Vaccines: Are you a medical consumer or a medical test subject?

[SaneVax: What if vaccines were sold like cell phones, computers or cars? No one would question whether or not you felt the need to investigate prior to purchasing. Quite the opposite, you would be considered rather foolish if you did not do your research prior to making a purchase.

Why are things different when it comes to vaccines? Why is anyone who asks about vaccine side-effects, asks to read a package insert or dares to ask a question about the efficacy of a vaccine automatically branded as anti-vaccine? Shouldn’t everyone be making the same inquiries? Read the following exposé to understand what is wrong with this picture.]

When Vaccine Patients Act Like Consumers

By Jagannath Chatterjee

Vaccines: Informed Consent?

Vaccines: Informed Consent?

What if vaccines were sold like cars? Instead of having them pushed on you, what if you had a real choice, with real information and competition? Now that a greater & greater number of people are acting like consumers & asking questions, the WHO & UNICEF are taking steps to counter it, and some plans are downright scary.

How would you act if you decided to buy a car? You would probably visit the car showrooms, talk to the salesmen, collect literature on the cars, visit other showrooms, search the internet, talk to people who have purchased cars, exchange ideas with your friends, talk to the mechanics, and find out more from people who have faced problems with a particular brand. You would also be concerned about the performance and the safety features and wonder if they are up to the advertisements and sales pitch. Pretty much normal, is it not?

Car manufacturers take it on their stride. They know that this is a typical consumer behavior pattern. The consumers are choosy, picky, and try to have the best value for money. They have distinct individual needs and choices that have to be met in order to stay afloat and be profitable. The manufacturers respond by manufacturing quality cars that are better than the competitors and take great care to ensure that both performance and safety aspects are above reproach.

But what if the car manufacturers had an association and a huge political lobby that ensured there was no competition? What if all the car salesmen were taught by the same institution? What if the manufacturers decided what the salesmen read and understood? What if all the salesmen were given licenses that could be revoked if they did not speak the same language? What if they had laws that protected them from lawsuits?

You know what would happen, don’t you? You would then be dealing with a cartel. A cartel that would take the decisions and force them upon you. You would end up with products you do not want. Products that would neither perform nor be safe, for these would not be ensured in such a situation, simply because they would not matter.

The entire pharmaceutical market is such a cartel—and more so the vaccination industry.

The movement against vaccinations, both by victims as well as by discerning doctors, is based upon the consumer behavior pattern. People are now comparing products, reading the package inserts, logging on to the internet and discussion boards, social media; they are talking to people whose children have suffered adverse reactions, or they have themselves, and they are reading books that gives a glimpse beyond the hype.

The WHO & UNICEF are not happy with this.

Read the entire article here, to find out why.

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