What is really causing whooping cough outbreaks?

[SaneVax: The media and medical community is quick to blame whooping cough outbreaks on those who have made the choice to refuse vaccinations. However, the true cause may not be quite so easy to identify. Before you automatically point the finger of blame on the unvaccinated, you might want to examine the following article.

Is Aerial Spraying Tied to Whooping Cough Outbreak?

By The Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (excerpts)

Truth – Justice?

13 Sep – Two years ago, Jim West (HARPUB) predicted the link between whooping cough (pertussis) outbreaks and pesticide spraying; noting that, in California, counties that have no quarantine or spray programs report no incidents of pertussis, while counties that have such programs do (see chart).

Last month, Dallas-Fort Worth officials began spraying programs to combat an alleged West Nile outbreak and, as West predicted, Pertussis cases were reported.

Predictably, Dr. Jeffrey S. Kahn blames parents for failing to vaccinate their children:

“Pertussis is a vaccine-preventable disease and yet, in this country, we’re still seeing cases of pertussis and we’re still seeing children die from pertussis. And that’s quite a sad commentary on public health.”

In reality, however, children appear more likely to die from preventable medical errors, complications, drugs and vaccines than diseases like pertussis.

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