Warning: Gardasil injuries can have a permanent impact

By Annette, Melbourne, Australia

vaccine science?

Informed Consent?

I write our daughter’s story to give you an idea of the permanent impact Gardasil injuries can have on a young girl’s life. My daughter has battled her injuries for over 5.5 years. Thank you for taking the time to read her story.

Before our girl got sick she was a high achieving student, an active member of the Student Leadership Council, a Scouts girl and a fantastic field hockey player. She got sick after receiving 2 Gardasil vaccinations in the beginning of 2009.

She has a Vaccine Injury and has officially been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, Hypotension (low blood pressure) and Tachycardia (high heart rate when standing up, to pump blood to brain), also called POTS.

At the moment, she still suffers from (extreme) fatigue on a daily basis, headaches (especially end of the day), her hands are sore with nerve pain and she lives with daily joint and muscle pain. Her ears pop every time she swallows and she has trouble hearing. She has difficulty concentrating when there is noise around her. Her feet are always cold but she doesn’t feel it. And that isn’t all of it…

Her days vary; one good day doesn’t mean the next will be ok. One good week doesn’t mean the next week might be better. Sometimes her symptoms come on quickly. A severe headache can appear in a couple of minutes.

In the last 5.5 years our daughter also had to deal with fatigue that made her a couple of times lay in bed fulltime for (6) months in a row, a constant (excruciating) headache that lasted 2.5 years (!), sore throats, swollen glands, chest pains, dizziness with black outs, weakness in her legs making it unable to walk without assistance, abdominal pain, muscle pain, brain fog, trouble concentrating and short term memory and gastro-intestinal problems. She picked up every bug that was around and had high temperatures about every 4-5 weeks.

After 2.5 years of being sick (and no doctor or specialist knowing what to do to help her) our daughter deteriorated so much that we almost lost her (mid 2011), she was too weak to talk, or even eat and drink. Her body was so toxic that her organs were shutting down. For months we were afraid to go into her room in the morning….

Neuro training, brain training, osteopathy, detoxing, a strict diet, supplements and more alternative treatments all helped to improve her health.

We have seen great results; she has had a couple of fantastic months…. until a relapse happens. We have also seen her deteriorate very quickly to being fulltime in bed again around September/October in the last three years. Each time this happens it is hard to get healthier again.

Because of being sick our girl missed about 3 years of her schooling. She wants to be at school but her body doesn’t always let her, which is very disappointing every time it happens. There are many times she needs to spend all her energy on catching up with school work. Through all of this she still wants to finish high school with year 12 and study at a University (she is interested in Political Science).

Next to missing out at school she struggles with her social life. She is lucky to have a couple of friends that have stood by her from the time she got sick, but a lot of people don’t understand. She always worries if people will understand her limits, when she isn’t able to stay in touch because she is just too exhausted or when she needs to cancel last minute. She is now 18 and still can’t do sport or a hobby next to (part time) school. She is not able to get a regular job to make some money like most of her peers.

Besides the physical illness, the stress of not knowing if she would ever get better, of not having a “normal” life, of disappointment after disappointment, of people not believing you, has been enormous, not only for her, but also for her younger sister, my husband and I. Gardasil changed our lives completely, we have learned to appreciate the little things in life.

We are very proud of our daughter and admire her way of handling all the challenges in her life. She has become mature very quickly in certain ways, but she has missed out on lots of experiences as well. We still fight hard to make her health improve more, we hope she will stay good for longer than a couple of months and keep our fingers crossed she will be able to accomplish everything she is dreaming of…  

Through sharing our daughter’s story I hope that people research before they say yes to the unnecessary Gardasil vaccine. We trusted the system and thought we did the right thing, but the system has failed us.

Nobody wants to take the responsibility when this happens to your child. This “one solution fits all” system needs to change.

Please go to www.sanevax.org, or the Facebook groups set up for families injured by HPV vaccines. Do some research before you decide if Gardasil is a good choice.

Read this article in French here.


  1. Cheylynn Williams says:

    My sister recently got this vaccination and has experienced negative side effects, I’m having a hard time finding a good detox plan so if there is anyone that can email me at cheylynnw@gmail.com with information on how to detox and get better, I would appreciate it so much!

    • We are sorry to hear your sister is having problems. You might want to contact some of the doctors listed on this page – http://sanevax.org/medical-professional-listing/ – they all have experience successfully treating Gardasil injuries – and are more than willing to refer you to one of their colleagues near you if they cannot help you.

    • Lisa Lasker says:

      Di-Methyl Glysine has done wonders for my daughter. It pulls the metals out. You can purchase this 100% natural product at most any whole foods store.

  2. I cannot read the manuscript without tears. I introduced it to Japanese with translation partially. Japanese goverment and Japanese Medical Association do not throw up the intention to reopen HPV vaccination.

    • The SaneVax team would like to express our sincere appreciation to you, Dr. Sato. Thank you for all you are doing to help girls who have been the victims of adverse reactions to HPV vaccines. The rest of the world should follow Japan’s example.

  3. Lisa Lasker says:

    Di-Methyl Glysine. 100% natural can be purchased at any whole foods store. pulls the metals out. Worked wonders for my daughter injured in 2007

  4. Annette,

    I am really sorry for your daughter.
    I knew about this horrible fraud and started warning people back in March 2007, right before Johnny Howard
    started selling it saying “It’s free, it’s free!” Made my own fliers, and handed out. I remember a group of
    young girls I ran into, one of them said she was thinking about getting it but when hearing some facts
    I told them, she said she’d think it over. Shame I didn’t ran into you.

    You can read my post

    How can I detox my son/daughter from this vaccine? – HEAVY METAL TOXINS – Reply to a father of an HPVV victim

    but I’d come and see you if you wish, I’m in country Victoria and go to Melbourne
    fairly often. Perhaps Norma can connect us, like giving you my e-mail address.

    There must be way out of this tragedy.
    Please, never give up.
    I myself suffered from CFS and hay fever FLU SHOTS GAVE ME.

    • Hi Aus,
      Sorry… I am just reading your reaction for the first time. I would love to talk to you..
      I hope the Sanevax ladies see this and that they can connect us!
      I have another mum living just 5 min away and she would be interested as well.

    • Dear Aus

      I would like to try and put you in touch with Annette – can you provide me with your email address please. You can do that here on our website or email me at info@sanevax.org or freda@sanevax.org Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Christie says:

    Dear Annette,

    First I would like to say I’m so sorry about all that has happened to your precious daughter and to your family.
    I thought it was important for me to connect with you because I am in Australia also and I have suffered with almost identical symptoms as your daughter. Two and a half years ago my symptoms began, however they did not follow a Gardasil vaccination. I was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease and co-infections. The thing about Lyme is anybody can carry it and be asymptomatic until something happens to weaken your immune system and then these infections can cause absolute hell. I believe that this is what could have happened to your daughter and many others that have been injured by the vaccine. The vaccine weakens the immune system and all hell breaks loose. Although Lyme disease is not recognised as a medical condition in Australia there are doctors who acknowledge it and do treat it. I would urge you to get in touch with the Lyme disease Association of Australia who can connect you with a Lyme literate practitioner who can appropriately diagnose and treat your daughter. It has taken a long time but I finally feel like I am on the right track and will recover. Please contact me if you need more information.

  6. I hope and pray that with time your daughter will heal and makes a full recovery. My niece very fortunately declined the Gardasil vaccine when they were injecting it into the girls at her high school some few years ago, and she witnessed two of her friends being rushed by ambulance to hospital with adverse reactions, then two years later one of those the girls died of cancer which was simply put down to a “coincidence”. Why is this all being pushed under the carpet?? How many others are there that no one even knows about, no media coverage – nothing! My niece said she will NEVER ever have any vaccines again after what she saw was happening and then watching her girlfriend die so young.


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  2. […] over the world, most recently in Ireland, the U.K., Japan, France, Spain, Denmark, India, Australia, and Colombia.  In contrast, not one mainstream media outlet in the U.S. has covered this […]

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