Vaccination Adjuvant Works By Killing Cells: Cause of Autoimmune Disorders?

By Heidi Stevenson

A new Nature Medicine study may provide insight into why there’s so much autoimmune disease today. Have the authors unintentionally pointed to the smoking gun that even vaccinators must acknowledge?

Adjuvants are known to increase the ability of vaccines to cause the immune system to make antibodies. Aluminum has been used because it’s particularly effective. However, how it works was unknown until a study just published in the journal Nature Medicine. What they found is quite disturbing. Aluminum in vaccines causes cell death, but not of a normal sort, as in apoptosis.

This may be the explanation for much of the autoimmune disease that’s experienced by so many people today. Freestanding DNA and other bits of cells are not normal.

In apoptosis, cells die from the inside. It’s brought about by processes inside the cell, resulting in controlled dissolution of all parts, including the DNA. Cells that die through apoptosis form cell fragments that phagocytic cells can recognize and engulf easily.

However, in the case of cell death from the vaccine adjuvant, aluminum, the cell comes apart, releases DNA and other cell bits, and cannot be cleaned up easily.

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