The Gardasil Life: My daughter is a shadow of her former self

By Alicia Davis Boone, Bel Air, Maryland

Before Gardasil

Before Gardasil

Before Gardasil my daughter was an outgoing, super funny, confident, soccer athlete, practicing 3-4 hrs a day. She planned to play HS soccer and move on to college soccer. Autumn was a free spirit and so full of life. Her love for animals and passion to save the mistreated drove her to want to open her own animal shelter. She had dreams, goals and a plan.  That is until she had the Gardasil vaccine.

In January of 2010 she began the series of Gardasil shots. Her second shot was on 3/31 and by 5/10 we had her back to the doctors due to shortness of breath, along with horrible rib and back pain. From then on, our nightmare just kept getting worse.

Autumn’s life after Gardasil

She experienced excruciating rib/back pain episodes and was unable to stand up straight or breathe deeply. Pain episodes lasting as long as 4 weeks, requiring many ER visits. During one of these visits a mass measuring 6x12x9 was found in her abdominal muscle under her rib. The doctors thought it was possibly bone cancer. They kept her overnight to do a bone biopsy but by morning the mass was gone. It literally disappeared overnight! Her doctors could give no explanation and conducted no further studies.

So, her life continued with constant leg/knee pain, intense muscle contractions, painful joints, chronic congestion, sore throats, ear pain, reoccurring hearing loss, bladder infections, heat sensitivity, feeling faint in showers/baths, shortness of breath walking one flight of steps/talking too long, unbearable migraines leaving her screaming in pain, light/sound sensitivity, chest pains, racing heart,

Petechial rashes after Gardasil

Petechial rashes after Gardasil

lymphadenopathy, tiny cuts bleeding over 20 min, bruising, petechial rashes, cold purple feet, heavy menstrual cycles, paralyzing pelvic pain with lumps that come and go, cycles lasting 3 weeks or longer. Chronic fatigue, sleeping sometimes 20 hrs a day, night sweats, strange skin sensations, lips going numb, reoccurring rashes covering her body including the mucosa of her mouth/nose making breathing difficulties requiring ER visits. Gastroparesis- stomach paralysis causing severe bloating appearing as if she was 6 months pregnant, debilitating pain, no appetite, severe weight loss, weight gain from body going into starvation mode, constant nausea, vomiting blood/bile leaving her begging for mercy and pleading for death.

Autumn will live with stomach paralysis for the rest of her life.  Can you imagine being unable to absorb nutrition and suffering malnourishment as a result?

Autumn fought hard to keep the life she had prior to Gardasil, but eventually was forced to quit soccer and withdraw from school.

She has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Autumn suffers from extreme memory loss, anger, insomnia, and severely diminished cognitive processes. She has self-harmed, cutting and branding her wrist/hips to cope with the suffering she endures daily.

Did the benefits of Gardasil outweigh the risk for Autumn? Absolutely not!

Where is the medical community now? They casually say our daughter is a complicated case and offer no answers, wish us luck then send us on our way.

Please, warn others.

Please, warn others.

Like so many other families we have been left to try and cope the best we can.  No recognition is ever given to the possibility that the Gardasil vaccine may be the cause of Autumn’s long list of terrible side effects.

This young lady has to suffer and wonder why this has happened to her and why no one in the medical community appears to care.

We, as her family, are left to try and pick up the pieces and keep her as safe as we can.  This is no easy task but she is our daughter and we love her so much.

In our hearts, we know if we could go back in time our daughter would never have had these three shots of Gardasil. Life at this moment in time would be perfect for her and for us.  If only ……!!


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  1. Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski says:

    As a victim of three vaccines myself at age 56 (pneumonia, tetanus and rubella) I am becoming more aware. I wanted to ask you have they done any biopsies of the rashed areas of your Autumn’s body? Has she had any MRI’s with contrast in her health workups? I want to point out a great website that has well researched articles and has helped me to get diagnsoed as well (Lyme of 22+ years duration led to MRIs for neuro symptoms whcih led to having HIGH amounts of Gadolinium in me seven, YES 7 years post last MRI) I am helping others by pointing out similarities, so they might be able to pursue their doctors for testing care and eventually within the LAW!

    I have had nine biopsies myself (two show GAD two show Fibrosis/scarring) with the first doctor I saw telling me, “You DON’t NEED to get ANY testing there is just not going to be **ANYTHING they are going to help you with, you have to come to the realization that NONE of this is due to the GADOLINIUM and you will NEVER prove it!” I am, in small tiny steps and will make that doctor Lewis Nelson of Bellevue toxicology eat his words! I told him this was akin to rape, here you are with full knowledge of the drug in me, in increasingly high amounts the further away from the last time I had it and it is STILL in me seven years later causing havoc (two operations for bowel prolapse, bowel fibrosis, keyhold deformity they somehow missed! and now Bladder prolapse?! slow gastric emptying. etc) Let me ask another question, had your daughter ever been given the drug CREON? I had taken it for Sjogren’s induced pancreatitis and found out that “Fibrosing Colonopathy” is its FIRST ADR (adverse drug reaction) ** what was he Psychic or was he purposely covering up for ANY medical facility that my name is OUT there as being told, “Make SURE she never PROVES this, time and again I have had docs pull me aside to “give this up, watch your back, you could be forced off the road, I can’t HELP you I dont KNOW enough about this!” etc makes you sick thinking someone whose motto is, “FIrst DO NO HARM” is facilitating the harm! I told him he was SICK, you are sick people perpetuating illness just sick, how do you look at yourself int he mirror? How do you look your kids in the face?! Really HOW DO you DO IT DR NELSON?! My husband had to physically restrain me, inching me out the door because by the time the doctor started to say, “You came to us because of your concerns and I am convered for your concerns they are very real, btu I suggest you speak to a “PROFESSIONAL-READ PSYCHIATRIST” to deal with this because you are never going to PROVE IT! ” I WILL and I am and we are already speaking to this right now-we HAVE to keep future generatiosn form making to same mistakes as us in TRUST, there IS NONE ANYMORE!
    Please look me up on FB under my full name if you have any questions, I’d like to help in any way I can – informing others of my story and forwarding all the GARDASIL INFO ANY TIME I CAN. I HATE to see a life destroyed via a drug which we are told is NEEDED, IMPORTANT and saves lives, it’s rather disturbing that our future gererations are so affected! Hugs to Autumn! TEll her there is always HOPE! There is much more I can’t write here!


    • Hi Cathy, it sounds like you have been through quite a lot yourself and I am sorry the way you were treated by those in modern medicine and I can certainly relate. I a grateful to you and so many others for reading Autumn’s story and offering what help and ideas you can. I am keeping a journal so I do not forget anything, and I can refer back to it, and decide which is best for Autumn. They have not biopsied Autumn’s rash because they keep telling me it is contact dermatitis which I know is not the case because it comes at the end of her pain episodes. We are now working with a homeopathic practitioner and began treatment this week. I have spoken to other moms and many of their girls have responding well to this type of treatment. You have no idea how grateful I am to so many for caring about a child they have never met and wanting to help. I can not thank you enough and will look you up on FB. This is all very overwhelming as we have 2 younger children as well, and the support we have received since sharing Autumn’s story has been amazing.

  2. I’m the mother of a child injured by Hep B and DTaP vaccines. I’m so sorry about what’s happened to your daughter. I want to tell you, though, that there are quite a few doctors now who are searching for, and finding, effective treatments to help people recover from vaccine injuries. Doctors who practice “conventional” Western Medicine will do nothing for you, because they can’t/don’t think for themselves about vaccination and its bad effects; they are believers in the medical mythology that vaccines are safe and effective and they willfully remain ignorant about vaccine injury and its treatment. You will find real help, and doctors who truly care about their vaccine-injured patients, if you turn away from conventional Western Medicine and seek out doctors and other health care practitioners who practice “alternative medicine.”

    One of the main adverse effects of Gardasil is auto-immunity. Athletic girls like Autumn generally have very strong immune systems, so auto-immunity is particularly disastrous for them. Auto-immunity caused by Gardasil seems particularly prone to attack the blood vessels (vasculitis) and the nervous system (including the autonomic NS); and many girls develop symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. In addition to auto-immunity, you need to address digestive system damage, poisoning and mitochondrial dysfunction from adjuvants like aluminum; histamine effects, blood agglutination, and depression of cellular immunity.

    I suggest that you research treatment for vaccine injury on the web. Collect the names of doctors and other practitioners treating vaccine injury. Print out articles and put them in a loose-leaf binder; read them carefully and highlight information that seems to apply to Autumn’s situation.

    Here are some things to google: (a) Health Impact News 9-22-15 article, “Vaccine Mechanism of Harm Exposed in Gardasil Vaccine”; (b) CEASE Therapy (Detox using Isotherapy); (c) 9-19-2009 article “The Truth about the Flu Shot” – scroll down and find Dr. Russell Blaylock’s “Treatment for Toxic Vaccine Exposure”; (d) – Judy Converse; (e) Vaccine Impact – “Healing from Vaccine Damage Begins in the Gut” and “Treatment Manual for HPV Vaccine Injured”; (f) Dr. Andrew Moulden’s work — Look on Vactruth website for a start.

    A few more specifics: Blood agglutination is a major mechanism of harm by vaccines. Along with certain nutritional supplements (such as animal-derived omega-3 fats) that will help, I highly recommend the Zone Diet. Also, one aspect of Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s “Blood Type Diet” is very helpful — Look up the “Avoid” foods for your daughter’s blood type, and remove them from your daughter’s diet. Blood-type incompatible lectins cause gut damage and/or blood agglutination — two things your daughter probably already has and needs to avoid aggravating.

    The GAPS diet (Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride) is helpful for many people with digestive issues; and it can be combined with the Zone Diet (Barry Sears, Ph.D.) principles and avoidance of blood-type-incompatible foods.

    Neuromodulation Techniques (NMT) is a very sophisticated energy medicine technique which helped my daughter a great deal with her vaccine injury and related health problems. NMT may help re-regulate your daughter’s immune system, reducing auto-immunity while improving cellular immunity.

    I highly recommend that you find an NMT practitioner, or another practitioner using sophisticated energy medicine testing techniques (Nutrition Response Testing is another example), to test for appropriate forms and doses of nutritional supplements for your daughter’s individual needs.

    EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a very effective way of reducing depression and anxiety for many people. Look for Gary Craig’s own website. You can work with a practitioner and/or or learn to do EFT yourself. Your daughter’s depression and anxiety will start clearing as soon as you find effective treatment for her health problems, but EFT may be helpful along the way as well. Autumn can also learn to do EFT for herself, by the way.

    I’ve given you a great deal of information here and I hope it will be helpful to you. There’s a whole world of caring health professionals working to help people of all ages recover from vaccine injuries, and I’m confident you can find good help, encouragement, and hope for Autumn if you turn to the world of “alternative” health care. Best wishes to Autumn, you, and the rest of your family.

    • I am in full agreement that there are many cures and worth every minute to get these poisons out of the body. Kerri rivera has helped 190 children lose the diagnosis of autism by removing all the poisons from the vaccines . I have spent 15 yrs learning all of this and have a child who was vaccine injured at 4 yrs old with cancer . We cant go back and fix what happened but if we are alive we can do many things to reverse these horrific symptoms .

  3. Danielle Donovan says:

    I used to live in Maryland and was seen by a homeopathic doctor who treated me for Lyme and other hard to treat illnesses. He migt be able to help your daughter. He is Dr Peter Hindenberger at Ruscombe Mansion on Yellowwood Avenue in Baltimore. 410-367-6263. They have a website

  4. Thank you Danielle for that information, I will absolutely look him up! <3

    Susan that is terrible, I am so sorry your child was injured in that way and I hope he or she is doing ok now. I never imagined something like this happening to our family but no one does. I don't think anyone can understand exactly how difficult it is and the serious lack of help from the medical community is heart breaking and shows just how much our government wants to sweep vaccine injury under the rug. I believe change is coming and coming sooner than we all think. I believe Gardasil is going to be the vaccine that opens many eyes to what the manufacturers true intent is, and that is making money at any cost.

    • Danielle Donovan says:

      Good luck- he helped me with numerous health issues that tradional doctors were unable to treat. I would also recommend chinese acupuncture down the road, which helped me as well. can help you locate someone in Maryland.

    • Alicia, my heart breaks for all of you!! I’m so encouraged that your seeing a Homeopath now, I KNOW you your daughter will find improvements. I’d love for you to email or text me. PeaceU2U2at gmail there are also some great things you could try/add to your journal. An NET Doctor could help as well as a Kinesiologist!!!! Acupuncture and also diatomaceous clay!!!!! Sending your daughter and you many prayers for healing!!!

      • Alicia boone says:

        Thank you so much! I apologize for taking a few days to get back to you. I will absolutely look into the information you have given me and I can not tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to read Autumn’s story and offer information to help her. I will contact you via email.


  5. lisa penner says:

    Hi you just have to get the poisen out .please dont give up it can be mom always said i got my eczema from vaccination.ive totally reversed it.maybe you should look into gaps begins with only broth.dont give up when it gets worse before it gets better.that’s the poisen going out.

  6. As a father of two young beautiful girls I too have concerns over this drug and have had these concerns since the drug first came out. When Speaking to people about this drug I often make the analogy as follows… “A girl is walking down a road – she comes to a point where the road splits three ways… One road leads straight to a drug dealer, the second road leads her to a Sex-Offender and the third road leads her to Gardasil” ~ which road would you advise her to take?
    Well obviously all three are dangerous but only two will not damage her for life. The makers/pushers of gardasil should be convicted just as Drug-dealers and sex-offenders. Criminals anyway you put it!

  7. Consider having your daughter tested for anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis.

  8. Michele Tornes says:

    Hello, There is a very simple cleansing yet powerful cleansing routine that you can try that begins the healing in the gut.
    I feel it would be very helpful for your daughter. The teacher is Kira Slade.
    Please find Kira Slade from Santa Barbara on Facebook or contact me Michele Tornes on facebook
    and I will give you her phone number. Prayers for Autumn.

  9. DAVID JOHNSON says:

    Our daughter came down with Hennock Shem line Purpura (HSP) from a viral infection. A lot of the symptoms are similar and we ended up giving our daughter bioflavinoids to help strengthen her blood vessels. She had the rashes as well as severe stomach pain which was caused by the lining in her stomach breaking down. She also had random bumps and swelling which would disapeer the next day. You can look up HSP for more information. It’s good your working with a homeopathic practitioner. Best of luck.

  10. Thank you all for you comments and suggestions! I am grateful to all of you for reading Autumn’s story and for offering support and possible diagnosis and remedies. My husband and I are truly blessed to have people who do not know us taking the time to try and help our family. It took me a while to share Autumn’s story because it is so personal in nature, but it has been a blessing that has brought us much love and support from so many caring people like yourselves. I am truly grateful to all of you and I have begun keeping a notebook to write down the different testing and treatments we are being told about. Much love to all of you. <3

  11. Hi Alicia,

    I saw your daughters story on another page and decided to try and come in contact with you here in hopes that this message helping your daughter.

    I have had severe health issues for the past 2 years from a medicine, an aintidepressant. It made me lose my emotions (crazy as it sounds) and gave me severe fatigue-basically ruined my life. Just so you know where I’m coming from.
    After 2 years and thousands of hours of googling online, finding nothing that can help I was very desperate. But some time ago I have stumbled on something that has been helping me amazingly, when nothing else did. And the most amazing thing is, it works on all conditions. Its probably the most powerful natural therapy that each of us has access to-urine therapy. Ok, so now I know the kind of thoughts that must be racing through your mind at reading that. When I first read it, I turned away in disgust and thought it’s some kind of new age crazy therapy. But desperate as I was I tried it anyway.

    To say in short, every disease or condition that our body has, there will be antibodies of that malady found in urine. It also contains hormones, enzymes etc etc. It’s not a waste product-before birth babies float in amniotic fluid made out of urine. If it is a waste product, why do pharma companies make millions of dollars annually collecting ingredients from human urine (which they collect from tanks in urinals :). Ingredients from it are put in hormone treatments, skin lotions etc etc etc

    For me, it gave me a lot more energy and is slowly returning my emotional capacity back to me. My acne cleared up and my hair is not falling out any more and growing back, if you can believe. It has an amazing effect on stomach damage especially, which is what your daughter is suffering from if I’m not mistaken. I had a severe case of candida, which nothing cold reverse. But urine actually kills candida and bad bacteria and heals the inflammed stomach lining, since it has powerful anti inflammatory qualities. That is why people use it for jelly fish stings. All in all too good to be believed 🙂 and all free and produced for an entire life.

    This is also the answer to why so many people haven’t heard about these therapies. Billion dollar medical industries that get their money from people being life-long depentant on drugs. Having to renew their perscriptions until death. Money is the ruler of the world, and companies intentionally discredit any effective natural healing therapy, be it water fasting, urine therapy etc etc. Anything that can’t be patented.

    The reason why I’m writing this so long is because I know its hard to go against our prejudices (being taught all our lives urine is gross, garbage, waste etc etc), and Im really hoping something in what I wrote could convince you to at least check the free online books on urine therapy (best two are from john armstrong and martha christy-who each had an incurable condition which were cured by the therapy). Reading and understanding could maybe make you see that this can make a huge difference and perhaps convincing your daughter to read them too and try the therapy.

    One final thing-in case things go well and you decide to try this. The urine has to be hers-it has antibodies and chemicals unique to her condition. The most effective healing modality that can be had with this is (get ready for another shock heh) urine fast, where you drink nothing but water and all the urine passed for a month or so. The body goes into a deep rest and, unburdened by the constant digestion, repairs any damage far faster. If you don’t believe it, read the thousand of water fast testimonials online-you may be in for a huge shock. Urine fast is by far the most powerful form of this therapy, and has cured people of life long irreversible conditions. John Armstrong also writes about it in his book-he himself undertook a 40 day urine fast.

    I would also recommend typing in: shelton hygienic system volume 3, into google. it has a link to a free online pdf on how to water fast and what to eat after the fast etc etc. I strongly recommend to also check that out (since your daughters conditon is so bad) in addition to the online urine therapy pdfs.

    Whew, that was long but I really hope you don’t dismiss this after reading it :/ It can save your daughters life as it’s saving mine. I just gave the result of thousands and thousand of hours of online searchingin for the pst 2 years, so I hope you recognize that this all can really make a difference.

    Stay well and much love,


  12. i forgot to mention, this therapy is very very effective for autoimmune conditions. so if the vaccine has somehow also caused an autoimmune condition in your daughter and made her body turn against itself, this will have a very powerful effect


  13. Traci Williams says:


    Recently, (Jan. 2014), a disturbing article was published in Autoimmunity Reviews titled, On the relationship between human papilloma virus vaccine and autoimmune disease. In it the authors Paolo Pellegrino et al noted that,

    Along with the introduction of the HPV vaccines, several cases of onset or exacerbations of autoimmune diseases following the vaccine shot have been reported in the literature and pharmacovigilance databases, triggering concerns about its safety.[17]

    After a review of the available literature they listed the autoimmune diseases most likely linked to the HPV vaccine. These are associations NOT causations the authors note:

    Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis and other demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system
    Multiple sclerosis (MS)
    Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS)
    Primary ovarian failure (POF)
    IgA bullosus dermatitis
    Henoch-Schonlein purpura
    Cutaneous vasculitis
    Kikuch-Fujimoto disease
    Erythema multiforme
    Acute cerebral ataxia
    Immune thrombocytopenic purpura
    – See more at:


  14. Thank you David and Traci! <3 I am open to any and all suggestions and I am researching all possible remedies, and therapies. I really feel like simply saying thank you to all of you, for not only taking the time to read my child's journey, but to take so much time typing all of this to help her recover from this. I am more hopeful now than I have been in a really long time and it is because of so many generous caring individuals who truly want to help. So thank you from the bottom of my heart and thank you from our entire family.

  15. Alicia,

    I’ve been warning girls and mothers about this cocktail of poison since, shortly before Johnny coWARd
    started selling it here in Australia at schools. As I pointed out, they lied about the cause of cervical cancer
    to begin with, and this is an absolute fraud from A to Z!!

    Anyhow, I wrote a piece a while ago.
    Hope it helps along with many other comments you’ve got.

    How can I detox poisons from Human Papiloma Virus Vaccines?

    There are so many things about which we’ve been lied to.
    It’s really the time for us to wake up to the genuine facts and stop being fooled, getting
    robbed, poisoned and damaged by these traitorous criminals.

    GOVisCO – Governments are Companies!!

    Best of luck to you and Autumn!!

  16. Dear Alicia,

    prayers for your daughter to get well soon! never lose hope. Things may get better with time, one step a day. From my personal experience, and having many of your daughter’s symptoms that costed me a year o my life, i can say this. I only took 2 doses of gardasil, thank god I skipped the third. Still trying with issues, but I hope that the worst is now past. If she is not feeding properly, please consider quality multivitamins and iv’s for hydration once every while in a hospital. They really helped me a lot. Antideppressants made me much worse, so I gradually stopped all kind of medication. Digestion enzymed worked wonders for my poor digestion, I used a bottle from now foods but I guess there are other brands out there as well. For gastroparesis and bloating, Iberogast was a godsend for me, really helped me with meals. Every morning on wake up I was doing pranayama’s, a breathing yoga exercise to strengthen my stomach muscles and digestion. Accupuncture helped me a lot. Try to find a good doctor. I was defficient on so much nurtients, including severely deficient in iron, floradix gradually restored my iron deficiency and i started gaining weight again. Finally, a friend introduced me to a psychotherapist-expert on sleep hypnosis, so much helped me in creating positive feelings towards life through all the negativity. And of course a supportive family, with lots of daily hugs and support, assuring me that everything was going to be better with time. And it was. And it is. Every day, a bit better. Sending love and prayers!

  17. Curtis Tricarico says:

    I agree with a few of the commentors that Autumn’s problems are auto immune. When I first read the litany I thought she had celiac disease like I do. Except, it’s different for everyone, so our problems always vary. Now I’m thinking that maybe my vaccines caused or exacerbated my celiac disease. Although I see a few symptoms in elders in my family, my cousin’s and brother have it the worst. And we got by far the most vaccines.

    Speaking of athletics…

    My symptoms got really bad when I went on the pyramid diet when I started bodybuilding after high school. All that gluten I ate really did me in. I was really strong for two years, grew so big and so strong so fast, without steroids. I went from 170 pounds to 215 pounds, all muscle. Squatted 450 pounds 8 times deep in the middle of a 45 minute workout. Two leg workouts a week. Two of every workout a week. Bench 335 about 6 times at the end of a workout. Biggest legs I’ve ever seen. Stronger than some power lifters. Well, you get the idea.

    Then came the malnutrition. My recovery time climbed to a week or more for each muscle group. My legs were weak and pathetic the longest, sometimes two weeks. This is what started me thinking about Autumn’s problems.

    But, lots of other symptoms are the same or similar, and many sound like a spleen deficiency. Spleen related problems include low IgA, which protects the skin, mouth, throat, upper respiratory, nasal and even the meninges (brain surface). I also had a red blood cell count through the roof!!! The blood center loved me. Too bad those were all dead cells that the spleen failed to remove on schedule. Wish they told me the first time, not the 12th tme.

    But here’s the most important thing. Not all symptoms are on any official list. For instance, in the first few months after removing gluten from my diet I was cured of my annual tree pollen allergy in the Spring. This was not on the list of symptoms, and proved it is not mind over matter. I was expecting my eczema to go away, because it IS on the list. Well… That took a year to go away.

    Similar to Autumn I also had many internal pains. My kidneys hurt for years, making sleep painful. It was just generalized back pain. At one point in time I started eating lots of bread to save money. Well, that caused immense internal pains that knocked me down and made me cry. The areas of pain were right across my gut from the pancreas, stomach, gall bladder and liver. There was a month where a lymph node by my bladder started hurting, as did the adjacent man parts. So, I stopped eating bread, and all those pains went away.

    But, I only did that because I knew grains were empty calories, whereas fruit was loaded with important nutrition. It took another 2 years for me to figure out I had celiac disease.

    Here are some other symptoms I cured that are not on the list, and these may be surprising.
    – gut wrenching, puking, wanna die hangovers (now I can binge drink and actually perform the next day, at age 48, such a huge improvement)
    – cat allergy
    – tooth plaque
    – high blood pressure (148 down to 122, and I’m 15 years OLDER)
    – poop breath (which I picked up from a girl I dated, no kidding)

    Now that others have mentioned it, I’m guessing that my sensitivity to bright light and loud noises may be somehow related to celiac disease and/or a vaccine. Since my Dad is also sensitive to both, maybe it’s strictly celiac.

    Although I have read that there are several liver diseases that make you nocturnal. And I certainly am a night owl. And gluten gives me liver pains, so…

    Either problem, celiac or vaccine, it would be good for Autumn to remove the five main food allergens, and see if that helps. I think they are gluten, shell fish, dairy, soy and egg.

    Good luck!

  18. Alicia, there are many symptoms you have mentioned which are linked to hypothyroidism, including the gastroparesis. I have sent you a private message through FB, with some links that you may find helpful, including one of the many on Gardasil and hypothyroidism and one of the sites which mentions that gastroparesis can be a symptom (outcome) of hypothyroidism. I do hope you’ll read it.

  19. mary Grosso says:

    Has she been tested for Hemochromatosis and Toxoplasmosis

  20. Hi. My heart goes out to your daughter. I too had the first two vaccines for Gardasil in 2010/2011. I’ve been there but I’m slowly getting better. I would love to try to reach out to your daughter. I know the emotional and physical pain it does to your body. I’ll be praying for you all.

  21. Meredith Hooker says:

    Dear Alicia,

    You might want to consider having Autumn tested for Lyme disease and babesiosis (babesiosis causes petechial rashes)… her symptoms are identical to mine and my children’s symptoms, and we are battling both of these conditions. Lyme (and related co-infections) often goes undetected in the body until the immune system is overloaded… in your daughter’s case, that vaccine might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back… her immune system simply couldn’t handle everything at once, so the Lyme and babesia were allowed to spiral out of control. IV antibiotics (like Rocephin) and oral medications (like Mepron) might help your daughter regain some of her old self. Just a thought. We will pray for Autumn!

  22. james samuels says:

    i have no suggestions that might help, i wish i did. all i can do is pray for her and you. this is so sad.

  23. Alicia,
    I’m so sorry this has happened to your daughter,
    I want to share somethings with you, can you email me?

  24. Christy Hartley says:

    I read your story and am so sorry she is going through all of this. I’m 37 I haven’t had the gardisil vaccine but I have gastroparesis I know her pain. I have no idea from day to day how I am going to feel. They removed my gallbladder thinking that was my problem it wasn’t. I suffer IBS GERD and rashes after I eat some things. Also burp a nasty sulphur egg smell with some of my gastric episodes. It’s been 7 years and no one can help me or tell me why. I hope she recovers and I hope you get to the bottom of this because it’s literally debilitating. My prayers are with you I wish I knew what brought mine on. One day I can eat certain foods and the next time I’m deathly ill from it. I am on Reglan to help digest and protonix for my reflux also I have to take phenegran daily almost because I am nauseous all the time. If they ever cure her or figure out how to control this please please look me up. I know the suffering its hard. My best regards. Christy Hartley

    • Thank you Christy and I wish you well also. This is a difficult journey but we are trying to stay positive. Thank you for reaching out to us

  25. Nancy Vicera Cabaluna says:

    Dear Alicia,

    I’m so sorry for what happened to your daughter,
    I want to share something with you to enhance her immune system the fastest, natural way.

    I’ve proven this many times here in Saudi Arabia, with my husband and friends.

    May I have your email? so that I can send you what to give to your daughter?
    Don’t be afraid. There’s no medicines involved here. Only vegetables and fruits given properly and correctly.

    Praying for your daughter’s fast recovery.
    God bless your efforts.


    • Thank you Nancy we are currently doing somethings to get her moving in a positive direction. They seem to be working a bit now and Autumn seems ready to focus more on helping herself by following instructions as to what to eat and not to eat. I really appreciate you reaching out to us and may God Bless you too.

  26. Bronwyn says:

    Has she tried GAPS – Gut and Psychology Syndrome – diet, or the original diet Specific Carbohydrate diet by Elaine Gottschal. Difficult to do, takes time and perseverance, but heals the body fron the gut. Elaine’s daughters story is how it all started.


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