Update: Whistleblowers’ Lawsuit Against Merck

[SaneVax:  If only a portion of the allegations in this lawsuit are accurate, vaccine safety advocates have been proven correct. Where the mainstream media is during this historic trial? Probably the same place they were during the time GSK was being prosecuted for false marketing claims. Why does no one in the media seem concerned about the impact on medical consumers?]

U.S. Government & Whistleblowers Sue Merck About Falsely Certified Mumps Vaccine

By Catherine Frompovich


This story has a long timeline.  It starts with the mumps vaccine that Merck’s eminent vaccinologist Maurice Hilleman, MD, came up with using a strain he developed from his five year old daughter—commonly referred to as the “Jeryl Lynn” strain—that has been manufactured by Merck since 1967.

In essence what transpired is the vaccine virus was “passaged” over the years through various growth medium or animal cells that caused the vaccine to lose its potency—let’s say ‘watered down’—and it became non-effective against the “wild” mumps virus. However, Merck had contended its MMRII vaccine was 95 percent effective (efficiency or efficacy rate) since at least the year 2000. The compliant charges Merck listed that false information on the vaccine package inserts which the U.S. CDC, FDA, and the National Vaccine Program relied upon as accurate information to promote to health agencies. That was not scientifically accurate nor was Merck able to produce that 95 percent effectiveness rate according to the accepted practices the CDC and FDA relied upon for vaccines to be certified.  However, Merck never ‘fessed up that it was selling bum dope information and defective MMRII vaccines.

What happened next is what in accounting parlance is called “cooking the books.”  Let’s say Merck apparently ‘cooked the science’.  Still, two MDs who worked on the project were conscience struck about all the shenanigans that Merck scientists came up with in trying to reach the 95 percent efficacy rate that allowed Merck to maintain its MMRII vaccine monopoly in the United States.

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