vaccine adverse reactions while in the beginning years of their studies if any!) You may wish to look into alternative therapies, alternative medicines for help in healing. God Bless!

  16. Ashley – You are right to tell your story and appeal to others to consider the risks and side effects of the HPV vaccine. My message is to please listen to the others about the chelation and vaccination detox that you can do to help the healing. See a professional! Dr. Foley is one, or perhaps he can recommend one in your area. You cannot do this on your own and you must see someone who really knows what they are doing. There are homeopathic vaccination detox remedies too, but if the wrong one is taken or too often, that does not fare well at all. I hope you do get help to heal, holistically and on every possible angle. From detox, chelation, homeopathic, food, immune support, blood cleansing, all of it. The best to you. I also thank you for the information on risks and side effects, as I was creating a list when I found your story. Appreciated!

  17. September R. says:

    I cried like a baby reading this!!!


    I am 22, and i developed Fibro a few months after getting my Gardasil vaccines!!! I also have other medical conditions from birth, so the doctors are all USELESS and DO NOT help ever.

    I had facial pain for a year+ but my Fibro isnt getting ANY better.

    any suggestions?? I am at a lose too.. and i wish i could get help. and get this. i am severely disabled, so bad i cant even brush my hair some days!! this is a struggle to type. But i cant get on medical disability.. because im too young they said. I have a lawyer, but the government did this to me, so why cant they help me pay my medical bills??? its all such BS! if i was 500 pounds obese i could been on disability already, but since i have FIBRO and a rare disease, they dont see it as disabling? makes me so mad and sad.

    bless you and please email if you ever wanna chat.


  18. Ashley Kennedy says:

    Hi Ashley, I am very touched by your story, how awful!!! You are very right most doctors nowadays do not care about our health & well being, they just want their pay-check. I don’t know if where you live in Georgia is close to Tennessee, but I live in Chattanooga & I do not go to medical doctors very much anymore because I feel it is a waste of money, I go to a Natruopathic Doctor. I’m sure my doctor would love to help you detoxify your body from such a harmful vaccine. If you are interested you can email me, & I would be more than happy to give you his information or help you find a Natruopath in your area.
    Hope to talk to you soon!

  19. Dear Ashley, Than You for sharing your story with people who also have an interest in vaccines. Choosing whether to take a vaccine/medicine or not is a big decision and I am sure that you must struggle when it seems that the docs give you medication for the different conditions you present when you go to the doctors. I haven’t read all the comments that people have said. Interestingly I spoke with a friend who is a mother and had her child have the MMR jab and now she regrets it, but it is difficult because of the reports that have now come about this. I had an issue with a contraception, well with 2 types. One i had years ago an injection and one I had about 2 years ago the rod in the arm. I found that when I had the rod in my arm it took away my own personality and and I became depressed, miserable which was almost impossible for me to be like with the job that I do. I was abroad working and messaged my twin sister about it and how it was affecting me and when I researched I mean deep research I fund out it had been used (trialed) on women in Africa where it had had similar result leading women to commit suicide. I wanted to take the rods out myself and was disgusted that my nurse hadn’t explained fully the side effects this drug could have. But doctors aren’t expected to do this in fact they only told me the common side effects e.g. irregular periods, etc. Please do a little research into natural cures not medicine website. Also raw foods. Cleansing the body of the foreign drugs you are putting into it for pain relief and the likes may help you ALOT. it may mean that you have to do a but of work researching and also changing your taste buds to enjoy different foods, Raw, organic, non GMO healthy foods are a must. Remember Food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food! My thoughts are with you but I know that you will recover from this.Take Care Jenny

  20. Roger Fuller says:

    Sept. 13, 2013
    Dear Ashley Adair:
    Too bad you were a victim of a vile, pro-vaccine troll who called itself Ashley at 9-12-13 at 1:47PM , whoever or whatever IT was. This is what these vile drug companies do to the innocent. It was also very bad that some quack doctor put you on Zoloft. Zoloft is a powerful, dangerous psychiatric drug and that whole catagory of drugs are very dangerous.It clearly compounded your problem; as if you weren’t already sick enough from this very destructive vaccine, Gardasil. I am very glad to see that many other people are offering their help, including a couple good doctors. You need to get treatment from naturopathic doctors who use vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements to get you well. But part of getting well includes definitely staying off ALL psychiatric drugs and even all pharmaceutical drugs unless they are absolutely necessary for a specific condition. You can check a PDR ( Physician’s Desk Reference ) to learn how safe a drug is or if you can’t, demand information from someone who can explain it. There is one website that will explain the entire cause of your plight. That is: Gardasil is a tool of U.N. Agenda 21, which is the most monsterous plan to control human population ever devised. Worst of all, Agenda 21 is completely stupid and unnecessary. There is a far more humane way to control population where nobody has to die or even be hurt ! It’s called birth control and only psychotic religions keep us from using it. I am so sorry for you that the once great USA has degenerated to this point and that you have become an Agenda 21 victim.
    sincerely yours,
    Roger Fuller

  21. Hi Ashley,
    Glad you didn’t get the third shot.

    I looked around for info connecting that rash with vaccination, and found a few things:

    Can you confirm that Gardasil was the only shot you got that day (or that month)?

    – Dan

  22. Hello Ashley,

    I’m so sorry to hear you story of pain and disappointment. I’d like to share my story with you.

    About 3 years ago, I began getting muscle aches/cramping, weight loss, chronic fatigue, rashes and many other serious ailments. I was diagnosed with CFS, Fibro, EBV and HSV. Traditional doctors only wanted to put me on antidepressants and pain meds. After months of doing my own research, I discovered that many of these illnesses are caused by viruses, mycoplasma, bacteria and heavy metals. CFS, Fibro, EBV, HHV, Gulf War Syndrome, auto-immune disorders (Lupus, MS, etc), and countless other illnesses are all very similar in nature and share many of the same symptoms. Many people, especially women, for reasons that would take forever to explain, are being intentionally infected by these genetically engineered diseases. It’s not a conspiracy, it is an agenda.

    I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I came across a doctor in Riverside, CA named Dr. Franco at the Arthritis Center of Riverside. He is a Rheumatologist and Internal Medicine Specialist. People come from all over the world to be treated by him as his methods are not as conventional as most doctors. He is one of the few that believes these illnesses are caused by chronic viral and bacterial infectionsand other man made toxins. They did tests on me that no other doctor would do. They tested for mycoplasma, viruses, bacteria, auto-immune. They took x-rays and did extensive blood work. After 2 years of chronic pain, I was finally diagnosed with chronic infections. I had an active Streptococcal (bacterial), HHV-6 (viral) and a mycoplasma infection. They were eating me up from the inside out. Killing all of my healthy cells. My immune system was in overdrive. My levels were so high that I had one foot in the door to an auto-immune disorder. Most likely lupus. He put me on Azythromycin for the Strep and Transfer Factor for the viral infection. I was also given a Pro-Biotic to replenish my gut Flora and a plethora of other natural Vitamins and Supplements. Please look up Transfer Factor, as I believe this is the miracle cure that has made me better. It is made from colostrum and helps to balance out your immune system. It was discovered around the same time as antibiotics, but when the drug companies realized how well it worked at curing people, they saw no profit in it and shelved the research and funding. The last thing the medical industry wants is for people to get better. There’s no money in that!

    It has been almost a year now and my recovery has been swift and I am feeling amazingly better. Dr. Franco attributes that to the fact that I was relatively young (38) and very health conscious (exercise, organic foods). That is key. Catching it soon. Had I waited even a few months more, it may have been too late. There is no cure for auto-immune.

    I’ve read about Gardisil. I’m no professional, but from what I gather, it is loaded with heavy metals like Squalene. It’s probably also laced with viruses, bacteria and other toxins. Itis these very things that are attacking your organs, cells, bones, tissue, etc and making you sick. The very first thing you should do is a heavy metal detox. And organic, whole foods are a must!

    My heart hurts for you. You’re not alone though. If you have the ability, contact Dr. Franco. Google Arthritis Center of Riverside. He takes many insurances but also gives a 20% discount to cash patients.

    I wish you all the best. Stay strong and you’ll make it through.


  23. Ashley,
    So sorry to hear your story! I am the mom of a 15 yr old that reacted to the MMR and has had seizures and many other issues as a result. She lives with daily fatigue and an inability to have a “normal” life as a result. We also live in Georgia, it would be nice to start a support group. My Katie feels so alone with her issues sometimes. So many people are negatively affected by vaccines!!!!

  24. Ashley, please look up Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). Most of your symptoms sound like this disease. It happens after a severe illness. We have a private facebook page called: California Potsies.

  25. Kathleen Haines says:

    Ashley, I am glad you found out what caused your health issues. I would like to provide you with some diet that will reverse it all, naturally and you will never have to take medicine again. But it will take time and discipline. I am going to post it here (try), if I am unable to post it here due to large size, please email me to and I will share my diet with you gladly. I had 2 cancers and reversed with this diet, no medicine or radiation…I had severe arthritis, multiple fibromyalgias, I was always in pain, always! I walked like an ape, I could not walk straight, and had to use a cane to move around, and still in severe pain. My mother had 2 strokes and a pace maker, liver damage and memory loss, and all has reversed due to this diet.
    “I shop mostly on line for my supplements (look at sources I provided you in the bottom of this message); veggies, fruits and fish/seafood I purchase at Corrados or another source I know and trust. The most important thing to keep in mind is YOU must learn how to verify if foods are 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC, and not genetically modified. A fruit or veggie that is supposed to have seeds (such as watermelon etc) and it has not, a grapefruit that is very large and perfect, instead of normal and normal size; these are GMO foods, God did not make fruitless watermelon, that means humans modified it to look big, to look better, so to sell better. The problem is, in order to do that, they added chemicals and other products that cause cancers and other deadly illnesses on us! Greed is very sad.
    All cancers are stage phases 1 to 4; 4 is the worse stage. This is good for everything, not just cancers! Just focus on this:
    a. understand what a cancer is of any type, and/or any type of illness you have;
    b. Then identify the type of cancer and stage/level;
    c. Then, if you need to have one of these three:
    – chemotherapy
    – radiation and
    – surgery
    Any of these three things above, just temporarily cut cancer; reason why they mostly will come back. They are band aids, nothing more. We would like to think that surgery will get rid of cancer. It does NOT. Why? You know the reason when you read and understand what cancer is and how it forms. Then it is not this big “C” anymore, this taboo. It is simple, and we must prevent it, even after getting rid of it.
    How to prevent it? By making your body’s immune system very strong, by creating the perfect environment non-conducive to cancer cells. How to do that? By creating cells full of oxygen. There are many ways to do that, but my diet shown below is the result of a lot of research and it is a proven way to defeat cancer. This diet is good for ALL cancers and other illnesses. Everybody can follow. You do not need all the supplements, those are designed specifically for cancer. But do the juicing (not in a blender, use a real juicer, which you can purchase online, or at Target, Walmart, etc for $100), with the veggies; do the alkaline diet, and juicing without fruits other than grapefruit, pineapple and lemon. Cancers love sugar, which comes from fruits, refined sugars, pastas, breads, rice of any kind. Those turn into sugars inside the body. No alcohol, not even beer. Again, sugar is cancer favorite food. Do this for 30-90 days, then maintain it but only have natural organic sugars, such as raw, organic honey. No more sugar ever.
    1. MY CURRENT DIET – (from Kathleen Haines,® )
    All 100% certified organic, non-GMO,whole, glutten free items: (alkaline diet, balancing acidic diet with it)
    Quinoa (boiled, used as cereal, stews, or soup base); dandelion root extract; unsweetened cranberry juice, homemade;
    kasha (incorporated into food); tabouleh (home made or organic); Bone broth, home made (slow cooked for 6 hours), incorporated into food – if done right it will form a gelatin and all fat will be on top, separated.
    Fermented Tofu (the one used for miso soup only, all others are bad for your health) (incorporated into food)
    Healthy oils: avocado,extra virgin coconut oil, macadamia nuts, cashew, almond, peanut, flax oil,extra virgin olive oil(mandatory)
    Healthy snacks: sunflower seeds, soy nuts, pistachio nuts, sesame seed crunchy bar, or with ginger added (all unsalted)(mandatory)
    Daily breakfast (made in a juicer): Note: HF = hand full
    15-veggies: small beet+ ginger root+1 large tomato+3 stems of celery+1 avocado+a hf of spinach + hf of kale+ small parsnip + 1 large carrot+hf of basil+ hf of parsley+3 brussel sprouts + hf of cauliflower + 1 small zuchini + hf of brocoli + hf of radish, any other I want(mandatory)
    10-fruits: 1 large orange + 1 large grapefruit + 1 banana + 1 pear + hf of strawberries + hf of blueberries + hf of raspberries + hf of blackberries + hf honeydew + any other fruit of choice+ 1 lemon(this will help absorb the other fruits vitamins)
    2 eggs, poached; no bread, topped with chopped hf of spinach, tomatoes and garlic, 2 tablespoons of 100% extra virgin olive oil+ 1 teaspoon of Ghana Shea butter + 1 teaspoon of coconut oil , also 100% organic (OPTIONAL)
    for lunch or dinner, I eat wild salmon [NEVER farm raised, ONLY WILD],from Canada or Alaska only, to avoid mercury,or another fish type, some prawns; once a week I eat chicken (preferably organic, halal, to avoid arsenic and steroids)(mandatory)
    Additional Superfoods: such as chlorella, spirulina, sea vegetables, pomegranate powder, (kelp, others), broccoli sprouts, sunflower sprouts, wheat grass (get it at a GNC in powder form), sweet potatoes (replacing regular potatoes), butternut squash (instead of spaghetti), black beans, raw honey (for cooking and as a supplement)(mandatory)
    Massive quantities of raw,organic vegetables: salad greens, cilantro, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, snow peas, okra, tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, spinach,cucumber, eggplant, kale, red and yellow peppers,basil, mint, beets, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, radish, collard greens, etc.(mandatory)
    Healing foods: such as garlic, ginger root, purple onions, lemons, limes, etc.(mandatory)
    Daily doses of nutritional supplements: No multi-vitamins!!! whole food organic, GMO Free, supplements.
    Note: GMO means genetically modified (for profit) and causes cancer among other fatal illnesses.
    Cod liver fish oil (CLFO)[ a full soup spoon daily before breakfast or juicing)(mandatory)
    Hydrogen Peroxide [FOOD GRADE 35% only]-15 drops/day at once, in a 8-ounce glass of distilled water only; I take this with vitamin E (400 I.U.)and PB8 probiotic pills (2)-optional-consult your doctor.(mandatory – only if you have cancer)
    gutpro (incorporated into juicing) or another probiotic (PB8-acidophilus)(mandatory)(100% certified organic) pills – this PB8 provides 14 billion good bacteria essential for replacing radical cells with good cells with oxygen.
    Spirulina (incorporated into juicing); Desiccated liver shavings (incorporated into food); Bee pollen (incorporated into food); chia seeds (incorporated into food)
    Max-B12 Vitamin Lozenges (sublingual) 5000MCG(mandatory); D3 5000mg(mandatory); fiber smart with probiotics+FOS+L-Glutamine(mandatory)This avoids colon cancer, among other benefits; brown kelp pills; omega EPA 4000mg (mandatory); vitamin C, 1000 mg(mandatory); Iron, 65mg/325mg ferrous sulfate (only if your level of iron is low due to anemia or such); triple action cruciferous veggies extract, with resveratrol (pills)(mandatory) ; curcumin 95, 500mg(mandatory) ; Astragalus; vitamin k2(mandatory); saffron (pills or liquid with dropper); Calcium and Magnesium combination supplement along with Vit K complex, to keep Calcium out of the heart; Oat meal; soursop (pills)(optional); Laver leaf tea(optional); green tea (I make a large pitcher and keep in the fridge, and I drink it all day long, alternating with coconut water; it’s delicious!)(mandatory); essiac (pills)(optional); ghee (incorporated into food- otpional); Daily doses of rainforest herbs: Amazon herbs, chanca piedra, etc.( optional); One hour of full exposure to intense natural sunlight on a near-daily basis with no sunscreen (important for vibrational nutrition and essential for mental health, bone density, vitamin D production, etc.)(mandatory)
    Spices used daily:
    Turmeric(mandatory); chili powder(mandatory); wasabi(mandatory); cayenne pepper(mandatory); sea, Mediterranean salt(mandatory);
    ground cinnamon(mandatory); ground nutmeg(mandatory); ground cloves(mandatory); black pepper(mandatory); coriander(mandatory)
    sodas; sinthetic chemicals; GMO’s (Genetically modified Foods); pesticides; chroline (especially in water) & Bromine; Aspartame (sweetner);
    refined sugars, salts, oils and grains (harmful sugar is found in bread, pasta, potatoes, etc); fluoride; remove toxic metals from body: mercury (teeth fillings included), lead, cadmium, nickel (jewelry), etc.; canned food of any kind


    3. Websites that can help:‎
    Websites to place orders if can’t find items locally:
    sea vegetables (kelp, others) get from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables –
    Kelp Powder by the pound – Item# PKE1LB
    Sea Seasonings – Triple Blend Flakes Shaker – Item# FTBSHA
    Laver Whole Leaf – 1 oz – Item# WLA1OZ
    Kelp Krunch Original Sesame – NEW 12 Bar Case – Item# KKOC12
    Kelp Krunch Sesame Ginger- NEW 12 Bar CaseItem# KKGC12
    extra virgin coconut oil Blue Ice Infused Coconut Oil or @Trader’s Joe’s or VitaminLife
    extra virgin olive oil @ Corrado’s or Green Pastures
    Ghana Shea butter 100% Pure Unrefined Organic Raw SHEA BUTTER – (1 Pound) from the nut of the African Ghana shea tree
    Sold by Halaleveryday
    Cod liver fish oil (CLFO)- Green Pastures @
    gutpro GUTPro Powder 30g @
    Desiccated liver shavings; Bee pollen @ local stores; Honey raw, 100% organic, glutten free @ local stores
    Max-B12 Vitamin Lozenges (sublingual) 5000MCG; fiber smart with probiotics+FOS+L-Glutamine FiberSmart 200 Capsules (
    triple action cruciferous veggies extract, with resveratrol (pills)
    curcumin 95, 500mg – get from (kidneys)
    Ghee – Grassfed Organic Ghee 7.8 Oz- Sold by Pure Indian Foods – get @
    Fermented Beab Curd (used on Miso Soup) -2xWangzhihe Fermented Traditional Bean Curd 250g (Pack of 1)
    Sold by D&J Asian Market
    Soursop/Graviola – From NOW Foods Graviola, 500mg /100 capsules (pack of 2)

  26. Elvenrunelord says:

    Ashley, let me start by saying that your story is heartbreaking and I ache to the bottom of my soul knowing such a beautiful girl as you is going through the pain you are going through. You story interests me on several aspects and I will give you my honest opinion here. BTW – would your mothers name be Susan? I knew a Susan Adair when I lived in Georgia and I wonder if you are her daughter?

    While you present a compelling case of your symptoms and what you are going through, your case that the vaccine caused this is not scientifically provable. I am not saying this to discredit you, I have researched the dangers of vaccines and know they are real but I’m not sure what you are going through is entirely caused by the vaccine you took.

    Some of the symptoms you present could be caused by a lot of different illnesses we do not understand yet. I would strongly suggest you and your parents drop your current medical team and go to some specialists, maybe even approach the CDC in Atlanta and see if someone there would be interested in looking at your case. Please keep the vaccine stuff to a minimum….most doctors don’t even want to hear about it…the key here is get you properly diagnosed and find out what can be done to provide you with the highest quality of life possible.

    Some things I would suggest you are your parents look at:

    1. Endometriosis – Some of your symptoms sound like this could be a aspect of your problems.

    2. Lyme Disease – This illness can cause a variety of symptoms similar to what you are experiencing and may be another component of a diagnosis for you as well as having connections to fibromyalgia.

    3. By your letter, it seems you have had or still have mono. Some other things you may want to ask the doctor about is cytomegalovirus, adenovirus, or Toxoplasma gondii. These are more rare but may provide a lead for your medical team.

    4. I would strongly suggest you go on a round of antibotics for at least a month. There are still many infectious organisms we don’t know about yet and this may help reset your system and give your on immune system a boost afterwards as it seems like it might be stressed. Make sure to take probiotics while on these to prevent any issues with gut flora die off and be prepared for all sorts of side effects while on and for a couple months after taking these drugs.

    5. It would probably do you some good to go through a long detox including chelation therapy. You probably are not contaminated with heavy metals but better safe than sorry. Be sure to take multivitamins during the detox because detoxing can strip your body of nutrients really quickly.

    We all know that certain genotypes are more affected by certain vaccines than the majority of the population. If anything, one of the major neglects that the medical field has continued is to do genomic testing before giving standard rounds of vaccines. Just like the flu vaccine is not recommended for everyone, no other vaccine should not be as well.

    I hope this gives you some avenues and some hope Ashley. may God show mercy on you.


  27. Andrew Melchior says:

    God bless you!! I hope God works through the terrible things you have gone through to allow you to do great things. I am praying for you and people like you. I personally have gone through a lot of health issues ( I am 20 and in college right now) and have been brought extremely low and have gone through great difficulty, but God has changed me completely and taught me so many things because of it. I know that if you pray and ask God to let good come out of this, it will (this article seems like a great start and you may have already been doing a lot behind the scenes, which you may know).

  28. Kerrie Waldron says:

    Firstly Ashley, let me say I totally believe you. Yours is a real reaction to a dangerous drug…aka vaccine……… children suffered “autism(ie gut and immune system destroyed by vaccines), CFS, allergies etc ………….The lies and coverups that BigPharma propagates are egregious and invideous insults to their victims. You are NOT alone. Your pain is real …and I am SO sorry you had to learn this the hard way, just as we did!

    Despite mainstream media being owned by BigPharma and spreading their lies…our and your truth IS getting out…..25% of parents choose NOT to vaccinate now and that number is increasing. I wish you health and a normal life. Change your diet to real, food (if you haven’t already ie),
    get all the toxins out (chelation etc) and take long term anti-virals, antibiotics………and don’t give up. Your life has been sidetracked but it can be
    great again. You can make a difference. You are important and you are special.All the idiot, deluded Drs in the world can’t make your truth go away. YOU are right, not them . God Bless

  29. I want to thank everyone who is supporting me. It is people like y’all that keep me going. Right now, since I cant really do much, I make videos on youtube about beauty and fashion. It is something I enjoy so much and I love makeup.But I can only do it about once a week. I have come to realize that if you find something you love to do, it is a great way to keep your mind off the pain and other things. My friend knits hats to keep her mind off things. I also feel that God’s will for me is to help others that are going through this, and I pray for each and every one of them. when I read these comments y’all send me it really makes me so happy and full of joy. and I really am glad that the people have reached out to me and personally messaged me for someone to talk to. I feel like this is what I’m supposed to be doing.

    If you are interested in checking out my channel, I soon plan on making a video about Gardasil and my story. My channel name is southernbelle11xo and you can subscribe.

  30. Ashley, its heart breaking to read about everything you’re going through. Thank you for informing us! Have you ever considered a holistic healer? It’s amazing what they can do. They don’t treat symptoms, they get to the heart of the issue. God bless you!

  31. I have heard horrible stories about this vaccine. I recently heard that it was going to be added to the “required” vaccines for babies. I truly hope this is not true.

  32. hey – have you ever checked on what adjuvants were a contained in the gardisil vaccine you were injected twice with?
    the adjuvants added to vaccines is what makes them generally poisonous bypassing your body’s ordinary but powerful immune system.


    (NaturalNews) Did you know that one of the lead researchers involved with developing the two available vaccines for human papillomavirus (HPV), Gardasil (Merck & Co.) and Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline), admitted back in 2009 that the jabs are essentially useless and more dangerous than the very conditions they are hailed as preventing and treating?
    Learn more:

  33. It is stories like this that I will never trust doctors or the vaccine industry again. As a child I got Guillian Barre Syndrome (GBS), from the polio vaccine and was parallized for a few months. There is long term nerve damage and fatigue issues that were irreversible afterward. Why the hell are we all still getting polio vaccines? When was the last reported case of polio? I think all parents shouldn’t vaccinate there kids, for ANYTHING. Why do people get flu shots? Why not just take your chances and get the flu?

  34. Tania Cummings says:

    I should like to weigh in with my 2 cents if I may please. I live in Australia. This is where the HPV vaccine Gardasil was developed, by an Australian, who won Australian of the Year award for his work. This appals me. Just before this vaccine was made public and unleashed on unsuspecting mothers and their daughters, I was working in market research conducting telephone surveys. Our work was often related to new products and services or commercial matters for clients who had greedy competitors and interviewers were never supposed to discuss what they were working on. We did a lot of work for drug companies, often interviewing doctors to check on sales reps and what the “main message” was that they got about a particular drug from the sales rep when they called. As well as visiting individual doctors, drug sales reps often take in lunches and morning or afternoon teas to a medical centre and organise to get all the doctors together and lay their brainwash/spiel on them with a nice Thai takeaway or tea and cakes. With this project we were absolutely sworn to secrecy due to the fact it was cutting edge science. We had to interview mothers of daughters between 12 and 17 years or thereabouts, “educate” them that genital warts and cervical cancer were caused by a particular virus and scare the life out of them, then ask them if a vaccine were available that would prevent this how likely on a 1 > 10 scale would you be to vaccinate your daughter,. Then a bit more scary info then: And if your doctor were to recommend vaccination, THEN how likely on the 1 > 10 scale would you be to vaccinate your daughter. In almost every case that I interviewed mothers were definitely scoring higher than their earlier score, 8, 9 or 10 if the doctor recommended it. Of all the mothers I interviewed, only two were sceptical of the whole thing and only one of those saw through the ruse of the comparative scoring between before and after the doctor recommending etc and had quite a bit to say about that. This shows how conditioned we are and how much trust is placed in “what the doctor says”. Doctors are usually overworked and don’t have time to read every research paper and critically assess every single disease and drug outcome, they rely on what the sales reps tell them. I have interviewed doctors on these topics for years and it sickens me. This vaccine, Gardasil, was rushed through, was hyped up, and all the fuss about Ian Frazer being Australian of the Year for developing it made it seem like the wonder drug of the century. Now they want to vaccinate every school boy as well. We have the same problems with side effects in Australia with young women, some becoming sterile. This whole thing is a wicked exercise in greed and deception and could affect generations to come – if any generations come – for the eugenics proponents (like Bill Gates and his ilk) this vaccine is a dream come true. In reality it is every young woman’s nightmare. If there was ever good reason for mothers to lock up their daughters, this vaccine is it. Thanks for reading this rather long rant. I got angry conducting the survey all those years ago and I’m still angry.

  35. Found this online an a friend suggested testing for. Henoch Sholein Purpura

  36. To learn more about the dangerous side effects of HPV vaccines please watch the video ‘The Dangers of the HPV vaccines Gardasil & Cervarix’ /watch?v=WCA5haGU6sI Zeolite powder can be used to safely and cheaply remove the heavy metal aluminum hydroxide (contained in the HPV vaccines) from the body. For more information please go to: hank.etszeolite[dot]com/index2[dot]html Zeolite powder can be bought on eBay. For more information on how to reverse HPV vaccine damage, please send me a PM

  37. Oh Ashley, thank you for telling your story so that other girls will not be victims of those whom they trust . . . I am so sorry this has happened to you. This vaccine is bad, bad medicine. God bless you and help you cope, honey.

  38. greg zimmerman says:

    Hon, i’m a doctor. I’m also greatly sorry to hear about your problems. I’m even more sorry to hear about your poor experience in the healthcare system. I think with Obamascare things are even due to get worse.

    I think there’s a very high probability that all your symptoms emanate from the HPV vaccine. That is not to say it is a bad vaccine. It will save many women from getting cervical cancer in the future. That is also not to say that it wasn’t an equally bad “bad” vaccine for u.

    So what probably happened? You probably did not get a “bad” vaccine, but rather the vaccine was probably administered incorrectly. the vaccine may have been given too deep and even the vaccinate may have actually been injected into your bloodstream where it would have circulated.

    Thus began the endless run of symptoms during the course of your disease progression. I don’t know if one diagnosis can be applied to all your symptoms. Some of your symptoms, when bundles make the diagnosis sound like Shy-Draggers syndrome. You can google it and read about it. I would bet this syndrome is listen in Wikipedia.

    You primarily have aches in pains in the muscles and joints. Usually a Rheumatologist becomes the primary specialist involved in your care, but naturally others will try to share in your treatment given its complexity. I hope family member begin to understand your plight.

    Very good luck to you,
    Dr. Z.

  39. Benita Bylicki says:

    I have 3 boys with special needs, this vaccination is now being pushed by pediatricians to also vaccinate boys and teens, I refused it. I was told that it helps protect them and protect their girlfriends and future wives by them being vaccinated. I got so tired of hearing about it , I changed doctors and hospitals to get my boys to a doctor who would not constantly push the vaccines on my children every time we came in. I am angry that last time I requested a tetanus shot for the boys as we live in a rural area and especially in the woods people sadly leave things around that could cause my children to cut their feet so as a precaution I said I wanted JUST the tetanus shot only. What my boys received after I got the paper work was a Dtp shot. That was the last straw, I figured if they can justify lying to me, who knows if they would say they are giving one shot and in actuality giving them the Gardasil shot also. I switched doctors and hospital to where I know my wishes would be respected as a parent. If this is causing the devastating symptoms in girls, which I have also heard of sterility and ovaries dying and no longer functioning, what it is doing to pre teen and teen boys that no one is talking about. I honestly believe in my heart they wanted to sterilize my children with this drug. They are special needs, and I have been told more than once that I should consider sterilizing my children, to ensure they are unable to produce children. While my children suffer from FASD, Tourettes, MMR, and Crystal Meth effects, none of them are so handicapped that at some point in time in the future as adults that they could marry and have families, so no I am not sterilizing my children, PERIOD. I also feel the doctor who felt my 11 year olds were in the same league as my 13 year old is an IDIOT. None of my children at this time in their life are sexually active, nor do they plan to be as our faith regulates that courting is to be used, and multiple dating is not.
    I would still like to know if any articles are out there about the effects of Gardasil on boys and young men, have there been any, and what problems to what degree if any there are. My prayers go out to all the young women who have been affected by this horrid vaccine, and hopefully articles like this will wake up the population to not accepting this for their sons and daughters any longer.

  40. Dear Ashley, like Tania, I am also unfortunate to hail from Australia. When my niece got very sick from Gardasil administration in a different (developing) country (where some politician got kick-backs for taking in lots of supplied of the drug, and of course my niece inadvertently became a guinea-pig – and almost lost her mind, literally), I felt dismayed about bigpharma and Fraser and his hype-ups. Both Merck and Fraser will meet their karmic payback, that’s for sure. I am a biomedical researcher working in the area of cancer research, and our motto is first do no harm (yes, what the medicos swear an oath on), but Fraser and Merck forgor all about that for a few more dollars. S… hit the fan for me when they wanted to grab the boys too. I have both girls and boys, and bloody hell, both Fraser and Merck will have to go over my carcass to give them the jab. Both the biomed research and bigpharma need a kick in the goolies (a real hard one), and money could be better spent on real research and not on mickey mouse projects run by big-headed profs. For you, my heart goes out, all the very best. You thoroughly deserve it! There is a natural order to things (some call it God), and comeuppance is a bit..

  41. Dear Ashley,
    This is a heartbreaking story. As your health declines, you are now being prescribed medications to treat the side effects of the vaccine, which are no doubt doing further damage. I highly urge you to find a classical homeopath in your area and go see them. Homeopathy is one form of medicine that has been shown to help eradicate and antidote vaccine damage. It has been widely used in cases of autism dating from vaccination as well as other vaccine related illness. Make sure the person has been in practice for some time and ask if they have had experience with this kind of thing. Homeopathy is inexpensive and can work miracles in a short time, as it helps stimulates your body’s natural healing ability, which was damaged by the vaccine. Things like diet and supplements can help as support but when you get the right homeopathic remedy it can turn things around in a matter of months (in my experience). Good luck to you.

  42. p.s. please do NOT take antibiotics. you will kill any remaining beneficial bacteria in your body that you need to fight invaders. please DO take probiotics. they are essential to healthy immune system. i like primal defense.

  43. Hi Ashley,
    I just saw your new article and watched the video

    “The HPV Vaccination Ruined my life”
    Posted: Jul 31, 2014 7:52 AM Updated: Aug 01, 2014 7:46 AM
    By Margaret-Ann Carter, WJBF Reporter

    Horribly sorry you’re still suffering.
    What you need is, glutathione(cream or IV), Myer’s Cocktail or high dose Vitamin C IV
    to support your immune system and DETOX. I wrote an article what you should do here

    How can I detox my son/daughter from this vaccine? – HEAVY METAL TOXINS – Reply to a father of an HPVV victim

    Some people still BELIEVES this toxic cocktail called Gardasil can prevent cervical cancer but it’s
    ALL LIES!! HPV is not even the cause of the cancer. zua Hausen, the German doctor who got
    the Nobel prize for his findings (back in 1983 and 1984) in 2008 to promote this vaccine was all bought
    by the pharma!! I did my homework long ago and wrote a lot of articles on my JP blog.
    (Right click and open the photos to a new tab and read!)

    He found HPV’s DNA in live cancer cells.
    But HPV just being there doesn’t PROVE that’s the cause just like Papa Bush having been
    in Dallas on the day JFK was killed doesn’t automatically mean he was involved in the

    Anyhow, since they sold expensive poison to you, you’ve simply gotta detox!!
    Please read above and work on it soon.

    Good food etc incl avoid gluten ad so forth is good but that’s not good enough to cure you.
    You need decent support to your immune system and chelation.
    If you and others have any question, just ask me.
    (Write a comment on that article or here).

    Good luck!!

  44. It is a little late to write this at this time, but as the saying goes, “Better late than never.” Look up MMS or Master Mineral Supplement on the Internet. MMS can kill most of the poisons in the Vaccines and has been known to overcome most of the effects of vaccines in a few week. MMS is a oxidation chemical that oxidizes poisons (destroys them) and kills pathogens. The body then heals the body. Try it. It is very low cost and many thousands of lives have been saved so far.

  45. Hi Ashley If you are sick and tired of the vaccine reaction call me I know what helps rebuild the immune support and I can give five references. 719 -639-4083 PS you have Epstein Barr Herpes 4 virus an RNA virus inhibited by US Pat 5676977 and US Pat 6485755.i t isn’t expensive.

  46. Anonymous Person says:

    Hi Ashley I agree with Nicole. Really important info there to start with, but I was wondering if there was a way we could contact each other aside from here. I have some really helpful information for you outside the medical business. If not that’s ok. Like Nicole said get those toxins out of your body. Drink 80% of your diet as water and with many detoxing drinks, rich organic fruits and veggies, will definitely be a good start. Stay away from any processed crap, fast food. Not saying you do. I would really hope you could contact me. Thanks.


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